Kate Middleton Jealous of Princess Madeleine: Losing Fight to Remain Most Popular Royal to Swedish Beauty

Kate Middleton Jealous of Princess Madeleine: Losing Fight to Remain Most Popular Royal to Swedish Beauty

Kate Middleton is fighting to remain the world’s most popular Royal. Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her adorable family are gaining on The Duchess of Cambridge. Swedish Royal family fever is catching on as Princess Madeleine made another bold move to one-up the Brits.

Princess Madeleine is maneuvering to be make her family Europe’s most popular and she took another step in doing so by allowing three-month-old son Prince Nicolas’s baptism to be screened on Swedish television. The entire country was charmed by Princess Leonore as she nearly stole the show by playing and dancing in the aisle during the ceremony.

This rivalry between HRH Princess Madeleine and HRH the Duchess of Cambridge is nothing new. Kate Middleton never imagined that there would be any royal bride who could come close to being as popular. But Princess Madeleine – also titled Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland – snuck in under the radar!

Madeleine’s wedding to British-born banker Chris O’Neil in June 2013 made Duchess Kate green with envy and reportedly she refused to attend with the Duke of Cambridge. Queen Elizabeth sent the Earl and Countess of Essex in the Cambridge’s place.

Sweden’s King Carl and Queen Silvia rarely interfere in Princess Madeleine’s life while Kate Middleton sits around waiting to get her orders from Queen Elizabeth. Duchess Kate is ridiculously jealous that Princess Madeleine is a Royal power-player and she’s not – and may have to wait two decades before she is even close.

The Swedish Royal family is gaining popularity as the world grows weary of the Duchess of Cambridge’s entitled pouting and foot-stomping. Queen Elizabeth needs to get the Wills and Kate back on course before it’s too late and Sweden’s Royal family has totally eclipsed them.

Is this the battle of the Royal families? Can Princess Madeleine and her young family be more popular than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Are Royal watchers tired of decades of bad behavior from inside the British Monarchy they’re washing their hands of them?

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13 responses to “Kate Middleton Jealous of Princess Madeleine: Losing Fight to Remain Most Popular Royal to Swedish Beauty”

  1. Lara says:

    Guess who is moving to London? Princess Madeleine! Waity should run and hide as PM is a real and very beautiful Princess.

    • ellen dasig says:

      why should stalker kate hide? I think the brits will support waity katie than princess madeleine. She is british. A motto to love your own princess no matter what.

  2. A Christian says:

    Must be a slow news day! This is ridiculous! I cannot imagine that Kate gives a hoot about any other European royalty or that she is “jealous” about their popularity. She has her own family and her own life. What a bunch of horsefeathers! Stop stirring the pot, CDL!

  3. Fed Up says:

    Unlike Princess Madeline, Kate is a commoner and always will be.

  4. ellen dasig says:

    Prince william and stalker kate always fight w/ the media for privacy. If they really want it, then they shouldn’t allow their marriage to be seen to the world. That way, at least only the british people would know. But anyway, it is never too late to get what they lazy couple long for. Just give up the title and live in mustique and live a normal life. But i don’t think prince william will do bc he can’t give up the privileges of a royal.

  5. golyjzemlekop says:

    here. everything is relative.I never thought I’d say that but.. Kate is so much prettier.

  6. Lynne says:

    Princess Madeleine doesn’t even come close to being as sweet and beautiful as the Duchess of Cambridge. Really Laundry, get off her back and get it right about her marriage. They still look at each other like there is no one else around. Stop printing really worn out rumors

    • Ally says:

      They both just pretending, mostly Kate with her plastic smile. No chance, princess Madeleine is more beautiful and more royal.
      But the Royals number one are of course Mary and Frederic of Denmark.

  7. ellen dasig says:

    Who is more popular? Stalker kate or princess madeleine? Just for fun, come on vote. Me i vote for kate middleton.How about you?

    • Ladyhawke says:

      My vote for a modern day Royal role model would be Princess Mary of Denmark. She understands the requirements of the role, is patron of many organisations, has grace and poise, always looks fabulous and rarely gets it wrong. She too was a commoner and was not the product of a monied upbringing. After completing her Degree in Law, she worked full-time until her engagement to Prince Frederik. Many of the younger generation of Royals could learn a great deal from her.

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