iZombie Recap 12/8/15: Season 2 Fall Finale “Cape Town”

iZombie Recap 12/8/15: Season 2 Fall Finale "Cape Town"

Tonight on the CW iZombie airs with an all new Tuesday December 8, season 2 fall finale called “Cape Town” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, a high school shop teacher, who becomes a vigilante crime fighter named “The Fog” by night, is murdered. Meanwhile, Major (Robert Buckley) engages in an eye-opening conversation with a new friend; and Blaine (David Anders) forces Liv (Rose McIver) to do the unthinkable.

On the last episode, Babineaux arrived at the crime scene of a wedding planner who was shot to death and was shocked to realize that he used to date the victim. To make matters worse, the probe revealed the victim was stalking Babineaux, which made him the chief suspect in the case. Meanwhile, Liv and Ravi posed as an engaged couple and infiltrate the victim’s wedding planning business. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Liv (Rose McIver), Detective Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) work together in solving the murder of Chris Allred (guest star Jay Hindle), who was a high school shop teacher by day, and a vigilante crime-fighter named “The Fog” by night. Liv gets into trouble while on superhero brains and becomes a little too much for Clive to handle. Meanwhile, Major (Robert Buckley) has an eye opening conversation with a new friend. Lastly, Blaine (David Anders) forces Liv to do the unthinkable.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 2 episode 9 of iZombie on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#iZombie begins with a woman running screaming down an alley. A man in a superhero costume is on a roof above. Robbers take her handbag then curse at her. The superhero tells them to feast on his fury. The good guy and robbers grapple. He tells the woman – I’m the Fog and I’m thick with justice.

A trash man later cleans up in an alley and spots a dead guy in the trash. It’s the Fog! Major and Liv argue about her snooping through his smart phone and sending a text to Rita. He says he hasn’t texted her since they got back together. Ravi interrupts their fight and tells Liv they have a body.

Clive says he was afraid this would happen and says his name is Chris Allred and says all the cops knew The Fog. Liv calls him crazy and Ravi asks how he doesn’t know about this. Clive says they have more superhero wannabes. Liv apologizes to Ravi about all the fighting.

Ravi tells her to just stop and Clive says The Fog fought off a mugger and the victim is still at the station. Ravi tells Liv to climb into the trash truck and roll the body out. The guy was killed by blunt force trauma but his body shows signs of ongoing injuries.

Ravi admires him but Liv mocks a grown man in tights. Ravi says he was a symbol of hope. Liv calls it ridiculous and he asks if she would say that to Batman. Ravi says she might change her mind once she has the brain. He asks if she’ll get Chris’ shop teacher side or the superhero side.

Major sits at a bar and smiles at a woman. He goes down to her and sits. He asks for the time and she says time to be honest. His arm tingles – she’s a zombie. A guy shows up and she says he’s cute enough to just say hi next time. She goes over to the man.

Ravi looks at The Fog’s utility belt and says it’s impressive. He spots carabiner hooks and a giant marble. There’s also chloroform and duct tape. Clive shows up and says the muggers are in the system. Liv comes out talking crazy superhero dark talk. She talks about how people never change.

Ravi is thrilled. Clive doesn’t get it. Clive says come check this out with him and Liv says – I make time for justice. Ravi is over the moon. Liv and Clive show up to a Christmas event and they see Mr Boss playing Santa. Liv says, this Santa delivers crime.

Clive shows Mr Boss a photo of the two muggers – Carlos and Jerry – then asks him about The Fog. Mr Boss asks what is a vigilante crime fighter. Liv talks crazy and Mr Boss says they should put his logo into the night’s sky. Clive says he was murdered and his body was found nearby.

Mr Boss says, this city. He says he needs to get back to the kids and walks away. Liv says he’s toying with them and Clive agrees. Liv has a flash of another superhero punching The Fog and him punching back. She describes it and Clive says it’s Hashtag and he knows the guy.

He says all you have to do is hashtag hashtag and he’ll come. Don E brings Blaine down to the morgue basement to show him a guy on a gurney. Blaine recognizes the injured guy and asks Don E why he brought him there.

Ravi works on Liv’s superhero name and suggests Mighty Whitey but she says it sounds KKK. He goes through a list of other bad names. He suggests Ol’ Scratchy. He says he’s writing a graphic novel about her. Don E and Blaine show up with the guy.

Liv and Ravi run to help. Ravi says this is not an ER. Liv says he won’t make it and Blaine tells her to scratch him since he’s the only one who knows where to find tainted utopium. She doubts him but Ravi says no cure without that. Blaine says scratch him and they’ll deliver the tainted utopium.

Liv peels off her glove and scratches the guy who gasps back to life. Blaine applauds. Ravi says get out before shift change. Blaine zips the new zombie back into the body bag and they wheel him out. Ravi says they’re coming by later for the drugs they need. Blaine says see ya and goes.

Hashtag shows up and Clive asks about his fight with The Fog. He says The Fog was always bad mouthing him and didn’t ask him to join the Super Team. He asks Clive if he knows Snake Bite. Liv asks why the team. He says The Fog thought something big was coming.

Clive asks who else made the team. At the funeral home, Blaine asks the new zombie if he’s seen Dawn of the Dead. He tells him he’s a zombie now. He says he was dying and they had a zombie scratch him to save him. He says zombies are real.

Blaine says it will be just fine if he follows the rules. He’s shocked to hear that he has to eat brains. Blaine says if he doesn’t, his mind will go and he’ll rot. Blaine says he will give him the brains and he gets a spray tan and is good.

The guy is stunned. He sighs and asks what he needs to do to get the brains. Blaine says, that’s the spirit. The cute lady zombie is in her yard while Major lurks nearby. She fills a bird feeder and goes back inside her house. He’s watching from a shed and sees boxes of her stuff.

He opens a photo album and sees pics of her as a kid and with friends. Liv greets the superheroes Ghost Cobra, Gray Area, Super Fly, Mega Fist and Blue Swallow are there. She says think of Clive as your Jim Gordon and Clive says no.

She asks why The Fog wanted to set up a Super Team and they tell them that Mr Boss is bringing in a big shipment of guns but they don’t know the details of the plan. Liv calls them a disappointment. One says he works at a juice bar and can’t take on a crime lord.

Cavanaugh comes in and says one of the muggers body’s was found. Ravi and Liv go check it out. It’s up in the Christmas tree and Ravi wonders how they got it up there without anyone seeing.

Liv says his throat was slashed which is typical of a Mr Boss kill. The mugger also has a matchbook with Mary the mugging victim’s address. Clive says Mr Boss doesn’t like victims to talk and sends a unit to her house. Ravi wants to head out – they go to the funeral home.

The guy thanks Liv for saving his life and he’s chomping down on brains. Blaine tells Drake to tell them what’s up. Drake says a buddy of his got his leg blown off in Afghanistan and his street name is Pogo. He says he and Larry called from the trunk of a car.

They had swallowed condoms of utopium they stole from Mr Boss. He says the Jensen water tower was the last thing they saw. They were buried and the utopium is in them. Blaine says Drake was shot by Mr Boss. Liv gets a flash of someone with a gun.

Liv tells Ravi they have to leave. They go see Clive who says the other mugger is a diabetic and that may help them get a lead. Liv says she saw an elf blasting away with a huge automatic weapon. She says they need to get down there and Clive says they need a warrant.

She says she’s the probable cause and then Cavanaugh says Mary has been taken. Later, Major breaks into the zombie chick’s house. Christmas carols are playing as he creeps closer. He sees plastic sheeting over the sofa and her about to kill herself.

He stops her and she goes full zombie. Major tries to calm her down. Major tells her to stop and says he’s being forced to hunt zombies and says his GF is a zombie too. The woman backs off and she says he’s the boogie man.

She says her pimp told her someone was thinning the zombie herd. He asks about her pimp. She tells him she was a normal human call girl then she woke up changed and the John who infected her told her she had to service zombie clients.

She says she literally got screwed into being a zombie hooker. She says she had a good life before and traveled and enjoyed her work. She says at least she had choices. She says she gets paid in brains – she has sex for food.

She says she hates herself now and says give back the gun so she can get out of this. Major says she can’t want to die and she says being a zombie hooker is horrible and says it’s even worse when you’ve eaten the brain of a nun or man with dementia.

She says she shot a deer last week and has been a vegan since she was a kid but hunter brain made her do this. She says he must know about this with a zombie GF. She says she’s had it. She holds out her hand for the gun. She tells him he can do it if he wants to.

Liv is in a mask on a rooftop looking around the city. She hears a truck and sees it rumble by. The driver gets out and another man approaches. Liv is now underneath it. The zombie hooker tells Major that she drank loads of Max Rager.

He says he’s going through the list as slowly as possible but has to keep Liv safe. She asks can’t he get out of it and he says he’s working an angle on the owner of Max Rager. She says his GF must appreciate it but he says she doesn’t know because he can’t tell her and put her at risk.

He says he’s been abducting zombies and taking them from their families. He says his GF would find it reprehensible and says he does too. She tells him she has no life or loved ones and already wants to die. She says this should be his easiest job.

Clive has Carlos the mugger in interrogation and says they know he fought with The Fog. He says he didn’t mug or kill anyone. He says Mary is no victim and had a stolen $50k in her bag. He says she robbed Mr Boss’s high stakes poker game.

He says they were chasing her to get the cash when The Fog intervened. He says Mary took out The Fog and says this is not her first or last kill. He does admit that Mr Boss did kill Jerry and is after him for screwing up on security at the poker game.

Mr Boss’s men are looking at the new long range guns when Liv creeps into the warehouse. She knocks something over and is caught. She throws the big marble at one guy’s head and runs off. The men chase her around. She puts chloroform on a Christmas sweater she finds and leaps on a guy’s back.

He goes down in a heap and then she’s shot in the back by a silenced gun. A guy asks what she’s supposed to be. She turns and goes full zombie then says, I’m the Nightmare Before Christmas. She kicks him down and hits him with a broom handle.

She chokes him out as he struggles for a weapon. He’s knocked out. She looks around and sees someone tied up looking scared. It’s Mary. Liv unties her. Mary asks who she is and she says a girl in a mask doing your civic duty.

Liv hands her a phone and says call the cops while I tie them up. Liv posts a suitcase full of money as Mary hits her hard knocking her down then takes the briefcase. Mary gets a gun and says whatever she is, she doesn’t want her coming after her. She’s shot down by Mr Boss.

He looks at Liv and says, you’re welcome. Major takes the zombie hooker to the zombie freezer and she climbs in. She tells him don’t bring her back if the cure doesn’t happen. He says there will be a cure. She makes him promise to take her out if the cure is a no-go.

She pulls back her hair and he injects her in the neck with the knock out stuff. She says don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Ravi wakes Liv and says it looks like she was hit hard. She sits up and she asks if they arrested them all. The guns and Mr Boss’s men are gone.

He says he was called about Mary and says she killed The Fog. Ravi says Mr Boss called the police after he saved her. Clive asks Boss about the robbery at the high stake poker games. He says he just came by the warehouse and saw Liv about to be hit.

Liv asks Boss where the guns are gone too. She refers to his minions and he says he’s a CPA not a super-villain. She says there was a suitcase of cash and Clive says Boss told him Mary was about to shoot her. She confirms that part of the story.

Mr Boss says he won’t press charges against Liv for trespassing. He goes out whistling a Christmas tune. Clive sighs as Boss leaves. Drake is there and asks Mr Boss where to and leaves with him. Liv says she wore a mask and Clive yells at her.

She says this is all suspicious. Clive says this is too far over the line. He says she’s not a cop and he’s been treating her like one. Clive says their strange relationship is over. Liv says she needs this but he says sorry. Liv comes home and finds Major has decorated for the holidays and made cider.

He says he’s going to be more empathetic to how the brains affect her. He notices the bullet hole in her outfit and blood in her hair. He says maybe she can get brains that aren’t so extreme. He says there are synthetic brains. She says no.

Liv says she’s serving a purpose. She says if she has to eat brains, she can help solve murders at the same time. Liv says he doesn’t get it and says it’s not the brain, it’s her. Major asks how can he know which is which. Liv says be honest.

She says deep down, this can’t work. She says he loves who she was and only tolerates zombie Liv. She says there’s so much to this – no sex plus personality changes. She says they belong with their own kind. Major asks if they’re breaking up. Liv says they have to.

Major grabs his coat and says it won’t be like this forever. He says Ravi will find a cure. She says maybe. He tells her to be careful out there. He leaves. Ravi checks out one of his mice that’s squeaking and then he remarks that the subject went back to a rat after 162 days.

He says the cured humans will likely also reverse. He says this means hope may be lost. He’s in the field with a metal detector looking for the bodies Drake told them about. He says if hope is lost, what do the zombies have to live for? Liv stands on a rooftop looking sadly over the city.