Justified Recap – Ava and Raylan Kiss: Season 6 Episode 5 “Sounding”

Justified Recap - Ava and Raylan Kiss: Season 6 Episode 5 "Sounding"

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns to the FX with all new Tuesday, February 17, season 6 episode 5 called, “Sounding” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Raylan [Timothy Olyphant] turns to an old friend for help after Ava [Joelle Carter] makes a drastic decision.

On the last episode Raylan declared war on the deadly men who were forcing Harlan’s most valuable real estate to change hands, while Boyd and Duffy sought out a crackpot safecracker to help do their dirty work. Written by Chris Provenzano & Ingrid Escajeda; directed by Adam Arkin. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FX synopsis, “when Ava made a drastic decision, Raylan turns to an old friend for help. A suspicious Duffy looks into Ava’s release from prison. Written by Dave Andron & Leonard Chang; directed by Jon Avnet.”

Tonight’s season 6 episode 5 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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On #Justified, Boyd tells Ava that pot used to grow so tall in Harlan back in the day they called it Christmas Tree Dope. Ava says they were going to leave Harlan and now he wants to be a farmer. He says an entrepreneur is what he wants to be. She says he told her that Harlan had no future but he says this could pull it off life support and says they just need to get ahead of Avery Markham. She wants to take the cash and run. He reminds her she wanted to stay.

She says she didn’t know he was going to poke the bear and pitch a tent outside his den. He says for her to clean up the guest room so he can put a guard on her 24/7. He gets a call from Carl and says he needs to get people to hold off and get the people to only sell to him. They are stuck in a road block and Ava says she’s fine. They send them on the way and Boyd wishes them luck finding their guest of honor. One cop walks back to Raylan and says Ava seemed on edge.

Raylan thanks the cop and tells him he can wrap it up. Tim asks what he thinks and Raylan tells him to go find Albert Fekus before this blows up. Katherine has her grandkids over and says if they don’t act right, she’ll lock them in the closet. Wynn comes in and asks about the kids. She says Laurel’s nanny had an immigration emergency. She introduces Thomas and Fee to Wynn. He says they seem nice. She takes him aside and asks where they are.

He says he has a guy at Fekus’ house and says if the cops show up to move or talk to him, they’ll know she was right. Katherine says she likes Ava and it would be a shame to have to kill her. She says she hasn’t worried about a rat since Grady went to jail. Boyd wakes to Ava cooking breakfast for him. He is over the moon that she made biscuits and gravy. She dishes up scrambled eggs and also made pancakes. He says she’s in a better mood this morning.

She says she decided if they can have the life they dreamed of in Harlan County, she’s in. He tells her to sit and eat but she says she has an early shift at the salon. He says she doesn’t need to work but she says she likes to keep busy. She tells him she’s got the cooking bug and is going to make him fried chicken and sweet potatoes. He asks her to sit for a minute before she goes and pulls out her engagement ring. He says it’s been in his pocket long enough.

Boyd slides it on her finger and says – it still fits. She kisses him then says she’ll see him tonight. He says she will. He tucks into more breakfast as she drives off. She drives and stresses and calls Raylan. He asks if she’s okay and she says she’s losing her mind. She says any second Katherine is going to call Boyd and he’s going to put a bullet in her head. He says Rachel and Tim have gone to take care of Fekus. She says she gave them information and asks what she gets.

She wants to walk and he says he needs solid intel then he can put her in Wit Sec. She asks for cash and says he can pay her off and let her go. He says no and demands they meet in person. She says junkyard, 30 minutes. She throws her phone out the window in frustration. Rachel and Tim are in Lexington and discuss that Fekus lives with his parents. He tells her not to stop and points out a maroon truck. She says it looks like he’s been parked there for hours.

They conclude that someone is watching the Fekus place. Mikey and Wynn play scrabble and Wynn says aplex is not a word but Mikey uses it in a sentence. Wynn just sighs. The guy waiting outside the Fekus place calls to say the guy is on the move and he tells him to follow and call when he lands. Mikey says Wynn looks aplexed. Raylan waits on Ava at the junkyard and is annoyed because she’s late. He calls and asks the Marshals to trace her phone.

They tell him it’s on the side of the road. He curses. Raylan calls Bob and asks for a favor on the lowdown. He says it’s Ava Crowder then Bob asks if that’s Ava Randolph from high school. He says that girl could make a dog breaks its chain. He asks him to check out a place she sometimes goes to when things are trouble. She goes to see Limehouse and says she needs another car. He says he’s not a used car salesman. He asks who she’s running from, Boyd, the law or both.

He says a car will help her with Boyd, but if it’s the law, she needs new papers and says running will get her caught. He says she’ll bring the law up there to hassle his black ass. She says it’s the last time she’ll ever ask him for help and he asks what she’ll do for him. She has money be he says it’s not enough. She shows the ring and he says that’s not enough. She says she can get more money. He asks how much more and she says enough to solve problems and then some.

She asks Limehouse if he knows what Boyd has been up to. She says there’s a large chunk of it hidden away. She says she doesn’t want Boyd or anyone after her – she says she wants to disappear and be left alone. Limehouse waves his hat and Errol comes out. He tells her to tell Errol where to get the money and he’ll take her to a garage. She says she’ll tell him where the cash is after she gets the car. Limehouse says it wouldn’t be wise to play him.

Boyd meets Carl who tells him it’s hard getting people to turn away Markham. Carl says they’ve got to get into that fault. Boyd says there’s an adit that dead ends 187 yards from there. Boyd says they’re dealing with black damp then asks Pig how he knows about that and he says he did some mining summers growing up. Boyd says it chokes you like you’re drowning with no water in sight. He says he has a guy that can help. He says last time he saw the guy, he threatened to fill him full of buckshot.

Choo Choo (aka Mundo) and Seabass tell Walker these hillbillies are turning down money and Mundo says blondie is slimming from the register. Walker says all good bartenders skim. He asks who much she’s taking and Mundo says $40 a night. She comes over and Choo Choo asks for skim milk. Walker tells her to go on. Walker says each property they fail to acquire costs them tens of millions and says to forget the $40 GD the woman is skimming. He says they can just kill people who won’t sell.

Walker says that won’t work because most have kin that will inherit. Markham comes in and Walker goes to talk to him. Seabass says maybe the bartender is the one interfering in their sales. Mundo asks if he thinks so and Seabass says no. Walker tells Markham it’s got to be Boyd or Raylan screwing up their plan. Avery says each is different and will require different solutions. He says they seem to know which properties they’re targeting and Walker says he knows who to talk to about that.

Avery tells him to deal with the leaks in their ship. Walker asks to speak freely but Avery says he’s made it clear what he expects and that’s that. Walker says yes sir and goes. Boyd goes to see Zachariah and brings along a bottle of whiskey. The guy has a rifle and tells Boyd that he should remember what he threatened to do last time. Boyd says he needs his particular expertise and asks if they can let the past fade away and start anew.

Zachariah takes the bottle and grins. He goes in and shuts the door while Boyd says he just wants to talk to him. He tells Carl that he’s Ava’s uncle and is still holding it against him how bad his brother Bowman treated Ava. She’s in the car with Errol and she says he’s lucky he survived being shot by Limehouse. She says she gets the car first then she’ll tell him. He says he has to make sure Limehouse gets his money.

They’re in downtown and Bob spots them driving by. He calls Raylan and says he followed her out of Noble then leapfrogged ahead of them. He says to make sure he doesn’t alert them and Bob says he was born for this shit. Wynn and Mikey come to a hotel room where Fekus is and he asks if they’re with Cindy. Wynn asks if he’s there to meet a hooker and Wynn says they just need to talk. He asks about what and he says – Ava Crowder.

Boyd tosses a rock at Zachariah’s door and holds his hands up. He says he wants to show him something on his phone. He says it’s a wire transfer for $10k to his account. He says Ava killing Bowman should have ameliorated the situation. Boyd says he doesn’t have much time and says he can hit the button and he can have $10k just to hear him out. He asks what manner of work he wants him to do and Boyd says – the only manner you live for.

Fekus says all he did was tell the truth. He says he couldn’t take the idea of Ava being gone forever because of what he did. Wynn asks if it’s a crisis of conscience and he says yeah. Wynn asks what Mikey thinks and he says it’s nonsense. He says Ava didn’t press charges against him when Wynn asks if he’s not in jail. Wynn asks why she didn’t and he says he doesn’t know but he lost his job and pension and maybe she thought that was enough.

He says maybe Ava was so relieved he did the right thing, she forgave him. Wynn says that doesn’t work for them. Fekus sighs and asks what they want him to say and says he’ll say what they want. Mikey pulls out a cattle prod. Wynn says he used to use tasers but then they made them trackable and cattle prods are much better. He tells Fekus last chance and begs him to stop. Tim and Rachel watch on video they planted in the fire alarm.

They tell him to tell the truth and it will stop and Mikey shocks him again and again. He begs to make it stop. Wynn tells him not to be a hero. He says he loved Ava and wanted to stop her suffering. Wynn says if the sorry shit knew anything, he would have said by now. Mikey asks if they should kill him but Wynn says he won’t say anything. He says they’ll let him be and maybe he can still get it up for Cindy. They leave and Rachel asks if he’s all right.

He says she said she’d stop them if they got rough. She says she knew he could take it. Tim says he shouldn’t have stabbed himself and blamed it on Ava. Rachel says he’s in the clear now. Tim fist bumps him, says he took it like a man and says – Uncle Sam thanks you for your cooperation. Ava says they need a shovel since it’s buried. He says they had shovel at Noble’s and she says he’s the one that changed the deal. They pull over at the hardware store.

Ava says she’ll be a minute but Errol insists on going in with her. She says hi to Mike and asks him to show Errol where the shovels are and says she needs to go to the bathroom but he won’t let her out of his sight. Raylan pulls up behind Bob then gets in with him. He says he figured they’d take them down when they came out. Raylan says he needs Bob to go in and says Errol can’t know he was there. He says Ava is his CI and he needs to get her home calm to protect her and his case.

He says to go in and take Errol out. He thinks he means dead but Raylan says take him outside while he goes in the back and takes Ava out. He tells Bob to use his badge and balls and take care of it. Bob says he has balls like Death Stars. Ava says she needs to pee and is going to have to do it in his car. He says he can buy another with the money. She grabs a shovel and he takes it. Bob moseys up to the front counter looking nervous. He asks Errol if that’s his car.

He asks his name and Errol blows him off. Bob says he’s Constable Bob Sweeney. He says he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Errol refuses to go with him and Bob says they can do this the hard or easy way. Errol asks if he’s going to shoot him and says he can call the National Guard and says he’s not going with him. Bob threatens to tase him then he does, right in the nuts. Raylan says when he wakes up, to apologize and say it was a mistake.

He hauls Ava out and says he can’t wait to hear what comes out of her mouth. Zachariah goes with Boyd to an abandoned bridge that he says weakened the coal tunnels. Zachariah talks about proximity vents and says they used ones like that in the Statue of Liberty. Boyd tells him to get his ass to work. Ava tells Raylan everything and he asks what she was thinking this morning and asks if she has a plan and cash. He asks if she has a new ID.

Ava says she didn’t think, she just ran and he says he’s the only reason she’s not back in prison or dead at Boyd’s hands or one of those other knuckleheads. She asks for her phone back and he asks if she listened to one word. She says she needs to go home and cook dinner for Boyd so she doesn’t have to explain but he says he’d like to yell at her some more. Zachariah yells at them for the way their cutting and says they can’t have sparks because of the methane.

He tells them to start again. Zachariah sees sparks again and yells at them to get out. Carl and Earl are blown backwards into a creek and the tool goes flying too. Zachariah says they won’t make it through. He climbs up and says they have to let it vent for a few hours. Zachariah says there are rotted supports and all kinds of things down there when he goes deep. Calhoun and his hooker Caprice are at his office and he pays her for her time and includes a little extra.

Seabass is waiting outside and asks if she’s his friend. Calhoun says she could be his friend too and offers her number. He talks but Seabass shushes him and tells him to sit. Mundo stands there menacingly. He asks Mundo if he remembers that SERE exercise they learned in Gitmo. Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape. Seabass says they got used to dealing with interrogation using that method. He tells Calhoun to nod if he understands. He nods.

Seabass says there was one Afghan guy that just wouldn’t talk and says they used the peritoneal strike over and over and he finally talked after all that unnecessary pain. Calhoun tries to talk but Seabass shushes him again. He says Calhoun is the only other person who knew which properties he wanted but now there’s someone else. He asks who’s doing it and how they know. Calhoun says he honestly doesn’t know.

He tells Mundo to give him a starter tap and he punches Calhoun who goes down hard. He asks if he’s still alive. Mundo checks then says mhm-mhm. He says if Seabass wanted him hit like a girl, he should have done it but with him it’s Amtrak. Raylan follows Ava home and he says he has to know she won’t run. She says him being there is making her unsafe. He says her beside Boyd is the safest place for her. She says all he cares about is his case and asks why he’s there.

Ava asks what’s in it for him and he says finishing the job and says they’re going to finish ti together. He asks what she wants and she says she wants $100k and he says to aim for $50k. She says she wants out of the country, no Wit Sec. He says he will find her a place where she will be safe and can be happy and start over. He asks isn’t that what she wants. She says there’s go to be a place in hell for a man that breaks a promise to a woman.

She asks if he’s going to take care of her like he did when she took Bowman out. She steps close and kisses him. Her phone buzzes and she says it’s Boyd. She says he should be back soon and Raylan should go. He says he was just thinking he’d stick around for a bit. She rolls her eyes.