Justified Recap – Bad News About the Baby: Season 6 Episode 7 “The Hunt”

Justified Recap - Bad News About the Baby: Season 6 Episode 7 "The Hunt"

Tonight Justified returns to the FX with all new Tuesday, March 3, season 6 episode 7 called, “The Hunt” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Raylan [Timothy Olyphant] is distracted by a visit from his baby daughter.

On the last episode when Raylan investigated a murder. Meanwhile, Boyd was forced to revisit his mining days. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FX synopsis, “Raylan is distracted by a visit from his baby daughter. Meanwhile, Boyd takes Ava on a hunting trip.”

Tonight’s season 6 episode 7 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new season of Justified?

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Rachel shows the team the roadblocks they have for Walker and she says they’re chasing their dicks but Tim says that sounds strange. They have all the locals and then Raylan says he has a thing and has to go. He tells her she told him to take 24 hours anyway. She asks why he wants out of the man hunt. He tries to act like he has PTSD. She says to stay where she can reach him and to stay away from Walker if he finds him.

Walker sits in a car and he looks to be in bad shape. He calls Seabass and Avery and they put him on speaker. Walker says they have a bit of a problem. He says he needs an extraction. Avery tells him to sit tight and says they’ll get him to a doctor and asks where he is. Seabass says he’s coming for him and asks him if the car’s GPS is active. He says he’s near Corbin at an abandoned church.

Seabass goes to leave and Avery says they both know that’s not where he is and says they can’t get caught up in that horseshit. He offers Seabass a stack of cash but he says it’s not about money. Avery throws some more cash out and says it’s about loyalty and freedom. He says the only one Seabass has to take orders from again is himself. Avery says Walker is burned and there’s nothing for him.

He tells Seabass to stay out of the fire that Walker started. He tells Seabass to lay low for a while since the whore can ID him. He asks if he can count on him. Seabass takes the many stacks of cash and Avery tells him he’s a good man. Boyd comes to snuggle Ava and she asks if Earl is there. Boyd says he sent him home and it’s just the two of them.

She asks why he has her suitcase packed. He says they’re going to his daddy’s hunting cabin in Bullettville to take a break. He says when he dug coal, he went up there at least once a week to get fresh air. She asks if it will be just the two of them and he says yes then kisses her. She says it’s so far away and asks if they can just stay home and watch TV.

Boyd tells her he’s not asking. He says to meet him in truck in five. He heads back upstairs. Raylan meets Winona at her hotel room and he says he’s sorry for not meeting her at the airport. She says she took an uber and it’s okay. She hands the little girl over and Raylan says he’s not going anywhere. Carl calls down to Pig and asks Zachariah if he could still be alive.

Zachariah welcomes him to climb down and check. He says the ground isn’t stable and says he thinks it’s a 300 foot drop. Carl says he needs to call Boyd and tell him. Zachariah says that’s not the kind of news you deliver over the phone. He says you go in person just like they did when they worked in the mines. Carl says Pig wasn’t one of Boyd’s own but Zachariah says to chow him some GD respect.

Carl says he’ll tell Boyd how and when he wants to. Winona asks Raylan what he’s missing being there and he says nothing much. He asks how long she’s in town and she says a day or two. She asks him to sit down and not freak out. She says Willa’s doctor found something wrong with her heart. It’s a grade four heart murmur and could be a congenital defect or one she grows out of.

She says she’s there to get her tested. She asks if he’s freaking out. He says he’s not and asks if she is. Then Raylan asks about her mother. Winona says her mother is driving her into the ground with mommy and me classes and would be amused that Raylan is interested. He says he’s only pretending to be interested. He wants to hold his girl and takes her from Winona gain.

She then says her mom wants to set her up on a date with a guy named Randy. Raylan asks if she’s going to go and she says she’s still thinking about it. She says they also have to figure out their custody arrangement so they can draw up papers. Boyd lights a lamp and she asks for a fire but he says he has something else for her and pulls something out of a bin. It’s a pilfered bottle of good old whiskey.

Boyd says he kept that bottle up there to be opened on the night he got married. He says since they are on the precipice of starting a new life, it’s time. She asks shouldn’t they wait to drink it but he tells her to drink a shot with him now. She says she’ll have one. They each drink it down and he asks to see her ring. He says it’s beautiful. She says her fiancee did good.

Boyd says his parents were married right there in front of that fireplace and it got him to thinking they should write their own vows something straight from the heart. Ava says she doesn’t want to hear about til death do us part on her wedding day. Boyd says they need to talk about loyalty, commitment and trust and asks if she agrees.

He says his parents had to obey in their wedding vows and says his dad brought it up every time he hit his mother. Ava says Bowman never made excuses. Boyd says he never has found a reason to hit a woman. She asks what if she didn’t have his dinner ready or she looked at a handsome man. She asks if he’d hit her then promise that it wouldn’t happen again.

He asks if he’s ever hurt her. She says Bowman was sweet as candy til they got married. He says he’s not his brother and she says he’s a Crowder and forced her to come up there and forced her to drink. They get feisty and he asks if it would make her feel better to hit him. She slaps him twice then he wraps his hand around her throat. She says his name and he stops then they start making out passionately.

Walker shuts himself into a public restroom and peels his shirt off. He sees he was shot in the shoulder. He had a bullet proof vest on that protected him to some extent. He takes out his knife and digs out the bullet. He sprinkles some type of powder in the wound. There’s a knock at the door as he doctors his wound. The knocking doesn’t let up. Troy says he hears him in there and Walker asks if they’re fraternity brothers. He asks what college they went to and Troy says FU.

He says they have a great proctology program and says he’d like it. Walker says he skipped college and joined the service. Troy asks if he’s through whipping his pud and says he needs to take a shit. Walker asks if his buddy is going to step up when he splits his skull open. Troy backs down and says he was just kidding. Walker smiles and says he was too. He says he has a twisted sense of humor.

He asks where they’re headed. They tell him Disney World or maybe the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. He says he was on the way to Orlando to deliver this vest to a buddy of his. He offers them $300 dollars to deliver it to Orlando. He also offers them a credit card and says to use it for traveling expenses and gives them the address.

Willa is fussy and Winona says she’s been crying for six hours because she’s sick and says this is her life now. Raylan says of course he wants to be involved in his daughter’s life. Winona says this is his daughter’s life. Winona asks what he wants and says things are different now and she can’t factor in where his head is at and says it’s exhausting and bullshit. Winona says it’s three am and she has a demon child that won’t stop crying. She shuts the bathroom door in his face.

Ava lies in bed asleep and Boyd gets dressed and wakes her. He says they’re going hunting. He says he has the coffee going. He tells her to get up. Winona dresses fussy Willa when Raylan comes in with coffee. He says to let him take Willa out for a drive while she gets some sleep. He takes her and walks out of the hotel room. Avery is at the Marshal’s office and Art comes in to talk to him. Avery asks if he’s the closer and Art says he’s just a POD – plain old detective.

He asks Avery’s name then says he passed him one day in a court house on the day Avery was acquitted after he paid off a job. Art says he heard Avery snagged Katherine Hale then asks about Grady being killed in prison. Avery says he heard it was suicide. Art says that was the same time Simon Poole got his head shot off. He asks Avery who Simon’s snitch might have been.

Avery asks if he’s calling him a murderer or rat. Art says neither. He says it wouldn’t make sense for him to kill both Simon and Grady if he was just going to run off and leave Katherine. Avery says it was hard to do and says he loved her. Art asks if he left because he didn’t trust her or didn’t know what she was going to do to him.

Raylan comes in with the baby and Art says he picked a hell of a day for bring your daughter to work day. Raylan says he thought it would be easier to sell her to people he knows. Art says he was bored and came in for the man hunt and says they rolled Avery up. Raylan says it looks like they’re cutting him loose. Art tells Raylan he’s glad she doesn’t look like him.

Tim asks if that’s his baby and Raylan says that’s what they tell him. He asks Tim why he’s not on the man hunt and Tim says he’s tracking the asshole’s credit cards. He says he’s using two cards all over the place on liquor and porn. Raylan says that’s obviously not him and says he gave someone his cards. Tim says he knows that and was condescending to him.

Rachel comes in and he asks if she wants to hold the baby. She asks did he ask Tim that but he says Tim is an asshole. Rachel asks doesn’t he have something to do and she gets a call. She gives him a look and he walks out with the baby. Walker is under his car that’s stopped with a smoking engine by the side of the road. He curses at the car then sits down on a rock. He cocks the gun and thinks.

Walker pulls out his cell phone and sees he has no signal and curses again. He walks around and finally gets a signal. He calls 911. In the woods, Boyd asks Ava what was the first animal she shot. She says it was a squirrel. He says Johnny was the worst rifle shot he ever saw. He says to be sporting you have to give an animal a fair shake. He says he never understood why Johnny and Devil betrayed him.

He says if they weren’t happy with him they could have come to him to hash out their differences. He asks why they didn’t and she says they were likely afraid of what he would do to them and then did to them. Boyd asks if she’s scared of him and she says sometimes. He tells her not to move. He walks off with the rifle and says to stay right there.

She calls out to him but he walks off. She looks around. She hears a gunshot and screams. He laughs and says he got the first hog of the seasons. He says to stay put while he goes to get the truck and says they’re going to have pork tonight. She’s clearly terrified to be out there with him. Raylan comes back to the hotel with a quiet Willa. Winona says it’s the best sleep she’s had in weeks.

She says she loves her baby girl more when she’s quiet. She asks where he went and he says he drove around and went to the park but Winona says the office called and said he left her pacifier there. She says he didn’t have to lie and he says he shouldn’t have left that part out. She thanks him for watching Willa and says she really needed the rest.

After Willa falls asleep, she says she didn’t just come about Willa’s heart. She says the worry got her thinking and she says she used to lie awake in bed when he was out doing his thing and says she would get worked up worrying that he was never going to come home again. She says that seemed unbearable and unfair. Winona says now she lies awake by Willa and listens to her breathe and knows he’s not coming home and says that certainty… she trails off and says she liked it better the first way.

Winona says she loves and misses him and wants him to come home no matter where that home is. She says she wants him by her side raising their daughter if he wants it. She says he can be with her and still be him if that’s something he wants. His phone buzzes and Rachel says Ava is up in Bullettville and asks if she would go up to his cabin. He says the magic eight ball says ask again later about this.

Rachel tells him to get there when he can. He ends the call and kisses Winona. An ambulance comes to pick up Walker. He says his brother is hurt bad. He says his brother was hiking and fell and there’s a lot of blood. They tell him they need to call a chopper but he says it’s not needed. They guy prepares a shot and tells Walker it’s antibiotics but he recognizes it as a sedative. He grabs it and puts the shot in the EMT.

Then when the guy tries to get up he shoots him. The other guy says he can take the kit and get away. Walker goes nuts and says he’s had a day and shoots that guy too and splatters blood on the ambulance. Walker grabs the EMT’s kit and walks off. Ava and Boyd sit by the fire in the woods. He roasts the pig and she says she’s not hungry but he says he’s famished.

He asks Ava if she believes in God. She asks why he brought her up there. He says to spend time with her and she calls BS and says to stop dancing around what he has to say. Her phone rings and he asks if it’s her salon calling again. He says she’s been lying and he knows she ran and went to see Limehouse and someone helped her escape Earl.

He says all that and he found Raylan sitting in her goddamned kitchen. He asks her to say what she has to say. She says she’s Raylan’s CI. She says she sold him out. He’s disgusted. He pulls the gun out of his waistband and she backs away. She asks if he’s going to kill her. She says he left her in prison and did nothing for her and was going to cut a deal but took a clean slate for himself and was going to leave her to die in prison.

She asks if she should be expected to fight every day the rest of her life. He asks if she’s sleeping with Raylan. He says if she is to put a bullet in his head and hands her the gun. She says she didn’t do anything with Raylan and says it’s always been him for her. She gives back the gun and says to do what he has to do. He says he let her down and he’s sorry.

He says he understand what she did and why she did it. He says he still loves her. She says she loves him too. He asks if she would trust him right now and tell her everything she told Raylan he can get them out of this and give Raylan enough info to keep him running in circles til they can get the money and get away. He asks if she can trust him and if he can trust her. She says they can.

He kisses her and holds her in his arms. He says he’s going to go get some more firewood. He takes the gun with him. He takes the unloaded clip out of the pistol and puts in a clip that is loaded. Winona asks if they’re going to do this and Raylan says they have to do. He says he gives them a 51/49 shot and she asks which way. He kisses her and then kisses Willa. He says she’ll see him soon.