Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap 9/14/15: Season 2 Episode 2 “Friend or Foe”

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap 9/14/15: Season 2 Episode 2 "Friend or Foe"

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood continues with an all new Monday September 14, season 2 episode 2 called “Friend or Foe” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a former friend interferes with Nia Riley and Soulja Boy’s relationship.

On the last episode, in the Season 2 premiere, Moniece introduced a familiar face as her new boyfriend; Miles attempted to keep his relationship a secret; and an argument erupted between Princess and Ray J about their relationship. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “a former friend interferes with Nia and Soulja Boy’s relationship; Ray J is confused by Princess and Teairra’s friendship; Milan wants Miles to move in.”

It sounds like the 4th season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood tonight at 8PM!

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Fizz is feeling good after getting rid of all of the drama in his life. He says in confessional that his career is going well, and he has a mixtape coming out. He meets with Soulja Boy, and they discuss his relationships. Fizz says he’s planning on staying single, and Soulja Boy agrees. I can also say I agree wholeheartedly. Fizz asks Soulja Boy about his relationship with Nia. Soulja Boy says that Nia is his main girl and everyone knows that, but when he’s on the road she knows he’s with other women.
Rich says in confessional that he is falling for Moniece, and wants to use his week with her to see if the relationship could go further. The two go on a romantic candlelight dinner, and they start to discuss this trip (“this is a test,” Nia says, which he denies).Nia says he’ll have to talk to her parents and he has to figure out how Cameron is going to figure into the entire situation. Rich says that he’s not opposed to all of that, and that should come in time. Nia then tells him that he knows she’s not into having any more children, and suggests he have a vasectomy. Rich appears so shocked that Moniece has to go sit on his lap and calm him down. She thanks him for coming down all this way to see her, kissing him on the face. “A vasectomy?” He says.
Teairra is putting together a fashion show with Nikki, who has a lingerie line. They go to Nas to get girls to model at the event.
Teairra asks Nas about her relationships, and she says she’s been on and off with Soulja Boy. Teairra and Nicki are shocked at this. Nas says she’s been on and off with him for years. She says she and Nia used to be best friends, and they have been on and off over the years. Teairra asks in a convoluted fashion if he was ever sleeping with the two of them at the same time. Nikki interrupts, asking Nas straight up if they are really fucking around. Nas says yes and that he is still telling her that he loves her.Teairra tells Nas that if Soulja Boy is flaunting Nia and not her, she needs to extract herself.
Milan is unhappy because Miles wants to continue to put on a front that they are just friends. He says in confessional that he just wants to show him affection. In the car, Milan tells Miles that he wanted to kiss him and asks if it wouldn’t be great if they could just do that. Miles says that he’s just dealing with the hand he’s been dealt. Milan asks if he thinks he would ever be to the point where he wants everyone to know. He tells him that he wants him to move in with him so they can be together. Miles says that if they cross that bridge then they cross it, but right now he still isn’t ready to take that step with him because they’re still getting comfortable with eachother. “I’m not still getting comfortable,” Milan says. “You’re still getting comfortable.” Miles says “I’m getting comfortable.”
Moniece tells Teairra and Amber that the person she’s dating is with Rich. Teairra says she knows his reputation, and this is a serious thing. Moniece says it is a serious thing of 7 months. Moniece asks Amber about her relationship with Miles.
Amber says she and Miles are stil broken up, but they’re still working in the studio together. She says that when they work together it feels like they’re still a couple, even though they aren’t. Moniece says she doesn’t know anything about Amber’s relationship with Miles, but a person’s actions will show you what their mouth doesn’t say. She says that he is supposed to meet up with her and her daughter, so she hopes he does it.
Teairra says she talked to Princess, and something she said made her cry. However, she says while they had a sensitive moment, she though to herself fuck her and fuck him too. She says Princess also has invited her out for drinks. She says she can go and meet with her, but what will happen to Princess if she meets with her? Will her man like that? Teairra says she doesn’t know why Princess would play her knowing she has nothing to lose. “You have something to lose, baby,” she says.
Nikki goes shopping with Nia, and tells her about her brunch with Teairra and Nas. She tells her that she said she was messing around with Soulja. Nia asks if she knows the girl’s name, and Nikki says Nas.  Nia immediately makes an exasperated face at the sound of her name. Nia says in confessional that she thought she was done with this girl. She tells Nikki that yes they were friends and they stopped being friends. “That was years ago,” she says.
In confessional, she says that while they used to be “friends,” Nas slid in there as soon as Soulja was free. Nikki asks if they are okay with having an open relationship. Nia says she’d have to deal with so many women because anyone can just come up to her and tell her they slept together. But she knows that he is going home to her.
In confessional, Nikki says that Nia was acting too calm about the situation and that if this were her situation, she would be flipping out. Nikki tells her about the invite to Nas’ party, and suggests Nia could come to say something to her.  Nia says she wants to see what Nas has to say in person.
Rich says in confessional that if he and Moniece are really going to be serious, there is just one thing they have to clear up.
He tells Moniece that what bothers him is her tattoo because it has her ex’s name on it. She says that theirs is a “forever kind of love” and she will get the tattoo. However, she says, she wants him to move in with her. He says in confessional that the word “forever” is not in his vocabulary. He tells her that he is bicoastal right now, and making a decision. Moniece says she will help him make the decision easier.
Princess isn’t moving out just yet, but she has decided to live her own life.  She meets up with Teairra to see if what she said at the party was serious. She tells her that what she said really touched her. She says she feels like they could be friends. Teairra says that’s funny to her because of where they started.  Princess says she’s the kind of person taht if she’s dealing with someone, she trusts them.
Teairra says that if Princess wants to be friendly, she will, but Princess shouldn’t think she won’t have her guard up. She then says that if she finds out anything that could be used to her advantage, she will use it. Princess tells her that she is not doing well, saying that one more incident will send her over the edge.
Teairra asks her what she’s going to do, and Princess says she doesn’t think she’ll see a ring on her finger anytime soon. “Probably not,” Teairra says. Teairra offers the advice that she should be her own woman, and invites her to come to Dre’s party with her. She says she really doesn’t care what Ray thinks, she’s doing her. “That’s what you should do,” Teairra says ominously.
Milan says in confessional that they have been distant since they started discussing going public. He calls Miles a “confused individual.” Miles says in confessional that Milan has been blowing up his phone because he freaks out when he doesn’t know where he is, and sometimes he just doesn’t need that.  He says that there are people in his life that he’s known longer than Milan, and that he needs to understand that. He says that he doesn’t know how his kid will see him as a father if he knew about him, and that Amber is his best friend.
Princess says in confessional that she feels so stupid that she thought Ray could change. But instead of sulking like she is supposed to be, she’s going to go partying – and take an overnight bag with her in case she doesn’t feel like coming home. When she goes to the car with her things, Ray pulls up in the parking lot and asks her what she’s doing. He accuses her of playing games. Princess says she’s going out because she wants to have fun with her friends. He asks her where she’s going, and she says she’s getting drinks. He asks her why she needs that bag to go get drinks, and she says in case she doesn’t get home. “That bothers me,” he says.
Ray asks her if they can go inside, and she asks if she’s not going out. He says she isn’t going out side, and furthermore she needs to change her clothes because her boobs are out. She laughs and says she isn’t going to. Getting in her car, says she’s going out with her friends, and “… at the end of the day, I spoke to Tearria, and she was right about you.” “Yo, what the f**k, man?” he says as she drives off.
Rich and Moniece go to get her tattoo covered up, and she asks him why it was so important to him. He says that it wasn’t that important to him, but the fact that she was willing to do it shows where she stands. She brings up moving in together again.  In confessional, Rich says he isn’t moving in with anybody. In shock, Rich asks the tattoo artist if he condones this. “It is a big step,” the tattoo artist says. The tattoo artist asks if the tattoo is still going to happen and Rich says that it definitely is, because if it isn’t this is all void.
Ray J meets with Teairra to ask him about what Princess said. Teairra says that like she expected, Ray is blowing up her phone. She says that Ray was running around spreading rumors about her in alleyways. When they meet up, Ray J starts to talk about Princess, but Teairra says she thought Ray was going to apologize to her for the things he did to her. He says he never would have thought that he would say something like that. Teairra asks him if he really thought she was sucking dick in an alleyway.
He says he doesn’t know about the alley, maybe the bedroom. Teairra storms off, and Ray J says he never meant to hurt her, which she appears to be placated by. She says she doesn’t want to impede on their relationship, but Princess told her. Teairra says they don’t ever have to be together, but she loves him enough that she doesn’t want to see him unhappy. She says that he and Princess don’t seem happy, so what are they doing? Ray J says he’s trying to be a better person. Ray J asks Teairra if she will come again if he calls her.
Apryl and Nia arrive at the bootcamp Nas invited them to. Nas frantically asks who the f**k invited her. Nia immediately approaches her, saying they need to talk about their friendship and Soulja.  Nia says they’re not friends anymore, so they should move on in life. She says she doesn’t want to punch her in her face, and Nas tells her to stop saying that because she isn’t going to do it. She tells her that if she wants to have a conversation, she will do that. Turning back to the original subject, Nas says that the reason it’s important is that she is still messing with him.
Nia asks Nas how she met Dre, and she flips out. She says she admits she met Dre through her, but “you f**ked him after me” and that he is still sleeping with her. While being separated, Nia tells her she smells rotten.