Justified RECAP 02/05/13: Season 4 Episode 5 “Kin”

Justified RECAP 02/05/13: Season 4 Episode 5 “Kin”

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns tonight with a whole new episode called “Kin.” On tonight’s show The search for Drew Thompson leads Raylan into the remote wilds of Kentucky hill country with unexpected and dangerous results. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show Raylan’s hunt for his stolen money leds to a confrontation with a bare knuckle brawler, while Boyd and Ava faced a decision that threatens to destroy them.

On tonight’s show Raylan encounters unexpected danger while searching for Drew Thompson.  The search takes him into the wilds of the Kentucky Hills.

Executive producer, Graham Yost had this to say about where they are going with season 4, “I was talking to Joelle [Carter] about that and I started to say something, but said, “Oh, god, this sounds like the same thing I was saying last year.” But, I think the theme of the series is “crossing the line.” This year, in particular, I think the words I can boil it down to are “the future.” What Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) wants to do for the future is embodied in his child. ”  To read more of the interview, go HERE!

Tonight’s Season 4 episode 5 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified premiering tonight?

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Colton asks the convenience store manager to let him look at the security feed so he can see what happened to Ellen May. The clerk refuses and then reaches for a gun. Colton talks him down and flashes his military police ID. He tells him EM is AWOL and he was bringing her back in. He lets Colton watch the feed and he sees a cop car pull up – maybe EM hopped in with the po-po!

Raylan meets Winona at her baby doctor appointment. She’s surprised he’s there since he’s missed the other appointments. The baby starts kicking and Raylan feels it – he talks to her belly. She tells him she’s been able to work a little and he says she doesn’t need to because he’s been doing side jobs. Winona asks if that’s allowed. He has to head into the office – apparently they’re bringing Arlo in – looks like he’s going to miss another baby appointment.

The marshals’ office is being overrun with FBI files – they’ve got the Drew Thompson case back from the g-men because FBI agent Barnes blew his head off. Barkley refuses to cooperate and then goes over to bust Raylan’s chops – tells him he thinks he’s dirty and Raylan tells him to smooch his buttocks (only less politely).

Raylan wants to know why his daddy is there. Vasquez brought Arlo in to make a deal – he hands over a still alive Drew Thompson and then he gets to walk scot free. They want Theo Tonin so Arlo looks small by comparison. Raylan’s got 24 hours to find Drew Thomson himself or his Dad will walk free. He heads out to try and make that happen.

Nicky (Tonin’s sidekick) is meeting with Duffy and (shock!) FBI boss Barkley (the fix is in good on this Thompson thing). Turns out Nicky and Barkley are old friends from way back in the day. Barkley tells Nicky that nothing is going to pan out and if something does, he’ll be first in the door and will put Drew down. Barkley tells him if they take Drew alive, he won’t be able to touch him. Nicky explains that Tonin wants Drew alive – he shot Theo Tonin in the eye, stole coke from him and got him in trouble with a bunch of drug dealers.

Barkley tells him it won’t be cheap to take care of it and asks for $250k. Nicky asks if that’s the price or if he’s wanting money to take it and run. Nicky says he knows the FBI doesn’t even have the case anymore and then he blows a hole in his old buddy, killing him on the spot. He tells Duffy to find Drew and he says he’ll make it happen.

Colton blows into the sheriff’s station asking for Ellen May. The sheriff looks on his computer and says they didn’t pick anyone up. Colton insists that one of the deputies picked her up at the Reliable Gas Station. Shelby tells him it didn’t happen and Colton tells him he’s got to find her.

Colton comes into the bar and tells Boyd he was sick last night. Boyd isn’t deterred and wants to know how it went with EM. He tells him he shot her in the woods a half mile into the woods and dumped her body in the slurry. Boyd asks what her last words were and Colton says “I’m cold.” Boyd tells him to never ignore his texts again. Whoo! Colton is screwed if she shows back up.

Duffy comes in and tells Boyd he needs a serious convo with him. Boyd keeps his gun in front of him on the table while they talk. Duffy slides over a big stack of cash and says he needs help finding someone.

Bob Sweeney caught the teen criminal girl who broke into Arlo’s house. Constable Bob tells Raylan she offered him a blow job to let her go. Too bad she just had her braces tightened. Turns out her stepdad Josiah Cairn sent her and her boyfriend to dig the bag out of the wall. Raylan heads to see him and tells him he knows why he’s there. Josiah insists he’s done with scams – he’s retired. He knows Raylan is Arlo’s boy. He scratches his ankle and Raylan can see the tracking anklet – must still be on parole.

Raylan tells him to cut the shit and tells him he’s going to take him for a ride. He’s got Josiah cuffed to his car and he’s yelling saying “you can’t do that.” Raylan says he can as long as he has gas. He’s going to take him over the line for his tracker and the cops will come pick him up for a parole violation. Josiah caves and tells him he’ll tell him where Drew Thompson is.

He says he’s with the hill people. He tells him Drew busted both of his legs jumping out of the plane. He says Arlo and another sidekick got the coke and he got a place to hide it. Josiah says he never healed up right and never came down from the mountain. Raylan tells Josiah if he goes up the mountain and doesn’t find him, he’s coming back for him.

Constable Bob tells him the hill people could have eaten Drew – he’s convinced they’re cannibals who will eat Raylan too. Raylan takes a photo out of the box of Arlo’s stuff and heads up the mountain. Tim meets Raylan there and he tells him if he’s not back by nightfall, to call in some backup. He heads up the rest of the way on foot.

Ava is in one of the trailers when Kelly comes to tell her Johnny’s looking for her. Johnny comes in and asks why Ava is packing up EM’s stuff when she’s dead. Ava says she’s putting on a show for the other girls who think she actually went to Alabama. Johnny wants to know what the secret mission is that Duffy’s got Boyd working on. Ava tells him to butt out of Boyd’s business. He tells her that he’s just forgetting his place and leaves. But we know that’s not the last of that… He promised Duffy Boyd’s head.

On the mountain, Ralyan is heading up cautiously. He notices some peculiar animal calls and puts up his hands, realizing he’s surrounded by the hill people. He tells them his name and that he comes in peace. They bag his head and bring him into one of the cabins. They lock him in a little room and guess who’s already there? There’s a voice in the dark that says “Hello Raylan” and then we see… Boyd! OMG! This show kills me – it’s breakneck with all the twists and turns!

Boyd asks if he’s been to see Josiah lately. Seems he sent them both up the hill. Boyd understands why Josiah sent Raylan up the hill, but thought he wouldn’t have done the same to him. Raylan asks why Boyd is trying to screw up Arlo’s deal after all he’s done for him. Boyd says he’s just a squirrel trying to get a nut. Boyd also tells him now is not the time for them to be fighting – they have more pressing concerns.

Tim sees another truck pull up the mountain and it’s Colton. They size each other up and Tim asks him where he served.
Raylan tries to talk sense to the hill people. He has a photo of his mama with one of their people – seems they’re kin. The hill morons open the box and drag Boyd out who yells at Raylan that he doesn’t like his plan. Boyd beats the hell out of a couple of them and then Raylan is loose too and they are having a little Mexican standoff.

Raylan tells him he’s only looking for Drew Thompson. But Josiah called them – Boyd and Raylan are a little surprised that they have phones up on the hill – and told them they were up to no good. The hill people tell them they’re going to throw them down the 175 foot well. They’re marching them off to their doom when a woman comes down and calls out to Raylan – it’s Mary – and she’s a distant cousin. She says them to spare Raylan but they can kill Boyd. Mary says to let them both go.
Mary tells them that Drew Thompson is not there with them. She says she woke up one day and he was gone. Mary says she doesn’t know why Josiah told them Drew was up there. She says the last time she saw Drew, he was at a bluegrass festival rubbing shoulders with some VIPs. Mary says they’re looking for him on the wrong hill. Whoa!

Boyd tells Raylan “may the best man win” and Raylan holds out a hand for him to shake and then cuffs Boyd around a tree. As Raylan walks off, Boyd tells him he doesn’t like him very much.

Colton and Tim are chatting, waiting on Boyd and Raylan. Colton asks him how the Marshal service looks for missing people. He’s looking for hints on finding EM!

Raylan tells Colton that Boyd is about 100 yards up the trail. He asks Colton if he has a saw and when he shakes his head no, he tells him “you’re going to need a saw.” He tells Tim to call Vasquez and put off the deal with Arlo – he thinks he knows where to find Drew!

Boyd calls Duffy and tells him he’ll have Drew within the week, but he wants half of his Kentucky heroine business. Boyd tells him he thought $20k cash was a good deal and Duffy agrees. Johnny’s there with Duffy and asks about what Duffy promised him and Duffy tells him he can promise Boyd a rocket ship – that once he delivers Drew, Johnny is free to kill him.

Colton comes to Sheriff Shelby’s house, demanding to be told where Ellen May is. Shelby tells him that one of his deputies saw her get waved over to a semi truck and that she seemed to know the driver. Colton asks which way they went and he says he doesn’t know, but the truck has Tennessee plates. Colton tells him not to bother Boyd with it, but if he finds any leads to let him know directly.

She’s not in a truck – Shelby is hiding her. EM asks what would have happened if Colton had seen her and he says he would have shot him. Shelby wants her to tell him all of Boyd and Ava’s secrets so he can bring Boyd down.

Boyd is chatting with Arlo’s attorney that he’s paying for – she refuses to talk to him because she’s seen an attorney who broke confidence go to jail. Boyd counts stacks of money off to her – the first is for getting Arlo a deal and the second is for shutting the deal down. She takes the money as Boyd smirks.

Raylan heads back to Josiah’s for another chat. He warns him not to try to shoot him through a door. Raylan sees Josiah’s ankle tracker on the ground and wonders how that happened. Then he sees his dismembered foot laying there and realizes just how the ankle monitor was taken off – with the ankle!