I Am Cait Recap – Meeting the Community: Season 1 Episode 2 “The Road Trip Part 1”

I Am Cait Recap - Meeting the Community: Season 1 Episode 2 "The Road Trip Part 1"

I Am Cait continues tonight an all new Sunday, August 2 season 1 episode 2, called “The Road Trip Part 1” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, part 1 of 2. Cait is thrilled to be on a road trip with a group of her new transgender friends.

On the last episode, in the series premiere, Caitlyn Jenner proudly announced her true self to the world via a Vanity Fair magazine cover story, but at the same time struggled with meeting some of her family for the first time. Meanwhile, she became inspired to learn more about transgender youth in crisis. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the E! synopsis “part 1 of 2. Cait is thrilled to be on a road trip with a group of her new transgender friends, but they question if her privileged status hinders her from becoming their spokesperson.”

Tonight is going to be a crazy new series that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “I Am Cait” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about I Am Cait.

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#IamCait begins with Ronda and Caitlyn watch a video and talk about her voice. Courtney has Caitlyn record her voice to try and work on modulating it. Cait talks about how your voice can out you every time. Cait says her voice hasn’t been terribly bad but isn’t quite right. Kim and Malika come to see Cait and he says this is a lot of work. He asks them for some tips for eating like a woman.

Malika says there are some things you want to eat only in private. Cait teases her about being short and Malika is jealous of how tall she is. Cait talks about another trans person saying she never felt feminine but always felt female. They then talk about vocal lessons to modulate her voice. Then they look at some video lessons and Kim suggests trying out a lighter voice. Cait says she would be at the hotel and would call down to room service to try and get them to say yes ma’am.

Kim says to try out the voice. He tries it and Kim says it’s no good. Cait says women can’t relate to the voice issue because it’s no big deal to them. Cait says there are things you can do to change your pitch and mentions surgery. Kim and Malika are stunned. They ask what if they messed up and then she had no voice at all. The producer talks to Caitlyn about tonight’s girl’s night – he says tonight will be all trans girls.

Jenny Boylan is a friend of Cait’s she met when Cait was doing the Diane Sawyer interview. She’s the head of GLAAD. Jenny talks about how she and Cait come from different worlds but are friends. Cait has Jenny made over and she doesn’t like it and says her IQ is plummeting. Cait then loans Jenny something to wear. Jenny says there are more important things than what you look like. She says Cait is a stranger to the community in some ways.

Jenny has brought some transgender women and worries what will happen since Cait comes from privilege and power and how the others will react. Actress Candis Cayne shows up first. She says she started her transition in 1995 and there was no manual or way to do this and had to buy hormones from the black market. Drian Juarez and Chandi Moorie show up next. Chandi says her family had enough to accept that she was gay, much less wanted to be a woman.

Jen Richards is an activist and Zackary Drucker is an artist and producer. Candis says Cait is doing the right thing by learning from those more experienced. Cait says she has a lot to learn and says when Vanity Fair was there, it was all her fantasies coming true. Ronda and Courtney talk about how great this is. Drian says it made her so happy to see Caitlyn on the cover of VF and says that was a beacon of hope to kids going through tough times.

Chandi says she likes talking to people who thinks she’s going to hell and says God knew who she was before she did. She says it’s best to come from love. Courtney asks if the community will embrace Cait, be envious or what. Jenny says Cait has all the advantages and privileges and says they can talk about how they’re listening to Cait’s experience while discussing how it’s not near that easy for most other people. They talk about how Cait’s voice will be loud in regard to the trans community so it’s important.

Candis talks about how tough it was to get jobs, get medical care and Chandi tells Cait it happens to people all the time to trans people. Cait says this is scaring her and says she’s in the spotlight and is a spokesperson then worries what if they all turn on her. Chandi says she came from the world of drag and needed a name fast. She says she started with the name Miss Chandelier then toned it down to Chandi. Jenny says some of her students call her J-Bo.

Cait says she was isolated from the world while she had her work done. Cait asks about their voices. Chandi says nothing at all. Another talks about seeing a vocal therapist because she hated being called sir. Candis then talks about her struggles with her voice. Jen says they need a straight male celebrity to date a trans woman. Jenny says it’s seen as more shameful than other women. Drian talks about doing sex work to pay for her transition and says it was that or kill herself.

Drian talks about the struggles of being trans and an immigrant. Chandi is annoyed and thinks that Cait doesn’t understand and she needs to learn more about their struggle and says sex work is extremely common. Jen tells Cait she can introduce her to some people to talk to her about HRC and says she needs to hear those stories. Cait says they should go. She says they can rent a big bus like Priscilla Queen of the Desert. She says they need to sneak her out in a trunk to avoid press.

Maddie and Spencer, Ronda’s daughters show up with Starbucks to help Cait pack for her San Francisco trip. She’s nervous about a bathing suit and says it’s scary. Cait says she’s never gone on the road with just Caitlyn clothes. They ask her about Candis and Bruce gets flustered and says she’s very attractive. Cait says she has no idea about dating in the future. Cait asks Ronda to go along for the trip. Ronda talks about knowing Bruce for 15 years then found out about Caitlyn.

She says for two years, it’s been hidden and private and just the two of them knew. Now she has to pack too. Cait says they’re going to meet the other girls, get the bus and then go. Courtney is there too and Cait says they will be the only cis girls on the trip. Cis means non-trans. Cait has a plan to avoid the paparazzi. She swaps cars and does all sorts of stuff to hide out from them.

Candis drives one of the SUVs. Chandi and Jenny are in there to along with Jen Richards. They pull up at the bus and Cait says road trips are fun because you’re forced to be together. Joe, Cait’s security guard drives the large RV. Jen talks to Ronda and she says it was great when she found out about Cait. She says Bruce called her to come over and she wondered if he was going to hit on her but then he introduced Cait and told the story.

Ronda says they share their troubles and then Cait says Ronda is a good shopper and says she can’t shop for herself. Ronda breaks out the wine and says she’s a party starter. Courtney checks out Candis’ hair and she insists it’s all natural. Then Courtney and Ronda moon the car behind and knock out the back window. They make it part of the way and Jenny stops to pick flowers. Cait talks to Chandi and she says she works with young people and it gives her a lot of drive.

Cait asks the big issue for the trans teens – she says they are homeless and unemployed. Jen says focusing on entry level jobs would be good. Cait says it’s not a good idea to implement programs that don’t teach them to depend on a social program. Jenny isn’t sure that Cait’s conservatism is so appropriate. She says if Cait is going to speak for their community, she needs to understand that some of them need the social programs.

Ronda asks Courtney about Candis and Cait and says Cait seems flustered when they mention her. They talk about how much Cait and Candis are talking. They make their first stop at a house in the woods – it’s the cabin Cait got for them. Cait asks Ronda if she’s cooking and she says not tonight since it’s her vacation. They have snacks and head out to appreciate the view. Cait says it’s great to be with all these girls who are so accepting.

Chandi asks how it feels and Cait says she feels free. That night, they argue over rooms and Cait relocates Ronda and Courtney to the guest house. Ronda says this is supposed to be a vacation and she puts her in a room far away with no bathroom. She’s not happy. The ladies are going to do the hot tub and they debate suits versus skins. Jenny asks Cait if she’s been swimming in her bathing suit yet and she says the pool is too damned cold.

Jenny tells Cait it’s a big moment but Cait says she’s in no rush and says this is no an overnight process. Cait says it will take some time to get to that point. The others are all in the hot tub and comfortable. Cait does a confessional and says she’s just not ready to expose herself like that and says she can’t see herself doing it. She says it’s bedtime. Next day, Cait is chipping golf balls off the mountain top. She talks about swinging a golf club with boobs is different. She says she’s optimistic.

Jenny and Jen chat and Jen says Cait’s joy is contagious. Jenny says they’re going to HRC today to see some trans women who will talk about having done sex work so that Cait can learn the risks to the community. Jenny says Cait shouldn’t think being trans is a party. Jenny says people will think it’s all about makeup and hair when there are many trans women in danger out there. Jenny says Cait wants to be their savior but is oblivious about certain things.

Cait talks some more about her voice and says what she looks and sounds like don’t match. She says she does so much speaking so it’s a concern. Ronda tells them they have to go or they will be late. Cait asks what they want from her at the HRC and they tell her they just want her to listen. They head to Human Rights Campaign and Jen introduces them. They meet Angelica Ross, Jay Brown, Alison Gill, Laya Monarez, and Blossom Brown.

Jay starts and they tell Cait that transgender people are not protected. They talk about being fired from job after job and then they turned to sex work. Jeny says it’s very common for trans women to be discriminated against in the workplace. They talk about turning to sex work because they have no alternatives. Then they talk about how frustrating it is for them to see Cait with her socio-economic privileges. Chandi says Cait could speak out and tell others that they are doing wrong with this.