Justified Recap “Burned” – The Rat Is Exposed: Season 6 Episode 9

Justified Recap "Burned" - The Rat Is Exposed: Season 6 Episode 9

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns to the FX with all new Tuesday, March 17, season 6 episode 9 called, “Burned” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Ava’s [Joelle Carter]  loyalty is tested by Raylan  [Timothy Olyphant] and Boyd. [Walton Goggins]

On the last episode Raylan made an unexpected offer to Markham. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FX synopsis, “Ava’s loyalty is tested by Raylan and Boyd. Meanwhile, Markham’s plans go awry.”

Tonight’s season 6 episode 9 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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#Justified starts with Raylan telling Rachel and Art about Ava and Boyd and how she’s burned. He tells Art that he doesn’t know what happened but she’s flipped. Vaquez comes in and says it’s no surprise since Boyd is likely making her promises and has $100k to give her for the reward. Vasquez says they have Boyd linked to everything in Kentucky but if they want him on Rico, they need a CI. Art says he may know another CI. He and Raylan roll to see Wynn.

They pull him naked out of his tanning bed. Wynn tells them to get their bony asses out but they beat him down and shove him back in the tanning bed. Raylan tells him to calm down and he agrees. They let him out and he tells Art he’s supposed to be the grown up. They show him some case files and Art says they came from Simon Poole. He was the rat. Art says Poole was murdered the same time the records were sealed. Wynn says the ship was sinking and he didn’t want to go down with it.

Art says they want him to do it again. Raylan says he’d hate for these files to leak and Katherine would find out he got Grady killed. Wynn says if they burn him, he’s dead. He asks them to wait and says he may be able to help them again. Wynn meets Mikey at the RV. Mikey isn’t happy about being a snitch and Wynn tells him not to be so self-righteous. Mikey says he has a code and Wynn asks who he’s loyal to – Katherine, Boyd or Markham. He says any of them would turn on them to save their hide.

Katherine chats with Avery – he wants to parade her around to meet people. Seabass is there with a gun and Katherine asks if he was one of hers. He tells them both to sit their asses down. Seabass says he wants severance pay. Avery says he just paid for his loyalty. Seabass says he paid for his disloyalty to his former CO. Avery says he knows where his money is and Seabass says he could tell some tales if he got caught. He says he’ll take Katherine’s ring and call it a day.

Avery says it has sentimental value and Seabass says unless it can bring them back from the dead, it doesn’t matter. Katherine offers him a diamond tennis bracelet from her purse and Seabass says that will do. She looks and then shoots him with her little gun she keeps in there. He goes down to his knees and she puts another in his head. Avery says he thought he’d seen all her tricks. She says she could use a new purse if he wants to show his gratitude. She calls for a clean up.

Ava tells Boyd that Raylan knew that he was working with Zachariah and says he would have locked her up if she denied it. Boyd says they’re going to watch the main entrance while they slip out the ventilation shaft. Wynn shows up then and Boyd says he’s a long way from home. Wynn says home is where the RV is. He asks to speak to Boyd and Boyd asks Ava to step out but Wynn says she can stay. Wynn says Avery is hosting a Harlan gathering and then will move the money.

He says Katherine told him it was happening but she doesn’t know where the new location is. Boyd says the only chance is to get the money during the party. Wynn asks him to let him know when it’s done and says he hopes to leave this place and never come back. Boyd says Raylan is pulling this string. She says if he is, he didn’t tell her. He says they need to play their one time get out of jail free card and she agrees.

Boyd goes to meet Zachariah in the tunnel and says they need to make this happen in two hours. Zachariah says it’s too risky. He leaves while Zachariah curses. Tim says – here comes the douchemobile as Wynn drives up in the RV. Wynn tells them that he told Boyd that the money is being moved and he made sure that Ava heard it. They remark that Mikey doesn’t look happy and Tim says it’s like finding out daddy is cheating with the girl next day.

Wynn says Boyd is hitting it during the party. Raylan says he needs to know weaponry and people. Wynn fakes like he’s making a phone call and asking about weapons. Raylan tells Wynn to tell Boyd he wants in on the robbery. He tells Wynn unless he wants to spend the rest of his life running from the Dixie Mafia he better make it happen. Loretta comes home and sees a snake on the floor then Boon comes in and says he didn’t mean to startle her.

She tells him to get out of her ass. He says he’s new and just wanted to say hi to his neighbor. He sees the snake and asks if she knows she has a dead snake and says it looks like someone shot the head clean off. He asks if it was her. Loretta tells him to get out of her house. He says that would be one hell of a shot to get just the head and asks how they did it and he pulls his gun and says there’s no reason to do that and show off. He toys with his gun to scare her and says you want to hit it just right.

Boon says whoever shot that sneak is deranged and if she’s made enemies, she should make peace now so they don’t send that lunatic back. He tells her she’s a beautiful girl and promises to check back in on her if she’s still around. He asks if she needs help getting rid of that snake. Loretta says she’ll be fine and he leaves. Boyd tells Ava and Earl to be on the lookout for extra security measures. Loretta shows up to the bar and says she needs a word with Boyd.

He says she’s Walt McReady’s daughter and asks what he can do for her. She says she owns the Bennett land and is looking to acquire more. She says what she doesn’t have is muscle or distribution but knows more about rolling weed than anyone else. He asks if Avery is shaking her tree. Boyd asks about Raylan’s fondness for her. She says she has bigger problems than Raylan and says he’s not long for Harlan. He asks if she really has Mags’ money and says she needs more land.

She knows which property she needs and tells him. Boyd says they agreed to sell to him and not Avery. She asks how much he wants and he says she can have them if she pays the owners a reasonable price and keeps Harlan like Harlan. He says his men will protect her as long as she pays them well. He says this town will be hers if she plays her cards right. Earl walks her out. Ava says this is all happening fast. Boyd says this will be the last night they spend in Harlan County. He kisses her cheek.

Raylan goes to the pizza place for the little shindig. He orders the most expensive whiskey since drinks are free. He looks around and sips his drink. Loretta shows up and we see Avery is there with Katherine. Raylan tells Loretta she’s got more balls than sense for showing up. He offers her Arlo’s land and plot and she says for a reasonable price she is. Boon walks over and acts creepy. Raylan tells him he works for Avery and he asks if he’s one of his Colorado boys.

Raylan tells him that Avery’s former employees have not fared well in Harlan and Boon calls them jarheads. He says those boys have no soul. Boon says he’s everything he hoped for right down to the hat. He says the man who invented the Stetson is from New Jersey. Loretta tells him to show his gun to the Marshal the way he showed it to her. Raylan asks if he has a real gun or just that one. Raylan says he doesn’t have much regard for his well being showing it like that.

Boon says he looks forward to calling on her again real soon. Boyd and Ava show up to the party and Katherine says they make quite the pair. She says he’s more pulled together than she imagined. She says Ava is a pretty thing. She pretends she doesn’t know them. Avery says he’d like to kill them both but she says that would put a damper on the party. He says it’s time. Avery goes and addresses the crowd and thanks them for being there.

He says he knows many of them think he’s a stranger then reminds them he offered a reward for a dangerous fugitive and offered many of them generous settlements for their property. Avery says he didn’t come to reverse the town’s fortunes. He says he came back here for love and says they should say hello to his fiancee Katherine. Then he calls out Boyd and asks if he came to cast aspersions on him. Boyd says he throws a hell of a party and he’s enjoying himself.

He asks if he’s planning to do to Harlan what he did to all those towns in Colorado. Boyd says the people need the money earned in the community to stay in the community. Avery says he offered cash while Boyd offered threats. Loretta pipes up and says everyone Boyd spoke to is still alive and says Red Crowell isn’t there and several others. She says Red Crowell is skittish since his place burned to the ground. Loretta says she’s spooked by the decapitated snake in her house.

She says she offers the same thing Avery offers but she’s local. She says her partner cares as much as she does about Harlan and says it’s Boyd Crowder. She tells them she’ll give them cash for their land but they don’t have to leave. She says she’ll put seed on their land and they can all work it. She says they’ll make Harlan prosperous their own selves and send City Mouse Markham on his way. Everyone applauds. Boyd talks to a bunch of people at the party then tells Loretta she’s not subtle.

He tells her a whisper gets you further than a roar. She says they can’t leave Harlan to the likes of Markham. He goe to Ava and says he has to see a man about a vault and tells her and Earl to keep their eyes open. Raylan stands at the bar at the ready. Loretta goes to talk to Raylan. He tells her that Boyd is about to be arrested or killed. She asks if he’ll still sell her his land. She says when the dust settles with Boyd maybe he’ll reconsider. Katherine tells Avery something has to be done about that girl.

Avery tells Boon to find out if she has any kin that the property would go to if she died. Wynn and Boyd meet Zachariah down in the mine. Carl is down there and they check their radios. Boyd says to get ready for the boom. Carl looks at Wynn’s wing tips and says – nice shoes. Raylan comes over to talk to Ava and tells Earl to go get a smoke. Ava says to go on before Raylan crushes his nuts just because he can.

Ava says he won’t be gone long and Raylan says she looks good in that dress. She says it was supposed to be a party. Raylan looks at her and she says he knows. She says she’s supposed to tell him it’s happening next week but it’s going down today and soon. She asks how he figured it and tells him Boyd almost killed her. He asks what she’s supposed to do and she says start a fire and clear the place out. He tells her to get to it.

Boyd and Zachariah are looking at the charge. Boyd says the money is going to fall right down on his goddamned lap. He yells out – you can kiss my ass Raylan Givens. Boyd tells Carl to tell Earl to do it because they’re ready to go. Ava goes to the kitchen and looks around. She waits for the cook to turn his back and she throws a pan of grease over to start a fire and pulls the fire alarm. Raylan looks at her then he walks toward Avery and Katherine.

Raylan tells Avery he believes he’s being robbed and they need to get to the vault. Zachariah says a prayer as Boyd lights the fuse. Then he whacks Boyd with a shackle and chains him to where the rocks will fall. He says Boyd will be buried by his own greed and his niece won’t spend one more day with a Crowder. Zachariah takes off and Boyd tries to cut off the fuse. He can’t reach it. It keeps burning. Carl hears Boyd screaming and runs back.

Wynn is at the ladder with him. Boyd is trying desperately to break loose and is screaming. Carl comes running for him and he tells him to give him the rock hammer. He tells Carl to go and Boyd slams at the chain trying to break it. He finally snaps it then goes running. The dynamite blows. Tim and Rachel watch the mine entrance through binoculars. They see Carl, Boyd and Wynn but no money. Avery and Raylan look at the money sitting safe in the vault.

Raylan says the dipshit isn’t capable enough to pull it off. Avery says to give it a minute and says maybe he’ll try it again. Avery says he doesn’t understand Raylan. He says he gave him some of his money to help out with Walker and then he figured they were sympatico. He says Raylan is just using him to get Boyd. Raylan says he’s doing what he has to do. Avery says he does what he has to do. Raylan asks if he cares to elaborate.

Boyd is back at the bar when Ava and Earl show up. Boyd tells Earl to get back to the Portal to make sure the money doesn’t leave. Boyd rants to Ava and asks what she said to Zachariah. He says her uncle tried to blow him up. He demands to know if she’s lying to him. Boyd sits down and she asks if Zachariah is dead. He says he doesn’t know. She asks about the money and he says it’s still in the vault. He says he’s going to hit it when they move it.

Raylan meets Tim and Rachel at the mine and he says Boyd couldn’t give it up. Rachel rants and says this case has turned up nothing. Raylan says they have Ava and Wynn. He says they’re not in the end zone doing the Ickey Shuffle. He says Boyd is going to go at the money harder and stupider. He says Boyd will go at the money when Avery goes to move it. Rachel says – to think I was excited to have a big office.