Homeland Recap 11/29/15: Season 5 Episode 9 “The Litvinov Ruse”

Homeland Recap 11/29/15: Season 5 Episode 9 "The Litvinov Ruse"

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland airs with an all new Sunday November 29, season 5 episode 9 called “The Litvinov Ruse,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, the CIA and BND team up, Carrie (Claire Dane) has some convincing to do.

Homeland is an American political thriller television series developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa based on the Israeli series Hatufim (English title: Prisoners of War), which was created by Gideon Raff.

On the last episode, Carrie needed Allison’s help and pressed her to see if there was anything at all that could be done to help her; Quinn’s plans were going to change in a big way, this could have been dangerous for everyone involved. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Showtime’s synopsis, “the CIA and BND team up together to make a play. Carrie tries to convince Saul that Allison is a double agent. Quinn refuses water from his captors.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss and neither do I. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Emmy Award winning drama series Homeland Season 5 Episode 9– tonight at 9PM EST. In the meantime, sound off in the comments below and let us know what you are expecting from this 5th season of Homeland and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode.

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#Homeland begins with Carrie in the car with Etai who drops her off to meet Saul. Etai tells her that she broke Saul’s heart when she opposed him being director. She says she wishes she was bringing better news this time.

Etai leaves and she heads inside. Saul watches from a window. Saul tells her to get inside fast. She starts to cry and says his name. He says come here and he embraces her. She fills Saul in on the link between Allison and Ahmed.

He says it’s not definitive and doesn’t buy it. Carrie says Ahmed was under suspicion for embezzling American money. He asks why she thinks Allison is working for the Russians. She says Allison tried three times to kill her.

She says Allison had access to his kill box too. He says he’s still not convinced and says he doesn’t want to be. He says this would mean the Russians have been inside US intelligence for more than a decade and she says that’s why they have to know.

Quinn is in the back of the panel truck still as it pulls up to some derelict apartments. Bibi and the guys open the truck and then open the compartment where they stashed him. They drag him out and take him inside.

He hears power tools and sees work being done. There are canisters and rooms sealed by plastic. He’s taken to a room and pushed to his knees then chained to the wall. They tape his legs now too. One of them offers him a drink.

Quinn asks the guy if he knows the others are making sarin gas and says it’s a f-d up way to die. He says it’s horrible. The guy says fine, no water and walks off. He tells the guy to Google Ghouta, Syria and he can see it.

Saul and Carrie meet with the Germans, Adler and Astrid. He tells him they have a case against Allison they need to prove. He says they need proof of her treason. Carrie says getting her on tape is best. Saul says he can plant something on Allison.

Adler asks about Langley buy-in and Saul says they’re in no position to get CIA approval. Adler asks why they should do this and Saul says if Allison is a Russian agent, they have as much or more to lose as they do. Adler agrees to help.

Qasim watches the video that Quinn told him to. He’s horrified. Saul shows up unannounced to Allison’s and closes the drapes. He says he couldn’t risk calling. She asks what’s going on. He says he never heard from Carrie.

She asks if they’ll get the documents back. He says sit down so they can talk and she does. He says he’s been offered asylum in Israel. She says that’s not what she heard. She says he ran before they can hand him to the FBI.

He says he’s leaving for Tel Aviv and came to say goodbye. Allison says it makes him look guilty and says he can’t be Mossad after all this. He says the SVR blew up the plane and Carrie is trying to prove that. He says they won’t see each other again.

Allison says he’s being dramatic. He says maybe then says he’ll miss her. He says he was asleep for 10 years and she woke him up. He beds her and after she falls asleep, he gets up. He creeps downstairs and grabs her purse and phone.

He plugs a USB device into her phone and then plants a bug in her purse after slitting a seam – he reglues it carefully. The phone is done and he plugs it back into her charger. He puts all her things back and heads upstairs.

He gets back into bed and she asks if everything is okay. He says he needed a drink of water and tells her to go back to sleep. She cuddles to his side and he holds her. Qasim looks around at what’s going on and sees a plastic room and a camera.

Dr Aziz comes in and says it’s all right that he’s looking and says they got it almost right. He asks if Aziz made this and he says he designed it. He asks Aziz what it is and he says it’s a testing chamber to test the sarin.

He says the chamber is sealed and it they will have an antidote anyway that limits the effects of the gas. Qasim asks about the camera then says Bibi is going to test it on Quinn though the original plan was to take a Jew.

Astrid and Adler meet with Dar and Allison and talk about a defector from Russia who is high up. Allison wants to know his name and Astrid says they can only have his code name Calico for now. Adler says he wants $5 million to defect and give his info.

Astrid says the man wants to live in Boca Raton. They prattle to Dar about the Russian man’s demands. They negotiate what the Americans and Germans will get from him. Allison is distracted the excuses herself from the meeting.

Carrie and Saul listen to this all go down. They hear Allison panting nervously in her office. She grabs up her purse and pulls out her phone. She sends a text that says change of plan – I don’t feel like going out tonight.

The other person texts back if she wants him to bring dinner and offers Vietnamese or Italian. She says pasta and he says she’s always in the mood. She texts back a devil face with horns emoji. They wonder if it’s a code.

Quinn lies on the floor when Qasim comes in. He sits Quinn up and gives him a drink. He thanks him. He also has fruit for him. He asks if Qasim went online and then says it’s hard to watch and says they will kill innocents.

Qasim says terror is the necessary to a kalifate. He says if the West gives what they want, Assad out of Syria, they won’t use it. They also want the UN to recognize them as a state. Quinn says it won’t happen and he says they’ll send a warning.

He says they will send a demonstration of the weapon. Quinn says that’s why he’s still alive and they’re building a test chamber. Quinn says they won’t give in and Qasim says it’s Allah’s will but Quinn says the blood will be on his hands.

Then he says maybe it’s Allah’s will to stop this. He tells him to get rid of the DF so they can’t make the sarin. He says dump the DF and walk away without looking back. They watch Allison from cameras they planted. She’s pouring wine. There are two glasses.

Saul says maybe she’s not what they thought since she’s not running. Astrid says it’s a civilian she’s waiting for. Ivan shows up and says traffic was terrible. He takes off his jacket and says he knows what she like and unpacks the food.

He kisses her neck and she moans. Ivan starts doing her against the counter and Saul turns away. He walks out of the room – he can’t watch. Astrid is stunned Carrie doesn’t know. She tells her that Saul and Allison were involved.

Carrie curses and goes after Saul. He tells her not to say anything. She asks if Allison is doing this as a performance then asks if he gave her a heads up lover to lover. Saul says he didn’t and apparently doesn’t know her at all.

Carrie says she’s been there and Saul says no. She asks if he believes she’s innocent and he says he doesn’t know what to believe. Carrie says the BND won’t humor them much longer and he says they can up the ante. She goes back to talk to Astrid.

Everyone is asleep while Qasim sits awake haunted. He creeps to the one room where the tanks are and opens one. He sees it’s empty. Looks like it was already mixed. He sees canisters in the test chamber. He tries the door but it’s locked.

Allison sits at an outdoor café and Astrid goes to meet her. She thanks Allison for meeting her outside of the office then says Calico put his kids on the plane to Tallinn and wants the timetable accelerated. She says he’s spooked.

She says he told them anywhere but Berlin for the handover and says it’s been penetrated. She says he wouldn’t tell them what but she thought Allison should know. Allison is stunned. Astrid says now she can get out in front of it.

Allison says he’s making this up to increase his value. Astrid says they’ll know soon enough and says he’s promised to show them material that was passed to the SVR. She says he’s coming across through Latvia to a safe house in Hamburg.

Astrid says she has to appear before a committee and can’t stay for lunch. She leaves. Allison sits thoughtful for a moment and Carrie cheers quietly for her to make a move. Allison pulls out her phone and makes a call.

She asks Nina for a train ticket to Copenhagen. She says reschedule her afternoon. The BDR orders a team to be there at the station before her. She then makes a call and Carrie shushes the room. There are a few beeps.

Carrie says it’s a call code and Saul agrees. She’s on the move. Allison walks down the street looking around carefully then hails a cab. Allison takes out her SIM card and Carrie this is what she’d be doing. Saul says he hopes the satellite transmitter works.

Allison gets out at the trains station. She looks around and there are two teams there watching her. She isn’t getting on the Copenhagen train and is headed for the s-bahn inside (that’s a local train). Allison is on the platform waiting.

She gets on the train then the door chimes. She looks around and gets back off at the last moment. She walks away. She goes to the opposite platform. Astrid asks where she is and they tell her she’s running. She’s going to Potsdam.

Astrid says they can shut the train down between stations and pull her of with dogs and guns. Allison gets onto this train and looks around. She stays put. It’s in the country now. Astrid makes a call and says Adler approved a warrant.

Saul says he thanks him. The train pulls into a station and she gets off. She heads upstairs and they have drones watching her. She goes across the plaza and she grabs a key from under a Volvo. She looks around then unlocks it.

She pulls out. The drones follow. She heads out of the small town and into the country past fields of cows. She pulls off onto a smaller side road then an even smaller one. She pulls up to a gate and enters a code.

The gate opens and then the GPS goes down. Carrie says it’s a dead zone and there must be jamming towers. The drones can see her but they can’t hear her. Saul says they have to have confirmation it’s SVR. Carrie panics.

Astrid shows them the house and there’s a man waiting. It’s Ivan. Astrid says he’s the SVR Berlin station chief. Saul says to send in the team and arrest her now. Allison tells Ivan she’s burned. He says she’s okay and takes her inside the house. He looks around.

Allison says one of the deputy chiefs is defecting with evidence that she’s a mole. He says it’s impossible and she asks why. He says it doesn’t work that way. He says two chiefs have access to the material and says both are fishing on the Kola Peninsula.

He says it must be a misunderstanding. Then he curses and says she’s been played. An alarm blares and Ivan is told that federal police have crashed the gate. Ivan tells his men to crash the hard drives. Ivan says she led them here.

He curses and she says calm down. He says he’s very calm and asks how the f-k could she be so careless. He curses at her in Russian. She slaps him and he grabs her face. She tells him to stop and think. He says it’s over. She says think.

He says they’re done. He says we f-ing lost and she says they have not. She says to listen carefully. The polizei pull up to arrest Allison. Ivan comes out with hands up and so does Allison. They take them into custody.

Carrie and Saul watch on the drone feed. They are loaded into separate cars. The BDR shuts down the surveillance. Saul looks stunned. Dar tells Carrie and Saul that’s quite a story. He says they brought down the temple.

Saul says this explains a lot and says he didn’t want to believe it either. Dar says he’s disgusted with both of them. Astrid says Allison is in interrogation and Dar goes to talk to her. Ivan is in another room. Carrie and Saul are left alone to watch.

Allison calls this a travesty and says some f-ing clown just tore apart 12 years of work. She plays dumb and says ask Ivan himself when he asks her for names. Dar says Ivan has diplomatic immunity. She says he can’t send Ivan back to Russia.

She says he’s been getting intel from Ivan for years. He asks why she ran today and she says she didn’t run. She says she was told by Astrid about a mole in her station. She says she was trying to fool his people, not hers.

She says she went to bring Ivan in and says she has done that. She says he’s been her Joe for 12 years and says he can understand that. Dar ponders. Carrie and Saul look tense. Qasim and the others come to get Quinn.

One holds a gun on him as they haul him up. They march him to the test chamber. Quinn sees the camera on him. He sees the test chamber. Qasim says something in Arabic and cuts his eyes. Quinn makes a run for it.

He’s tackled and as he’s done, Qasim stabs him with an antidote injection and whispers – maybe you will live. Quinn is locked into the chamber. They turn on the gas. Quinn watches through the door as Bibi turns it on.

Qasim steps back closer to the cameras. Quinn’s eyes starts to water and drool comes out his mouth. His hands start seizing. He’s drooling uncontrollably. Snot comes out his nose by the bucket and he collapses groaning in pain.