Justified Premiere Recap – Crowes in the Crosshairs: Season 6 Episode 1 “Fates Right Hand”

Justified Premiere Recap - Crowes in the Crosshairs: Season 6 Episode 1 "Fates Right Hand"

Tonight Justified returns to the FX with all new Tuesday, January 20, season 6 premiere episode called, “Fates Right Hand” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Boyd [Walton Goggins] plans a daring heist in the Season 6 premiere. Meanwhile, Raylan [Timothy Olyphant] tries to turn one of Boyd’s old allies against him.

On the last episode, in the season 5 finale, Raylan had one last shot at taking down Art’s would-be assassin, while cartel killers had Boyd’s back against the wall. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FX synopsis, “in the season six premiere Raylan guides Ava through the process of informing on Boyd and tries to turn Boyd’s old ally Dewey Crowe against him as well, all while Boyd works to pull off a daring heist right under Raylan’s nose.”

Tonight’s Season 6 premiere looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new season of Justified?

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Winona stares at her daughter and offers her a toy. She tells her that her daddy is tough but is no match for the graveyard shift. She asks Raylan what’s worth missing this for. We see Raylan on the streets of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. He heads into a bar where some federales are at the bar. He orders bourbon and gets nothing so he asks for tequila instead. He says he’s looking for a federale named Aguilar. The guy asks what he wants.

He asks who Raylan is and he tells him. He asks about an abandoned truck in the desert with American drug running bodies. Raylan says he doesn’t care what he did or if he took money. He says he wants to know about the men that walked out alone. Aguilar asks if that big hat makes him think he has big cajones. He says a ranger badge means something but a US Marshal not so much. He threatens to throw Raylan in jail and tells him to get lost.

Raylan says he’ll be in touch and leaves. Aguilar calls him an a-hole. He gets out his car keys. Raylan watches from his car. The guy gets in his cop car and pulls out. Raylan drives into the side of it and smashes it up. The guy is hurt. Raylan says he told him he’d be in touch. He drags the guy out of the car. He shoves Aguilar into the trunk and drives him across the border. He says his star means something there and asks if he’s ready to talk now.

Boyd sleeps and is woken by barking dogs. He finally gets up and looks around. He checks the time – it’s early and splashes water on his face. He shuts a briefcase, tucks a gun in his pants and heads out. He tells his buddy to not smoke dope in his truck. He goes into a bank to open a safety deposit box. He quotes Thomas Jefferson to Joyce, the bank employee, but she’s not impressed. His buddy comes in asking for help and she leaves him in the safety deposit room alone.

He pops open his briefcase, puts on gloves and sprays something on a bunch of the boxes. He walks out of the bank while Tim snaps photos of him crossing the street and getting into his truck. Ava wakes to the sound of steps on her porch. She gets up and looks outside. She sees it’s Boyd unloading some stuff and sighs. She pulls out her smokes and lights one. She comes out and asks where’s Hollis. He says he let him go and she says she hired Hollis to do the job.

He says what’s mine is yours so he thought he’d do it himself. She asks then what and offers him a drink. He asks for a cold beer and he asks if she’ll have one with him but she says she just woke up. He tells her he knows what she’s going through just getting out of jail. He says if she wants to talk about that or anything, he can listen. She goes to get him a beer. She pulls out some vodka too. She gets a text reminder to pay a bill now. She sips some vodka.

Raylan comes to the office and Rachel asks why he seems so happy. He says he found the federale then locked him up. He says his testimony will give Boyd murder one. He says Dewey Crowe witnessed it. Vasquez says Dewey is being released. Raylan says to get Reardon to block it. Vasquez says Raylan’s “harassment” of Dewey and the settlement he won makes that hard. Raylan says maybe it’s not bad and says he can hang himself on the rope.

Dewey’s lawyer is getting a restraining order saying he has to stay back a thousand feet. Vasquez asks what can he do without violating Dewey’s civil rights. Dewey is released from jail. Raylan is waiting for him. Dewey curses. Raylan tells him the federal Aguilar ID’d him. He holds out a paper saying the Mexican government wants to extradite him for murdering Johnny Crowder. He says he didn’t kill him and Raylan says to tell him who did.

Raylan says he can give him a week to jog his memory then he’s headed to Mexican jail. Dewey says he has a bus to catch and then needs a $6 blow job. Dewey shows up to the brothel and sees it looks abandoned. A sign on the door says it’s been seized. He curses. He sees a pair of panties on the clothesline and tucks it in his pocket. He spots a little wood turtle and grabs it up out of the wreckage. He goes to the diner and is surprised to see Abigail/Tina, one of the hookers.

She says when Audrey’s shut down, God sent her a sign. He asks about Mina and she says she wasn’t really her sister. Dewey flirts and she offers him a meal on her. He was hoping she was offering sex and asks to bone her one last time. Reggie comes over and asks if he’s bothering him. Dewey asks didn’t he knock him out. Dewey says she’s got a new man and a new job. She says it was like fate. He looks at the turtle and asks if she gets it.

He says she lost it, he found it, then he found her. He says it’s his sign. She says she has to get back to work. He turns down food, kisses her, thanks her, then runs out. Boyd is painting the bullet ridden porch when Ava brings him a drink. She says Tammy Lee took her back at the beauty salon and she has the early shift. He tells her they need to talk but she asks to do it later. He says he had time to think while she was locked up.

He says Harlan is dying and people are giving up and moving on. He says if there’s a chance for them, it’s not there. He asks if she’d leave with him if he got a good sum of money. He asks to go to Costa Rica or Brazil. She says no then asks how much money he’s coming into. He says they won’t be running from trouble, just escaping from Harlan. She says this is their home but he calls it a ghost town and says they can turn into ghosts themselves.

She says maybe they are already and leaves for work. Ava goes to the back of the shop for a smoke and Raylan walks up. She asks why he’s there and he says he came to see her. She says she works here and he says it’s a good place to meet. She says he can’t sneak up on her and he says he can and that Boyd wouldn’t be caught dead there. She says she can’t do this. Raylan says she can’t ignore his texts and says that’s why she got a surprise.

He tells her to sit. She does. She says she’s afraid to look at him the wrong way or he’ll put a bullet through her head. He asks how Boyd is acting and if he’s making big plans. She says he bought a $300 tow truck. He tells her the reason he’s there is that Dewey is out and will come to see Boyd. He tells her to keep an eye on him and says he’s setting up a command post at Arlo’s so he’ll be close. Boyd comes into the bar and Carl says Earl and the Pig went to eat.

Boyd tells him to tell Earl to bring him something to eat because he’s so hungry he could eat the ass out of a low flying duck. Dewey is waiting in the office and Boyd slams him into the wall and searches him. Boyd asks how he got there and he says he got out of the Pen then hot wired a car. He asks why he’s asking all this and Boyd says robbing him at gunpoint was not leaving on good terms. Dewey holds out the turtle and says it was a sign – it’s the only link to his family.

He says he came back to Boyd because it was a sign. Boyd asks exactly why he’s out of jail. He says he heard him admitting to killing Wade Messer. Dewey says it’s because of the harassment suit he won against Raylan. Boyd asks what he wants and Dewey says he wants back in and wants his trust. At a word from Boyd, Carl drags him out of the office.

Raylan and Tim set up shop at Arlo’s. He shows Raylan photos of Boyd with Cyrus, a local gun dealer. Raylan and Tim see a guy out the window touching the dirt. Walker calls out to them. Raylan asks why he’s on his land. Walker says he’s assessing the land and coming up with a number since the place is for sale. He says he shouldn’t threaten a potential buyer. He says he’s ready to pay cash and the asking price. He holds out a briefcase of money.

Raylan asks if the money is stolen and asks doesn’t he want to see the house. Raylan says his kin moved there in 1903 and a couple are buried by the house. Walker says all things must pass and asks if it’s time to sell. Raylan says he’ll sell, but not to him. Walker says he’ll have no trouble finding him if he has second thoughts. He takes off in his Mercedes. Crackpot comes to see Cyrus and says he’s going to OD if he keeps buying. Tim was hiding behind him.

He flashes his badge and Cyrus runs out the back where Raylan whacks him in the head with a shovel then says – halt, US Marshal. Carl comes and tells Boyd that Cyrus is gone. He says he doesn’t like it and asks if they’re really doing this thing then asks why. Boyd says – because. Carl asks how they can get away with this with the feds up their ass. He says they needed Cyrus. They hear Dewey shooting pool and Boyd comes out and tells him he has a job for him.

Dewey is thrilled. Raylan and Tim watch Boyd, Dewey and Carl. Raylan says – good things happen to people who wait for stupid. They decide to go after Dewey who is driving the tow truck. Raylan tells Tim that Dewey told him he once worked at Disney playing Goofy in a water skiing show. Dewey curses when he sees the cop roadblock up ahead. He drives on toward it and Raylan and Tim hang back to watch.

The Kentucky State Police ask him to step out. He says he’s Dewey Goddamn Crowe and he’s going to keep driving so he can save the government $300k for harassment. He drives through the roadblock and the KSP shoot out a couple of his tires. Raylan and Tim give chase and Dewey drives off the road and into a ditch. Raylan calls out and asks if he’s okay. They walk down the hill and Raylan goes to help him out. Dewey starts talking about his rights and Raylan punches him breaking his jaw.

They ask what’s in the bag and he denies it being his. Sirens sound and KSP pulls up. They tell Dewey he’s facing extradition charges and whatever else this gets him. Raylan tells him Boyd doesn’t give a shit about him. He tells Dewey to open the bag. He does. It’s stuffed full of dirty laundry. Dewey asks where is it and they ask what. Raylan asks what bank he saw Boyd at and Tim says – First River. That’s where he, Pig, Earl and Carl are. They go in with masks on and armed.

They run a line in from the winch of the truck. Boyd has a black light in the safety deposit vault and calls out that he got it. They attach the winch to the frame around the safety deposit boxes and yank it out. Boyd grabs a few safety deposit boxes and walks out. Raylan and Tim make it to the bank too late. They’ve gotten away. They go in and look at the damage. Raylan tells Tim it was a great call to follow Dewey instead of Boyd.

Raylan calls a meet with Ava at the bridge. He asks her why just security boxes. He asks if it was Boyd’s idea to tell him about the truck or hers. He tells her Boyd pulled off a bank job and says she could go back to jail and possibly be a co-conspirator. She says she’s not lying. He says if she’s no use, she’s going back to jail. He tells her to pull herself together and do the job. She asks if she should ask probing questions.

He tells her he knows she can do this. He reminds her when he came back to Harlan and she kissed him and invited him in. She says she knew she had to shoot her husband. She says he never saw it coming because he believed her and she acted the way she always did. He tells her he knows her and knows she can do it. He tells her she damn well better. At the bar, Boyd and the guys pry open the boxes. They ask Boyd what this is – it’s paperwork.

They think they got the wrong box but Boyd says it’s the right one. They ask where the money is. Boyd walks away. Raylan comes to see Art and says he brought him something. He pours some bourbon and Art says to waft the fumes in his directions. He says Willa was baptized Catholic because her mom fears her eternal soul. Art says with his DNA in her, it’s not a bad idea. Raylan says they’re after Boyd but have to do it by the book.

Art asks about his CI in the Crowder camp but wouldn’t have green lit using her and not with Raylan as her handler. Art says he’s only interested out of sheer damned boredom and pours himself a drink. Art asks why he’s there and Raylan asks him to remind him why he should be patient. Art says if backs him into a corner and kills him, the world would be a better place but Raylan would be headed to Florida without a star and a gun and might see his daughter through penitentiary glass.

Art says he could also try and fail and the bullet would find him. Raylan says – not likely. Art says sometimes it just doesn’t go your way. Boyd reads a ledger from the safety box when Dewey comes in complaining that the staties were waiting on him. Dewey asks why underpants are important and Boyd says they weren’t, the job was. He says Raylan broke his jaw and he’s tired of it. He asks Boyd if he’s his friend and he says he is.

Dewey says he has to talk to him about Mexico. Boyd asks what he wants. Dewey says he wants to go back to when it was the two of them and Devil, back at the church with the music cranked up. He says he liked making war plans and driving his Cadillac. He asks why it can’t be like that again. Boyd says those were good and simple days. Boyd tells Carl to pour them a drink. He tells Dewey to sit and says he’s going to tell him something in confidence.

Boyd says – it’s all coming to an end. He says whatever they were hoping for, those days have passed. He says he’s not giving up but never thought it would be this hard. He says those good days may be gone forever. Dewey says they can make it like it was before. Boyd shows him the photo on the wall and says that’s his granddaddy and great uncle with all their union brothers back when Harlan was a boom town. He says they saw a future.

Boyd tells him to look close at their eyes. He steps closer and looks and Boyd shoots him in the head. Carl comes back in asks if Boyd thinks he was a rat. Boyd says he couldn’t trust him anymore. He says to wait 20 minutes after he leaves then roll Dewey up in a carpet and make him disappear. He walks out. Ava lies in bed. Boyd sits by the bed staring at her.