Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap and Spoilers: Season 2 Episode 5 “Mum’s The Word”

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap and Spoilers: Season 2 Episode 5 "Mum's The Word"

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood continues with an all new Monday October 5, season 2 episode 5 called “Mum’s The Word” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Ray J and Princess Love have a falling-out

On the last episode, Fizz and Nikki rekindled their romance; Princess was determined to catch Teairra in a lie; Max and Brandi suffered a setback; and a blogger showed interest in Fizz and Hazel. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Ray and Princess have a falling-out; Amber puts pressure on Miles; Willie attempts to launch a solo career.”

It sounds like the 2nd season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood tonight at 8PM!



Moniece is having issues with her mom. They exercise together outside, and her mom sits her down to talk about the things they have done to hurt eachother. Moniece tells her there is no need to rehash the past. She tells her mother she is judgmental and critical, which she admits to before pointing out that Moniece has also been difficult in their relationship. Moniece says they should both stop pointing fingers and move on.

However, her mother says in confessional that she thinks Moniece’s priorities are out of line and that she needs to make her son her priority over sex toys and men.

She tells her daughter to get her life together and focus on her singing career and son. She then asks her if she is actually dating Richie, and Moniece says that’s her own situation and if she needs advice on that she will ask her.

Her mom says that since they are working on their relationship, Moniece should let her meet Richie, and she agrees. Moniece says she will proceed with caution in her relationship with Richie but that she isn’t just going to leave him in the dust. But her mom says that she will ditch him eventually, being the type of person who gets bored and needs to move on.

Soulja Boy tells Nia that Nas came to his house out of nowhere the other day. He tells her that he doesn’t want the two of them to keep going through this, and Nia says that she doesn’t either and it’s his problem he needs to deal with. He says he will handle it, but he needs her to be there with him when they meet up. He says he is going to tell Nas that Nia is his girl. Nia asks him if he didn’t say that when Nas popped up at his house, and he says that what he said then doesn’t matter, rushing to shut down her suspicion.

Nia says in confessional that even though Soulja Boy tells her Nas doesn’t matter, what she hears from Nas tells a different story. They have had issues with him cheating in the past, so she is suspicious.

Amber meets with Miles to see if their relationship is still going anywhere, saying in confessional that she feels nervous when she sees him on Instagram with other girls.

She sits him down and tells him that she feels like she’s been patient and they are in the same spot. She says he is going through things, but it doesn’t seem like he’s going through much. She says that he and Milan are running around with hos.
“Is she outside?” Amber asks.

Miles asks her if this is a conversation between the two of them or them and someone else.
He says that maybe he is the root of the problem and he doesn’t know what more he can ask of her than to let him figure things out. Amber tells him that when he is ready for a relationship with her and to be a man and tell her what is going on, to call her. She stands up, throws a napkin in his face and storms out of the restaurant.

Couple Shanda and Willie have enough savings for about 6 months in LA while Willie tries to pursue his solo music career after he left the group Day 26.

Shanda asks Willie if she will need a job to fund their lifestyle, saying she doesn’t want to deal with barely having money.

She says in confessional that if their money dries up and his music career isn’t where it needs to be, they’ll have to pack their bags and go back to Chicago.

Richie gets a place in LA for him and Moniece to live in together.

She surprises him with the news of them going to dinner with her mom. She tells him she is trying to repair her relationship with her mother and involve her in her life.

Richie tells her she is going to have to explain the situation between her and her mom before he goes to dinner with her.

She says she feels her mom played a big role in her losing custody of her son because she didn’t show up to court, and also in her previous relationship ending.

Richie asks why he is coming when it seems like the two of them should meet alone. She says she is trying to extend the olive branch because that’s what her mom wants.

Soulja Boy and Nia meet up with Nas, who is immediately upset to see Nia there.

Soulja Boy asks Nas what’s good, and she tells him that yesterday Nia wasn’t even his girlfriend and he was kissing her and texting her saying she wants her back. She threatens to expose the incriminating text messages between them, and Nia says she wants to see them. Nas happily hands her phone to Nia.

Soulja Boy says in confessional that he didn’t realize the two women would be comparing notes on his behavior. “I should have thought this shit through,” he says.

Nia says in confessional that she can see why Nas is confused as Soulja Boy is leading her on.
She tells Soulja Boy that he is in the wrong in this situation.

Soulja Boy gets flustered and says that if they want him to sit there and make a choice, he doesn’t have to be with either of them because a lot of women want him. Nas tells Nia she is welcome, and that she should be thanking her for this information.

“I will never thank a ho for anything,” Nia says.

Nas says that the two of them were friends, asking Nia if she thinks she doesn’t know where she has been.

The two of them get up and lunge at eachother over the table before being separated by security.

Later, Nia and Soulja Boy talk alone at the bar, and he takes his chain off his neck and puts it on hers. He tells her this is a new beginning, and that it is done and he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He tells her he loves her for holding him down and sticking with him.

“I love you,” he says as he kisses her on the lips. She doesn’t move, and her eyes remain open, staring tiredly into the distance.

Miles and Milan have another of their secret rendezvous. However, Miles says in confessional, he can’t stop feeling bad about Amber.

Milan brings up that Miles has been distant, and Miles tells him that Amber lives down the street which makes their relationship harder. Milan asks him what could possibly happen between him and Amber, and he says Amber could stop speaking to him and be hurt.

Milan tells him it would be different if he were still seeing Amber, but they’re supposed to have been broken up for years. Miles says that they are supposed to have dated for years and been in love.

Miles says he doesn’t know how he’s going to tell her and needs to figure it out.

Milan tells Miles that he needs to tell Amber soon. He tells Milan that he is going to tell her when he’s ready. Milan says he’ll tell Amber for him, and Miles says he would lose him if he did that.

Ray J is freaking out about the “friendship” between Princess and Teairra, telling his friend about the text he received showing Teairra inviting Princess on a trip.

His friend tells him that Princess took Ray J from Teairra, and he wouldn’t be surprised if Teairra was trying to take Princess from him.

Ray J says he’s starting not to trust Princess, and if you can’t trust someone your entire relationship is fucked up. He says he is going to take Princess on his shoot, and if she’s not right it will be exposed.

Apryl invites Shanda out for a workout session.

Apryl tells her that she’s been out with Omarion on the road. Shanda tells Apryl about her money issues. She says she and Willie don’t have jobs as they are working on his music career, but she came out here with two kids who depend on her. She says she’s not saying she wants go to back out and work, but she will return to her previous job as a dancer, something Willie didn’t want her to do after they had children.

Apryl tells her that people are going to recognize her, asking what man would want his woman to do that.

Shanda says that she is always going to make sure that if Willie can’t provide, she can.

Moniece has her dinner with Richie and her mother, Marla.

Marla asks Richie if the two of them are really dating, and he says yes. She tells him that once she caught wind of his name there was a reputation of him as a player.

She says that she and Richie are peers as he is almost 40 and she is in her 40s, rounding up for him and down for Moniece, calling her 30. Richie then comes back at her saying he likes to round up to the nearest number, making Marla 50.

Marla brings up Richie’s alleged child support issues, and he tells her he is offended. He says that Marla doesn’t know her, and he doesn’t understand how someone can sit there and judge based on some Internet drama when her relationship with her daughter is shit. He says that he is laying with Moniece and hearing about how she doesn’t have a relationship with her mother. He tells her that before we cast stones, we need to look at what kind of house we live in. Marla says her house isn’t glass, it’s concrete. Moniece sighs loudly in annoyance at the drama.

Shanda confronts Willie with their unpaid bills. Willie says that they aren’t all going to get paid off, but he is going to make sure nothing gets cut off. Shanda says that some of the bills are different colors, indicating some of their shit is about to be cut out.

Shanda says she can go out and make money. He tells her she isn’t going to go out and do what she used to. She says her number one priority is her children, and she will make sure they have everything they need.

Willie tells her he isn’t going to fail her, the kids or himself. She says she wants to help, saying she doesn’t want to dance but sometimes you do things you normally wouldn’t do for your kids.

He tells her he is man enough to ask her for her help if he needs it.

Ray J is in Miami working on his new music video for his song “Brown Sugar.”
He talks to Princess about how she isn’t “listening” to what he tells her about not messing with Princess. He asks her about the Vegas invite, which makes Princess laugh instantly. She tells him that she asked her just to see if it would get back to him. She asks Ray J why this woman has the ability to call him anytime she wants to, and he says he doesn’t. She says he keeps disrespecting her and in order for him to realize what he has, he has to be without her. After confirming that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore, she tells him to have his hos and strippers and she wishes him the best of luck.

Ray J says the bottom line is she doesn’t trust him and he doesn’t trust her.
Princess says the reason she doesn’t trust him is that a man should never let his woman go to jail.

She tells him that that’s when she lost her respect for him as a man before storming off.

Miles comes back to Milan, saying he was at his aunt’s house. Milan doubts him immediately, telling him to stop lying about the fact that he was with Amber last night.

He eventually admits that he followed him. He asks what Amber is giving him that he isn’t. Miles says that if Milan followed him he should have stayed because he didn’t go into Amber’s place. Milan, however, doesn’t believe him and tells him to get out. He tells her he doesn’t care what he what to Amber’s house for, he’s a fucking liar. He tells him to take all his shit and get the fuck out. He throws Miles’ boxes out of the door, and Miles starts packing up stuff too, saying they’re both moving out.