Justified Recap – New Bad Dudes in Town Season 6 Episode 2 “Cash Game”

Justified Recap - New Bad Dudes in Town Season 6 Episode 2 "Cash Game"

Tonight Justified returns to the FX with all new Tuesday January 27, season 6 episode 2 called, “Cash Game” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Raylan’s [Timothy Olyphant] investigation leads to a conflict with a paramilitary crew.

On the last episode in the season 6 premiere, Raylan guided Ava through the process of informing on Boyd and tried to turn Boyd’s old ally Dewey Crowe against him as well, all while Boyd worked to pull off a daring heist right under Raylan’s nose Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis, “Raylan’s investigation brings him into conflict with a paramilitary outfit, while Boyd and his partners try to salvage a profit from their heist. Written by Dave Andron & VJ Boyd; directed by Dean Parisot.”

Tonight’s epsisode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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Ava sits down to breakfast with bourbon. She hears a noise outside and goes to the barn with her gun. She finds Boyd there and curses at him. He says he couldn’t sleep and came to finish the railings but couldn’t find the paint. He says Dewey was supposed to drop it off and asks if she’s seen him. She says no and asks him to go. Then she stops and asks him where he wants to go if they leave Harlan. He says he’ll go anywhere with her. She says what about Iceland and he says he’ll need a bigger coat.

She watches him go. He drives off and she looks around the barn. She notices an envelope. She looks inside and finds papers in it. She stuffs them back in and takes them with her. Tim and Raylan watch his daughter on Skype and then they talk about some of the skinheads. Raylan says the people on the holler are Boyd sympathizers and the others are scared of him.

Rachel says to go talk to the box owners, find out what was taken and catch Boyd with stolen goods. Raylan says he’s happy to keep going at Boyd sideways and let Ava get them some info for the RICO case. Rachel says to keep her posted. Walker pulls up at a woman’s house and she says in all her years, she’s never driven a Mercedes and he offers his keys to take it for a ride. She calls him the devil and he offers them to buy his property. She continues hanging laundry on the line when her hubby walks up.

Walker says he heard they turned down his prior offer that he sent with his man so he came to up it by 20%. They tell him their family has been there a long time and it’s a legacy. Walker says he doesn’t want to send him away empty handed. They tell him that they know he got turned down on the Givens property too. Walker says he’ll have the land one way or the other. The guy calls him a peacock and the man says he came to try and change their lives and he calls him that.

He wipes his nose on their clean laundry on the line and goes. Katherine is annoyed that Boyd brought them stuff from Calhoun’s safety deposit box but not the cash. He says he’s looked for a secret safe and has been sitting on the guy for two weeks and hasn’t seen him go near money. They ask if he found and stole the money and he tells them if he had, he’d already been in Mexico in his Ray-Bans. Wynn says the ledger may be helpful. Katherine asks about Ava and says it can be hard for someone just getting out.

Boyd says not to ask about her and stomps out. Katherine and Wynn both agree that Ava’s early release is a concern but Wynn says he can handle the hillbilly. Raylan and Tim go to see Calhoun – he’s the guy who’s been out making offers for Walker. He tells Tim that he’s sold more property than anyone in Harlan. He tells Raylan he’s already got an offer on his place and won’t even charge him a commission. They hear a toilet flush and Calhoun says that’s the buyer.

They tell Calhoun they’re there to tell him that his safe deposit box at the bank was robbed. Calhoun says his box was empty. Tim says records indicated he visited the box the day before and Calhoun says it was just some client documents. Raylan gets a text about his haircut. They walk out. Walker asks Calhoun if he was lying to the Marshals. He says yes. Then Walker calls his guy outside and asks him to follow the Marshals. Calhoun asks why and Walker says he may have been the target of the robbery.

He says if the Marshals lead them to the bank robber, they’ll take him, pull out some teeth, find out what he wanted, then probably kill him. Calhoun looks alarmed and Walker laughs and says he’s just kidding – they’ll definitely kill him. Tim tells Raylan that babies start walking at 9-12 months. He gets a text from Ava saying she wants to meet and they notice they’re being followed and Tim asks if they want to flapjack or short bus him. Raylan asks if those are real things.

Raylan tells Tim to speed up. The guy goes to give chase and talks to Walker. He almost runs over Raylan who’s standing in the road. He asks where the guy is going and he says none of his business. He tells him to get out and flashes his badge. The guy asks where the guy is that he was with and Raylan asks how he knows if he’s not following him. Raylan asks if he’s real smart of real stupid. The guy says choo-choo and Raylan says what. He says when he hits people it’s hard and fast.

He asks if Raylan wants to try it and Raylan says no, he’ll just take his car. He drives off and leaves choo-choo standing there. Katherine and Avery Markham meet up and smoke a joint post-coital. She reminds him that he was the one who left Kentucky and her husband had just been arrested. She says he did just fine without her. He says life has been good to him. She tells him she’s a grandma now and he asks if it makes her happy. She says not really since she her daughter has a nanny.

He asks what else is bothering her. She says she’s worried an employee of hers is stealing. She says the gardener and he says fire him. She says he’s in the middle of a big project so it would be a big chore. He says he overpays people to keep them loyal and they never bite his hand. She says that makes it harder to make a profit. He says it’s a small price to pay for loyalty. She says what if they still betray you. She asks should you take a finger or an eye.

He says both eyes maybe and says that would be a good start. Choo-choo calls Walker to tell him his car was taken and Walker flips out and starts breaking things in Calhoun’s office. He asks Calhoun what the bank manager’s name is. Calhoun gets a text saying he better answer his phone if he wants his ledger back. Then his phone rings – it’s Boyd. He says he found the ledger and some deeds on the side of the road and says the reward for it should be substantial otherwise he’ll call his business associates.

Calhoun says he can talk to him later. He says his office at 8 pm. Boyd says it better be substantial. Calhoun tells Walker it was an important client after he ends the call. He tells Walker the bank manager is Joyce Kipling. Choo-choo tries to hitchhike. Tim pulls up and asks where he’s headed. Ava tells Raylan she heard Boyd banging around in the shed and he told her he was looking for paint. She says after he left, she searched and found these. Raylan asks if they were well hidden.

She says not that hard. She asks if Raylan thinks he set her up. He says he never said that. He asks how close they are these days and if he has any reason to suspect her. She asks if he thinks she’s in danger. She asks what the hell can she do now. Raylan gives them back and tells her to put them back.

Choo-choo comes back to the pizza parlor and sits at the bar and Seabass asks where he’s been. He says this guy gave him a ride and introduces Tim to Seabass and says he was in the shit the same time as them. Choo-choo says they can take what they want from the bar because their boss owns the car. Seabass asks why he Choo-choo let the Marshal take his car. He says he thought about choking him and leaving him dead in the road but then a car that drove by and would see then he’d have to kill that person then another would see then another.

Tim asks why they’re in Harlan and heard they work for Tigerhawk. Seabass says Choo-choo got schrapnel in his head and isn’t quite right. That makes Choo-choo mad and he threatens to train all over Seabass. Tim says he’ll be sure to tell the Cowboy that Seabass wants him dead when he sees him at the office. He flashes his badge and says he’s a Marshal now. Seabass asks why Choo-choo took a ride with Marshal who asks if he can ask the cowboy to bring back his car.

Caprice gives Calhoun a shoulder rub and says he seems stressed out. He says it may be his last day on earth and she asks does he have “the cancer.” She tells him to get off that money and let her help him. Raylan walks in and finds Caprice on her knees. He tells her to go and for Calhoun to sit still. Caprice says to tell Raylan that he can help him. She asks if he wants him to do it. Caprice says he’s been buying up property for bad guys.

Then he started writing down things in a blackmail ledger to try and protect himself but now someone stole it and has been blackmailing for it. Raylan asks if the blackmailer has a long winded peculiar way of speaking. Ava pulls up at her house and finds Boyd waiting on her. She asks why he’s there unannounced and he says they need to talk. She says she put things back in her shed the way she likes it and found what he hid there.

She says she heard about the bank robbery and figures he hid stuff he took there which could send her back to jail. She says she should have burned it. He asks where it is and she says it’s on the seat of her truck and says to take it, get off her land and to not come back. Boyd parks his truck out front of Calhoun’s. He goes in and finds the place locked. Raylan is waiting in the hall. He says he’s there to see Calhoun about selling Arlo’s place since he’s been transferred.

Boyd says he can make an offer on the place to help get him on his way. Raylan asks how he’ll have that kind of cash and if he’s going to rob a bank. Raylan says he just got a text from Calhoun who told him that his safe deposit box was robbed and he’s at the police station making a statement about being blackmailed over it. He asks why Boyd is there. Boyd says he found some of Calhoun’s things on the side of the road and came to be a good Christian to bring them back.

Boyd says he’ll come back tomorrow when Calhoun is there and Raylan says he’ll just take them. Boyd hands over the briefcase. He asks Raylan if having a kid changes you and Raylan says – I guess we’ll see. Walker walks up on Joyce, the bank manager and says he was retained by one of the people that had their things stolen at the robbery. She asks to talk tomorrow but he says his clients is insistent. He asks her if the police have said anything about who may have perpetrated this robbery.

She asks who this is and he flashed his Tigerhawk security service card and tells her conversations with the police aren’t confidential. She stares at him blankly. He offers to fix her an omelet and says they can talk after they eat. She says all she knows is they asked her about a local boy named Boyd Crowder who’s done things like this before. He hands her back her groceries, says rain check and leaves. Earl is cleaning up and picks up Dewey’s crocodile tooth necklace and hangs it on a squirrel behind the bar.

Ava comes in and asks if Boyd is there. He says he’ll go tell him she’s there. She pulls her jacket off and follows him back. Boyd tells Earl she’s his fiancee and doesn’t need to be announced. He tells Earl to go home. He fixes her a drink and she says he hasn’t called her fiancee since she got out. She says she doesn’t like the way they left things. She says she doesn’t care that he hid things in her shed but says they’re together or not, she’s a part of what he’s doing or not.

She says she can handle what he’s into whatever it is. He says thanks for the clarity. She says she can’t help him if he keeps her in the dark. She says she knows he robbed the bank but only got a bunch of land deeds. She asks if he noticed that one of the deeds was to Pizza Portal (that’s the place where Walker, Seabass and Choo-choo have set up shop). He curses and then laughs. He calls her baby girl and says she’s a genius. He pulls her in for a kiss then says he’s sorry. He says he’s getting a bottle of good bourbon and they’re going to drink it to the corners.

She gulps her drink nervously. Walker says this is much more work than he thought and Seabass says it’s still better than Falujah. They get out of the truck and lower the tailgate and grab a bag and some rolls of material. They’re at a house. Walker says – see what happens when you call me peacock. Raylan and Tim come to the bar and he tosses Choo-choo his keys. The guy never moves and they hit the wall next to him.

Raylan asks why they’re in town buying properties for a lot more money than they’re worth. Raylan says he’ll sell his land if he can sit down with the boss. Choo-choo asks why he thinks Walker isn’t the boss and Raylan says the boss doesn’t go door to door selling vacuums. As Tim and Raylan walk out, Raylan tells Tim that he hasn’t been in that place since he was kid and says it used to be a bank.