Mad Men Recap 4/19/15: Season 7 Episode 10 “The Forecast”

Mad Men Recap 4/19/15: Season 7 Episode 10 "The Forecast"

Tonight on Mad Men it’s an all-new Sunday, April 19 season 7 episode 10 called, “The Forecast,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Roger [John Slattery] pawns off a project onto Don. [Jon Hamm]

On last week’s episode Roger gave Don some unwanted advice; Peggy and Stan disagreed over an account’s personnel; Harry asked for Don’s blessing. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the AMC synopsis “Roger pawns off a project onto Don; Joan goes on a business trip; Peggy and Pete clash over how to deal with an account emergency.”

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#MadMen begins at Don’s apartment. It’s Melanie and she tells him there’s no time for a shower and says someone is coming to see the place. She’s not happy to see the patio furniture in the living room. He says he had the carpet cleaned and she asks him to rent some furniture to help it sell. He says he’s sold a lot of uglier things than this and she asks him to leave before the prospects get there. He does. Joan gets a call from her mother and talks to her son. She gets cut off and calls room service instead.

Don goes to see Sterling and says McCann wants some of them go to a retreat in the Bahamas. He says he has to make a written statement on the future of the company. He says he needs something from Don on where they’re going to be next year – a Gettysburg address. Don is annoyed he saddled him with this when he’s going to the Bahamas. He hands Don some specs and sends him out. Joan meets Dee and Lou leaves and says he’ll be back at lunch.

Don shaves while his secretary takes notes on his speech. Peggy comes in and says Don needs to sign off on the Peter Pan cookie thing. Don comes in and the guys give the spiel about Tinker Bell cookies made from Peter Pan peanut butter. Don says it’s hooked and then asks why they don’t like One Tink and You’re Hooked. Don walks out and Peggy smirks at Pete. Joan asks Dee why Lou is late and she tells her he’s been working on a comic.

Mr McCloud shows up to interview with Joan and she says Lou is late and then Lou shows up. But that’s not McCloud – it was a guy looking for his optometrist and says he lied to meet her. Richard asks her to dinner and leaves his card. Joan goes into the interview and Richard leaves. Sally signs American Express traveler’s checks while her mom observes. Betty tells her about when she took the same school trip and says she got in trouble with staying up late and breaking light bulbs.

Betty also tells Sally to stay away from boys. Sally says the conversation is late and so is she. Betty says that’s not funny. Melanie tells Don the empty apartment is a problem and he asks who the best prospect is and she says a stockbroker. He says she should tell them that a person who lived there invented the Frisbee and had to move to Paris. Melanie says the apartment looks like a sad person lived here and he says it’s her failure. She says the place reeks of his failure.

He says a lot of great things happened there and she says you wouldn’t know it and leaves. Don looks around at his sad little place. Joan tries to get Richard out of her bed and says she has an early flight. He tells her to cancel her flight so he can take her to Malibu and then the Biltmore. They talk about their former marriage. He says he stayed in it for the kids then when his youngest moved out, he was done and free as a bird. Joan says she needs to work.

Richard asks if she has mouths to feed but she says she finally got the job she always wanted and says she’ll send him flowers. Then she kisses him and climbs on top of him for another round. Don greets his secretary who says Sterling came by for the speech. Don goes to see Ted to try and pick his brain about the speech but he’s not giving anything up. Ted talks about wanting a big pharmaceutical account. Don says he used to aspire only to being in business next year.

Richard calls Joan at work and he says her story checks out and she says it’s nice to hear from him. He says he’s in New York and asks where they’re eating. She tells him a time and restaurant and says she’ll meet him there. Pete chases down Don and says they have a peanut butter cookie problem. Peggy comes up as Pete says Clyde hated it and then the two guys turned on each other and one dropped the f- bomb. Pete threatens to fire Peggy and Don says to send the idiots back in.

He says the client has heard the f- bomb before. Pete tells Peggy to get him some new work ASAP and she agrees. A guy drops by to see Sally and she warns him that Betty is on. She says she’s leaving on the teen tour. The doorbell rings and it’s Paula. Betty asks to be introduced and he says he’s Glenn Bishop. She didn’t even recognize him and is surprised to hear he’s 18. He came to invite Sally to Playland. He tells Betty she looks the same and asks about his school.

She says she’s going back to college herself. Sally is annoyed and asks her mom for some actual money. Betty sends Sally to get her pocket book. Paula comes back and puts her hand on his arm. Betty offers him a beer but Sally pushes for them to go. Paula asks Sally if she has any grass and Sally says they can get some there. Glenn tells Sally he joined the Army and Sally asks if he’s f-ing stupid. She says he hates the war and reminds him about Kent State.

Sally tells Glenn he’s going to die but Sally tells him it’s a brave thing to do. Sally says she’s not going and says the kids at Playland are the same ones he’ll be murdering in Vietnam. Sally says she’s sorry and says he’s grown into a fine young man. She takes his hand and says they’ll see him when he gets back. He and Paula leave.

Don tries to dictate his speech. His secretary interrupts and says Mathis needs to see him. He comes in with a bottle of booze and thanks Don for fighting for him. Don asks what he wants and he says he wants him to come to the meeting. Don says no and Mathis asks how he can fix it. Don tells him that he interrupted the client at a Lucky Strike meeting. He says to bring a bar of soap and tell him it’s in case he needs to wash his mouth out or something like that. Mathis leaves.

Richard meets Joan for dinner and talks about his work. He talks about how he was overrun by hippies who wanted low income housing instead of the golf course he was building. He offers her a nightcap and she agrees. Richard asks where he told him she was then asks if she’s married. She says she has a son named Kevin who’s four. She asks if that matters and he says no. He asks for the check. Sally calls Glenn but can’t reach him and is upset because she wants to say goodbye.

She cries and makes his mom cry. Richard takes Joan back to his hotel and kisses her and walks her to the bed. She says she need to call home and let them know she’ll be late. He offers to fix her a drink while she makes her call. She calls her sitter and asks if she can stay late. She complains about staying late and Maureen fusses. She says Kevin had trouble going to sleep and says she’ll check on him. Richard asks if she needs to go and she says she has until midnight.

She tells Richard she wasn’t going to spend the night no matter what. Richard says he doesn’t like this. He says he loved kids and already raised his. He says he’s done with that part of his life and Joan says he’s being presumptuous. She calls him a disappointment. Richard says she can’t travel anywhere with him and she says that’s right and stands to leave. After she leaves, Richard looks tormented. Don is flipping through magazines when Peggy comes in.

She says Ted told her to fill out her own performance review. She says she’s tired of this and Don says to start with that. She says she wants her performance reviewed and says she’s had quite a year. She sits and Don asks what she sees for the future. He’s picking her brain for the speech. She says she wants to be the first female creative director at the agency and he asks what’s next. She says she wants to land a big account and create a catch phrase.

She says she wants to create something of lasting value and he laughs and says – in advertising? She says he’s in a mood and she says to write down all of his dreams so she can shit on them. She walks out. Joan sits with Kevin when Maureen comes in late. She tells the sitter she’s ruining her life and her son says he loves her. Joan stops and tells him bye and that she loves him.

Mathis ties out Don’s line at the meeting about how he can’t believe the client had the balls to walk in there after he embarrassed himself last time. Peggy’s jaw drops and the client is in shock. Mathis walks in and tells Don’s secretary to get out and says he got kicked off the account. Don asks if he tried the soap thing and Mathis says guys like him don’t have to apologize. Don tells him he has a foul mouth and has no character but Mathis says done has none and is just handsome.

Don says to take some accountability and then fires him. Mathis says he knew he shouldn’t apologize and storms out. His secretary comes back in and Don sits down on his couch. Joan gets a call that Jim McCloud is there to see her. It’s not – it’s Richard and she asks why he’s there. He has flowers and says he’s a heel. She takes the flowers and says she’s sending her son away. She says he told her to choose between him and her son. He says he wants to be part of her life and her son’s. She says she’s been twice divorced and lives with her mother. He asks where she lives and she says 12th street.

He says he’s going to buy a nice place near the park and says they’ll all visit. Joan says they’ll see. Richard asks if he can call her and she says okay. Glenn shows up to see Betty and he says Loretta let him in on her way out. She says Sally isn’t there and Glenn says he knows. He asks for a drink and she gives him a beer. She asks if he wants to sit but he says no. He says they have beer in Vietnam. She says she’s heard they have all the comforts of home.

He says his mom and Sally are mad but she’s not. Betty says she’s worried too but hopes he’ll be safe. He says he know something can happen but says he feels safe because he knows she’s his. He pulls her close and she tells him to stop and says she’s married. She steps back when he tries to kiss her and he says he’s sorry. She says she understands but Glenn says she doesn’t. He says this is all he’s thought about and says she knows him and the man he can be.

Betty asks him if he did this for her and says she couldn’t live with herself. Glenn says it’s so much worse and says he flunked out of college. He says his stepdad was going to kick him out but then was proud when he enlisted. Glenn rubs his face and she comforts him and puts his hand on her face. He gets his coat and she tells him she’s positive he’ll make it. She gives him a smile and he leaves. When he goes she looks really sad.

Don is out with Sally and her friends for dinner. Her friends all think he’s so funny but Sally doesn’t. One of her friends flirts with him and asks if he lives in a penthouse and Sally says he grew up poor. She takes one of his cigarettes and says the commercials are her favorite part. Sally is glum and annoyed. Don sees them to the bus and he asks if she’s nervous about going away. She tells him her friend is 17 and says he can’t control himself and neither can mom.

She says if anyone pays attention to either of them, she just oozes. Don says her friend is a fast girl. Sally says her dream is to get away from her parents and be different from them. Don grabs her and says she is like them whether she likes it or not. He says she’s beautiful and it’s up to her to be more than that. Bobby and Gene run through the house with toy machine guns and she Betty takes them and throws them away.

Don comes in and finds Melanie showing his place. She pulls him into the hall and says she did it and doesn’t know how. She says she got the asking price and now they have to find a place for him. She shuts the door on him so he’s stuck in the hall. He looks around at the hallway of the place he bought with Megan.