Homeland Recap – Allison Gets Away with Murder: Season 5 Episode 11 ‘Our Man in Damascus’

Homeland Recap - Allison Gets Away with Murder: Season 5 Episode 11 'Our Man in Damascus'

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland airs with an all new Sunday December 13, season 5 episode 11 called “Our Man in Damascus,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Quinn (Rupert Friend) is being confined in the hospital and there could be risks in his life if he will be forced to wake up, but Carrie’s (Claire Dane) may have no choice.

On the last episode, the CIA and BND teamed up together to make a play. Carrie tried to convince Saul that Allison was a double agent. Quinn refused water from his captors. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Showtime’s synopsis, “Carrie’s got herself a new lead to follow and may be forced to wake up Quinn who is confined in the hospital. There is plenty of panic when Quinn’s life is put into potential danger.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss and neither do I. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Emmy Award winning drama series Homeland Season 5 Episode 11– tonight at 9PM EST. In the meantime, sound off in the comments below and let us know what you are expecting from this 5th season of Homeland and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode.

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#Homeland starts at the hospital where Quinn is recuperating in Landstuhl, Germany. The doctor’s tell Carrie and Saul that the atropine saved his life, but he’s still in failure. Saul says they need him awake but the doctor says he’s in a coma fighting for his life.

Saul says Quinn has vital information that can help thwart a potential terrorist attack. Carrie asks if they can wake him up and what risks are there. The doctor says he could suffer a cerebral hemorrhage or death if they try to wake him.

They tell the doc to run the tests to see if he can be woken. The suitcase of sarin is wheeled down a train access tunnel. One of the jihadists opens the case and pulls out the distribution device. He sets it up and then activates the device.

Allison argues that this is a waste of time as she leaves to do something that Dar has told her to do with her monitor accompanying her. She grabs a “ticket” off her dash and says the meter maids from hell monitor around their office.

You know that had to be a message from her traitor network. She goes to use the bathroom and her monitor waits outside. Allison goes into a stall, locks the door and plugs in earbuds then grabs the ticket left for her and a flash drive falls out.

She listens to what’s on it. When it’s done, she takes out the flash drive and flushes it away. A woman is there at the sink – Erna Richter – who is part of the SVR network and works at the German Foreign Office. Allison says someone there has lost her mind.

She says she won’t do it and doesn’t even know where to start. Erna says Aman Aziz is involved and they have an eye on him. Allison asks why they did nothing to stop it. She asks how she gets to him without drawing attention to herself.

Erna says this is her last assignment. She says Allison is damaged goods and can’t be in the field. She says they can’t trust the access she’ll be given access to after this and says the Kremlin can’t want this attack to go forward. Erna says make sure it goes off.

Allison says this is obscene and Erna says radical Islam must be eradicated and says only the US President doesn’t see this. Erna says do it or you lose all your money and go to jail in Russia or the US. Erna walks out and Allison gathers herself.

She joins the meeting about the terror attack. Dar takes over the meeting and says they identified Bibi this morning and found out his background and just how dangerous he is. Saul and Carrie have Quinn woken from his coma against doctor’s advice.

They take out his breathing tube and try to bring him out. The doctor says they will know quickly if it will work. Carrie gets close and asks if he can hear her and tells him to open his eyes. She says come to the surface. She says she’s there waiting for him.

His brainwaves begin to improve. The doctor yells at him and his eyes open. Carrie says tell me what the target is. They give Quinn some epi and his eyes come open again. She asks where will the attack be? He whispers and then spits up goo.

He goes into distress and they start working on him to try and save his life. One of the jihadists is struggling to get the device to activate so they can trigger it remotely. Bibi says he can take it to Dr Aziz to look at.

They want to go see Aziz but most of them are on the watchlist. He pulls Qasim aside since he’s not on the watchlist. He tells him to take it to Aziz then bring it right back. Qasim asks why he’s trusting him and Bibi says he trusts that he loves his mother.

He tells him where to find Aziz. The doctor tells Saul and Carrie that they stabilized him and says trying to wake him didn’t do him any favors. They thank the doctor. Saul says he has to leave and Carrie says someone treated Quinn’s gunshot wound surgically.

She says there’s a good Samaritan out there who helped and says she can run it down. Saul agrees and says check in often. Otto calls about Faisal and says he was arrested and shoved into a car and his lawyer can’t even access him.

Saul says this is a major event and says he didn’t tell the BND what to do but he had to let them know they were bringing Faisal in and they acted. He says he expects Saul to make this right and says he trusted him because Carrie does.

Saul agrees to go to the BDN and try to make things right. Otto updates Laura then says they still have three hours til the deadline and tells her to keep a low profile. She asks if that’s a gag order. He says show some sensitivity in a difficult time.

She says it’s hard on Faisal and Otto reminds her that her reputation and the Foundation’s is on the line. She says she gets it. Laura opens her safe and makes a call from a phone she keeps there. She calls Numan and she asks if he got the documents from Carrie’s laptop.

He says he got them all and she never knew. She tells him if anything happens to her, release them all She says if she’s arrested or whatever. He asks what’s going on and she says nothing. Numan asks what she’s planning and she says it’s better he doesn’t know.

She says don’t vet them, just dump them and then wipe it all clean so there’s no trace. He says okay and she thanks him. Astrid shows Dar a profile on Zaheer, the body they found with Quinn. They discuss that he’s a university student.

Allison says she can reach out to them – that’s her excuse to be on campus to talk to Aziz. Carrie goes to see Al-Amin. The woman who answers the door says she doesn’t know anyone by that name. Carrie says she’s not the cops and won’t make trouble.

He comes to the door and tells Carrie come inside quickly. He asks who’s coming for her then he threatens to kill her. His wife leaves with the kids just in case. Carrie says she needs some info about the terror cell. He says he’s not part of that.

He says he doesn’t know who they are and says now is not the time to rally the world against Muslims and would tell them to stand down. Carrie says these people are zealots and he calls the jihadists idiots and scum.

She tells him she’s looking for a doctor near Kreuzberg who might know something. He asks why should he help? Carrie says she doesn’t know but he’s done the right thing before, lost a son, more fathers will lose their sons if they don’t stop this…

Al-Amin says he knows a man like that and says he sees refugees in his apartment, poor patients that can pay very little. He says the man is no jihadi and Carrie asks his name. He says Hussein. Astrid asks Saul how Peter is doing.

He says he came out of the coma briefly and tried to say something. Saul says it doesn’t look good and says the damage is extensive. She takes him to see Faisal. He asks why they pulled him and Astrid says they thought During might pull something at the last minute.

Faisal is hooked to a polygraph machine and they are monitoring his biometrics. Saul says the guy looks scared. She says the interrogator changed things up. Saul asks to speak to him and she says Adler won’t like it. He asks if Adler needs to know.

He says put his clothes on him and fix him a hot cup of tea and let them talk in an office. Qasim is on campus lurking near Aziz’s housing apartment. He sees him and goes to his place with Qasim following. They go inside his apartment.

He tells Qasim that he can’t be there but he says Bibi sent him because the signal isn’t transmitting. Aziz says he gave Utku the directions. Aziz looks at what Utku wrote down then goes to his desk. Aziz says he has to run a diagnostic.

Qasim texts Bibi to update him. Saul tells Faisal he just needs to cooperate but the man says he’s answered all the questions. Faisal says he was in prison with just one of them and Saul says he sold cell phones to the others.

He says you must have heard something. He says he heard four words – Berlin is the target. He says anything else will be made up but he can make up something false if he wants. Saul says – you knows what to do then says – think and remember.

He tells him to try harder but Faisal says he doesn’t know. Saul says if the attack goes off, no one can protect him. Astrid tells Saul to step out and see something. Saul says this will become a strictly German matter and you know what that means. He shuts the door.

Laura is on TV talking about Faisal’s “arrest” and says he wasn’t arrested but was rounded up. Laura says why can’t he be reached and says he was illegally imprisoned once before and now this. The news anchor says sometimes the state is justified in extraordinary measures.

Laura says she has seen her country and his violate human rights and its Constitution. Jonas and Otto watch. Laura says this hasn’t helped and it’s made things worse. Laura says there should be respect for the rule of law.

Laura says everyone is scared and she is too. She says that shouldn’t make you forget who you are. Laura says she knows she can’t win this argument then says if she can’t speak to Faisal immediately, she will release all the docs from the CIA hack.

Saul sighs and says f-k you. She says the foundation is not involved in any way and it’s just her. The anchor asks if she’s worried about retaliation. She says she is but the docs will be released regardless. They call for an ad break before the interview resumes.

Astrid says she has to talk to Adler while Saul talks to Faisal. The window is open in the room Saul goes into. Faisal jumped. Saul looks sickened. Astrid looks out and sees his broken body on the sidewalk below and curses.

Saul sits down and takes off his glasses. Astrid says the Laura problem just got worse. Saul says you deal with Laura, I’ve had enough for one day. Qasim asks Aziz if he has kids and asks how many. He says he has a son who lives with his mother in Lebanon.

Qasim asks how long he’s lived in Berlin and he says three years. He asks if Aziz is conflicted about doing this. He says this country took Aziz in and treated him well. Aziz says this country supports the state of Israel even when they bombed the shit out of Lebanon.

He says after that Germany sent troops to defend Israel against a possible counter-attack. He tells Qasim he’s an atheist and is not doing this for Mohammed. He tells Qasim he has to go when there is a knock on the door.

He says to tell Bibi that he has to activate the machine manually and puts him out a side door. Allison is at the door. She introduces herself and Conrad then says they’d like to talk to him about Zaheer. She says he’s dead then asks if they can come inside.

Carrie goes to Hussein’s building and sees the line of people waiting. Carrie tells the woman who answers the door that she’s from the During Foundation. The woman says she has to wait her turn. Allison asks Aziz about Zaheer.

He says he was his advisor and he saw him now and then in class and office hours. Conrad pokes around the place and Aziz asks him to stop going through his things. Allison says the man was shot in the face. Aziz says he has no idea.

Allison says they found his body in the same place the video was filmed. She asks if he knows about Zaheer’s extremist views then his own. She says there’s a WMD attack and he has expertise in this technology. She asks what’s the target.

Allison asks Conrad for his gun and tells him to call for an arrest team. He hands it over. Allison asks again what’s the target and says he has five seconds. She shoots Conrad again then Aziz tells her Hauptbahnhof Station platform 7.

Allison tells him to stop whimpering. She shoots him too. She looks around and then throws down the gun and grabs her phone. She repositions Aziz’s body a bit and kicks over her purse. Then she calls Astrid and says help, I’ve been shot.

She ends the call. Allison paces then checks her collar bone and shoots herself carefully. She curses in pain. She staggers over to Aziz and puts the gun in his hand. She lies down near Conrad’s body and groans as the pain worsens.

Hussein tells Carrie that Quinn was nearly dead but trying to drown himself when he found him. He says Quinn fought hard to survive and she says that sounds like him. He asks his name and says he never told her. She tells him Peter Quinn.

He says he saw him on television and says the world has gone mad. Carrie asks where are the men who did this to him. He says he and his children will be killed if they knew he talked. She says he doesn’t have to come forward, just tell him.

He says he thought they were on the way to Syria and that’s the last he knew. Hussein says one had an apartment downstairs where they met. She asks to see it. He takes her to it as Astrid and the team kick in the door to Aziz’s place and find Allison alive and the others dead.

She says the attack is the BER, the airport, at 5 o’clock. Bibi, Utku and Qasim talk and Bibi says he can wear protective gear and release it manually. Qasim says they’re looking for him but Bibi says it’s Allah’s will and they need to finish what they started.

Carrie calls Saul and says send a forensics team here. She says the guy was obsessed with Hauptbahnhof. She says the U-Bahn may be the target and he says BER is the target. He says they’re already evacuating.

Carrie asks when this happened and he says they just found out. Saul says as long as they get everyone out, it’s good. She asks if he’s sure and he says it better be. She asks him to let her know when they find something.

Saul ends the call and ponders. Dar comes over and he asks where Allison was taken for her gunshot wound. He tells him the hospital. Carrie looks around the apartment and sees a photo of Bibi and Qasim. Qasim is shaving in preparation so they look less Islamic.

Carrie goes to the Hauptbahnhof anyway. She looks around. Carrie looks again at the photo she took and then around. She checks the arrival and departure board then takes an escalator down. Allison tells the nurse she can’t have surgery now.

She says she’s a cop and has to be available and alert. Saul shows up and the nurse leaves. He asks if she’s okay then says the terminal is clear. He asks about her encounter with Aziz. He asks if he told her a specific area.

He asks if the weapon is on an incoming flight. She says Conrad searched the place and found a laptop and some papers. He asks if there’s anything else and she says there wasn’t a lot of time. She says Aziz got hold of Conrad’s gun.

He asks how that happened. Another doctor comes in and says that he needs to clean and repack her wound. A clean shaven Bibi and Qasim get to the Hauptbahnhof. Utku is there too. All three are clean shaven.

Carrie is on a platform and looks around. She walks side to side and asks for the security office. She’s pointed up the stairs. Utku shuts the gates and secures it with a padlock then walks away. They do it at the other end as well.

Carrie is upstairs and then sees Qasim coming down the escalator. She studies his face then the photo and texts Saul. Her message doesn’t go through and she curses. She asks a man to go up and says can yo please take this phone up where there’s signal.

She says the attack is happening here. The guy calls her crazy. Carrie can’t get anyone to listen. Qasim shuts the gates of the next place. A woman in Muslim garb is there and he lets her out. Then a man has a child and he relents again.

Finally Qasim walks through without chaining it. Carrie gets a woman to take her phone up and she goes running off towards the terminal. She spots the unchained door and races onward. She is looking for Qasim.

A woman says someone just ran into the tunnel and Carrie pulls a gun and goes after her. Saul waits for the doctor to finish packing Allison’s wound. He gets Carrie’s text. Saul goes back and sees that Allison is gone from the wound.

Saul asks where she went and the nurse has no idea. Saul runs out in a panic.