Homeland ‘New Normal’ Recap – Quinn’s Alive! Jihadists on the Move: Season 5 Episode 10

Homeland 'New Normal' Recap - Quinn's Alive! Jihadists on the Move: Season 5 Episode 10

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland airs with an all new Sunday December 6, season 5 episode 10 called “New Normal,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight,  a new threat emerges and danger will once again follow the former CIA agent after learning the truth about Allison. (Miranda Otto)

Homeland is an American political thriller television series developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa based on the Israeli series Hatufim (English title: Prisoners of War), which was created by Gideon Raff. The series stars Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, a Central Intelligence Agency officer with bipolar disorder.

On the last episode, the CIA and BND teamed up together to make a play. Carrie tried to convince Saul that Allison was a double agent. Quinn refused water from his captors. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Showtime’s synopsis, “right when Carrie and Saul start to think that they have some parts of the situation under control, a new threat manages to emerge and test their mettle once again.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss and neith r do I. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Emmy Award winning drama series Homeland Season 5 Episode 10– tonight at 9PM EST. In the meantime, sound off in the comments below and let us know what you are expecting from this 5th season of Homeland and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode.


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#Homeland begins at the Berlin train station. One Arab man has a suitcase and gets onto the elevator. He gets off and leaves the suitcase – another Arab man takes it. Carrie tells Dar that Allison is lying and says this story defies logic.

She says Peter was ambushed and the operation was foiled. He says Ivan is singing like a songbird and Carrie says this is all a Hail Mary. Dar says Allison has been a great operative and Carrie says the Russian information was carefully curated.

Dar tells Carrie she needs to go. Saul promises to call her as Dar kicks her out. Dar then asks Saul what he thinks. He says Allison owned them. Dar says maybe then says Ivan has confirmed the SVR that brought down Yousef’s plane and says he and Etai are off the hook.

Dar says a Russian penetration at this level would be a scandal that could take down the agency. He says they can send Allison back to Langley and turn her over to counter-intelligence. Saul wants another shot at her for what she’s done to him.

He says if they can get a confession they can run her back on the Russians. Astrid tells Carrie she also doesn’t buy Allison’s story. Carrie says at least she can chuck out the wig. She says she needs to find Quinn and tells Astrid he went missing.

She says he disappeared – no ER, no morgue. She tells her the address of the garage they were at and Astrid says she’ll check security cameras nearby. Quinn is in the test chamber and he’s foaming at the mouth.

The camera man says they need more for Bibi to get the message across. At the CIA, Saul goes into the room where Allison is held. She says, so? Saul takes off his coat and says he has questions. She says okay.

He says she seems angry and says he should be angry. She says he’s the angriest man she’s ever known and it made her curious. Saul sits. Dar watches this all. Saul says she recruited Ivan in Iraq and she claims to have reported it to Estes.

Saul says that’s convenient since he’s dead. Saul asks what Estes did with the info and she says she doesn’t know but he decided to keep the circle small. She says it wasn’t her call. He asks if she told someone else after Estes died.

She says she protected he source and reported his intel as coming from other sources. Saul stands and she asks if that’s it. Saul says nothing in her life will be easy from now on – he says he will see to this. He says she tried to have Carrie killed.

He says butchered agents in Cairo was her too then asks about her Kiev deputy getting a bullet in the face. He slams her against the wall and says she betrayed them all. He puts his hands around her neck and calls her a f-ing sociopath.

Dar hauls him out the goes to check on Allison. She says she’s okay as Dar calls for a doctor. Otto talks to Jonas who shows him a list of requirements from Carrie. Laura says Faisal Mahrwan is here – he’s one of the guys who just got out of prison.

She says he owned a cell phone shop and was locked up as a suspected terrorist. She says Faisal is nervous. Laura says she promised the foundation would cover his legal fees and Otto says that’s fine. Laura and Jonas meet with him and videotape it.

He says his life was destroyed and he was a good citizen. He says he obeyed laws and says Germany let him down. Jonas thanks him. They finish the deposition and Laura says they can try and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else again.

The camera guy steps out and Faisal asks if it’s enough to win. Jonas says absolutely and says the government’s lawyers will respond. He says they will question him too and it might be hostile. Jonas says they will ask if he knows any radical Islamists.

Jonas says 23 Jihadists bought phones from him and shows him that Zayid bought five phones from him. He says he doesn’t know him or talk to him. Laura says trying to hide you know someone looks bad. He admits to knowing Zayid.

Jonas says the government will know if he hung out with the man because of cameras in the prison. He says he was with them for protection. Jonas asks if he heard them talking Jihad and he says they talked about Syria all the time.

He says he listened, didn’t talk. He says her heard about an attack in Berlin, but mostly Syria. Jonas asks what kind of attack in Berlin. Faisal says he doesn’t know and Jonas asks when it will happen. He insists he doesn’t know.

He says maybe it was just big talk. Laura and Jonas share a look. Faisal asks if this will hurt his case. Laura says no because he told them. Jonas says now they know, they can deal with it. He says his case is still strong.

Faisal says he wants to leave and Laura goes to arrange a ride. Jonas thanks him for coming in and shakes his hand. Laura walks Faisal out and says Gunter will drive him home. She tells him to call if he needs anything.

She promises to call soon. He goes and Jonas come to Laura and she says it was meaningless jailhouse chatter but he says it must be reported. She asks if Otto is still there and he says he’s gone til tomorrow. She says it can wait until then and he agrees.

Carrie goes to the garage where she last saw Quinn and looks around. She sees a gun out of place in a case and then her phone buzzes. Astrid tells her to get to a TV now. Carrie goes to a bar and sees the film of Bibi playing. Bibi makes demands wearing a mask.

Armed men are behind him and he says they have 24 hours to recognize their Islamic state. He plays the footage of Quinn being exposed to sarin gas. He says this will happen to everyone if they don’t comply. Carrie collapses then gets up and runs out.

She’s sickened. Dar goes to see Saul who is being kept in a room. He asks if he saw the video. Saul has phone in hand and says it’s unbelievable. Dar asks if they can tell the Germans Peter’s name. Saul says that’s fine.

Dar says, come on. They go to the BND ops center and they hear that they are rounding up the usual suspects and are following up on all leads. Dar says the victim is one of theirs and has penetrated a terror cell in Berlin recently.

He says they were supposed to be on the way to Syria and he was going with them. It’s the Deputy Emir. Dar says the masked man may be his nephew. Dar goes to talk to Allison at her request. She’s still being held. She asks if it was sarin gas.

She says they killed one man and may not have enough for a mass attack. Dar and Allison go to talk to Ivan to ask about Syrian’s chemical weapon stockpile. He says Assad’s materials were removed and destroyed.

Dar asks if the Islamic state could get their hands on it. Allison says there’s a threat. Ivan says an airbase in Syria was overrun six months ago and their intelligence confirmed chemical agents were being kept there – some were the components of sarin.

He says there was at least six. Allison says that much will be catastrophic. She asks if she’s under arrest and he says it’s just an open question. Allison says he can’t sideline her now. She says she’s not who Saul says and even if she was, no one wants another Paris.

She says she can help stop this. The Jihadists talk about the sarin gas they’ll placed in the train tunnels. Qasim and the others are given assignments and told they will leave two hours before the deadline. He tells them to give their phones to Utku who will dump them in the river.

Bibi asks his cousin Qasim if he’s anxious and he says the government might give in but Bibi says they won’t. He says soon they will realize that denying them will cost too much. Qasim hands over his phone too. Carrie lurks outside waiting on Saul.

She asks who this group is and he says it’s a Berlin cell that was recently released from prison and Quinn fell in with them. She says Quinn was terribly injured. He says it wasn’t live so the film was made in the last few days. Carrie asks to see the full version.

She says Quinn might be signaling and she might notice something. Astrid says she can use the help. Saul agrees and says she saw Allison with Dar and she curses. He agrees it’s bad. Astrid brings Carrie with her. She watches the Quinn video.

Astrid warns her it’s rough. Carrie’s chin trembles as she watches Quinn start to drool and quiver as the gas takes over then he collapses to his knees. He throws up and grunts. Carrie turns away. She looks back and Astrid takes her hand.

He’s on the floor twitching then he goes still. Carrie sobs. His throat is still moving. The last shot looks like he’s dead. Carrie has her run it back then points out the floor tiles. Carrie wipes away tears and says run it again. They restart it.

At the Berlin CIA station, the CIA chief asks how they can get a message to the leader. Dar tells Joe they can’t stop this without more info. Joe says they’re making a statement at 9 am and won’t notify them that the target is Berlin.

Saul asks why and Joe says they can’t send the city into mass panic and calls it the new normal. He ends the call. Allison comes in and says they found Bibi is the Emir’s nephew and may be the leader. He’s had no cell service for over a year.

They are checking his photo on CCTV. Saul won’t speak to her and walks out. Jonas tells Laura and Otto they should let the police talk to Faisal but Laura spots this. Jonas says they are culpable if Berlin is hit and they knew ahead of time.

Jonas tells Laura they saw the video and says they can’t let thousands die like that. Laura says her country was attacked like that and then they started two wars and thousands more died on both sides. She says this goes on and on.

Jonas says nice speech but it has nothing to do with this. Laura says Muslim men are already being rounded up. She says she got Faisal out just in time. Otto asks where he is and she says he’s here. Otto asks for a minute to think.

Laura wants to push more but he insists she leave too. He calls Saul who says he’s busy. Otto says they do outreach work with Muslim communities. He says he has someone who may have information and asks for word that he’ll be treated fairly.

He says the man was treated wrongly. He says he must have a promise that he won’t be arrested and his lawyer can be present the whole time. Saul says please bring him in and Otto agrees. Bibi is told that someone tried to save Quinn and Utku shows him atropine tube.

Bibi says they can’t get through with this until they find out the leak. He tells Utku to keep this quiet. He says leave the man in the chamber and says he’ll still die, just leave him there. He says they can’t go in or the gas will leak out.

Carrie sits shocked and Astrid tells her not to be hard on herself for them not finding anything. She gives her a coffee and says he didn’t have enough time to send a signal. Carrie says Quinn told her to leave it alone and get out of Berlin.

She regrets not listening. Astrid says Quinn always did what he wanted to do and says he was a pain in the ass and stubborn as a mule. She says he was beautiful too. A guy comes in and says the floor tiles are distinctive but there are 1500 buildings that used the artist’s work.

Carrie says put them on a map and says they can use a JSOC algorithm. He says they have ATM activity for the guy from three months ago. They pull up confirmed sightings and the put up the buildings on the map. They run the algorithm.

They are down to seven square kilometers. Astrid goes to take it to Adler to set up search teams. Bibi tells the Jihadists to lay out their hazmat packs. They line up and drop their packs. He says the American is alive just barely.

He says one of them gave him atropine. He says Utku found it in the trash and shows them the vial. He says they have to find out who did this. They start searching their hazmat packs. Qasim’s vial is there but Zaheer’s is missing.

He begs Bibi to listen and says it wasn’t him. Bibi pulls a gun on him and he swears he wouldn’t betray them. He begs Bibi to stop. Bibi tells him to say it and he says something in Arabic. It’s a prayer before dying. Bibi shoots him in the head before Qasim can speak up.

The others are stunned. Bibi says finish packing, we’re on a schedule. Jonas and Faisal get into a car and Laura doesn’t like it. Back SUV’s pull up and the German police grab him. The BND takes him as Faisal screams they told him he wouldn’t be arrested.

They mention Saul’s name, but the BND is gone with him in 30 seconds. Allison paces smoking with her minder out front. A woman with a dog walks by and gives them a look. The guard, Con, says he doesn’t believe what they said about her.

The woman with the dog gives her a signal and Allison signals back. The woman moves on. Astrid and Carrie pull up at the barracks for their part of the search. Astrid tells Carrie half the locations have been cleared. They get out – they’re at the right place!

Atrid and Carrie poke around and head upstairs of one of the barracks. Astrid whispers to her and Carrie comes over. They spot fresh blood on a floor and Astrid calls it in. There are drag marks and Carrie follows them. She finds plastic sheeting.

Carrie says it’s not Peter’s body and unwraps it. It’s the guy Bibi just shot. Astrid snaps a pic of his face and Carrie rushes through the place. She sees the chamber. Peter is still in it. She kneels down by the glass and Astrid makes another call for a Hazmat team.

Carrie sobs and Astrid looks away. Peter’s finger moves and Astrid says it’s impossible. She shines the light in his eyes and they blink. Astrid makes another call for a team to come urgently. Bibi and his men are on the move.

Qasim is up front with Bibi who asks if he has something to say to him. He says he thought his faith would keep him strong and Zaheer paid for his mistake. He says he switched the kit because Qasim is family and Zaheer was not.

He tells Qasim that was his last chance and he’d better not step out of line again. Quinn is in the hospital now and is intubated. Carrie sits at his side – Saul shows up. He sits down by her quietly. They watch Quinn’s machines breathe for him. Neither speaks.