Justified Recap 2/3/15 Season 6 Episode 3 “Noblesse Oblige”

Justified Recap 2/3/15 Season 6 Episode 3 "Noblesse Oblige"

Tonight Justified returns to the FX with all new Tuesday, February 3, season 6 episode 3 called, “Noblesse Oblige,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Raylan [Timothy Olyphant] follows a trail of illegal explosives in an attempt to pin Boyd [Walton Goggins].

On the last episode Raylan’s investigation brought him into conflict with a paramilitary outfit, while Boyd and his partners tried to salvage a profit from their heist. Written by Dave Andron & VJ Boyd; directed by Dean Parisot. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the FX synopsis, “Raylan follows a trail of illegal explosives in an attempt to pin Boyd, who discovers he’s run afoul of a dangerous new player in town. Written by Taylor Elmore & Benjamin Cavell; directed by Peter Weller.”

Tonight’s Season 6 episode 3 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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Ava and Boyd are drunk lying on top of the bar. They talk about being teenagers and he says he didn’t think she could still drink like this. She’s looking pretty green and he asks if she’s going to pop. She says she hasn’t puked bourbon since she wore a cheerleader skirt. He says he remembers thinking what he wouldn’t give to be a stripe on that skirt. He kisses her shoulder and she staggers over to answer her phone. He asks who’s texting her. She asks if he’s jealous and he says now that she mentions it.

She says she’ll tell him who it is if he won’t get mad. He says he’ll try his best. She says Pearl called in sick and she has to open. He says he would not want her cutting his hair after she’s been drinking bourbon for six hours. She kisses him and says she can do all kinds of things on a bourbon buzz. She leaves and goes to meet Raylan. She is obviously drunk and staggers out of her car giggling.

He asks what’s funny and she says it’s all funny. She admits that she’s shitfaced and he tells her it’s 7 am. She says she worked up to it and was doing what he asked her to do. She staggers over to him and asks if he’s giving her a daddy lecture. She tells him she’s in no mood and says has elephants in her skull. She asks what he wanted. He says she picked the wrong morning for this. Rachel and Vasquez are there.

Vasquez shows her that her deal was contingent on her getting them the goods on Boyd. She says she’s working on it and Rachel says she has to give them something. Ava says she’s working on it. She says she’s only been out a couple of weeks. Vasquez says she has given them no useful information. He yells at her and then Raylan says Ava has it. He says he’s made an impression.

Rachel says she has to deliver something in a week or she’ll be sent back to the slammer. Ava says she came all the way to Harlan to threaten her and says she could have made a call. She tells Raylan he brought these two assholes to impress the severity of her situation on her. She says she’s suitable impressed and now has to go throw up.

Carl, Earl and Pig talk about whether the money is in the vault. Boyd is hung over and says they’re giving him a headache. Walker comes in and asks if they’re open yet. He introduces himself and Boyd says he’s got a hangover from a great evening and says he has no bandwidth for casual conversation. He asks what Walker wants. He asks if he has Buffalo Trace and Boyd tells Earl to pour.

Walker says he only came to apprise them of their situation. Walker drinks and says when they robbed the bank, it was a solid piece of trade craft but he says they got the idea they were taking money from Calhoun. He says instead, they robbed the man he works for and he’s no one to be trifled with. He says the man operates on a level they’re likely not used to.

Walker says to desist coming after what’s not theirs or if they persist, there will be consequences. Boyd says he seems to like to talk as much as he himself does. Boyd says maybe he did or did not rob that bank but doesn’t give a shit about Walker or who he works for and says many men have come through that door with similar talk and most of those people are dead.

Boyd says he’s going to finish his food in peace and Carl tells Walker to take his beard and go. Walker leaves some money on the bar and says he hopes they enjoy the rest of their day. Carl watches him go then curses. He asks how they can look around the pizza place now he knows all their places. Raylan and Rachel ride back to the office and she says he and his CI both aren’t delivering on Boyd.

He reminds her she was the one who wanted him to take his town. She says it’s a bitch running that office with him running wild. He tells her if she wants to babysit, to come with him. He asks if she wants to come to the next thing or go to the office. He says he wants to go see Luther, an explosives guy that he and Boyd used to dig coal with. She nods.

Luther greets Raylan warmly and he tells Rachel that Raylan used to like to drink moonshine that would set your balls on fire. He talks about how Raylan was a skinny minny and didn’t know he outdrank them. Raylan says he poured most of it out when they weren’t looking. He says he’s glad Raylan got out. Raylan finds his logbook where he records det cord and explosives.

Luther talks about how he married and then his wife took off after he slapped her just once. He says she left him with a son to raise. Luther asks why he’s digging and Rachel asks if he’s had any missing explosives. Luther says he doesn’t think so and Raylan says he sees some differences in math. Rachel points out that someone named Kent signed off on the discrepancy. She asks if that’s in.

Raylan and Rachel leave and he says it’s odd that Luther would give Boyd explosives and says they weren’t ever close. He says something is off about how Luther is acting. Rachel gets a call and says guess where your CI is right now. Ava is at the pizza place waiting on her lunch. She looks around and then spills her drink on herself. She asks for the ladies room and is pointed in the right direction.

She heads to the back then bypasses the ladies and goes down the cellar stairs. She snaps some photos. She hears a noise and Choo-choo asks what she’s doing. She points to the vault and asks what it is. He says it’s just a curiosity. He tells her his name is Mundo and people call him Choo-choo. Walker comes in and asks what’s up. She says she can’t believe he’s not giving tours of this.

He tells Choo-choo to show her out. She says it was nice meeting Walker and goes with Choo-choo. He follows her out and asks for her number in case she wants a real tour. She says she’ll find him and he asks her name. She says it’s Ava Randolph. She leaves in a big hurry.

Carl, Earl and Pig look over the photos Ava took of the vault. Carl points out three beds and says they have them outnumbered but Boyd points out two more bedrolls and says they’re sleeping in shifts. Earl says he signed on for easy money, not world war three. Boyd says he can step off at any point. Carl says his brother has no filter but doesn’t really want out. Earl backs down.

Boyd says the vault is an Excelsior 5200 and says he saw one in Kuwait. He tells Earl he needs a hell of a lot more Emulex. Raylan calls to look up priors on Luther. He says a few years ago he had a DUI and was swapping seats with his son Tyler Kent. Earl goes and knocks on Tyler’s door for more det cord and explosives. Earl reminds him that he owes him drug money.

Raylan and Rachel come in and Earl asks if they’re looking to get shot. Rachel tells Tyler that he’s going to get his daddy in trouble. Earl tells Raylan to come out from behind his pussy badge and Raylan gives him a beat down. Raylan tells Tyler that he’s known his daddy for years and says the ATF is about to crawl up his dad’s butt. Raylan says he was going to take Tyler to talk.

He leaves his card and says he should finish talking to his friend then call him. He tells him to steer clear of that numb nuts buddy. Earl gets up breathing hard and says Raylan almost crushed his nuts to dust. Tyler says he heard them and they can’t take the explosives from the mine. Earl says he has a whole new plan that doesn’t involve lying to anybody.

Boyd gets a visit from a couple of guys in masks. They duct tape him up and put a bag over his head. Earl and Tyler pull up at the mine and Tyler asks him to leave the guns in the car. He says his dad will be safer if he does what he says. He says they have to rough his dad up a little so he’s convincing when he calls the cops about the robbery. They put masks on and head inside.

They sneak up right past Raylan. Rachel says it’s Halloween come early. Raylan says they need to start over and says guns down hands up and calls Earl pussy badge and says him first. Earl asks what if they don’t and Raylan says he’ll shoot his dick off. Rachel says they just want to know who he’s stealing it for. Earl tells Tyler not to tell and says his dad doesn’t want him to be a snitch.

Luther asks what if he says he took the emulex. Rachel says it doesn’t need to go down like this. The bag is snatched off Boyd’s head. He’s in a barn. Seabass pulls out his knife and asks if he’s ever seen Chinatown. They cut him loose from the pole in the barn and he falls to his knees. Seabass says that’s his second warning and there won’t be a third. He says he needs to hear if from Boyd.

He says he understands. Seabass says it was smart to send that smoke show to look around and distract them. He says it won’t be easy if she’s not looking so good. Ava gets a knock at the door from Markham. He asks if he can come in and talk. She says she doesn’t know him and then Walker steps up. He says they’re somewhat acquainted and Markham asks what she has to drink while they talk.

Ava pours a drink for him and Markham tells her that he never developed a taste for bourbon even though he grew up in Kentucky. She says if she knew he was coming, she could have picked up something else. She asks who the hell he is. He says he’s known plenty of criminals and hopes to know fewer in his new line of work. She says kidnapping her isn’t a way to start.

He says she started it by reconnoitering his place of business. He accuses her of being a Bonnie and Clyde type of woman with Boyd. He asks if she’s a true criminal in her own right or just a token that can be used to threaten to keep her man in line. Boyd lurks in the woods nearby. Raylan tells Luther he’s looking at being arrested for terrorism charges. He tells him that he’s after Boyd.

Luther says there’s no life in Harlan for the man that crosses Boyd. Luther says that his son wanted to go to community college and study x-ray tech but he couldn’t afford it. Raylan says Tyler is a lost cause and his story won’t hold water. He says Tyler will not get away with it and the best he can hope for is to keep him company in county jail until his fake story falls apart.

Raylan lets them take Luther away. Boyd comes into Ava’s house and Walker greets him. He says he wishes he had a second chance to make a first impression on Walker. He says he’s not there to talk to him anyway. He shakes Markham’s hand and says it’s nice to meet him. Markham says they’ve met. He says the last time he saw Boyd he was about 9 or 10 and was peacocking around.

Boyd says he remembers that but doesn’t recall being bounced on his knee. He says he owes Markham an apology. He says he can only offer ignorance for trying to pilfer what was his. He says he thought he was stealing from Calhoun. Boyd says any plans for his next attempt are now considered abandoned as foolhardy. Markham says he hopes he won’t see either him or Ava at Pizza Portal again.

He says to order it delivered and if they ever come in again, he’ll kill him. He tells Boyd he’s grown now but just playing pretend like he was when he was little. Markham and Walker leave. Rachel tells Raylan she’s leaving and asks if he’s going to stay. He says he’s going to let Earl go back to Boyd all jumpy before he swoops in on his white horse.

Rachel says if Tyler doesn’t flip, it’s trouble and she hopes he knows what he’s doing. He says he hopes he does too. Wynn is in his tanning bed when Mikey knocks on it. He says it’s Boyd and he wants a sit down tonight with he and Katherine. He asks Mikey if he said why and he said he didn’t just to tell him to get Katherine’s ass over there. Wynn wonders if Boyd is going to high noon them.

Mikey says Boyd also asked him to get him a room for the night. He tells Mikey to call Katherine and to get the room. He tells him when he searches Boyd tonight to be sure and take his cigarettes. Boyd says he found the money and would have found it sooner if they had been straight with him. He asks Katherine why she didn’t tell him that they’re robbing Avery Markham.

She says she thought he wouldn’t do it. He asks what Katherine’s relationship is with Markham. She says she’s sleeping with him and that’s how she knew to put him onto Calhoun. Boyd smiles and laughs and asks how she sees this playing out in her mind. He says Markham will know she was involved and won’t let them live to spend his money. Wynn asks if he’s out and says to set aside the hillbilly bullshit.

Boyd says he’s not backing down but says he’s going to take the money and put a bullet in her boyfriend’s head. Katherine says from the moment she met Boyd, she knew he was the man of her dreams. Boyd goes back to the hotel room to find Ava already in bed. She asks if he got Katherine to come clean and he says as clean as she’s going to come.

She says she was thinking about those men coming after them like that. He says it won’t happen again. She asks how much money it is and how he’s going to get it. He asks why she wants to know the particulars. She says she’s scared from when they came into her home. She asks if they can run away and start over. He says he can’t leave with nothing and she says he has her. He asks if he does.

He says since she got out, sometimes he feels like he doesn’t know who she is anymore. She pulls back the sheet and shows him she’s naked. She tells him to come on over there so she can remind him. He walks over to her and kisses her naked body.