Homeland Recap 11/15/15: Season 5 Episode 7 “Oriole”

Homeland Recap 11/15/15: Season 5 Episode 7 "Oriole"

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland airs with an all new Sunday November 15, season 5 episode 7 called “Oriole,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Carrie (Claire Danes)  reconnects with old friends

On the last episode, Saul ordered a sweep at the station; Carrie looked to Düring for support. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Showtime’s synopsis, “Carrie reconnects with old friends; Saul opens up to Allison.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 5 Episode 7– tonight at 9PM EST.

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#Homeland starts with Allison going up the stairs of a building. She hears a door slam and looks down then opens a door into a hallway. She unlocks a door but checks behind herself first. She looks around then closes the door. Inside, she meets Ivan who asks for the NATO details he wanted but she says the station is on lock down. He asks why she didn’t cancel the meet and what’s up. She says Saul smuggled a thumb drive out of the building and then met with Otto During. She says the hacked files were on it.

Ivan asks why and Allison says she’s been trying to figure it out. Ivan says Saul despises Otto but Allison says Carrie makes Saul go extreme things then asks what if Carrie isn’t dead. Allison says she saw a photo not a body. She asks what if Carrie is alive and going through the documents. She says she won’t spend the rest of her life in prison and Ivan says if she is right, it’s a long way to get to them from those files. He says talk to Saul and she says he’s under guard by Dar’s men. Ivan tells her to make it happen.

He tells her no one does it better than her and says she’s played these men for years and they trust her. Ivan says again – talk to Saul. Carrie goes through the files that were stolen. She looks at report after report and then look at one on Javadi. Otto comes in and brings her some coffee. She thanks him and he asks if she found anything. She says no and she’s just a quarter of the way through it. She takes a break and he fixes her coffee. She compliments the house and calls it a Schloss (castle).

He asks what she’s looking for in the files and she says something Russian intelligence would kill her for. Carrie says she hopes she finds nothing and this is all a misunderstanding. Otto says what then and Carrie says she would get Jonas, fly home and go get Frannie and all go to the cabin she has there and never leave. Otto says it sounds nice. Carrie says Jonas wouldn’t come with her anyway. She tells him they broke up. Otto says he’s sorry to hear that and says Jonas is a good man but says he’s a lawyer.

He says Jonas keeps both feet on the ground. Otto says his first wife was earthbound and says most people are – you’re born with wings or not. Carrie considers. Allison puts files on a flash drive, pockets it and goes down the hall at work. Saul paces in a room and she asks Dar if he’s going to keep him indefinitely. Dar says he’s being uncooperative and denies taking the thumb drive. Allison sets a drive down and says she found it in her desk where Saul was camping out in her office.

She says it was in the top drawer and has all the files on it. Dar says nice try and Allison says sleeping with Saul doesn’t mean that she would perjure himself. She also suggests that Saul could have made a second copy and gave it to Otto. She asks to take a run at Saul but says not here – at the hotel. She says Saul likes his creature comforts. Carrie prints a Berlin station report and leafs through it. It’s about Touchstone seeks Oriole. It’s about “Oriole’s pariah status” then no further action.

Carrie calls around to Iraq looking for Samir Khalil. She says she must be Shatha when the woman says he’s not there. She tells her she knew her father years ago and says it’s important she speak with him. The woman hangs up. Quinn takes some medicine then Bibi comes in and says they will not attack Berlin and will go fight in the Levant instead. He says the brothers all agree. Quinn says he doesn’t give a shit what they do. Bibi asks if they can help him get to Turkey. He says no. They offer to pay him and he says $10k a week and Bibi says his uncle is important and can pay. He says he collects ransoms in North Syria.

He gives his name as Abu and Quinn says he’s never heard of him. Bibi says come with them or wait for Zayd’s brothers to come kill him. Bibi says they’re going tonight. Carrie finds Otto in a chapel on his property. He asks her to come sit with him then says it’s a miracle it survived the war and the Red Army marching through. He says his mother hired a monk to live with them and say Mass when he was growing up. He says he found being Catholic difficult and she says she was lapsed a long time.

Carrie says he seems virtuous to her and he says he’s not. Carrie asks if Laura can join them there to help track someone down. He says yes. Her phone vibrates and it’s Samir who calls her his Oriole. She asks why he tried to contact her five months ago. He says someone named Smith or Jones contacted him but he says he told them he would only talk to her but he never heard from her. She says Oriole is on the shelf, had flown the coop.

He says someone should have told him and he was waiting for the phone to ring. He mentions Ahmed Nazari and she says he died in a bombing but Samir says no. He says he saw him in the neighborhood walking around and he’s sure it was Ahmed. Adal talks to Quinn and says he didn’t know he was in Berlin. Dar asks if Saul ever mentioned Otto or a joint operation with the Israelis. Quinn says no then asks to sit. Dar hands him a sandwich. Quinn says he fell in with some jihadis.

He says they just got out of prison and are looking for an escort to the Syrian border. Dar says they thought they were planning something big here in Berlin and Quinn says they were. Dar says Quinn is impressive. He tells him one of them is Abu’s nephew then says they may get a paint and kill opportunity and Dar agrees. Saul rants to Allison about how he’s a traitor and Otto is his accomplice. He says it’s sheer f-ing insanity. She says she thinks he took the thumb drive but can’t figure out why.

He says buy me 72 hours he needs. Allison says she tried and he says if he’s shipped back, it will be long-term purgatory. She asks why he needs 72 and he says he’ll have the answer by then or not. She asks what he’s waiting for. Saul asks her if they’re alone right now and she says as far as she knows. She says they’re not being monitored as far as she knows. He turns on a CD loud then says – fuck you. He goes to the bathroom and turns on the faucets. He says he took the drive and gave it to Otto.

Allison asks why and he says he’s loyal to Carrie and says she thinks her life is in danger because of something in the documents. He says that’s who he’s waiting to hear back from. Allison says she’s not feeling well and fakes pain. She says she’ll be fine then fakes stomach pains. He leaves her alone in the bathroom. She sits and pants – it really does look like she’s not doing well. Is it a panic attack? She groans and pants and then touches her head. She holds her nose and changes her breathing.

Allison then gets out her phone and sends a text. She calms down somewhat. She gets up and turns off the taps and straightens her clothes. She goes back out into the room. Laura brought Gabe with her and Carrie thanks them for coming. Gabe says he needs to find his friend Korzy and Carrie says he’s dead. He asks how she knows and she says the SVR killed Korzy because he was a loose end. She says she needs help finding those responsible for his murder.

She says first to find is Ahmed Nazari and Carrie says he was a CIA asset. She says he was supposedly killed in a bombing then his wife Jamila went to Jordan. Laura asks to see the documents and Carrie says she can’t. Carrie asks to talk about it later. Gabe asks for the WiFi password. Allison goes to Ivan to rant about Carrie being alive. Allision says Ahmed could tell Carrie everything since he’s in Amsterdam. She tells Ivan he’s underestimating Carrie and says she’s not willing to take that risk.

Ivan says Allison is the greatest penetration into American intelligence and could be director one day. He says both of us know she loves this double game. He says she’d be a beached fish without it. Allison says she just doesn’t want to get caught and Ivan says he knows. He says they will be waiting for Carrie in Amsterdam. Carrie tells Otto that Saul gave her those files in confidence not to spread on the internet. Carrie says people have died because of this and she nearly did and so did Otto.

Gabe comes in and says Jamila is in Amsterdam. Carrie says she’ll get on the road while Gabe traces her closer. Carrie says she has an expat friend there and Laura asks for a decision on the docs but Otto says that’s for later. Quinn checks their passports and tells Zaheer he can’t come because it has a Jordanian stamp. Zaheer says he was on holiday. Quinn says it’s too much of a risk. The jihadis argue that they don’t need Quinn. Bibi tells Zaheer to get new papers and he can go next time.

The others head out with Quinn. Saul lies in bed when there’s a knock at his door. He answers – it’s Allison and he asks if she’s okay. She says they should be together tonight and he tells her to come in. In Amsterdam, in the Zeeburg District, Carrie parks her car and gets out in her brown wig. She gets into a taxi and the driver says he loves her brown hair. She asks how long he’s been driving and he says a few years and says it pays for grad school.

Esam thanks her for getting him out of Iraq and getting him a second chance. He asks if she wants the report. He says it was easy and he found Jamila using her real name. He says she’s a widow and lives alone and Carrie asks where. He cranks the car and they head out. Jonas goes to see Theo and asks for Carrie but he says she left last night and sys Otto is in the stables. Jonas heads out that way. He says he’s looking for Carrie and Otto says she’s gone to Amsterdam.

He says he’s not sure but she’s still trying to find out what happened in Lebanon. They both agree they’re worried about her. Otto says he’s concerned about her mental state then asks how long their deal is with her and Otto says they made a mistake hiring her. Jonas is stunned. Otto says she’s unstable and they won’t renew her contract then says that should not bear on his personal relationship with Carrie. In Amsterdam, Carrie says that seems like a big house for a hairdresser.

They sit and watch it and Esam nods when Jamila comes out. She asks him to go ring the doorbell and asks if someone called a cab. She shows him a photo of Ahmed and says to also see if the house has an alarm. Esam goes and knocks. The door opens and he speaks but Carrie can’t see who he’s talking to. He comes back to the cab and says it’s Ahmed. She asks about the alarm system and he says none. Carrie says now they wait until he comes out so she can look in the house.

Dar asks Saul if he wants to go out like an old actor you have to drag offstage. Saul says this moment will shame Dar in six months or so. Dar tells the guards to put him directly on the plane and says he doesn’t know what more he could do for Saul who says he could have trusted him. Dar says Carrie has brought him down like he always said she would. Saul tells him to f-k off and Dar leaves slamming the door behind him. Saul continues packing and tells the guard he’s calling for his laundry.

Carrie and Esam sit and finally they see a man leave the house with a dog. Carrie tells Esam to call when Ahmed gets close to coming back to the house. She gets out and Esam pulls away to follow Ahmed on his dog walk. Carrie approaches the house and goes into a garage gate then goes to the back of the house. She breaks the glass and unlocks a back door then goes inside. She goes room to room rapidly. Saul sits as the guard makes a call and says they couldn’t find his laundry but will forward it.

He tells Saul they need to go. Saul leaves with the guards who escort him onto the elevator. Saul watches the numbers count down then the doors open and armed masked men grab Saul and shove him into a van and drive away. Carrie searches the house going through a desk and some drawers. She hears children and a noise then hides. Then she peeks out and sees it’s noise from across the street. She finds a safe but it’s locked. Esam follows Ahmed who goes to a park.

He loses sight of him and has to get out of the car. Carrie finds a laptop and Esam sees two mea approach Ahmed in the park. They pick up his dog and grab him by the arm and pull him away. Esam tells her two men just took Ahmed and he can’t follow since he’s on foot. Carrie says she’ll meet him there. She grabs the computer and then hears a door open. She hears men speaking Russian. She’s upstairs and they’re down. She hides and pulls out her gun.

A man comes into the room and checks the safe. He opens it and pulls out something and walks out. One finds the broken glass and calls out to the other. Carrie opens a window upstairs and hops out. She scrambles for cover but one sees and takes a shot at her. She runs. On the sidewalk, she looks around nervously then pulls off her wig after ducking into an alley. She takes to the streets again then spots Esam’s cab. She goes over and gets in and tells him let’s go but his throat has been cut.

She hops out of the cab and hurries away. Saul is brought to Etai and he thanks him for the assist. Etai asks what are we doing now. Saul says he’s never defected before and doesn’t know. Carrie drives down the road and makes a call. Allison takes the call and Carrie identifies herself. She says she’s sorry to call her like this and Allison asks what she needs. Carrie says she has questions about Baghdad and asks if she can meet her. Allison says yes and Carrie says she’s leaving Amsterdam and will call her later.

She asks Allison to please not tell anyone about this and Allison promises not to. They end the call. Carrie dives on through the night.