Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap 12/13/15: Season 11 Episode 5 “Lions and Tigers and Texts”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap 12/13/15: Season 11 Episode 5 "Lions and Tigers and Texts"

Keeping Up With The Kardashians returns tonight with an all new Sunday December 13, season 11 episode 5, called “Lions and Tigers and Texts” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, after moving forward with her divorce, Khloé seeks solace in Mexico City at the big cat rescue foundation

On the last episode, Kris had a reason to meet Caitlyn for the first time at Kylie’s 18th birthday; Kim took over Kris’s home in preparation for baby number two; Khloé took steps to move forward. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the E! synopsis “after moving forward with her divorce, Khloé seeks solace in Mexico City at the big cat rescue foundation; Kris has on her own separate correspondence with Lamar; Kylie makes her first appearance as an adult at a club in Montreal.”

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss and neither do I, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments section and let us know how excited you are about this season of KUWTK, what has been your favorite part so far in this eleventh season?

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#KeepingUpWithTheKardashians starts at Kourtney’s house and Kris complaining it’s hot. Kourt says she’s hormonal. Kris says she pulled out tampons at lunch with friends and they were all stunned that she’s on her period. She says it’s the hormone cream.

Kris says they asked if she’s on birth control and her friend told her she could get pregnant. Kourt says she should ask her doctor. Kris says she’s 60. Kourtney goes to feed Reign while Kris calls Paul Crane. She asks if she can get pregnant and her doc says no way.

She asks if she’s making eggs and he says no chance. Then #KUWTK moves to Kim and Khloe eating salad and Kim says she’s getting so big and she says she’s turning into Professor Klump. Kim asks about Lamar and Khloe says she doesn’t know and it just sucks.

She says there’s nothing to be done. Khloe says she’s moving forward with the divorce and says real life gets in the way of love. She says it’s hard to close such a major chapter of her life. Kim says she seems done and ready to be over it.

Khloe says Kim mistakes her kindness for her getting back with him. She says she cares about Lamar and you can’t just cut an ex out of her life (obviously Kim can…). Khloe says this is getting toxic and says she gave Lamar a chance to make this better.

Khloe says she can still love him but has to let go. At Khloe’s house, Corey and Kris are there and he asks why isn’t Khloe’s house done and says he thinks it’s perfect. Khloe tells them about an Instagram account of a guy who rescues exotic animals.

Corey says they guy has a whole movement. He lives down in Mexico and Khloe says she and Kendall are going to help raise awareness and get him more donations to take care of them. Khloe says it’s a good time for her to get away and says there’s too much drama.

Corey says he’s been following the guy since he had 1000 followers and he says he can come along too. Kris says it’s therapeutic to do things with animals when you’re stressed. Corey says he wants to play with a jaguar and Kris says that’s living on the edge.

Kris says she has so much going on and Khloe says they’re going soon. Corey tells Kris she’s either in or motherf-ing out. Kris says mother-ing out. Jonathan and Ki come to Kris’s place and he says Kim is pregnant, cut her a break when Kris gripes about Kim’s bare feet on her white couch.

Kim asks about Kylie hosting parties for her birthday. Kris says she doesn’t like Kylie doing all that and doesn’t want her to have problems at clubs now that she’s 18. Kris says Kylie is doing an appearance at a place where 18 and up can drink since it’s out of the US.

Kris says it makes her nervous about the crowd being drunk. Corey says it’s Kylie’s hustle. Kris says it’s a fast world and Kim asks what will Kylie be doing at 30. Jonathan says she’ll have kids by 22 since Kylie is in such a fast forward.

Kris says she has to talk to Kylie. Khloe, Kendall and Corey head to Mexico on a flight. Kendall says she took 10 years of Spanish and still can’t speak it. Khloe says she understands some. They are headed for Black Jaguar White Tiger sanctuary.

Khloe says it’s annoying Kris didn’t come and Corey says she’s scared of big cats and wanted some me time. Corey says he likes time with them and they ask if it feels weird and he says no. They get to the hotel and Khloe’s phone rings.

Corey asks if Kendall has any questions and he says she and Kylie are the babies and he cares about them. He says he wants to make sure they’re safe since they’re out on their own all the time. Kendall says Corey seems sweet.

She’s still concerned about the age gap between her mom and him. Back in CA, Kris talks to Kim and says Hermes sent them something. Kim got a baby gift and looks at a nice baby blanket that says Baby West. Kris says Lamar tried to Facetime her early this morning.

She says usually Lamar just texts with her. Kim thinks her mom is setting things back by talking with Lamar. Kim says Khloe was upset when she left NOBU. Lamar texts her and Kris says know that she knows more, she’ll back off.

Kim says don’t do this and Kris says she didn’t understand it before and considered him like one of her own. She says it’s not in her to not respond to someone she loves. She says it “literally” breaks my heart. Literally? Anyway…

Kim tells her to leave this alone and Kris says she got it. Over at Kylie’s house, Kris comes looking for her youngest. She tells her the house looks cute and points out dirty undies on the floor. Kris says she did highlights today and says she’s trying to look like Kylie.

Kris tells her she’s worried about her personal appearances. Kylie says she’s grown and can handle her Canada club gig. Kris says to be on her best behavior and be on your Ps and Qs. Kylie says she wasn’t planning on drinking even though it’s legal there.

Kris says she’s just being a mom. Kylie says totally. Kylie’s dogs bark at Kris and startle her. Over at Kourtney’s house, Kris holds Reign. Kim says he looks like a little old man. Kris says he looks just like Penelope.

Kris asks what about St Barts and Kourt says she looked up a house. She gets her laptop and shows them the house. She wants to do a family vacation and Kim says it’s Kourt’s first trip without Scott and it’s exactly what they need.

Kourtney says there’s room for all of them and she wants it to be all girls and kids. They tell Kris she can’t bring Corey. In Mexico City, at The Four Seasons, Kendall and Khloe get hair and makeup done. Khloe has an anxiety attack and gets nauseous.

Khloe curses and says she forgot to take her birth control pull and goes into the bathroom. Corey comes in and Kendall says Khloe is throwing up. He hugs her and says maybe he’ll have another grandkid and she says absolutely not.

They get to the animal sanctuary and the founder Eddie comes to greet them. They look at the little baby exotics. They are tiny. Eddie sets out food for them and they eat from their bowls. He says he has them their whole lives.

He says two days ago, they got an email about a couple that messed up and got a tiger as a pet and three months later was destroying their house. He says you can’t get mad at them, they’re just animals. The little cats come over and one chews on Khloe’s shoe.

Khloe says Eddie gives these scarred animals love and care. He goes first and takes them into the yard where there are bigger cats. Khloe pets a bigger one then a big one jumps onto Eddie and cuddles him. He tells Kendall she can pick one up and she does.

Then he shows them the quarantine areas with the bigger cats. He introduces them to his first rescue – a big leopard. He says a guy had her and wanted to sell her and then he convinced the guy to give her to him. They go inside and he tells them to relax.

He tells Corey he’s like a dog and they pet the giant leopard. He’s alike a big cat-dog. Then he takes them to see the bigger ones. There are some tigers lying in the sun. One lion runs to leap up and he says they rescued him from a circus and they were selling his teeth.

He’s way more aggressive than the others and growls at them. Eddie steps in with the lions and says they’re sleepy if Corey wants to come inside. He says he lived a good life and has a woman at home he loves and he’s a bit afraid.

Khloe decides to go inside and says you should do what you want to do sometimes. Corey hugs her and says he loves her. Khloe goes inside. He tells her where to walk. He takes Khloe by the arm and Kendall says don’t run.

A couple of animals come near and start playing with him. Kendall says she can see Khloe is scared. Kendall is freaking out and thinks Khloe will be eaten. They are surrounded by big cats. He puts Khloe behind his back and he tells them to hold on.

Khloe says she feels safe with Eddie. He walks her back to the gate and says she did it. Khloe says this was the best experience ever. Khloe says she thinks animals can feel her love. Kendall spots Six Flags Mexico and wants to go.

Corey says he enjoyed going with them. Khloe asks where he grew up and he says Atlanta. Khloe asks what he does for a living and he says he makes things happen with music. Kendall says her dad was always away then asks what he does with her mom.

Khloe says they go to art shows and dinner. He says being with her mom is better than being with a woman his own age. Kendall says she thinks Corey really loves her mom and she likes it. She says she’s glad she got to get to know Corey better.

Corey says he and Kris have more fun than Kylie and her guy. Kylie is taken by a helicopter to a boat then by a beach area. All the people scream when they see Kylie. They unload her from the boat and Kylie says her mom was right and says the crowd is rowdier than she expected.

Kylie says she’s done other appearances but the crowd hasn’t been like this. She does some interviews and then changes to come out and greet the crowd. They bring out a cake and chant for her. They give her t-shirts to throw to the crowd.

She says everyone is crazy but it’s fun. She’s happy with her Montreal appearance and says she was raised well enough to know how to handle situations like this. Kourt asks Khloe if she wants to come to bible study.

Khloe is on a phone call and is upset. Lamar called on her new number and she wants to know how he got it. She ends the call. Khloe says she told Lamar she wants to move on and he keeps calling her at all hours of the night.

Khloe says she’s calling her mother. She asks her how Lamar got her new number. Khloe calls their mom psycho. She says for her to give out her number hurts her feelings. She says she’s glad her mom loves Lamar but says this shouldn’t happen.

Kim says this is not their mom’s business and she shouldn’t be doing this. Kim says their mom should feel like shit over this. Kim is at Kris’s and Khloe calls and Kim puts her on speaker. Kris says maybe just let it go and it’s not a big deal.

Kim says it is a big deal. Kim says Kris thinks she did nothing wrong. Khloe tells her mom to take accountability and say she’s sorry. Kris says her heart tells her to respond to Lamar since he doesn’t have a lot of family.

Kris says she doesn’t have all the information from Khloe. Kim says she sounds stupid and Khloe says she protected her in the Caitlyn situation and that was her dad of 23 years. Khloe says they need a major break from each other. Kris says she won’t go on the girls vacation.

Kim says Khloe has done all she can to help Lamar and tried to fix it but it can’t be fixed. Kim and Khloe yell at Kris and tell her to get out of this and stop being involved. Kris and Corey hang at her place and he asks what’s up.

She says it’s been the worst day and says Kim was yelling at her and called her stupid. She says it’s so disrespectful and says Kim is missing a sensitivity chip. Kris says the family thinks she’s on Lamar’s side and it’s all her fault.

She says everyone is so upset and they’re blaming her. She says this disrespect is bizarre and she won’t put up with it anymore. She says she’s doing the best she can and they all came down on her. She says they’re screaming at her.

Corey says love comes with boundaries. Kris says she’s asked to smooth things over then she does and she catches hell. Corey says you can have good intentions and things backfire in your face. He says she has to x Lamar out of her life because of Khloe.

Kris says she gives anyone she loves the benefit of the doubt and gives them 15 chances. She says she believes in people and second chances. He says she’s been through it and they can stop talking about. He says apologize or don’t and move on.