iZombie Premiere Recap – Life After UnDeath: Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

iZombie Premiere Recap - Life After UnDeath: Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot"

Tonight on the CW iZombie premieres with an all new Tuesday March 17, season 1 premiere called “Pilot,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a zombie helps Seattle police solve murders by experiencing victims’ memories when she eats their brains. In the opener, medical resident Liv Moore [Rose McIver]  becomes a zombie and loses her ambition until she begins working at the city morgue to gain access to brains that give her sustenance and allow her to maintain her humanity. She also learns that her new diet enables her to experience a victim’s memories that can be used to help solve the person’s murder.

iZombie is about a zombie who helps Seattle police solve murders by experiencing victims’ memories when she eats their brains.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Olivia “Liv” Moore (Rose McIver, “Masters of Sex,” “Once Upon a Time”) was a disciplined, over-achieving medical resident who had her life path completely mapped out… until she is turned into a zombie. Now stuck somewhere between half-alive and undead, Liv loses her drive and ambition. She breaks off her engagement with charming soul mate Major (Robert Buckley, “One Tree Hill”), fearful of infecting him with her condition. Liv transfers her medical residency to the city morgue in order to access the only form of sustenance left available to her – the only thing that allows her to maintain her humanity – brains. There are side effects to Liv’s new diet: With each brain Liv consumes, she experiences “visions” – flashes of the corpse’s memories – which often provide clues as to how they were killed. Her boss, the brilliant but eccentric Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli), encourages her to embrace this gift and to work with unproven homicide detective, Clive Babineaux, (Malcolm Goodwin, “True Blood”), to help solve these murders. In doing so, Liv finds a measure of peace, and a new sense of purpose in what her “life” has now become.”

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#iZombie starts with Liv working in the ER and taking care of trauma patients. She revives a trauma patient remarkably. Marcy invites her to a party but Liv says she has plans. Major says if they weren’t engaged he’d be there every day to be her patient. He asks her to elope. She tells him Marcy her rival invited her to a party on a boat and Evan says she should go and asks what the worst is that could happen. We see the boat on fire and utter chaos. Liv runs from the inexplicable zombie outbreak.

She wakes on the shore of a lake, spits up water and unzips her body bag. She has the sudden desire to eat brains. Live says she knew that party would blow. Five months later, she’s at the grocery store buying a pile of bronzer and a zombie DVD. She says how often can a party really change your life. Liv comes home and walks into an intervention. Her mom says this comes from a place of love and tells her she’s throwing away her life by working at the morgue.

She also says she’ll regret breaking up with Major until the end of time. Her mom Eva says women would kill to be with him. Major is there and says there are four women he knows of and says he didn’t know his mom would bring up the engagement. Peyton tells her she’s changed so much since that night on the lake and says now she just watches TV all day like she’s in a hospice. Her mom says she didn’t even volunteer at the children’s hospital.

Peyton says they think she has PTSD. Liv promises to help at the haunted house and says she has to go to work. She says she has post-traumatic ennui. She comes to the morgue and Ravi tells her about a cool injury. He shows her a Jane Doe found in the back of a garbage truck. He goes to take a call about a suicide and tells Liv to sew her up, bag her and box her. Liv says when she sees a dead body she wonders what she’d doing with her life.

She takes out Jane Doe’s brain, heats it up in the microwave and puts it in with her noodles. She says now she’s mostly just hungry and a zombie. She eats up the brain while watching TV. Ravi comes in and asks if the hot sauce is a zombie thing. She’s stunned. Ravi tells her that he knows the truth about the lake massacre. Liv asks if she’s fired but Ravi says he has questions. She asks how long he’s suspected and he says since Raoul Cortez, the gang banger victim.

He says he had to open Raoul back up and noticed half his brain was gone. He says after that he started checking on bodies she worked on. Liv says she’s been terrified someone else would find out and says he’s handling this well. He says he got canned from the CDC for warning them about zombies. He says he told them about man-made plague. He says the people at the lake were doing a new designer drug. She says she wasn’t doing an of the Utopium.

We see a flashback to a guy offering her some. She said no then says all hell broke loose. The guy who offered her some went crazy and threw her overboard then she woke up spitting up water with a scrape on her arm. Ravi takes blood from her arm. She tells him she tries not to eat very often but says she gets slower and dumber if she goes without. She says she worries if she doesn’t eat she’ll go all George Romero on someone.

Detective Clive comes in asking about the Jane Doe. Then he shows them some handcuffs found with her – they’re novelty items. That spurs a flashback. Liv pictures an incident and says the woman was arrested for shoplifting in Canada in 2008. Ravi introduces her and says Liv isn’t feeling well. Clive asks if she had an I heart shoplifting tattoo. Ravi looks her up with that information and finds her. Clive asks Liv how she knew and Ravi says she’s a psychic.

Liv says “ish” and Clive says fine – everyone screws with the new guy. He leaves. Ravi asks if that was brain related and Liv says she gets flashes of memories and dreams when she eats others brains. Ravi asks if he can run a cognitive evaluation and get some saliva samples. Liv is happy to accommodate. She lies awake and comments that she hasn’t slept in five months. She says she has no idea who she is anymore or what purpose she serves.

She goes to the haunted house and picks up a handful of plastic eyeballs unable to help herself. She pockets them. Eva runs over and tells her to help with the mad scientist lab but she doesn’t want to work with Major. Liv says she’ll paint tombstones. She says she won’t risk giving the man she loves zombie. She hears someone scream and has a flashback to the Jane Doe’s death and the weather guy Johnny Frost chasing her. Riva says she has to tell the detective.

Liv tells him to tell Clive. She says it’s hard to pretend to be alive much less a psychic. He tells her she ate the girl’s temporal lobe – the least she can do is help solve the murder. She heads to the police station. Clive calls her Miss Cleo and the other cops sing Bad Romance to her. He says the name of the Jane Doe is Lady Gaga’s real name. She says that must be the name Jane Doe gave to the cops when she was arrested. She says she saw the killer and says it was Johnny Frost.

Clive isn’t happy to hear this and says she just dumped a pile of crazy on his lap. She tries to leave and he says she needs to come with him to talk to the weather man. She doesn’t like that. They head over to Channel 11 to talk to the weather dude. She says he’s the guy from her vision and asks to leave. Clive says no. He says he’s going to show him the photo of Jane Doe and check the reaction. He pulls a face then denies knowing her.

He starts to walk away and Liv says “Here’s Johnny” and he comes back and asks if the woman recorded their sessions. He says Tatiana is dead? He says he was on air when she died and then shows them that he was into role playing with her and he says Tess was her friend. Clive asks if they worked together a lot but he says he only doubled with Tess once. Liv tells Riva that being part of a zombie horde would suck and he asks if she’s the only once since there are other survivors.

Clive comes in and hears them talking about zombies and says he would kill his mee-maw in the zombie apocalypse if he saw a scratch on her. He tells her she needs to come with him to talk to Tess and see if it triggers any psychic flashes. He says one hour and she can come back to her lair then calls her dark princess and says she’s all emo or goth. Then he asks which one means you’re too tortured to live. She says she’s too busy but Ravi says helping investigate is part of the job.

Clive says that Tess also has a clean record. The knock on the door. Liv says cops should Google more. She says standing in a hall waiting to sniff a call girl is not thrilling. The hooker tries to fake that she can’t speak English then speaks Romanian. Liv snaps back at her in Romanian. Tess’ neighbor Truman comes out and asks if she’s okay. Clive says he wants to ask about Tatiana. She asks what Tatiana has done this time and he says she was murdered.

Tess says she doesn’t know anything and slams the door and locks it. Clive asks if she worked with her the night she died and asks if she knows her full name. They hear Tess crying. She tells them her last name and address. They head over to Tatiana’s place and the landlord says she always paid her rent on time. Her apartment has been tossed. Clive tells Liv to do her thing but try not to touch stuff too much. Liv says they left her purse and phone and says Tess called the day she died.

Clive listens to the voice mail but it’s in Romanian. The message says she’s a klepto and to get back up to the suite or we won’t work with you again. It looks like she was a thief. Liv looks around and realizes that’s why she’s been stealing stuff. She says her mom was right and you really are what you eat. Clive goes onto the balcony and that triggers Liv to see Tatiana being dangled over it saying she didn’t have it then the guy dropped her. Liv tells Clive she just saw her die and they need to nail the killer’s ass to the wall.

Truman tells Clive that Tess took off and Liv calls him Karl Marx and says one girl is dead already. He says she had a suitcase and asked him to pick up her mail. He asks if it was Monica. Liv shows Truman a pic off the call girl site and asks if that’s her. Clive calls her Dirty Debbie Harry and asks her to slow her roll. Liv says she felt Tatiana fall to her death and says it’s personal now. He says they can go to Monica’s if her boss will let her.

Riva tells her she should definitely help. He says she ate the girl’s brain and it’s like Circle of Life. He’s treating her blood sample with e coli to see if he can treat or cure it. He says it’s an uphill battle and asks why she thought he was running all those tests. He asks if she thought she would stay like that forever. She says she was. Liv tells Clive she can’t go to Monica’s and he says he’s bummed to lose his psychic sidekick and says he was working on a bit called Cagney and Pasty.

Liv says Major wanted to know if there was a chance for them and she thought shutting him down was noble but maybe there is hope. She says maybe it’s dim and far away. She goes to his house thinking it’s a hope she needs to survive. She asks what about what Major needs and thinks she can’t ask him to wait then hears a woman laughing. She peeks in the window and sees him playing a zombie vidoe game with a girl. She walks away sad.

Liv lies awake in bed later having a pity party thinking about life going on without her. She says giving up her dream of becoming a heart surgeon and eating brains sucked but seeing Major moving on was too much. Clive is called in to see his Lt and is told that Pratt has a CI and the case is going to him. Clive says he has a lead and then says they need to find the girls before the killer does. His boss says maybe Fred will let him tag along.

Pratt tells Clive he’s sorry and says the low guy on the totem pole always gets boned. He tells him to follow up on his other leads. Liv watches workout TV and eats Cheetos when Peyton comes in and asks if she’s seen her pens. Liv has all of them and hands them over. Peyton tells her she wants to write her off but says she’s her freaking heart so if she can step up, that would be great. Liv hands back the stuff she told and thinks about what she can choose to do including being a decent person.

She says she can find justice for a fellow dead girl. She goes to see Clive but he’s not there. She sees Pratt get the address for the girls and takes off. She goes back to the lab and finds Clive waiting there. He says Johnny told him that Tatiana had barbos de porc – a bearded pig. Clive says wait and says that’s why none of them have a record. He says it’s Pratt – a cop. Liv tells him that Pratt got the address. They go back to the station and pull the address off the PostIt pad by tracing over the impression.

Clive calls for backup but gets a slack response. Pratt has Tess and Monica tied up. He rants about Tatiana taking his wedding ring and how it’s an heirloom from his wife’s family and if he doesn’t have it back before she gets home from Boca it will be a problem. They pull up and Clive tells Liv to stay put and not get intrepid. Tess tells Pratt that Tatiana was always taking things. Monica finally admits that she took it and pawned it to pay for school.

Pratt says she killed Tatiana and says he didn’t want this. Pratt sees Clive outside and takes a couple of potshots at him then runs upstairs. Clive gets inside and the girls tell him where to find Pratt. Liv sees Pratt climb out the window and across the yard. She says no no then cranks the car and blocks his car. He tells her to get out of the car or he’ll shoot her. She doesn’t. He shoots her and pulls her body out of the car and drives off. Clive comes running out but doesn’t see her body. She’s on top of the car and breaks the windshield. Pratt tries to shoot her. She drives him off the road. He crashes into a tree. She’s thrown a ways away but survives. She starts to eat Pratt’s brain but then Clive is there.

She says Pratt missed her and she chased after the car. She says she got there two seconds before Clive did and says maybe Pratt shot through the roof because he was celebrating cowboy style. He slaps cuffs on Pratt and she says she doesn’t know how he solved crime before her. Later, she tells Riva when she got mad she was like 99% zombie like 28 days with a size of rage bomb. She says she was a dead alabaster badass. He’s digging the bullet out of her heart and says there’s not a lot of blood.

She says it must take the pressure off when your patient is already dead. He says she’s not dead, she’s undead and says she saved two women and got two men off the streets. He has a sack of brains for her to take home for a snack later. They go to work on a body. Liv shows up later at the haunted house dressed up as a full zombie. Peyton and Major are both very impressed with her realistic costume. Eva complains that she doesn’t see Liv but her brother points her out that she’s chasing kids.

Finally that night, Liv gets some well earned sleep. She nukes some brains for breakfast and says all she needed was some hope that there was a future she could fit into. She wakes to the sounds of sirens and pictures the death of the guy whose brains she ate and it looks like he was the victim of the drug pusher that infected her originally.