Justified Recap – The Ghost of Arlo Past: Season 6 Episode 8 “Dark as a Dungeon”

Justified Recap - The Ghost of Arlo Past: Season 6 Episode 8 "Dark as a Dungeon"

Tonight Justified returns to the FX with all new Tuesday, March 10, season 6 episode 8 called, “Dark as a Dungeon” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Markham [Sam Elliott] is given an unexpected offer.

On the last episode Raylan was distracted by a visit from his baby daughter. Meanwhile, Boyd took Ava on a hunting trip. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FX synopsis, “Raylan extends an unexpected offer to Markham. Boyd and Ava find themselves in Walker’s dangerous company. Written by Chris Provenzano & VJ Boyd; directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton.”

Tonight’s season 6 episode 8 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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On #Justified, Raylan takes out the trash and drinks some whiskey. He’s at his dad’s place cleaning up. He cracks opens his dad’s Army footlocker and looks at photos from Vietnam and then a machete. He finds his dad’s dogtags and a key. He takes it outside and dumps whiskey on the lot then sets it on fire. Goodbye Arlo… He pulls the key off the dogtags then throws them in too. Raylan pockets the key. Boyd and Ava show up at the mine and Carl says Zachariah is still in the mine and wants him to come right down to see what happened.

Boyd sends Ava home with Earl and he tells Ava to look around and see what she wants to take with her. She reminds Boyd he still has her phone and he says this is the only pipeline to Raylan and they have to use it wisely and in concert with each other. He asks if she trusts him then he keeps it. He tells Earl not to let her out of his sight. Raylan meets with a mortician about his parents that are buried on the property. He’s talking about moving their remains.

The mortician asks what his mom is buried in and Raylan says Arlo probably buried her in the cheapest piece of shit available. Then the guy asks Raylan what he buried Arlo in and he says the cheapest piece of shit available. He tells Raylan that he’s moving the idea of his mother’s remains and says there may be nothing left but dirt if she was in a wooden casket. He says it may be labor intensive and Raylan says dig up dirt if it’s dirt. He’s moving his mom to the town cemetery.

Raylan says he can stick his dad in potter’s field. Tim shows up and sees the burn mark from the foot locker and asks if it was a goat sacrifice. Tim tells Raylan to go run down a suspicious character. He says no and says he has a lead on Zachariah Randolph. Tim asks why no one in Harlan is named Steve or Justin. Raylan says getting Boyd is job number one. Ava and Earl find Walker waiting in the house. Boyd asks Zachariah how much he’s trying to shake him down for.

Zachariah says it’s too dangerous. He asks isn’t he upset about Pig but Boyd says he doesn’t give a good god damn about the man and says Zachariah only knew him for five minutes and doesn’t care either. Boyd tells Zachariah that’s why he paid him $10k for the job. Carl isn’t happy with the conversation. Zachariah says he wants another $10k. Boyd says he’ll pay $5k and Zachariah says they may switch to dynamite to get to the vault.

Walker has Ava tying up Earl and says to make it tight and perish the thought of him making a valiant escape. He asks Ava for duct tape and she goes for a drawer but he says it’s not there, but her gun was. Walker says he also moved her shot gun and says she should know that he’s not here to hurt her or Boyd either. He says he’ll explain why she should trust him while they wait on Boyd and she stitches him up. Raylan goes to see Zachariah. He asks if he remembers Dog Hole Mine in 1990.

Then he asks if he remembers Boyd. Zachariah says he knew Arlo but didn’t want dealings with him or Raylan either. Raylan asks what he has in the crate but he doesn’t want to show him. Raylan asks what the rate is and says he’s a whore and wants to know how much Boyd is paying him. Zachariah says this is not about money and isn’t going to turn out the way he thinks it is. Raylan tells him to move and he says make me so Raylan does. He punches the old guy in the gut and goes to see the crate.

There’s dynamite in it. When he comes back out, Zachariah punches him and then Raylan gives it back. They agree it’s done. Raylan offers him a hand up and Zachariah asks if this is the end of the line. Raylan says he won’t take him in and says he’s in deep shit either way. Mikey greets Katherine and asks for Wynn. Then she asks for ice. Wynn chews Mikey out for not going to the dry cleaners. Katherine says she doesn’t have long and has to go play tennis with her asshole sister in law.

Wynn says he has proof that Avery is the rat. He asks if she remembers Gordon Keith. Wynn says his weapon of choice was a shot gun. Katherine says that’s how Simon Poole died and the feds were trying to put that on her. He says Gordon was picked up shoplifting vodka and he doesn’t even drink it. He says Gordon made bail after her husband was killed in jail. Wynn says Gordon worked for Avery. She says Avery is getting sick of the mess in Harlan. Wynn says Boyd knows how urgent it is.

Katherine says if Boyd doesn’t get it in time, she can marry Avery and they take his money in a year or two. Wynn says that makes him a third wheel. She says not to be too anxious and says she’s just thinking out loud. Walker asks Ava if Boyd will go for his plan and says if not, the two of them could go for it with Earl’s help. Walker flinches in pain while Ava stitches him and almost shoots Earl. Walker smirks and says Earl’s pitiful life passed before his eyes. Ava says she doesn’t know if Boyd will agree.

They hear a noise outside and Walker goes to check it out. It’s Boyd. He comes inside and pulls his gun, calling out for Ava. He asks where she’s at. She comes out with a gun to her head and Walker’s arm on her. He tells Boyd to calm down and says he’s just there to talk. Boyd says if he’s really there just to talk for him to put his gun down. Walker pushes Ava in front of him then hands her the gun. Boyd punches him in the face and says he can’t believe he put his hands on his fiancee.

Ava tells Boyd to wait and says Walker knows the combination to the vault. Walker tells Boyd his men are dead or in the wind and says Avery can’t have more men yet. Boyd asks why Avery wouldn’t change the combination and Walker says there’s no one skilled enough in town to change it. Boyd asks why he brought this deal to him. Walker says he can’t make it out of town very easily since he doesn’t know the hills around Harlan. Walker says he’s mostly trying to help himself.

Walker says he risked his life coming here and it wasn’t worth it. Boyd says maybe he made a deal to bring him to Avery to get back on his good side. Walker says he should trust him or shoot him. Boyd says he will help him rob the vault since circumstances have changed. Art comes to see Katherine at her request. She says Avery called and told her some bald wrinkled asshole Marshal was giving him grief and she knew who he had to mean.

Katherine asks why he’s so concerned who ratted out her husband way back when. Art says he was recuperating from his gunshot then heard about Avery and that got his curiosity up. She asks what he’ll do with that snitch. He says he thinks the snitch may have shot Simon Poole. Katherine says she also happens to be looking into Poole’s killing and says she thinks that person also killed Grady in person and it was the rat that started this all. He asks if she thinks it’s Avery and she asks what he thinks.

Katherine says she has to open a drawer and he tells her to do it slowly. She hands him a file and asks if he knows who Gordon Keith is. She gives him the file that Wynn gave her. She says the man who shot Art changed his life forever. She asks what happened to him. He says he got his balls shot off then got gut shot. She says the man who ratted on Grady turned her life to shit and says she wants something like that to happen to him. She tells him he can show himself out. He takes the file and goes.

Raylan comes to find Avery and says he expected to find him with his back against the wall. Raylan says he sees that he’s down a few security people. Avery points to the sign that says he can refuse service to him. Raylan flashes his star and says kiss my ass. Raylan pours a drink and says if he helps him get Walker, he can have his land. Raylan says if he gets Walker, he gets Boyd. He asks Avery who he’s expecting to walk in that door.

Raylan tells him that Boyd told all the people in Harlan that if they sold to Avery, he’d kill them. Raylan says he may be worried Walker would talk and flip on him but he says he can’t imagine Walker would give up without a fight. Raylan says Avery is putting down roots in Harlan and he’s pulling his up. Raylan asks him what’s the one thing no shit apple redneck can resist. Avery goes to do a local radio show. Raylan calls Tim and says he decided to help run down Walker.

He tells him to turn on AM 1194. Tim tells everyone to be quiet because they’re playing Raylan’s song. Avery says there’s a manhunt on and he’s offering a $100k cash reward to anyone who brings in the fugitive Ty Walker. Tim says – Jesus Christ. Raylan says – you’re welcome.

Boyd fixes Walker a drink and asks if he’s sensitive to odors. They offer him a ride with a guy who hides pot in pig shit. They then mention Grooves who isn’t a local guy but could get him over the mountain. Walker says they just drive up and walk in to the Pizza Portal. Boyd says the Marshals are sitting on it and Walker suggests they call in a tip that he’s been seen across town. Boyd tells Ava that if she sends that text, Raylan will take the Marshals and go. Ava says she can only pull that trigger once.

Earl warns Boyd there’s a car coming. Earl says it’s the Marshal that grabbed his nuts and Walker curses then goes to hide. Boyd comes out and greets him. Raylan asks if Boyd even knows when he’s lying anymore or if it’s like blinking. Raylan asks where his balls are at. He asks if Boyd is going to pull off the job or bore his balls off. He says he’s tired of the waiting and the BS. Raylan says he has nothing tying him to Kentucky and that’s him.

Boyd asks if he wants to lean in for a kiss. Raylan says this is like a classic story where the hero gets his man. Boyd says maybe it’s another classic where a man chases a whale to the ends of the earth then drowns for his trouble. Ava comes out and invites Raylan in for a drink and says nothing to hide. He comes in. Ava reassures Raylan that everything is fine. Raylan says he has to find Walker and also came to help Boyd find his balls.

He tells them that there’s a $100k reward for Walker being offered by Avery. He says every turd with a gun will be combing the woods with dollar signs in his eyes. Boyd says he’s in the back. Raylan goes for him. Walker knocked out Earl and fires at Raylan outside. Raylan shoots him twice in the back. Walker complains that he shot him in the back and Raylan says if he wanted to be shot in the front he should have run towards him. He wheezes out a last breath.

The Marshals are all over the property and Boyd’s lawyer is there. He says his clients were in fear for their lives and were trying to find a way to contact the authorities when he showed up. Raylan says all good lawyers have ponytails then tells Boyd he should collect his reward money. Boyd asks what’s the catch and Raylan says no catch. He raises his hand and says – on my mama’s grave. (Which of course, is no longer there).

Raylan takes Boyd to see Avery about the reward. He asks if he’s joking. Raylan says it’s not important who gets the reward but that a dangerous man is off the streets. Avery takes them down to the vault and opens it. Both Raylan and Boyd eyeball the stacks of cash. Zachariah is down below the vault. Avery hands Boyd some stacks of cash and relocks the vault. He walks back upstairs. Zachariah lights the dynamite. Boyd asks if Raylan wanted him to see the stack of cash in the vault.

Raylan says he wanted him to get his reward. Boyd tells him lying comes easy to both of them. Raylan says that was a hell of a stack of cash. Boyd asks if he really wants him to take that bait. Raylan says he trembles with anticipation. Raylan hears a rumbling sound. He sees the water bottle and the liquid in it vibrating. Boyd goes back to the bar and sends Earl home. Boyd tells Ava he has $100k cash and says it hurt Avery to hang it over. She says they have money and need to go but he says he has something to show her first.

He shows her a stack of boxes and says this is the size of the stacks of cash in Avery’s vault and it has to be $10 million. Ava says they’re going to get killed. Boyd asks what they’re going to do with $100k and she asks what they’re going to do with $10 million. Boyd says he can’t walk away from it. Ava asks if he can ever walk away and says he has a choice here. She asks for her phone and says she has to meet Raylan. He hands it over. She asks if he’s afraid she’ll spill her guts and beg him to pull her out.

Boyd says he knows that Ava loves him and even if she didn’t, she knows what Boyd has to offer. He says all Raylan can offer is a shitty job and Wit Sec. He asks how much money she’ll get and she says $50k. Raylan hands her $50k of the reward money and points to the stack of boxes and says – there’s $10 million, take your pick. Ava heads out to Arlo’s old place to meet Raylan. He asks how she got away and she asks how he could give Boyd $100k when he only offered her $50k.

Raylan says it’s cheese in a trap. Raylan says it defies her understanding how she’s scared but doesn’t have a scratch. He asks what happened in Bulletville. She says they went hunting for him to go hunt a hog. She says his neck is just as red as hers. She says he’s not better than where he came from and says he could have just as easily been an outlaw. He asks again what happened in Bulletville. She says she’ll find out why they need Zachariah. She says they’re going up through a busted mine in Blanton Creek.

Raylan asks why it’s always a fight between them and she says they’re too much alike. Raylan calls Rachel and says he doesn’t know when but how. He says he’s going to blast up from underneath. He also says he’s pretty sure Ava is burned. She asks what tipped it and he says he just knows. She tells him to come up in the morning and hash things out. He says there’s something he needs to do first. Raylan goes out to his dad’s shed and tries the key from the foot locker. He walks inside and looks around. It looks like the entrance to a mine.

He sees nothing and an apparition of Arlo asks if he was expecting Rosebud. Raylan says he had nightmares his whole life about what Arlo had locked up in there. Arlo says it ain’t nothing. He says Raylan always had his head in the clouds. Arlo says it was just a place he used to go. Raylan says he thought every evil thing inside his dad was in that place. Arlo says it was a big fat nothing. Raylan leaves and slams the door.

Raylan tells the mortician there’s nothing left of his parents. He asks Raylan where he wants it moved to and he says – your guess is as good as mine. They start the backhoe digging and the first to go is Raylan’s grave. There’s a headstone there with his name on it and his date of birth. Is that foreshadowing that his death is imminent or that he’ll live through this all. Hmm. Curious.