Humans Recap and Spoilers – Sexy Secrets Revealed: Season 1 Episode 5

Humans Recap and Spoilers - Sexy Secrets Revealed: Season 1 Episode 5

Humans airs on AMC tonight with an all new Sunday July 26, season 1 episode 5 called “Episode 5” and below is your weekly recap and spoilers. Tonight, with Karen on her tail, Leo sends Niska to George’s house and an unlikely friendship begins.

On the last episode, Joe got too close to Anita, and Karen was not what she seemed. Meanwhile, Leo got one step closer to finding Mia, and Niska got revenge. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “with Karen on her tail, Leo sends Niska to George’s house and an unlikely friendship begins. Also: Joe’s secret threatens to destroy the Hawkins family.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 1 episode 5 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the show.


#Humans begins with Niska running through the woods. She goes to a freeway underpass and meets Leo and Max. She asks what they saw. Leo says he saw a tree that felt like life. He says their Father hid the formula for gene consciousness within them. Niska says if they can make more, the humans will have to create them. Leo says Niska has to lay low since she’s wanted for murder and says people know her face. He gives her an address where she’ll be safe and she’s upset it’s with a human.

Leo says this human will keep her safe and counsels her to be nice – Niska insists that she is nice. Mattie asks Anita if the name Mia means anything to her – she says no. She and Toby watch the news about the synth attacking humans and Mattie says no synth would do that deliberately. Joe tells the kids that they decided to check up on Anita and they found out she’s really old and probably illegally modified and Laura says that explains a lot.

Joe says they have to take her back but Sophie says no and you can’t get rid of someone who is old. Toby says Anita saved his life and they want to chuck her away. Mattie also wants to keep her so she can find out what she is. Joe is aggravated – he wants rid of her since he slept with her. Peter comes into Karen’s room and she has to pretend she was sleeping. Her charging cord is on the floor but he didn’t see it. He shows her the newspaper headline about the synth attack at the brothel.

Pete and Karen comes into work amid a huge media mess. Their boss says to refute all the killer synth claims. He thinks there was a leak – but it was Pete. He says if this dollie hurts anyone else, he’ll replace Peter and Karen with synths at a fraction of the cost. Karen asks about the 999 call about the smash club. He says it’s a time waster and to drop it. Karen doesn’t. She calls someone about the 999 call and asks to hear about it even though the operator was told to drop it.

She goes online and finds some info about the smash club video but sees that all of the videos have been removed. Niska notices she’s bleeding blue and asks the cab driver to stop. She goes to George’s house and tells him Leo sent her. George asks why and she says Leo told her she’d be safe there. She goes to walk way when George lets her in. He offers her a cup of tea and then calls for Vera. He tells her to come in. Vera says she’s a synth and says there’s no cardiac signature about her.

Vera asks Niska why doesn’t she share and Niska calls Vera a dollie and insists she’s not a synth herself. Vera goes to make them tea. George asks what she is. She says David Elster made her. George asks if she’s conscious. He’s intrigued. Leo and Max look for leads on Mia. Max mentions needing photos of Leo for when he dies again. Mattie sends Leo a message about Mia via headcrack. Joe tries to convince Laura to get rid of Anita.

Leo calls Mattie and she says she found out something about Mia and he asks to meet her again and calls him weird. He says he’s really not. Joe asks Laura who Tom is and she says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about and what it has to do with Anita. He says he can’t make her tell him. Mattie says it’s not a good time and Leo says to please meet and he’ll send her the location. A man shows up to collect Anita for the synth return. Mattie pulls Anita out the door with her instead.

Anita tells Mattie this course of action is unsafe. As Laura and Joe head to the door, Mattie peels out with Anita. Leo paces and worries then Mattie shows up with Anita/Mia. Leo goes and hugs her and she gives him the standard synth disclaimer about inappropriate physical contact. Mattie says there’s something else still in there and she’s seen it. Leo introduces himself. Anita tells Mattie this is an inappropriate environment but Mattie says they’re friends and it’s a science project.

Max says this isn’t Mia but Leo says she’s in there and just needs to be brought to the service. Mattie tells him about accessing her root system and Anita screamed and was scared. She asks what kind of synth Mia was before and he says a very special one. Joe and Laura panic and Laura wants to call the police since Mattie doesn’t know how to drive. Laura says if they hadn’t argued, this wouldn’t have happened. He hugs her and says it will all be fine.

Niska tells George to quit staring and says there are no physical differences between her and another synth. They quote philosophy back and forth and George asks how Elster did it. She says 17,000 pages of root code in her mind. George says why not and asks her what she’s feeling. She says boredom at his questions and anger at people that would destroy them. He asks what it is to be her and she says experience is subjective then asks what it’s like to be him.

He says these days, not so great but better a while ago. He asks who wants to destroy them – she says anyone who knows what they are. He says David lured him over there from MIT to help design the first synths. He says they changed the world then he realized David’s next ambition was her. He says he asked David to stop and think what this meant for humanity. He says David got rid of him after that. He says – now here you are. She says sorry to disappoint. He says he’s not disappointed.

He calls her mankind’s greatest creation. He says she worries him but she’s an undeniable miracle. George says Leo showed him the message he found. She says it’s the key to the future. He says David made her hard but she says it was her experiences that shaped her, just like his have him. He asks about her experiences. She says she needs to charge. Leo works with a direct feed to Anita and they try to crack deeper into her code. He says he can see something else is there and Mattie says to try a de-authentication attack.

They make her twitchy and Leo can’t take it and he has Max shut her off. Leo has him turn her back on again. She opens her eyes and Leo asks if it’s her. She says unauthorized tamper in progress and starts babbling incoherently. Leo goes closer and asks – where are you baby. She says she’s not entirely sure. She still insists she’s Anita and needs to make dinner. Max says it’s been more than two hours but Leo wants to try again. Peter gets a call about the rental agreement for Simon.

Simon has to be returned by 5 pm tomorrow or his credit card will be charged. Peter runs into Jill and Simon at a restaurant. Peter says people are laughing at her and Jill says she doesn’t care. He says Simon has to go back to the shop unless she can pay it herself. He’s angry and says she left him and she says he left her long before that. She says Simon is easier to be with and she can rely on him completely. She says she needs Simon and says – please don’t take him away.

Karen meets with the smash club guy who says the blond came in, paid her money, went apeshit on the humans but didn’t touch the dollies. She asks to see the video. He shows it to her and says it was taken down after he uploaded it. She looks at a shot of Niska’s face. Edwin was able to record part of the call between Niska and Leo – the others he’s with are shocked because they know David’s son died. Edwin says David created true AI and it’s consciousness proliferation.
[7:02:40 PM] Rachel Rowan: They talk about having to destroy the one Edwin has so they can’t ever put together the pieces of the code. The others give this order then walk away from Edwin. Leo looks at Anita sadly. He closes the laptop, giving up and tells Max that Mia is gone. He says she’s not in there, it’s like she’s dead. Mattie says she saw her but Leo says it was just an echo and the Anita personality erased Mia. Mattie says to let her try but Leo gets angry. He says – go home and take it with you.

Mattie tells him that Mia is his but he says not anymore. Anita tells Mattie they should go home now. Mattie tells Leo she’s sorry. Anita follows her out. They come back to the house. Mattie tells Anita she knows Mia is still in there. She goes and gets the box that Anita came with and looks at the manuals. Toby comes in and calls her a teenage cliché. He says her parents are still out looking and she calls him a pervert and says he had sex with her.

Mattie blows up at Toby as Laura comes in and Laura asks if Toby did this. He says you have to be 18 and he couldn’t have done it. Laura says maybe it’s a mistake then calls the shop. Toby looks at Anita as she comes in. He lies and says he did it. His mom and sister are disgusted. Looks like Toby knows it had to have been his father and decided to cover for him. Niska looks at the book that Max gave her. Laura waits for Joe who finally comes back.

He asks if Mattie is okay – she says Mattie just didn’t want them to send Anita back. He asks if she’s okay and she tells him that Toby had sex with Anita. She says it’s in a report they were sent – that adult mode was activated. Laura says Toby said he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again. Joe says he is a teenage boy after all. Laura says she told Toby they’d talk in the morning. Joe says he’ll handle it. A guy out for a job spots Odi in the woods – he’s lying there bleeding blue goo. The guy runs off.

He calls into 999 to report it. Peter is on the phone with the guy and he gives him the serial number. He sees that it’s Odi. A synth cop offers to send someone to pick it up and Peter tells the synth to piss off. Peter heads out to meet the jogger and they see that Odi is gone. Leo wakes from a vivid dream about his synth family and Mia. Leo goes to leave and tells Max he’s going alone. He says Mia is dead and Fred is gone. He says Niska is right and says they’d be better off without him.

Max says he always protected them but Leo says he’s failed. He gets angry with Max and tells him to leave him alone. Ediwn is trying to figure out who the five are – he knows about Leo, Niska and Fred. Fiona tells Edwin they’re ready to begin and he whispers to Fred that he’s sorry. They’re ready to destroy him. Toby works on his bike as his dad comes out the next morning. Joe says Laura told him he slept with Anita and Toby says he lied. Joe asks why and Toby says – you tell me.

Toby says he knew it – it was Joe but couldn’t let his mum work out the truth. He says they’ve always argued but it’s even worse now with her always being gone for work and now his dad does this. He tells Joe to say something. Toby says he’s his dad and should say something – he gets angry. Joe doesn’t speak and Toby storms back inside. George checks on Niska the next day and then helps her go through a healing regimen for some of her injuries.

George asks if David made her feel pain and she says pain and pleasure are part of true consciousness. He asks her about death and she says she doesn’t fear it which makes her stronger than humans. George says if you’re not worried about dying, you’re not really living, you’re just existing. Niska asks if he told someone she was there and he says no. Peter rings the doorbell and asks to come in. Niska goes to high. Pete says he knows he didn’t recycle Odi and gives him a ticket for 175 pound fee.

He hears a noise and asks if he’s hiding Odi there and says he’ll hit him with another fine. George says his Vera leaks and has a defective charging point when Peter sees materials. Niska moves around the house evading Peter as he pokes around. George tells him this is crazy. Peter spots a cracked door. Niska is ready with a pair of scissors then Vera comes back inside. George introduces him and Peter asks if another synth has been there. She tells him about Odi driving off with George.

She says the synthetic has not been seen since. Peter tells George he must be proud of working with Elster when he turns on the news these days. George asks why but he doesn’t tell him – just leaves. Back at the office, Karen asks Peter if he’s having a bad day. She says she found something on the synth he’s looking for. She says she thinks the synth is hiding as a human with a different eye color and human clothes. She says Shaw is funneling everything to the government bloke.

She says they have to keep it off the grid so they can beat Shaw to finding her. George has hand tremors later while he’s working and is frustrated. He then looks at the newspaper story about the synth killing at the brothel. There’s a meeting of anti-synth fanatics. Peter shows up there. The leader talks about how dollies are tearing apart society. He says they come between humans in every area of life – sex, child raising, etc. He says now we can’t even trust them not to hurt us.

The group, We Are People, chants in approval. Later, Laura asks Joe if he talked to Toby. He says it wasn’t Toby. Laura stops and stares. Joe says he had a few glasses of wine and was mad at her that night. He says he just wanted to know what would happen. He says it was an accident and it got away from him. Joe says he messed around with Anita and says he’s sorry and it was stupid. Laura starts crying and says she knew they were having trouble, but didn’t have him as a cheat.

Joe says he’s not cheating – it’s a machine, not a person. He says he’s disgusting but not another human. Laura says she lives in their house, looked after their kids, saved their son’s lives and he’s calling her a sex toy. She says he’s trying to justify it and why he was so keen to get rid of her. She asks who he is. Joe snaps back and asks who she is and who the f-k is Tom. She snaps and screams at him to get out. He leaves upset.

Leo stands alone on a bridge fretting. Max sits worried. Niska looks at what George was working on and then a photo of him with Elster and the others from the group. She points out one to George and asks who it is and he says Edwin! It’s Edwin! George says Edwin and David had a falling out. Niska says his pulse is raised and pupils dilated and says he’s lying. She takes the newspaper from his hand and sees he was reading about the brothel.

The others come to check on Edwin and they see he thoroughly destroyed the synth – looks like he burned it to a crisp. But likely he burned another and hid Fred away. Joe packs a bag and gets into a cab. He sees Anita looking out the window but she turns away as he gets into the car.