Robert Herjavec Dating Kym Johnson: DWTS Dancing Pro After Shark Tank Millionaire’s Money?

Robert Herjavec Dating Kym Johnson: DWTS Dancing Pro After Shark Tank Millionaire's Money?

It’s official – Shark Tank millionaire Robert Herjavec is dating his Dancing With The Stars partner Kym Johnson. But is Kym really into the 51 year old businessman and divorcee, or is she just a gold digger? Although Robert and Kym won’t confirm they are boyfriend and girlfriend, they won’t deny it either. The couple’s PDA-filled lovefests on Instagram, combined with their coy interviews backstage of Dancing With The Stars have everyone convinced that they are dating. But, Robert’s friend are concerned that he may just get his heart broken by the 38 year old dancer, who is thirteen years his younger.

In July 2014 Robert Herjavec began a messy divorce from his longtime wife of the mother of his children Diane Plese. The divorce took a toll on the Shark Tank cast member – and he later confessed that he even contemplated suicide and jumping from a hotel balcony to his death. Robert’s shocking confession about his near suicide attempt jarred his friends and family – and they are concerned that if Kym’s heart is not in the right place, Robert could find himself on another balcony when their relationship crashes and burns.

Is Kym Johnson really that into the 51 year old divorcee, or is she just in to his bank account? CDL spoke to a source close to Herjavec’s circle and they dished on the Dancing With The Stars relationship explaining, “Robert is vulnerable right now, after his divorce from Diane, and we don’t want to see him get hurt again. He just wants companionship, in his eyes it is not even in the realm of possibility that Kym could have ulterior motives or may be interested in his money. I don’t know Kym personally, so her feelings might be genuine, but if they aren’t it could kill Rob.”

Generally when someone on their 30’s hooks up with a millionaire in their 50’s, red flags go up – so we can’t even blame Robert’s friend and family for being concerned. Do you think that Kym Johnson is really into Robert, or could she just be enjoying the expensive lifestyle his lives? Is the Dancing With The Stars couple’s relationship the real deal? Let us know what you think in the comments below!



7 responses to “Robert Herjavec Dating Kym Johnson: DWTS Dancing Pro After Shark Tank Millionaire’s Money?”

  1. Lisa says:

    Kim makes pretty good money on her own, granted not millions, but i dont think she needs his money.

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  4. Jana says:

    Just an older man having a mid-life crisis. I can’t imagine how embarrassing this must be especially for his children, good father example? He referred to DWTS as a family show, don’t think so.

  5. Cindy Vanorsdale says:

    I think you can look in Kyms face and see she has no ulterior motive. Kym is certainly more than just. “star struck” Kym is head over heels in love with Robert. I don’t think money plays a part. Kym has been searching for her Prince Charming. She may have just found him.

  6. Krazy Kimberly says:

    I see what you are saying now.