Homeland Recap 11/22/15: Season 5 Episode 8 “All About Allison”

Homeland Recap 11/22/15: Season 5 Episode 8 "All About Allison"

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland airs with an all new Sunday November 22, season 5 episode 8 called “All About Allison,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Carrie (Claire Danes) needs Allison’s (Miranda Otto) help and Quinn’s (Rupert Friend) plans change.

On the last episode, Carrie reconnected with old friends; Saul opened up to Allison. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Showtime’s synopsis, “Carrie needs Allison’s help and presses her to see if there is anything at all that can be done to help her; Quinn’s plans are going to change in a big way, won’t this be dangerous for everyone?”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 5 Episode 8– tonight at 9PM EST.

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#Homeland begins with Quinn and the Jihadis off the route. He tells Bibi they should push on to Turkey but he says they need to rest and eat and tells Quinn to get into the back because their host won’t understand an American with them. He goes to the back and hops inside. The other guys go into the house. Quinn peeks through the window curtain.

Allison meets Ivan and tells him about Carrie and says what happened in Amsterdam. She says she doesn’t want to meet with Carrie. He sighs. She asks him why doesn’t he just finish her off. He says there have been too many bodies and they need to be smart. He asks why she’s so worried. Allison thinks Carrie will see through and know she’s lying.

He says be patient and wait for Carrie to call. He says act concerned and helpful then lead her off the track. Dar goes over the details of Saul’s “abduction” when Allison asks if anything is new. Dar pulls her in for a private chat. He asks where Saul is then says he knows he wasn’t abducted. He says it looks like Mossad then asks if she helped him escape.

She tells him to listen to the tapes and he says there’s a gap where Saul turned on the faucets full blast. She asks if he really wants to know then says Saul told her he loved her and asked for help. She says Dar is the one who drove Saul to Etai’s arms. She says they need to get Saul back with as little damage to their reputations as possible.

She tells Dar to call Tel Aviv. Carrie sits in the back pew of a church writing on a notepad. She tears the page off the pad and tucks it into a hymnal. She returns the hymnal to its place and goes outside. She sees a man going for a bike and watches him carefully as she goes for her car. Etai talks to Saul and says Dar called their bluff and says Tovah is on the way to Berlin.

Saul says he’s f-d and Etai chuckles. He says Saul has two choices – Tovash gives him to the CIA or he can try and get Saul to Israel. He says it won’t be a true defection but Saul says he can’t. He says he just needs to give Carrie a few more days to get to the bottom of this. He goes to leave but the Mossad guy says he can’t let him go under orders from the Director.

Allison shops online for spendy purses when Carrie calls her. She says she had to make sure she wasn’t being followed and says not at her office. She asks her to meet her in Reinbech and says she left directions there under protocol. Carrie says she won’t talk over the phone then says acrobat is alive and she saw him in Amsterdam. Allison says that’s crazy.

She wonders what it means and Carrie says Allison has to meet her and help her put this together. She says Baghdad protocol. Back in Baghdad in 2005, we see Carrie in the back of a car and people crowding around it. There are armed US soldiers all over. Carrie gets out and shows her ID at the embassy and goes inside. She asks for Allison and looks at the POW MIA wall.

She sees a photo of Brody there. Now, Carrie thinks back on this encounter. Allison came down to see her and takes her to her office. She asks about her flight and then Samir Khalil is there and Carrie meets him and finds out she’s taking over for Allison. He’s a judge who is helping them work on security improvements. He speaks encouraging words but Allison cuts him off.

He tells Carrie he’s glad she’s there and says they need all the help they can get. In her office, Allison offers Carrie a drink and says there’s no ice. Carrie says Saul speaks highly of Allison. They toast to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Allison tells her it’s an exciting post and says she’ll learn a lot and it will look good in her file. Carrie asks what else.

Allison says if she wants the truth, there are IEDs, suicide bombers, death squads and a raging insurgency. She says you can’t shove democracy down people’s throats – then she says sorry and she’s been there too long. Carrie says she wanted to know. Allison says she needs a couple of months stateside and says she’s from Wisconsin but wants to go to Milan to shop.

Allison says she’s going to burn all her dusty clothes then go to St Lucia and drink daiquiris on the beach at a bar. Now, Otto calls Carrie and she says she’s okay. He asks if she found the man she was looking for and she says she has his laptop. She says she can’t access the hard drive because of a password and asks about Numan. He says he’ll find the hacker for her.

Carrie asks him if he’s seen Jonas. He lies and says no then asks why. She says she was wondering if he asked about her. He tells more lies then asks if he should tell Jonas about what she’s going through. He says he’ll get Numan and tells him to be careful. Back in Baghdad, Allison and Carrie meet with Samir who is angry about the law breaking.

He says the first formal laws were written in Iraq and Carrie says the Hammurabi code. He says he knows who is selling the judge’s personal information and says they’re pursuing it but he says the man should have been arrested by now and says his country is circling the drain. Carrie promises she will personally follow up on Ahmed Nazari.

He leaves then Allison tells Carrie she won’t and says Ahmed is their asset and says the information he gives them is too valuable. She says his code name is Acrobat then says he’s needy and has a thing for her. A guy brings food out to Quinn in the van and he thanks him. Quinn asks why they’re still there and he says they needed to pick up some things.

Quinn asks what things. The guy says if Bibi wants him to know he’ll tell him. Quinn says they can’t cross the border with weapons then says they’ll all end up in jail. He asks the guy if he’s ever been in a war zone or jail. Etai and Saul plays chess then Tovah shows up. She wants to talk to Saul alone but Etai refuses. Tovah says director’s orders.

Etai has no choice but to leave. Tovah and Saul sit and she asks if he’s there to help Israel. He says he doesn’t want to defect or offer them information. She says she will take him back to the CIA. He says his agency is trying to prove that Israel murdered Youssef and his family. He says he made a proposal to the general and someone killed him.

Tovah says they had nothing to do with it and he says it was the Russians. She asks if he has proof and he says he has an officer in the field working on it and he expects to hear from her soon. She knows it won’t be good if Israel is blamed and says she can give it until tomorrow. She asks if he trusts this officer and he says with his life. She says that’s not a good policy in their line of work.

Carrie is on line with Numan and he tells her how to connect the laptops and he tries to hack in. He says the dude has serious security but says he can do it in 30 seconds or 30 minutes or 30 days. He works. Otto stares at Carrie on the webcam. Back in Baghdad, we see Carrie and Allison meet with Acrobat. Allison introduces Ahmed as their most valuable asset.

He tells Allison he won’t work with anyone else. Carrie asks him to sit and have tea and he says he’s not a child to be tempted by cake. Allison asks him to sit and listen. Carrie says she knows the risks he takes and Allison says she has a lot of experience. Ahmed says the army will drill holes in his heads if he’s caught. Allison says she told him she would have to move on.

Ahmed tells Allison to change her orders and stay. He says he won’t work with Carrie. She says maybe they can adjust the contract and offers more money. She says they want him to be happy. She says his information saves lives. Ahmed says he doesn’t know her and can’t trust her. He tells Allison if she wants the information, she stays. He walks out.

Carrie curses then asks Allison if he’s bluffing. She says he’s a lawyer who knows how to negotiate and says give it a week. Quinn hears voices then sees men come out of the house and drive away in a truck. He gets out and goes to the house and peeks inside. He sees a woman and moves to the next window. He sees her bringing a tray of tea and he creeps around the corner.

He goes to the back of the house and sees some of the men watching TV and eating. He climbs into the house and opens a box then finds steel cases and sees gas masks inside. He hears voices and runs out of the house. Allison goes to the church and sits in the pew. She opens the hymnal and leafs through it. She finds the note. She slips it into her purse after reading it.

She replaces the hymnal and sits quietly for a few moments. Back in Baghdad in the past, Ahmed talks to Allison who tells her he doesn’t work for her but the United State. He touches her hand and she asks what he’s doing. He says she knows why he meets with her. She says she’s flattered and says their relationship is professional and important.

He says he doesn’t want to work with Carrie. Allison says she’s leaving in two weeks then asks if he wants more money. He says he doesn’t need more money. He shows her a briefcase of cash and she curses. She asks how he got it. He says they keep it in the basement of the Ministry and says he takes a little every day. She says she has to report it.

He says it’s for them to share. He says he’s in love with her and wants them to be together. Allison says no. He says he has five more suitcases like that at home – more than $8 million. She thinks. Later, she walks in and Carrie goes after her. She finds Allison in her office and she tells Carrie that he wants more money but will work with her.

Allison says he’s going to visit his sister and she can meet with him when he gets back in two or three weeks. Allison drinks her whiskey. Now, she sits in the pew thinking when Ivan shows up. He sits down and asks what. She says Carrie wants to meet her at a café in the village. He says his team will be there. He says he changed his mind in case Carrie found a piece of the puzzle to connect them to Ahmed.

He says they will be ready. Allison says he never tells her the whole truth and he says protecting her is his first priority. He says signal if Carrie knows and she says she’ll light a cigarette. He says they’ll take care of Carrie if necessary. Allison comes out of the church and goes into the village. Back in Baghdad, we see Allison pacing as Ahmed shows up late.

She kisses him then says not here. She says she’s leaving in three days. She tells him she’ll ship out the money then hands him a ticket to Geneva and tells him what to do with the money and says she’ll meet him in the West Indies in St Lucia. Ivan comes in and she curses. Ivan takes her gun and tells Ahmed he can go now. Allison tells Ivan this proves nothing.

He says they caught her red-handed on camera and says she’s likely facing charges in federal prison. He says she should listen to her proposal but she says she’s not a traitor. He says Russian and American interests are more aligned than they have been in 70 years and says she has nothing to lose by listening to him. He says he believes their countries should cooperate.

He says this will make the world safer. He says this spy game they play doesn’t have to be one-sided. He says he can give her intelligence too. He says real intelligence that will advance her in his career. He says this benefits them both. He says he means it and says years from now, she could look back at this moment from a great height.

He says they can be professionals and help each other make it to the very top. He says the roof of the world. Allison stares at him. He says he knows everything about her – her ambition and how hard she’s worked. He says he knows what she’s thinking right now. He says she wonders if the $8 million is for real and he says it is and says half will be hers.

He hands her back her gun and says that will take an edge off the uncertainty that frightens her so. Ivan walks out. Now, Allison is in the village and looks around. She goes to some tables and sits at one. She pulls out her cigarettes and a lighter. She orders mineral water and waits. Carrie is nearby at a fruit and veg stand and looks over at Allison.

Back in the day, we see Carrie looking at the news about an attack. The courthouse blew up and Allison sys Acrobat is on the list of fatalities. She says at least the judge is okay since he was on the way to a meeting. Now, Carrie looks around cautiously. The Russian sniper takes a position in a high-up window. Allison gets her water and sips it as Carrie sits down.

She thanks Allison for coming then says her life is in danger. Allison plays dumb. Carrie says the bomb in Lebanon was meant for her and another attack in Amsterdam. She says the thinks the SVR wants her dead. She talks about the hack and says Samir demanded to speak to her in a message about Ahmed being alive. She asks Allison if she ever questioned his intel.

Allison says his intel always checked out and she never suspected him of being a plant. She says it’s always a possibility and Carrie asks her to go back and reveal her old field reports but Allison says they’re classified. Carrie tears up and says – they’re trying to kill me. She says she wants her life back and Allison says she’ll see what she can do if the hacked documents go away for good.

She asks if Carrie is talking to anyone else about this. Allison reaches for her cigarettes. She puts them back into her purse. Allison says she’ll be in touch and asks how to reach her. Carrie says through Otto. Allison says watch your back then leaves. Carrie sighs. Quinn nods off in the van but wakes as the truck comes back into the yard. He sees a mid-sized cargo truck has pulled in.

He climbs out of the van cursing. The other guys come out and he asks what this is. They tell him Bibi told him to stay out of sight. He says they can’t take weapons into Syria. They say they have no weapons. One hits Quinn with a pipe and they pick him up. Bibi says they were never going back to Syria. They’re going back to Berlin.

Etai wakes Saul and says – they’re coming. Etai says they have to go and Saul says he’s going to take shit for this but Etai says he’ll survive. Quinn comes to and finds he’s tied up and his mouth is taped. He sees a large drum of something dangerous in the back of the truck. Carrie lies in bed when Numan skypes her and says he’s into Ahmend’s computer.

He asks what to look for and she says she doesn’t know then sees a screensaver pop up. She looks at the photo and asks him to Google a bar in St Lucia called Banana Joes. He says he doesn’t get it but she says just do it. He does. She thinks about Allison talking about St Lucia. Numan says he’s got it and pops up a pic. It’s the same bar as the photo Ahmed is in. Carrie says – oh my God, Allison.