Homeland Recap – No Surprises: Season 5 Finale “A False Glimmer”

Homeland Recap - No Surprises: Season 5 Finale "A False Glimmer"

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland airs with an all new Sunday December 20, season 5 finale called “A False Glimmer,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, time is beginning to run out and Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) will risk her life to stop a terrorist attack in Berlin

On the last episode, Carrie (Claire Danes) and Saul (Mandy Patinkin) asked doctors to revive Quinn (Rupert Friend) to query him for information on the impending terrorist attack, but Quinn was unresponsive and went into respiratory arrest. When Carrie was told that Quinn’s bullet wound was expertly treated, she began asking her contacts for information on an underground doctor in the area where Quinn went missing.

Following a tip from Al-Amin, she tracked down Dr. Hussein, who brought Carrie to Qasim’s apartment where the terrorist cell had been residing. In the apartment, Carrie found extensive research on the Hauptbahnhof train station and headed there to investigate. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Showtime’s synopsis, “there’s no time left, as Carrie tries to stop a terrorist attack; she finds a ticking bomb filled with sarin gas, waiting to explode somewhere at a train station in Berlin. Carrie will chase Qasim (Alireza Bayram) down a dark tunnel and beg him to stop the attack.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss and neither do I. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Emmy Award winning drama series Homeland Season 5 finale – tonight at 9PM EST. In the meantime, sound off in the comments below and let us know what you are expecting from this 5th season of Homeland and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode.

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#Homeland begins with Carrie heading into the subway tunnel after Qasim, gun drawn. He hits her with a pipe and presses her against the wall. He tells her to be quiet or they will both die. He asks who she is and she says American intelligence.

She says the Federal Police are on their way and asks what the plan is and calls him by name. She says Dr Hussein told her his name. She asks again where the weapon is and says she thinks he’s having second thoughts. He says with Bibi deeper in the tunnel.

He says it’s the next train that will be hit – that’s four minutes. She looks down the tunnel and then asks if Bibi has a gun and Qasim says maybe yes. She tells Qasim to take her gun and shoot him when he gets close. He says that’s his cousin. She says thousands will die if he does not.

He says he will try and talk him out of it and Allah will help him find the words. She tells Qasim to go try and she creeps slowly behind him. Qasim calls out to Bibi and he tells Bibi the police are here and they know. Bibi tells him they’ll both die now.

Qasim says they can leave and go with Utku and the others. Bibi tells him go save himself but Qasim says no. He tells Bibi he’ll have to kill him. Bibi does. Carrie sees him shot and she runs to try and stop Bibi who is wrestling with Qasim who is still trying to stop him.

Carrie shoots at them both and the device does not go off. She comes closer and sees it says system is on standby. Qasim is choking on blood and Carrie tells him help I son the way and he did it – he stopped the attack. She asks if he saved Quinn.

She thanks him and then he’s gone. Carrie says an Islamic prayer for him as he passes. She sighs. Outside the Bahnhof there is a ton of police and Saul approaches her and checks on her. She’s upset and he asks what happened. She says Qasim stopped Bibi.

He says he saved her and everyone else. She’s near tears and struggling to maintain her composure. She asks about the rest of the group and she says Allison sent them the wrong way. He asks if she’s in custody and he says she got away.

Carrie says she just wants to go home. Saul says he’ll find someone to drive her. She thanks him as he makes the call. Carrie goes back to her apartment where she hasn’t been in a while. She calls out for Jonas. She walks around the apartment looking around.

Carrie checks the closet and sees clothes hanging. She pulls off her jacket and lies down in bed. Saul goes to talk to Ivan and tells him the charade is over. He shuts down the camera and says he’s now his confessor. He asks if Ivan is over 50 and he says 52.

Saul says Allison was his life’s work then asks who’s idea it was to seduce him then says he’d rather not know. Saul says the boys must not have told him – Ivan asks what. Saul says the chemical attack was thwarted and Allison is in the wind.

Ivan says he’s lost him. Saul says Allison was ordered by his bosses to help the attack go forward but she failed then disappeared. Saul says Ivan is burned and will take the fall. He says Allison means that Ivan is not a defector, Allison is a Russian agent and a traitor.

Saul says this has so many moving parts. He sits down and smiles and says he knows he’s right. Ivan smirks. He says even if he believes him, what do you want? Saul says he wants her back and punished. Saul says he would know in his position.

Ivan tries to stick to his cover story. Saul says with all due respect, he’s playing a bad hand. Saul sits back and says he heard he was a downhill ski racer. He offers him witness protection in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and says he guesses he has no kids.

Saul says the SVR is turning its back on him. Ivan smiles and says it’s a good pitch. He says he admires it. Saul says he came this close to painting a masterpiece and says not many people can say that. He says he won’t make another offer like this.

He says this offer is one-time and only because he wants Allison. He tells Ivan take it or leave it. Ivan thinks and doesn’t agree. Saul says it’s a shame and says he would have enjoyed talking to him again. Ivan says it was his idea.

Saul turns back. Ivan says Saul was an easy target for Allison to romance since he’s middle aged and easily divorced. He says he knew if he was sleeping with Allison, he wouldn’t see other things so clearly. Saul asks where is she and how are they planning on getting her out of Germany?

Allison is taken to a safe house – she’s still hurting from her self-inflicted gunshot wound. She’s put into a room and a doctor comes to check on her. She says her pain meds are wearing off. He sits her at a table and says his name is Dr Rudolf.

She asks how long she will be there and he says until things calm down out there. He says he was told to give her first-class treatment and says she must be very important. She says she is and he better not f-k up her shoulder or she’ll make sure he never operates again.

Otto tells Laura the BND is there to arrest Laura. Astrid serves and says she has threatened the state of Germany and is in violation of the Foreign Residency Act. Anders Larsen comes in and starts hacking her safe. Astrid says they’re sending her back to the US and the FBI.

Otto says there will be consequences but Laura kicks him out of the office. She tells the hacker who got into the safe to try and find anything on Gabe H Coud. Carrie wakes to Jonas sitting at her side. He says the BND has Laura and won’t let him see her.

Carrie says she didn’t know where else to go. He asks if she heard about the attack. He says there was a big shoot out and they got the rest of the terror cell. She says it feels like forever since she’s seen him.

Jonas agrees it seems like a long time since he’s seen her. She kisses him and tells him to take off his shirt. He does. He asks what happened to her hand when he sees the bandage. She says nothing. Numan sits waiting in a park – he looks around with caution.

He sees people that make him nervous and stands up to leave. Men approach and then the BND is on him. They knock him to the ground and arrest him. Carrie is looking at some books that Franny likes and says she wanted to take some of them with her.

He asks if the danger is done and she says she’s safe now. He asks what happened today and says it’s all over the internet about a mysterious blonde in the Hauptbahnhof tunnel with a gun then asks if that was her. Carrie nods and says – me.

Jonas tells her she can keep the shirt and she asks if they’re just saying goodbye and says they were all happy. She asks why that can’t go on. She says she wants another chance and they can do better. Jonas says sorry and it’s not easy for him.

He says he loves her and Franny but she can’t put things back the way they were. He says he can’t unsee what he saw. He says he can’t be worried about what’s around the next corner and can’t have his kids worrying him.

He says what happened to his son can’t ever happen again. He says this will never work and was crazy from the start. She says she’s not crazy and went off her meds for a reason. Carrie says it was crazy that she opened up and let him in.

She says she loved him and he comes to embrace her but she says no, she doesn’t want that. Carrie goes to the hospital looking for Quinn and sees the room a mess. She runs out saying no – she asks a nurse where he is.

The nurse tells her to calm down then says he had a severe aneurysm and will be in surgery for several more hours. Carrie asks for the chapel instead of the waiting room and the nurse shows her where it is. Carrie sits and tries to breathe.

A woman is singing to her daughter in one of the pews – a song about Jesus. The girl looks back at Carrie who is trying not to break down. Later, Carrie is alone in the chapel. The doctor finds her there- Dr Emory. He asks to sit with her.

He says Quinn is out of surgery and says the hematoma was large and they had to do a craniotomy. He says they don’t know if he’ll recover but she says he must know. He says if he does recover, he will still have significant brain damage.

Carrie asks to see him and the doctor takes her there. Carrie goes to his room and sees he’s on a ventilator. Carrie looks at him and she asks if they did this to him. Four days later, Carrie is sitting in a cabin by the water.

Astrid goes into an interview room where they’re holding Laura. Laura says she thought she forgot about her. Astrid says she has three true things to tell her – she says Faisal Marwan is dead and says he jumped out of a fifth story window.

Laura accuses her of throwing him out but Astrid says he jumped. She says they made a mistake leaving him alone, but did not kill him. She says Numan is in the next cell. She says they have his laptop and recovered the hacked documents and Laura now has no leverage.

Laura sighs and Astrid offers to show her. Astrid says Laura has abused her position in Germany and Laura asks why she’s still here. Astrid says many of the others would like to see her rotting in Super-Max. She says it’s Numan they’re interested in.

She says Numan has only temporary asylum and is up for review every six months. Laura says he’s an enemy of the state back in Turkey and Astrid says it’s up to her. Laura says they will execute him if he’s sent back. Astrid says she must do what she’s told or else.

Quinn is off the ventilator and Dar sits snoring lightly in a chair by the bed. Carrie comes into the room and sees Dar. She gets some crème and puts it on Quinn’s lips so they won’t chap then pulls up another chair and sits close.

She rubs lotion into his hand tenderly and massages it. Dar asks the prognosis as he wakes. Carrie says unchanged and Dar says it’s not a good sign that he hasn’t woken up. Carrie says they may change his status soon to minimally conscious.

She says that means his odds of recovering cognitive function are very low. Dar says that would be Peter’s worst nightmare and says they found him in a foster home in Baltimore at 16. He says they needed a street wise kid who was pretty enough to turn heads.

He says Quinn was a natural from the start then he sponsored him for training and says he was the youngest ever through the program. Dar hands her an envelope. He says she was Quinn’s beneficiary in case anything happened to him in Syria.

It’s an envelope with her name on it written in Quinn’s hand. Dar says he wanted to give it to her now since he wasn’t sure when he’s see her again. Carrie reads the letter which says he must have died and they never happened.

He says he doesn’t believe in fate or destiny and then Saul interrupts her reading when he comes into the room. He asks to talk to her outside. Saul asks Carrie if she’s given more thought to what he offered. He says the director will offer her complete autonomy.

She says she’s still not interested and Saul asks why. She says she’s not that person anymore and he reminds her she just saved hundreds of lives and says this world would be different today. He says she’s being selfish. He says she knows how to fight these guys.

Carrie says she has no idea and Saul says, help me come up with a new paradigm. Carrie sighs and says she’s going back in with Quin now. Saul curses then says he needs her. She says she’s just not that person anymore. She walks away.

Erna tells Allison it’s time to go and she hopes her stay there has been comfortable. Allison says this site is a transit spot for human trafficking and Erna asks what’s her point when Allison complains about the sale of underage girls.

Erna tells her to get into the trunk for the 3 ½ hour ride to the border. Allison asks what if she needs to pee and Erna says hold it. Erna also says she’s done it before. Allison climbs in and she says the next time she sees sky, it will be Russian.

Laura is on a German news talk show. She is back on the same show where she threatened to publish more documents. Laura says she values the truth as a reporter and says to the detriment of her career and to the US.

She says she hasn’t been home in almost four years. She says Germany has given her a home and freedom to work. She says she’s tried to show her gratitude by championing the rights of the German people.

Astrid is there and glares at her. Laura says four days ago she made allegations about state security. She says she accused the BND of arresting Faisal Marwan on bogus charges. Laura says she’s seen new evidence that Marwan was not innocent as she thought.

Laura says he was a dedicated member of the terror cell that planned this attack. The host asks about damage to her credibility. Laura says she has to learn from her mistake and put it behind her as soon as possible.

Carrie is with Otto and he asks what offer Saul made her. He says she’s being very discreet then asks if she’s considering it. He’s made her dinner and is asking a lot of questions. Carrie says it was painful to turn him down.

She says Saul recruited and trained her and has helped her so many times. She says they’ve always been a team. He asks if she really turned him down and Carrie says yep. She says that chapter of her life is over. Otto says he has an offer for her too.

Carrie says she needs time of work to be a mom. He says this is not about her old job. He says he’s hired many extraordinary people over the years but never anyone like her. She says that’s nice and he says it’s not. He says she’s a brilliant freethinker.

He says it was 10:15 on a Wednesday when they spoke and he offered her a job 15 minutes later. He says he was waiting on her to walk through the door. Carrie says she’s lost. Otto says he wants a partner who knows the world as it is and wants it to be better.

Carrie shakes her head and he says she can go back to America and think about it. Carrie says she doesn’t know what to say. He says think about the possibilities of what I’m offering and says he’ll be in DC next month for meetings.

He steps closer and says they can talk then then. He walks away and Carrie is left stunned. Numan calls Laura and says the BND let him go. Laura says she can’t talk to him and says it’s a condition of the deal she made. She says goodbye when he asks what deal and she hangs up.

Numan looks around and breaks the sim card out of his phone, cracks the phone and tosses it then walks away. At the German border, the Russians are told there is an accident up ahead and to go slow. After they let the car pass, the men pull the emergency sign off the road.

A short way up where they were told to drive, a tire spike chain takes out the car’s wheels then automatic fire riddles the car and Allison’s escorts are both gunned down. Saul is there. He looks inside the car and doesn’t see Allison.

He tells the men to pop the trunk. Allison is also riddled with gunshot wounds. She’s dead. Carrie thinks about Quinn’s letter. It says he doesn’t believe in fate but he says he’s not surprised things turned out this way. He says something was pulling him back to darkness.

He says he was never allowed a real life or real love and says that was for normal people. She is at the hospital to see him. She puts a chair under the door to block it. He says he saw a glimmer with her and says this death is what should have happened to him.

He says he wanted and asked for the darkness and it has him now. He says no star on the wall for him and no speech. She pulls off his oxygen monitor and puts it on her own finger. He lies still – he never came back after the surgery – he’s a vegetable.

Carrie looks as the sunlight streams in. The letter says he always loved her and now he’s hers forever. Looks like Carrie is about to finish him off as a mercy kill, but she doesn’t do anything to him before the episode ends.