Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap and Spoilers: Season 2 Episode 6 “The Revelation”

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap and Spoilers: Season 2 Episode 6 "The Revelation"

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood continues with an all new Monday October 12, season 2 episode 6 called “The Revelation” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Teairra Mari and Princess Love’s faux friendship is finally coming to an end.

On the last episode, Ray and Princess had a falling-out; Amber put pressure on Miles; Willie attempted to launch a solo career. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Teairra has definitely been playing both sides when it comes to the ongoing drama between Princess and her estranged boyfriend, Teairra’s ex, Ray J. Although she’s been playing friendly with Ray’s girl, the ladies will come to blows on the upcoming episode after Princess confronts Teairra about her latest communication with Ray.”

It sounds like the 2nd season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood tonight at 8PM!

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Hazel has been doing better lately with the exception of having a drink thrown in her face by Jason Lee. She tells Teairra about an upcoming trip to Dubai for business. Teairra then gleefully tells Hazel that Princess invited her to Vegas for a trip, which she immediately went and told Ray J about. Hazel says in confessional that Teairra is a fire sign so of course she’s going to blow up the situation.

Nikki meets up with Brandi and tells her about what Jason Lee did to Hazel. The two of them agree that Lee shouldn’t be throwing drinks at a woman. Nikki says that that’s “unfair” and Brandi says he should stop acting like a bitch. Brandi says in confessional that Lee has always been lowkey messy, but she is not going to let him mess with anyone she cares about.

Miles is shooting his music video, which he says in confessional should be the best day of his life, but he can’t stop thinking about what’s going on between him and Milan. He calls Milan on his cell phone during the shoot, but he doesn’t answer. Miles says in confessional that he can understand why Milan isn’t hurt, but he hasn’t gotten everything right with Amber either. He says he reached out to a therapist so that he can tell her his secret. He calls her on the phone, asking her if she can meet him at counseling, and she says she would love that.

Amber meets with her sister Angel and talks about the upcoming therapist meeting with Miles. She tells her sister that she cares about him, that even though he isn’t the father of her child she feels like he is.  Angel says they have their opinions, but she should do what she wants to do. Angel tells her that it’s evident something is going on with Miles given his behavior, and that as her sister she has to tell her. She tells her that if she goes to the session and the two of them are not fine, she needs to put her boots on and she needs to roll.

Willie meets with his friend to see if he can help him with his music career. He tells him about how he is trapped in his recording contract. He asks him how he can get out of that situation, and he says that he has to deal with it himself or else he can’t help him.

Nikki is doing an event for a beauty bar, and Jason Lee and Kamiah show up. Jason Lee says in confessional that he wants Kamiah and Nikki to put the whole Fizz thing behind them once and for all. Kamiah says in confessional that she wants to be the better person and put the whole thing in the past.

The two of them approach Nikki, and Lee asks Nikki how she is doing. Brandi jumps in and confronts Lee, who tells Nikki that he isn’t going to talk to her chihuahua. The two of them pop off at this, and Lee says this is the ‘same thing [Nikki] did the last time,’ saying he shouldn’t bring someone with her to fight for her. Brandi then throws her drink at him, and Kamiah starts attempting to converse with Nikki. Nikki says she is coming up into her event. ‘I came into your event and said hello,’ Kamiah says. Nikki tells her that when she was Kamiah’s age she was not doing the things she is. Kamiah responds that if she wants to suck her way to the top, she can do that. Lee threatens to destroy Nikki and Brandi on the Internet. Lee yells about how Fizz called Kamiah and all the other girls he hooks up with “appetizers.” The group migrates outside, and Lee calls Nikki a joke, threatening to write about her before he and Kamiah storm off.

Princess hangs out with Nia and Apryl and tells them that Ray J brought up her text to Teairra at his video shoot. “I went to Miami in a relationship, and I came back single,” she says. She says that she knew the relationship was over when Ray J let her go to jail, and that her problem right now is with Teairra. She says she’s going to a day party and has invited Teairra. She says she is going to pull her aside and tell her she knows what is going on, and that she wants Apryl and Nia to go to the party with her. The two are hesitant because of the high probability of drama. Nia asks her how it is going to go, and Princess says if it goes left that’s Teairra’s fault.

Miles is about to come out to Amber, saying in confessional that once she knows he is into men, everyone is going to know, including his family.

Shanada talks to Willie, apologizing to him for her anger, saying she sees the bills getting high and they have no income right now. Willie tells her to chill. She asks him if he thinks she and the kids should be moving to Chicago, and he says she needs to calm down again. He says he has things in the works she doesn’t know about, and that he has a potential situation with a major record label. She gets excited, but he says he has to get out of his current contract. When Shanda is critical of this, he tells her this is why he doesn’t tell her things. He says he is going to meet with Harry and get out of the contract.

Princess has been independent since breaking up with Ray J, but still has unfinished business with Teairra. When they they meet in the group and Moniece shows surprise that Teairra and Princess are friends, Teairra says they aren’t exactly friends. When Princess asks if they aren’t friends, Teairra says she considers friends on a different level. Teairra says that she can’t f**k with someone and expect them to trust her. Princess says that the two of them had some moments that she felt she was being real. Teairra tells Princess that sometimes you have to brighten up in your head, because last year they were enemies, She asks what she was supposed to do when Princess was breaking down at the party, saying she isn’t going to kick someone when they are down. Princess tells Teairra that she is disloyal to everyone because she sucks everyone’s dicks. Teairra asks her what she does then, and Teairra lunges at them. The two are quickly separated as Tearra continues to hurl insults, including “ratchet ass ho.”

Princess asks Teairra why she did this, saying that Ray J doesn’t want her fat ass, and that she is a slut who has slept with all his friends. Teairra then spits in Princess’ face, and Apryl tells her to chill out as she continues to thrash against the bodyguard restraining her. Princess accuses Teairra of telling Ray J things about her. Teairra says Ray J is a liar who cheats on her. Princess cries as Teairra says that she swears on her grandma’s grave she never did that and would never do that. Princess says that Teairra has proven to her that she isn’t a genuine bitch before they try lunging at eachother again. Princess threatens Teairra, saying she’s going to get her here or later.

Willie meets with Harry, the executive from the indie label to which he is signed, to try to get out of his contract so he can try to move to a major label. Harry tells him he loves the project, and Willie asks him when they will be able to progress. When Harry gives an indefinite answer, Willie tells him that other people have expressed interest but he’s obligated to this label. Harry tells him he can’t let the pressure of a personal situation affect his decision. Harry asks why they can’t just work with this other label, and Willie says they were specific about not wanting to do that. He asks if he can be released from the label, and Harry says that’s going to be a hard decision for them.

Miles goes to his therapy session. He reveals that he has had feelings for men for a long time, and finally acted on them, getting a boyfriend and leading a double life. The therapist tells him to tell her what he wants to say to Amber. He says that Amber wants to move forward with their relationship even though they were having problems and are on break, and she has realized he was pushing her away. He says he wants to tell her why.

The therapist says that Amber is obviously in love with him as her high school sweetheart and wants to marry him, but it will be a hard pill for her to swallow to hear that he isn’t going to be with her like that anymore. She tells him it will be better if he honestly lists his mistakes with her. She asks him to list some. He says: lying to her, leading her on and not treating her like his best friend. He breaks down in tears, and the therapist tells him it’s okay and that it’s hard to hurt someone you love that much. He says it’s really hard for him and he doesn’t want to hurt her or anything like that. He says it’s been a lot to deal with everything.

The therapist says it’s going to be hard, but this is what’s fair to Amber, Milan and Miles. She asks him if he’s ready, and he says he’s as ready as he’s going to get.