Justified Recap and Review – Ava Makes Her Move: Season 6 Episode 10 “Trust”

Justified Recap and Review - Ava Makes Her Move: Season 6 Episode 10 "Trust"

Tonight Justified returns to the FX with all new Tuesday, March 24, season 6 episode 10 called, “Trust” and we have your weekly recap and review below. On tonight’s episode, Ava’s [Joelle Carter] caught in the crossfire as Boyd [Walton Goggins] goes after Markham’s money.

On the last episode Ava’s loyalty was tested by Raylan and Boyd. Meanwhile, Markham’s plans went awry. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FX synopsis, “Ava’s caught in the crossfire as Boyd goes after Markham’s money. Meanwhile, Raylan cracks downs on his informants”

Tonight’s season 6 episode 10 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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On #Justified, Katherine rants to Wynn about Boyd’s plan. He says he told Boyd that Avery was moving the money and says he did it because Katherine’s engagement news made him doubt their plan. He says he needs her to find out if Avery will be moving the money. Katherine says she hasn’t heard from Avery in hours. He asks her to be in touch when she hears from him. Tim and Raylan listen to this. Wynn says whatever Katherine gets from Avery, she can tell Boyd. He wants out. Tim and Raylan tell him that he hasn’t met their requirements yet.

Raylan says he’s trying to get the shot at the $10 millon and may have set up Boyd for failure. Wynn and Mikey are not pleased. Ava and Boyd drink at the bar. Limehouse shows up and Boyd says he wasn’t sure he’d show. Ava and Limehouse swap barbs. Limehouse says she’s the only woman he ever regretted giving sanctuary. Boyd takes him to the office to talk. Boyd says he almost died tonight in a mine. Limehouse asks if he got what he wanted at least. Boyd says they don’t like each other and that’s a simple truth but says he can get him what he needs and he’ll pay him big.

Limehouse asks why he should help. Boyd offers him $50k. Limehouse says he knows he collected $100k for the Walker reward. Boyd pulls out the other stack of cash. Limehouse says he will get them all new papers one one condition. He says when he’s gone he wants Boyd to promise never to come back to Harlan County. Boyd says he doesn’t have to ask him twice. Ava sees Dewey’s gator tooth necklace on the stuffed squirrel on the bar. She pulls it off and is stunned.

Tim and Raylan go to a diner and Boon happens on Raylan and says he was thinking about the movie cowboy. He talks about the cook who wears a hat and Raylan says Boon should talk less. Boon says one guy told him that once. Boon asks if he comes across a guy who has never done anything macho but wears a hat. Boon says they should disabuse the guy of that notion. Raylan says he overestimates how much they have in common. Boon says he’ll think on that. Avery walks over and raises his hands and asks if he’s going to arrest him.

Raylan says he needs to call Katherine and says he’s moving his money. Tim says Boyd has an inside woman. Avery says BS. Raylan says they’ll get Boyd if she passes on the info and if she doesn’t and they don’t, he can trust her. Tim says if she’s not after the money she won’t ask how he’s trying to move it. Avery says she hasn’t – they tell him she will. Raylan tells him to call Katherine and just see if she brings up the subject. They walk out. He calls her and says he’s okay. Katherine asks if he’s thought about what he’s going to do with the vault contents. He says he’s sending the money to Charlotte.

Boon looks like he’s hoping he gets to kill her. Wynn meets with Boyd and Carl and they look at a map of Charlotte to try and figure out where to take the money. Boyd has the perfect spot and says that’s where the miracle will happen. Then Wynn makes a call to Raylan and reports in. He tells Mikey to take them home and tells him to stop with his code BS. Mikey says he’s done with the code and Wynn asks if he’s putting on his big boy pants. Mikey says something like that. Raylan and Tim watch the pizza place. They put together a fake truck for him to hit.

Tim says they see Boyd has a guy watching it. Raylan says Boyd is too smart for this. Tim says Boyd is so smart he’s stupid and Raylan says last time they ended up with Boyd’s underwear. Ava talks to Carl and asks if Zachariah could have lived. He says the crazy bastard got turned around and ran the wrong way. Ava doesn’t think he got turned around. Boyd says he’s riding separate from Carl and sends him on his way. Boyd tells Ava to go pick up the stuff from Limehouse and says he’ll tell her where to meet him. He tells her that no money will be in the truck.

She asks how he knows and Boyd says he’s too smart. She says Avery and he yells at her and says Raylan then tells her to trust him and meet him. She holds the necklace and looks at it. She calls Raylan and tells him Boyd is not going after the truck but is going after the money. Rachel and Vasquez talk to him and Tim who is watching Carl and Earl. Rachel tells Raylan to stay on Ava. Vasquez says Ava is heading back to jail since she hasn’t fulfilled the contract. Raylan tells Tim that Boyd will never let them take him in and will try to go out like an outlaw.

Katherine puts on lipstick and is stunned to find Boyd waiting on her with a gun. He says he found a way to get at that money. Avery is at Lilian’s house and she pours a drink. She’s Loretta’s great aunt and he tells her that Loretta has fallen in with some bad people. He asks how she ended up in foster care. She sees he’s asking about who would inherit Loretta’s property. She says she knows who and what he is. She says he’s a no account peckerwood for starters. Avery says that’s a wrong impression of his intent. She says it looks like he came to get her to talk Loretta into selling or her to sell once he kills her.

Avery leaves and tells Boon that Lilian is tough as a pine knot. Avery says necessary things weigh on his conscience. Boon isn’t bothered and Avery says he’s sorry since he knows he’s fond of Loretta. Boon says fond has nothing to do with it and he heads into Lilian’s house and shoots her a couple of times while Avery waits. Boyd calls Avery – he has Katherine in his truck. Boyd says he knows the money isn’t on the way to Charlotte. Boyd says he is going to give him money and drive North or else she dies. He says any delays or if he doesn’t come alone, she dies.

Boon offers to come with Avery and he says no, he’s going to play it straight. Boon says to call if he changes his mind. Avery says he’s a good boy and tells him to stay out of trouble. Boon says he’s going to find out what kind of entertainment this shit hole offers. Mikey says Wynn said “this time” when he asked him about snitching for the Marshals. He asks if he snitched on Grady. Wynn asks if he just figured that out. Mikey laughs, bashes Wynn’s head onto the table then cuffs him to a chair. He takes all of Wynn’s weapons away then makes a call to Katherine.

He leaves a message and says he has something she’ll be interested in. Boyd waits with Katherine who tells Boyd she’ll come after him. He says she should do what she has to. She says he’s pretty cool if he doesn’t mind looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. Boyd calls Avery and asks where he is. He tells him what exit to turn off at and says to call then. Tim took Carl and Earl into custody for trying to rob the fake truck. He tells Rachel that Boyd wasn’t with them. Rachel goes to Vasquez and says Ava told Raylan the truth.

Raylan goes to Ava’s house and she looks at her fake passport. She says Limehouse does good work and shows him to them. She asks why he’s there. He says he was supposed to stay out of sight and watch her. He says Vasquez wants to bust Boyd on something that doesn’t require her cooperation and toss her back in jail. She says Boyd just called and says Raylan can get him with the money. He says he’s sorry and she asks if he is. She asks what if they got him for murder. Raylan asks who. She shows him the necklace. She says it was hanging above the bar.

She says he killed Dewey and Raylan knows it. He asks if she has a weapon, witness or body. Raylan says it still ain’t enough. She says after all this, it’s going to end like this. Raylan says it appears that way. She asks what if she gets Boyd to confess to the killing. Boon is back at the ice cream shop and complains about Heath’s service. He pours him more coffee. Boon asks what he said to Maya but he doesn’t answer. He’s very blasé. Boon asks Maya if she’s a student and asks what she’s studying. She says engineering and he says she’s studious.

Then Boon says his girl is an entrepreneur and says she’s young but has grass on the field. Boon asks where Heath got his hat then calls him a hipster. Boon asks how much it costs and he says $80 or so. Boon offers him a hundie and says he owes him $20. Heath says he can just order one online but Heath says he’s not selling and you can’t come in and tell a guy to sell something. Heath tells him to leave. Boon says he should take off the hat before it gets bent out of shape when he gets rough. Heath says he’ll call the cops. Boon dumps his coffee out on the counter and say Heath is a bad waitress.

Heath just gives him the heat. Boon puts it on and asks Maya if she likes it. He says on second thought it doesn’t suit him and says it’s a shame to go home empty handed. He says one day he’ll end up in the dog house with his girl. He says he needs to get back in her good graces and says he can’t leave empty handed. He drops the $100 in the hat and asks if Maya has anything worth taking to her. Raylan tells Ava that he can’t imagine Boyd will confess. She says she can get him to. They drive to meet Boyd. She says she has wiles at hand and says Raylan was once held sway with them.

She says he threw her over and asks if he ever thought how things would have changed if he had taken her along when he left. He asks what she’s supposed to say. She says she’ll ask straight away about Dewey. Raylan says he wants to trust her but says Boyd won’t say. She says if he doesn’t she’ll take her clothes off and ask again. Avery pulls up to meet Boyd and Katherine. He asks if she’s okay and she says to ask her later. Avery shows he has no gun on him. Boyd says this is a conundrum and says someone always has to go first. He asks to see the money.

Avery pulls out a heavy duffel bag and puts it in the bed of the truck. He shows him there’s cash inside. Katherine sighs longingly. Avery brings a second bag and throws it in the truck. Boyd says they can all ride off into their respective sunsets and puts a gun to Katherine’s head. She doesn’t want to leave the money but then staggers over toward Avery. Boyd says ripping him off was Katherine’s idea from the jump as payback for him murdering Grady. He says he thought he should know. He drives off elated. Boyd calls Ava and says oh baby.

Avery asks Katherine if she really thinks he had Grady murdered. She says she did but doesn’t anymore. She asks what happens now. She asks if he’s going to kill her. Ava waits for Boyd. He pulls up and gets out in triumph. He hugs her and then she says they can talk on the road. She pulls a gun and then shoots him. Raylan comes out and asks what she did. She says he was never going to confess. Raylan tells her to put the gun down. Ava says she delivered what he always wanted – Boyd bleeding at his feet. She says she can’t go to prison and says he can kill her or let her go. Raylan say she’ll come after her and she says she knows. She drives off in Boyd’s truck.