Little Women LA Recap 2/4/15: Season 2 Episode 6 “The Ex-Files”

Little Women LA Recap 2/4/15: Season 2 Episode 6 "The Ex-Files"

Tonight on Lifetime Little Women LA airs with an all new Wednesday, February 4, season 2 episode 6 called, “The Ex-Files,” and we have your weekly below. On tonight’s episode, Christy and Todd are faced with some unfortunate news, and decide to explore alternative options for having a child. Elena decides to have an uncommon cosmetic enhancement, but worries about how her husband Preston will react to her news.

On the last episode on the heels of a major fight at the bonfire, Terra focused her attention away from the girls and on to her brother Bourn, who was coming to visit. But when Terra revealed that she’s pregnant, Bourn forced her to tell the one person she’s been dreading the most… their mom! Blissfully in love, Briana confronted her family on why they weren’t willing to meet her new long distance boyfriend. Later, Briana braved the stage to sing for her first time at an open mic night, but was she able to keep the spotlight when Terra surprised everyone and takes the stage as well? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right now for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “Christy and Todd are faced with some unfortunate news, and decide to explore alternative options for having a child. Elena decides to have an uncommon cosmetic enhancement, but worries about how her husband Preston will react to her news. And Terra tries to hook up Tonya with a new man by throwing a “Used-Date Party,” but when Christy brings Joe’s ex-girlfriend to the event, things get physical.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be a fun one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Little Women LA Season 2 Episode 6— tonight at 10PM EST!

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Briana and Christy go to the spa. Briana says she feels horrible about the open mic night, and the incident with Terra upstaging her. She says she isn’t surprised she did that, because Tera doesn’t let anyone upstage her.

Christy says just because she moves her boobs around and shakes her ass doesn’t mean she’s a good singer.

Briana says she and Matt have only been together a couple months, but it’s been more drama than anything. Her family has concerns about Matt wanting to move down there.

Christy is also concerned about the fact that he wants to move down there after only two months of dating.
Briana says she wants to move out, not to be with Matt, but to have more boundaries and distance herself from her family.

Christy tells her she doesn’t think this is a good way to start a relationship, telling her to be careful.

Terra invites Elena to hang out by the pool, and to run an idea by her.  Elena asks her if she feels guilty about the open mic night, and she says she felt guilty after she realized how much it hurt her feelings. However, it was open mic night and not just for her. Elena says she’s just insecure. Terra thinks that if she wants to be in the music industry, she needs to get a thicker skin.

Terra then proposes throwing a party where everyone can bring men to help Tonya find a man.

Traci and Erik go house hunting. The houses have issues, such as way too many steps as well as high sinks and counters. She wants a single story house or a house with an elevator.

Christy takes yet another pregnancy test, and it reads negative. She says she doesn’t know how much longer they can keep putting themselves through this. Todd suggests adopting.

Elena tells her husband that she wants to get a procedure that will move fat from other parts of her body to her butt. She wants a butt like Terra’s.

He says he doesn’t know what her reaction will be, citing a time she got upset about dying her hair the right color. However, he agrees to go meet the doctor with her.

Christy introduces her friend Lila to Briana. Both Christy and Lila are recovering alcoholics. Lila asks Christy if she’s still friends with Terra and Joe because they have some history. Lila used to date Joe years ago. Lila says that she and Joe have had drunken sex once, and that she doesn’t remember orgasming.

Christy says in confessional that there aren’t many little people and they meet at conventions, so they all end up dating eachother’s exes. She says Terra should be okay with Lila, but if not, it’ll be entertaining.

Christy invites Lila to a party that Terra and Joe will be at, and Lila says she will just come and avoid them if it’s awkward. Tonya and Elena go boxing together.

When Elena tells her she wants to get her butt enlarged, Tonya tells her that all surgery is dangerous and that she’s against elective surgery. However, she agrees to come and support her.

Traci and her husband finally find a one story house, and she convinces him to let her get a dog.

Elena is concerned about the fat transfer stressing out her hips due to her dwarfism, which she asks the doctor about. The doctor says that the process with be determined proportionally so her smaller body will be taken into account.

Joe wants to trade in their car for a minivan now that they’re going to have kids. Terra doesn’t really want to embrace a soccer mom type role, however.

Christy and her husband go to the adoption agency. The agent says they should not hide their dwarfism, as they will get some attention for it.

Christy asks if some mothers change their mind after giving their babies up; the agent says yes, but they only have thirty days to do so.

The cost is $15,600 for an adoption, and that the average wait time is 18 months, from approval to taking the baby home. Christy realizes the process is more difficult than she thought it would be, and she starts crying.

Tonight is the night of Terra’s “used date” party for Tonya, where everyone is bringing someone they used to date. She thinks Tonya will be pissed once she finds out what this party actually is, but once she gets over her hatred for her, she will have fun.

She is more concerned about the whole situation with Todd, whom she hasn’t seen since the bonfire.

Briana hasn’t seen Terra since open mic night, but she doesn’t care because she is concerned about helping Tonya find love.

Christy and Lila arrive, and Joe and Terra are pissed. Terra says in confessional that Lila is a crazy ho who used to be Joe’s ho until he realized she was batshit crazy, and that Joe would not be here if he knew this ho was coming.

Lila comes to the table, and when she tells Joe she quit drinking, Traci asks Lila if she used to be an alcoholic. Lila says yes, and when Traci asks if she met Christy in AA, Lila says it’s “chilly in here” and leaves.
Elena approaches the table asking what is wrong, and Terra tells her that Lila is crazy, has been texting Joe and is in love with him. Joe says they banged for one month and Lila still texts her occasionally. Terra says she doesn’t think Lila should be communicating with her man at all.

Meanwhile, Lila is telling Briana and Christy about how Joe used to be such a nice guy but that’s changing. Christy tells Lila that Terra is pregnant, and Lila seems somewhat upset about it.

Meanwhile, Joe is still going on about how he and Lila have had no relationship, “just relations.”

Apparently, Lila was drunk texting Joe in the middle of the night. Joe says she’s as batshit as Todd and Christy. Joe calls Todd “fat and bald,” and Todd comes at him, telling him he’s real brave talking behind a table. Joe dares him to swing at him, calling him a 200 pound hippo. The two men lunch at one another, falling to the ground, taking Traci down with them.