Justified Recap 2/10/15: Season 6 Episode 4 “The Trash and the Snake”

Justified Recap 2/10/15: Season 6 Episode 4 "The Trash and the Snake"

Tonight Justified returns to FX with all new Tuesday, February 10, season 6 episode 4 called, “The Trash and the Snake,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Raylan [Timothy Olyphant] declares war. Meanwhile, Boyd [Walton Goggins] and Duffy search for a safecracker.

On the last episode, Raylan followed a trail of illegal explosives in an attempt to pin Boyd, who discovered he had ran afoul of a dangerous new player in town. Written by Taylor Elmore & Benjamin Cavell; directed by Peter Weller. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis, “Raylan declares war on the deadly men who are forcing Harlan’s most valuable real estate to change hands, while Boyd and Duffy seek out a crackpot safecracker to help do their dirty work. Written by Chris Provenzano & Ingrid Escajeda; directed by Adam Arkin.”

Tonight’s Season 6 episode 4 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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Ava sleeps while Boyd stares at her. His phone chimes with a text telling him to come downstairs. She tells him good morning and asks if he’s off somewhere. He says he thought about letting her sleep but didn’t want to sneak out. She asks if he’ll be back soon and he says this afternoon. She says she’ll get a massage while he’s gone and he says he’s happy he got to hear her voice before he left. She kisses him and tells him to be careful. He says – always – and goes.

Once he’s gone she grabs her phone and sends a text. She dresses and goes into the stairwell where she finds Raylan waiting. He tells her he’s not asking her to sleep with Boyd then says she has to do what she has to. The maid startles Ava when she comes to get her cart and Ava asks what it’s like holding someone’s fate in their hands. She asks if it’s a burden or what gets him out of bed. He says he wants her to fulfill her bargain so she doesn’t have to go back to jail.

She says Avery Markham paid them a visit and it wasn’t a friendly chat. She says he brought along a psycho case and he describes Walker – she nods. She says not to say they don’t have a special relationship. He says it’s no wonder she’s scared with Boyd dreaming of all those piles of money. Ava is startled to find Katherine in her room. She introduces herself and says they gave her a key since she paid for the room. She invites Ava to lunch.

She tells her to come to her suite at noon for room service. Katherine notices that Ava’s cigarettes are there and asks why. Ava says she only smokes one at a time. Katherine tells her next time she goes out to take her along because she doesn’t smoke anymore but loves standing next to people who do. Raylan goes to see Art to ask him about Avery Markham. He says he pulled in some of his men and him once or twice. Raylan asks why he’s being crotchety.

Art says pain gets in the way of clear thinking and says Leslie feeling sorry for him is shit that’s getting old. He says he’s hungry and sick of eating her healthy twigs, cat food and shit. He tells Raylan that Grady Hale was Markham’s partner and they made a fortune in weed. He says Hale went to jail and Markham disappeared. He says Simon Poole was the US Attorney who knew who the snitch was but then someone blew his head off. Art says Markham was likely the snitch.

Raylan asks what it all means and Art asks why he cares since he’s going to nail Boyd then move to Florida. He tells him not to stray from the trail and get lost but Raylan says something is pulling him off. Raylan says when your mom asks you to take out the trash and you see a copperhead on the way, you should take care of that too. Art says there’s always another snake and says he can’t take them all down. He tells Raylan not to get his ass bit.

Raylan and Tim go to see Calhoun about his secret ledger. He says a line through a name means cash was offered and accepted. A line with a circle means first offer was denied, second offer taken. They mention that Red Crowell was burned out and had to sell. Tim says there have been more fires in the area. Calhoun says he doesn’t think they’re bad men and it’s just real estate. He says Markham doesn’t have to work that hard for land.

Raylan says he doesn’t care about Markham’s business agenda only the fate of those people that stand in his way. Calhoun says he has to give a eulogy for two close friends. He says Betty and John-O Hutchins died in a strange carbon monoxide fire. Raylan says their name was in the ledger circled and crossed out and Calhoun says that means they rejected all offers. Tim and Raylan leave. Katherine tells Ava she can tell she was a cheerleader and says she always wanted to be one.

Katherine says cheerleaders had so much power and knew how to use it. She tells Ava she got one of those football players to marry her and Ava says that doesn’t mean she had power. Katherine says she knows he beat her and she host a hole in his chest. Katherine says she was married to Grady for 20 years and loved him with all her heart but says there were spans of time, not so much. She asks Ava how it felt when she pulled that trigger and says she thinks it had to feel great.

Katherine has one platter uncovered then takes the lid off and reveals several lines of coke. Ava says it has never been her thing but Katherine says it’s pharmaceutical grade and she’s going to need it for what she has planned. Wynn and Boyd talk about Markham is bringing his legal weed operation to Harlan. They go to see one of Wynn’s guys but Wynn warns him the guy’s mind is gone. Bridget tells Wiz the guys are here.

She’s playing with her snake while Wynn talks to Wiz about using emulex to blow the safe. He laughs and says it’s 16 inches of steel. He says C4 won’t work, it needs C11. He says if you get caught with that shit, they take you to Gitmo and put a car battery on your nuts. Boyd asks Wiz to walk him through the plan. Wiz says he got them another excelsior to practice on. He says it’s in an old foundry out of town so they can do some test runs. They roll out to go practice blowing up a super safe.

Boyd says the safe looks enough like the other one and Wiz says an A bomb could go off and it would still be standing. Boyd says that doesn’t sound like confidence but Wiz says this is just brute force – drill and kill. He asks for their cellphones and they hand them over. Katherine takes Ava with her to a fancy jewelry store. Winston shows Katherine a tennis bracelet. She asks him to let Ava try on something pretty to give her a thrill. He shows her some sapphire earrings.

She says she’s afraid to touch something so expensive but he insists. She hands back the earring but drops it and Katherine takes that moment to swap out the tennis bracelet for another. Katherine says she’s going to pass on the bracelet for now and they go. In the car, Ava asks what if Katherine got caught and she says he’s too scared of her to do anything in case she still has juice. She says when Grady was alive, she had a charge account there and at a dozen other shops.

Tim and Raylan go to the Hutchins place and Tim asks if she was the teacher who taught little Raylan to care. Raylan says she was mean but says he doesn’t think they died of natural causes. Tim says the names in Calhoun’s ledger are all top farm land in Harlan. Tim and Raylan poke around and Tim says the windows are covered with plastic and taped up. He says he bets they have no next of kin and Markham will pick it up at auction.

Wynn tells Boyd he grew up in Hawaii and used to surf competitively. Wiz works and then asks which way the door swung and what year it was made since they changed materials in 1970. A phone rings and Wiz says he told them to leave their cell phones in the car. The explosive device in his hand goes off, he’s vaporized and Wynn and Boyd are splattered with gore.

Raylan and Tim go to see Dickie Bennett in jail. The guy is in a wheelchair and Tim asks if they want a conjugal visit. Raylan offers Dickie some sweets and Dickie asks if this is a revelation and a vision like he’s been having lately. Raylan says he will load up his commissary in exchange for cooperation in a federal case. He calls Dickie numb nuts and tells him to search his soul. He says he has incipient diabetes and Tim says to barter the sweets.

Dickie says there just ain’t no way he’s going to cooperate – he even sings it out. Raylan says he can always make his life more unpleasant in there and they ask Dickie who bought his land. Dickie says he sold it and pushed back and ended up with a tidy sum. He says it was a woman who was the guy behind the guy. Raylan asks if LM Consolidated was a woman – that’s the name of the company that bought it. Raylan says that’s Loretta McReady and Dickie freaks.

Walker talks to Loretta McReady about selling her land holdings. He tells her to forget the first offer and says they will double their offer. She says she needs to think about it. Walker says if she invests it wisely she’ll never have to work a day in her life. She says she needs a drink and offers him one. She says a friend of hers makes it and calls it Apple Pie. She pours him a glass of Mags’ favorite poison moonshine when Tim and Raylan show up. He doesn’t drink it.

Walker says they’re not done but Raylan says they are and asks Loretta to take a step to the right. Raylan says she’s done talking so Walker needs to get his ass out. He calls Markham but doesn’t leave the house. Walker steps back into the house with Markham and Raylan introduces himself. He says he’s pleased to meet Loretta too and says they can sit and have a civilized conversation. Avery sits and reaches for the glass. He sniffs and says that takes him back. He tells Loretta to stick her pinkie in and have a lick. He must know about Mags. She does.

Raylan says Markham did his homework but he says he grew up on a dirt tobacco farm. Tim says he traded one lead for another. Markham says he knew Ms McReady’s dad and mama and the Bennets and that’s how he knew to check the glass. He says he knew Crowders too but not any Givens. Markham says the last Bennett is up in jail. Loretta asks what’s going on and Raylan says he’s making her an offer she can’t refuse and says if she doesn’t take it, he’ll kill her.

Loretta says she won’t sell at any cost. Raylan says he can’t have his land or Loretta’s and Markham says he doesn’t see how he can say that legally. Raylan tells him to take his briefcase of money and go. Raylan says what’s next is based on the next choice Markham makes. He says he’ll burn a joint on the way out since it helps him think. He asks Raylan if he’s going to haul him in and Raylan says not for weed. Markham takes off and Walker follows.

Katherine and Ava hang out and she tells her that she ran Grady’s business and say he was just the face and she got things done. She says it must have been hard to let him take the credit and Katherine says taking his partner as her lover helped and says Markham was the best lover she’s had. She says she knows Markham ratted out Grady and is responsible for her lifestyle. She says he as much as killed her husband and you have to do something about it.

Katherine says there was a lot of Dixie Mafia in jail when Grady supposedly committed suicide. Katherine gets a chime on her phone and says that’s her massage and asks Ava to leave. Ava thanks her for an interesting day. She says it sure was lucky that guard who said she stabbed him came clean the way he dead. She asks if Ava thought of thanking Albert but Ava says he was crazy and just finally told the truth. Katherine says something made him do the right thing and offers to find out what made him come clean.

Ava says she’d likely just stab him in the eye and Katherine calls her a firecracker. Ava leaves. Raylan talks to Loretta and tells her if she’s going to set her sights on the drug business, she’s going to keep running into people like Markham. She asks if he’s telling her to walk away from weed. He tells her to post two big guys out front to stay safe and she asks if they’re done. He gets a call from Ava and says Katherine asked her about Albert Fekus and why he changed his testimony.

Raylan says she’s just testing her and Ava says she has to get out of there. She says she’s still at the hotel. He tells her to go to the Horseshoe Diner and he’ll send someone to meet her. Then she hangs up because Boyd comes in. He asks why she’s packing and she says she thought they were leaving tonight. He offers to crawl back into bed and order ice cream. She says she just wants to get home and sleep in her own bed then calls it “our bed.”

He asks if she’s okay and he says Wynn told him she was having lunch with Katherine. He asks what they talked about and she says nothing. He asks if Katherine mentioned how good looking he is. She laughs and he tells her to sit down. He asks to see her hands then kisses her fingers. She tells Boyd that she needs to tell him something and he says he knows what she’s going to say. He says he’s taking her home and they never have to leave Harlan County again.

He tells her that Markham is buying up land to grow legal pot. He says Markham knows all about this. He says he’s going to steal Markham’s money then his idea and says they are going to make a killing and bring prosperity back to Harlan County. She asks what about them on the beach and he says his legs look bad in a bathing suit. He says they can have it all and have it in Harlan County. He says he’s going to take a shower then have her back in Harlan County before the sun comes up.