Justified RECAP 4/8/14: Season 5 Finale “Restitution”

Justified RECAP 4/8/14: Season 5 Finale “Restitution”

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns to the FX with a whole new episode called, “Restitution.”  Sadly tonight’s episode is the final one in season 5 and on tonight’s episode Raylan targets an assassin in the Season 5 finale. Meanwhile, Boyd finds himself in a bind.

On last week’s episode Raylan put pressure on every criminal in town as a ploy to arrest Darryl Crowe Jr., while Boyd and Duffy enlisted an unlikely ally to fight off cartel killers.   The episode was written by Chris Provenzano; directed by Michael Pressman.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here.

On tonight’s season finale Raylan has one last shot at taking down Art’s would-be assassin, while cartel killers have Boyd’s back against the wall.

Justified stars Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, Nick Searcy, Jacob Pitts, Erica Tazel, Joelle Carter, Natalie Zea.

Tonight’s Season 5 finale  looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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Wendy is cuffed and Tim asks why they’re letting Daryl go and Raylan explains he wants to give him enough rope to hang himself. Daryl comes in and threatens Raylan. Raylan tells him that Kendal will be there soon for arraignment and says once he hears he’s being charged as an adult, he’s going to flip on him. He’s mad that they’re keeping Wendy. Daryl promises to get a good lawyer and come back. He threatens Raylan again marches out and Raylan tells Wendy that he is not coming back for them.

She tells him he’s wrong and chastises him for ruining Kendal’s life over one mistake. Raylan tells her she’s wrong about Daryl and that he will prove it to her. Daryl sits in his car smoking and angry. He comes to confront Tim and asks him where there’s a hotel.

Tim tells him where one is and Daryl asks if he can follow him. Tim explains that he’s the one that will be following him. Daryl says sleeping in his car won’t be comfortable but Tim explains how on his second tour in Afghanistan he slept on cold mountains and says he’ll be comfie watching his bitch ass from the comfort of his car. Daryl tells him that if he wants to cuddle, he knows where to find him.

Boyd comes into the bar and hears a noise. He heads back to the office with his gun out and sees the cartel guys holding Jimmy at gunpoint. They tell him to drop the gun and Boyd says he can probably shoot him first but then there’s another guy there with a gun on Boyd. He’s forced to give up his gun. They tell him that Jimmy tried to escape to warn him and Boyd says he’s a good man. Alberto shoots Jimmy while Boyd watches him die in minutes.

Alberto reminds him that he was told that there were to be no bodies left in Mexico so the bodies of those responsible for those deaths will be found in the US. Boyd is noticeably devastated by Jimmy’s brutal murder. They tell him that Wynn told them he killed him. Alberto says he wants both him and Daryl by noon. He says if he shows up with Daryl and on time, he will favor Boyd with a quick death. They give him back his phone and he scrolls to Raylan’s contact page and quickly changes the name to Daryl C and types “I have what you’re looking for.” Alberto snatches the phone but is satisfied when he sees Daryl’s name.

Kendal sits in a holding cell and Raylan tells him he just wants to talk to him off the record before the arraignment. He asks Kendal if he wants anything and Kendal asks for hot chocolate. He agrees and then tells him offhand that he will be tried as an adult and is looking at 40 years of hard time in a federal penitentiary. He goes to get him cocoa and leaves Kendal to think.

Ava comes into the yard and the girls walk away from her. Nikki says they think she’s the snitch that turned in the chick who shanked Penny. Gretchen comes up to her and asks where her friends have gone and also calls her a snitch. Ava repeats that she’s not a snitch and reminds her that she seems to be standing alone as well.

Ava asks if she wants to go and says it may not go down like she thinks. Gretchen walks away. Ava stands up on a table and asks which of them thinks she snitched on Jenny. She says she didn’t snitch when her hair got chopped and calls out Gretchen for snitching on her own girl. She says that Gretchen knows if she comes at Ava straight then her old man will snuff out her brother Gunnar.

She shouts out that Ava’s trying to get someone else to do her dirty work for her. A guard comes out and shouts at Ava to get her ass off the table. After a moment’s pause, Ava complies.

Raylan brings Kendal his hot chocolate and sits down. Kendal asks if it would really be 40 years and then says it’s BS. Raylan says it’s nothing he can’t handle since he grew up with Danny and Daryl. Raylan tells him he’s a stone cold badass so hard time isn’t a problem. He asks Kendal what the first thing was he killed. He says a gator at age 11 and raylan says he killed a feral pig at that same age. He says his Dad made him kill the pig. He says feral pigs are nasty up close. He asks if he hooked the gator before he killed it and he says Danny hooked it and he shot it.

Raylan says it’s hard to look something in the eye when you shoot it and says it’s no small thing taking a life. Raylan tells him he missed with the first shot because his hands were shaking so bad. He says it took him three shots to kill it then came home upset and threw up and his Dad called him a pussy and beat him for it. He says it made him want to hurt his Dad and Kendal asks if he did. He says he didn’t but that he became a lawman to spite his Dad.

He says he knew when he became a Marshal he could have to shoot someone in the line of duty, but says the first time he did it, it was like the pig all over again and he felt sick. Then Raylan asks Kendal how he felt when he shot Art. Kendal says all he saw was the star on his belt and didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Raylan tells him to drink his cocoa before it gets cold and leaves the boy to think.

[10:39:30 PM] Rachel Rowan: Raylan comes in to talk to Wendy and she tells him that Kendal didn’t do it. She asks what they can do and he tells her to wear a wire and get Daryl to confess. She says he will kill her if he sees a van sitting outside and says a wire is not an option. Raylan says if she wants to save her boy, it’s the only option. Tim follows Daryl who looks back at him in disdain. He speeds through a red light and Tim tries to follow but is struck by a crossing truck.

The cartel guy comes back after searching Audrey’s and Boyd says he told him that he wouldn’t be there since he’s laying low after shooting the Marshal. Boyd tries to make small talk with the other cartel guys and offers them work on the other side of the drug transaction. He offers them full partnership if they will shoot Alberto. He says he has an opening, as they know (since Jimmy was shot). He tells them Alberto doesn’t give a crap about them and this is their chance to start a new life.

Alberto comes in and one of the guys holds a gun on Alberto and says that Boyd promises them the heroin, partnership and a trip to Vegas. Alberto asks if that’s all. Boyd thinks they’re going for it but then they all laugh at him and tell him they’ve been to Vegas six or seven times. They ask Alberto if they can take Boyd back with them and put him in a cage.

Wendy calls Daryl and she tells him that the Marshals were lying about trying Kendal as an insult. She says they’re going to sue the Marshals and he says that can stir the pot. She says this is their chance to make a big score and says she’s headed to Audrey’s and he says he will be there. Rachel is surprised that Raylan let Wendy go. She says that Daryl is going to hurt Wendy and that he’s in the wind because he lost Tim at a stoplight.

Raylan heads out but then gets another text from Boyd calling him Daryl and saying he has what he wants but the deal won’t last forever. Alberto tells Boyd that times is up and asks if there is good hunting around there and Boyd says somewhat. Alberto tells him that his father took him hunting and taught him how to skin what he caught. He describes the first cut down the belly, then the second cut to remove the genitals and after that you take the skin.

He pulls out some fierce looking knives. He says the trick is to remove it all in one piece. Boyd asks if he wants him to shit his pants and says that will make his job more unpleasant. Boyd says he’s experienced real pain that Alberto can’t imagine. He tells him to quit running his mouth and do what he has to do. Alberto starts to slice him but then Boyd’s phone vibrates with a text from “Daryl” that says to meet at his woman’s place in the country. Boyd tells him to say they’ll be there.

Nikki comes to sit by Ava and asks her what she was thinking. Ava says calling out Gretchen was better than having the whole prison after her. Nikki tells her that Gretchen is going to kill her and that she doesn’t give a shit about her brother so she won’t let Boyd punishing Gunnar stop her. Ava walks over and attacks Gretchen’s girls and then goes for Gretchen. Chaos breaks out and the guards rush over.

Alberto looks at a photo of Ava and asks if that’s his woman. He says it’s her house but she’s not his anymore. They see the car pull up and Alberto tells them to bring him in and if he tries anything to empty their clips in him. Tim and Rachel pull guns and threaten the henchmen. Alberto pulls his gun on Boyd who tells him those are federal agents and that they will take them out.

Alberto comes out and explains that he has to take Boyd back to his boss and that he will give them a chance to drive away unharmed. Tim tells them they have three seconds before they kill all of them. The guys fire and Tim and Rachel open fire. One makes it back into the house, but Boyd had grabbed a gun off one that fell in through the window and shot the guy who comes back in gunning for him. Ha! Once again, Boyd has used the Marshal service to do his dirty work for him – Raylan hates that…
[10:58:36 PM] Rachel Rowan: Boyd is uncuffed and asks Tim if he’s ever pulled off a shot with cuffs on. Tim tells him to shut up and says he doesn’t need to since he’s not a criminal. Rachel chews him out for walking them into an ambush. Tim says he used them to save his ass and Boyd insists he kept Daryl Crowe alive so a 15 year old boy wouldn’t go to jail for life. Rachel tells Boyd she’s going to go back to the office and pull out that file and use it to make his life miserable and make sure he pays for everything he’s done.

Ava is in solitary and Rowena comes to treat her dislocated shoulder and tells Ava she’s got herself in deep shit. Ava tells her she was trying to get out of one. She says she’s safer in solitary. Rowena pops her arm back in and asks her what she’s going to do when they send her back to gen pop. Ava asks if she has any suggestions. Rowena wants her alive but says she needs to be prepared to fight every day until they let her out or spend the next five in solitary going crazy.

Wendy comes into Audrey’s and Daryl is there. He asks about Kendal and she says they aren’t going to try him as an adult. He offers her a drink and she tells him no and says she knows her son didn’t shoot that Marshal. She says she knows her son and he says he knows him better because she wasn’t there. He calls her a deadbeat mom that doesn’t know shit about her own son. She says she knows Daryl and knows he did this.

He says he cares about family and she tells him she knows he killed Dilly but she understands it. She asks why he didn’t tell her and he says she never wants to hear anything. She cries and goes to him and tells him she’s sorry for abandoning him. Daryl yells at her and she apologies over and over and says she knows he was trying to keep the family safe. She tells him she’s there with him and understands. She says she knows he hit back because they killed Danny.

Daryl tells her he didn’t plan on shooting Art but it just happened. He says he just figured it was better that Kendal go to juvie. She thanks him for telling her and says she got what she needed. He says she’s welcome and then she holds out her phone and he asks if she’s recording him and she tells him every word. He calls her a dirty, rotten, nasty bitch and she says we get the family we deserve. He says he won’t let her walk out with it and she asks if he’s going to kill her. He says to hand over the phone or he’s going to shove it down her throat. She pulls a gun on him and aims it at his crotch and asks how he’ll do it without his balls. Then Raylan is there and Daryl says she has a gun. Raylan asks what he wants him to do about it, shoot her? He reminds him that Wendy is his sister and it’s not his place to get in between family. She shoots Daryl in the crotch and then he comes at her and she shoots him in the neck. Raylan tells her to put the gun down and she does. Daryl is choking on his own blood and Raylan leans down and says he told him he was going to wish he had killed him. He asks Daryl “don’t you?”

Raylan comes to the hospital to see Art. Rachel and Tim are there with him – he woke up last night and says it’s great because he doesn’t even have to get up to pee. They say goodbye to Leslie and go. Art tells Rachel to stay out of his parking space. Art asks if he came to say goodbye and Raylan says he’s not dying. He says that Dan Grant has a spot for him in Florida and reminds Raylan he asked for a transfer. Leslie leaves them alone. Art asks if Daryl shot him and Raylan says yes. He asks if Raylan shot Daryl and he says no, but that he’s dead. Art asks if it was an act of God. Raylan tells him to get some rest and says he’ll come see him before he leaves.

Winona and Raylan video chat and he tells her that he’s really coming and she cries and tells the baby that Daddy is finally coming home. Rachel and the US Attorney try to talk him out of going. He declines and says he wants to be at the beach. They recite the Crowes, the cartel and Wynn Duffy and tell him there’s one man at the center of all of this and he asks if they think it’s him but Rachel clarifies that they are going after Boyd and are going to bury him under the Rico statute. They want him to help before he goes. He says “why didn’t you just say so?” and smiles widely.

Boyd is repairing the shattered windows at Ava’s when he gets a call from his lawyer to tell him that Ava is being released. He says he doesn’t understand. He says her cell mate at the Harlan detention center came clean on laying and says the guard recanted his statement. The lawyer says the case fell apart and then puts Ava on the phone. He asks if this is really happening and asks if she needs a ride. She says the lawyer said he would take her where she needs to go and she says she’s going to the country house and he tells her that’s where he is. She says she’ll be there in a few hours and he says he’ll be waiting there for her.

That night, the car pulls up and Ava gets out. The lawyer drives away. Boyd asks her if it feels good to be home and she smiles. She asks if those are bullet holes in her house and he tells her it’s been a tough couple of months. He walks down to her and says he had something he needed to take care of tonight but it can wait. He asks if he can cook for her instead and she tells him to go take care of it and says she wouldn’t mind some time alone. She climbs the stairs and he asks where they go from here. Ava says she’s going to take a bath, put on her pajamas and go to sleep. She goes in.

Boyd shows up to see Wynn and tells him he’s been hard to get hold of. Wynn says he lied to the cartel for him and that he had to wait for the situation to resolve itself before he could take his calls. Boyd says he resolved it. Boyd tosses Wynn his car keys and says there’s a package on the front seat that will interest him. Wynn tosses the keys to Mikey who goes to get it. Katherine is there and asks what he’ll do now. He says that JFK said that effort and courage mean nothing without direction and purpose and says he has neither so he’ll lay low.

Katherine asks him to please sit. She asks what he knows about her and tells him to be frank. Boyd says it takes a certain kind of woman to be married to her husband. She asks what kind of woman. He says he knows what direction the wind is blowing and says he’s done with heroin. She says there are other ways to make money and he says he’s not feeling lucky. Wynn says when her husband was in charge, everyone was lucky and Boyd clarifies that was when her husband was in charge. Boyd says they’re done and Wynn says not necessarily. Turns out Katherine wants him to rob banks, not deal drugs. He smiles at that.

Out at the bridge, Raylan meets up with Ava. He asks what she told Boyd and she says nothing because he was busy tonight. He reminds her it was the night she got home. She asks if he’s going to ask about her relationship. Raylan says he gets to ask her anything he wants. He tells her if he thinks she’s not playing ball he’ll throw her back in jail. She asks if this is where they will meet and he says here and there. She tells him Rachel explained all the rules to her after the US Attorney made her the offer. Ava tells him she’s scared and he tells her not to be and says everything will be fine. He walks back to his car and she to hers.