Major Crimes Recap 11/2/15: Season 4 Episode 1 Fall Premiere “Four Of A Kind”


Tonight on TNT Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday November 2, season 4 episode 11, Fall Premiere called “Four Of A Kind,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode four wealthy people are left for dead outside a hospital emergency room. Before long, a high-school daughter, a diabetic chauffeur, a parking-lot owner and an enigmatic woman all emerge as suspects.

On the last episode the son of a tough judge was murdered. The Major Crimes staffers combed through the judge’s current caseload for clues, leading them to a motorcycle gang that might be connected to the vanishing of a 13-year-old boy. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “four wealthy people are left for dead outside a hospital emergency room. Before long, a high-school daughter, a diabetic chauffeur, a parking-lot owner and an enigmatic woman all emerge as suspects. Meanwhile, Rusty pursues a taboo subject for a story.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the fourth season.

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#MajorCrimes begins with surveillance footage at an emergency room. A nice SUV pulls up and a woman in a hoodie gets out and wipes prints off the car then opens the back so the camera can see bodies inside. She gets in a car and drives away. Buzz shows the footage to Provenza. He tells him her face could not be seen and he couldn’t read the plate off the BMW she left in. He asks the security guard to copy the video onto flash drives for him. The techs go over the SUV.

Provenza tells the team they can’t identify the woman. They have victims. The first is Neal Horowitz who was shot twice on his left side with a 45. The Escalade they dropped off was his. He’s a lawyer for a diamond importer. They think he was dragged judging by scuff marks on his heels. Then Bromwyn Hicks is also dead and she works at UV Solar, a huge power company that just went public. Anish Patel is another victim and he owns Toxic Rock Records.

The one survivor is still in surgery. Julio is off his game. He says it’s Howard Prager, a venture capitalist who is also rich. He was shot twice in the chest. Amy says it’s touch and go and he might not make it and the hospital can’t find his phone and wallet. They have keys to missing cars and Tao wonders if the cars are parked near the crime scene. Povenza asks where Prager is and Julio says he should be nearby the R then will be in the ICU on the fourth floor.

He walks out to stay near the guy in surgery. Provenza asks who four one percenters get shot and stuffed into an SUV. Provenza asks Tao to work the people’s phones. Provenza calls Sharon and wakes her to tell her that her morning is going to be busy. Dr Morales tells Sharon and Amy he hasn’t recovered the slugs from the bodies yet but the wounds look like a 45 and they were shot close but not point blank. Then he shows Sharon the vertical angles are downward.

The victims were seated and the shooter was standing. The chief shows up to check on the case. He says to hold off on notifications so they can get a head start on the media. Sharon says Tao found two cars near the hospital that belonged to them. Morales says to look for a newish Oriental rug. They spot a rug shop nearby and Tao sees drag marks out the back. He and Andy break in the windows and head inside with uniforms. They work their way back and turn on the lights.

They clear the place and Andy says they need to find evidence to justify breaking in there. Andy pulls back the rug and spots blood smears. Tao sets up a mock crime scene. Amy says the shop owner has been in Morocco since mid-month visiting family and the shop has been closed. Tao has laid out pools of blood under the rug that showed up with Luminol. He has sticky notes that show wall strikes of bullets. Amy picks a place to stand to pretend to be the shooter. Sharon adjusts the people in the chairs.

Amy says it looks like the person wasn’t a great shot. Sharon says she was married to a gambling addict and says the cellophane he found was from a fresh deck of cards. They think it was a high stakes poker game. Rusty waits for Judge Grove in the courthouse. He ask if he remembers the identity vlog. He says he has a new story and Rusty says he was to do a story on Slider who will be a defendant in his court. The judge says LA is a big place and asks can’t he bother another judge.

Rusty asks him to listen and the judge says to clear it with the investigators and attorneys before it comes to him. He says get their permission and then come to him. He says next time make an appointment. He cuts off Rusty and says tell his mother he said hi then he goes into chambers. Rusty talks to Sharon but then Andy comes in with a bag of evidence. Buzz says the stuff smells. Andy says they did dumpster diving and found bloody towels in a dumpster plus poker chips and cards.

They also found casings from the gun and seven uneaten steak dinners. They have the four victims then the woman and driver so that’s still one person short. Julio waits at the hospital and a nurse brings him some lunch. He asks if Dr Foster is still there. He says Foster treated his wife there. Anna Prager shows up looking for her father. The nurse leaves Anna with Julio. He asks if she was called by the hospital. She says her dad didn’t call so she used his find my phone app to locate him.

He asks if she knew where her father went last night and he says her father was shot and is in critical condition. She asks if he’s sure and then starts crying. He asks about her father’s driver and she says it’s Dan and she has his contact information. She hands him her phone and he asks if it’s Dan Wills. They bring Dan in and he complains. Provenza says the car isn’t his. The guy says the BMW’s carpets got messed up so he took it for detailing.

Amy says the missing woman runs the poker games and she paid him $20k to help clean up the mess at the poker game. Amy says each player brought $100k cash to the game. Sharon says that’s half a million to steal. They wonder why they killed them instead of just stealing it. Sharon wonders if the killer is someone they knew. Tao says the drivers fingerprints are on the takeout containers. Sharon says to let the driver’s son see his father.

Noah comes in to see his dad and he asks what he did. Dan says nothing. He says Howard and some of his friends got shot. He says he helped take them to the hospital. Dan says to ask the cops for the keys to the Towncar he left and asks him to bring him some insulin. Sharon says to call Julio to tell him to keep Anna with him. He tells him to move the car and bring him some insulin. Provenza comes in and says Noah can grab the keys on the way out.

Dan says failure to report a crime is illegal, neither is taking shot people to the ER. He says Howard called him at 6 for a 7 pm pickup. He says he dropped him off like he does for all the underground games then he parked and called dispatch. Amy asks about the food. He says about 10:20, Howard called him and the woman asked him to pick up steaks for all of them so he went to Raleigh’s Prime Rib and made the order then dropped it off.

He says the lady put it on her credit card. Provenza asks who was the seventh dinner for. He says he was told there were five players but when he got back, there were only four. Dan says he would not shoot people then drive them to the ER after robbing them. He says Howard had lots of cash in his car many time and he could have set him up if he wanted him to. Tao says Molly Place is the credit card owner and she has no violent arrests but some for vice.

Buzz says there’s no Mercedes registered in her name. They show her photo to Anna who says she does some investing with her dad. She says her dad set up an app and says Molly shares his account and booked a trip to Mexico City. Julio borrows her phone to get the flight info. The team heads to the private airport. Molly pulls up and the team moves in on her quietly. She grabs luggage then sees Andy and tries to get back into her car. She floors it while Andy is hanging on. She throws him off.

They block her in and Amy holds a shotgun on her. Provenza runs to check on Andy who finally stands up but he has a gash on his head. He tells him – don’t tell Sharon then passes out.

Sharon talks to Rusty about his Slider project. He says he needs DA, attorney and investigator permission. He says he just wants to talk to him about his life, not the case. Sharon says she has a quadruple murder and says Andrea is on the way over and says he should talk to her first. He asks if she will and she says she can’t. The team comes back and Sharon goes to speak with them. She asks where’s Andy. He says he got a couple of scrapes and is okay and is with the doctor.

Provenza says he left his phone and tells her Andy will be fine and to focus on the subject. She asks how Molly Pace expected to rob her own game. Amy says she could have tipped off the real killer. She had $300k in cash in her luggage. Molly says she was the victim here. Julio lays into her and Sharon says she resisted arrest and assaulted a police officer. Sharon asks why she used her car to drag a detective across the parking lot. She says she was in the bathroom when the shooting started.

She says if she was going to rob the game she would have waited until there were fewer players. She says she paid the driver to help her get them there really fast. She says she offered Dan $5k and he negotiated her up to $20k. Julio asks why she was fleeing and says people were getting shot. She says Howard is worth more to her alive than dead and says she does a lot of business with Howard. Sharon asks where the cash is during the game and Molly says on the table.

Julio asks who the seventh person was. Sharon says Dan told her there was a fifth player. She says that name must be worth something. She says that person got knocked out of the game 15 minutes before the shooting and left angry. They threaten to keep her cash and she says it’s Raymond Phan. The chief says the man is a huge donor to the policeman’s fund and he has a registered 45. They call and ask Raymond to come in. His lawyer comes with him.

Sharon says they arrested Molly Pace at the airport and Andrea says the woman gave a statement saying he played in an illegal poker game. Andrea says four people were shot and $500 million was stolen. The chief says the killer walked off with the pot. Andrea asks them to sign a consent form to test fire his 45. He says he was only mad that Howard didn’t fold on the flop and has incredible luck. Sharon asks who Raymond told about the game. He says they all kept the games a secret.

He says if he thinks of anything helpful, he’ll let them know. He stands to leave but by admitting he was there, they can arrest him and get a warrant. His lawyer is annoyed he spoke up. Rusty chats up Andrea about his proposed Slider project. He says it’s just about his life and shows her the project. Andrea says she doesn’t want Slider humanized and says he could contaminate the jury pool. He asks what if the defense agreed not to subpoena him or his recordings. She agrees if he can get that.

Andy shows up bandaged and he asks if Molly did this. Sharon wants Andy to go home and he says it’s just a few cracked ribs and they shot him with a local anesthetic. He says he can’t take the pain pills they gave him so he wants to talk about the case now. They go over the facts with him. Provenza says Molly and Dan took them to the hospital knowing some of them could survive and ID them. Sharon says this doesn’t make sense and Provenza wonders if Prager being shot first is important.

Sharon asks Andy if the doctor cleared him for work. He says the doctor didn’t say not to. Julio says the hospital called and Prager died without regaining consciousness. Sharon wonders if she can get Anna to hold off telling others. Sharon tells Andy to sit down in her office and stay there. He agrees. She closes the blinds and leaves him there. He moans. Sharon wakes Anna who is sleeping at a desk. Then Anna spots Noah and says he must be Dan’s son.

He asks who she is and she introduces herself. She says her dad has been driving her around almost her whole life. Sharon asks if Anna has never met Noah before tonight then asks how she recognized him. She says her dad showed her photos of him on his phone. Sharon nods at the others who step up to surround Noah. He tries to bolt and they are all on him. They knock him down and cuff him. Sharon tells Dan she figured out who shot and robbed Prager and the others.

Sharon goes to Dan and asks if he conspired with Noah to rob the place. Provenza asks if he told his son about the poker game. Dan scoffs. He says that can’t be right. Sharon says if he and Noah planned this, they are both going to face felony murder. Provenza says it’s different if he just mentioned it. Dan says he did it and shot them all. Sharon asks what weapon he used. Provenza asks where’s the money. Provenza tells him it’s no good. Sharon asks if he told Noah about the game.

He says sometimes he tells the kid where he’s going in case of emergency. He says he had a little stroke a few years ago and wants his son to know where he is just in case. He starts crying. Andy is passing out in her office and Sharon tells Provenza to call the paramedics. Sharon has Andy at her place and she’s babying him. He says they agreed she’s just the boss at work. She says the doctor said he needed care and supervision. He asks what happened. She says the money and 45 were in Noah’s room.

She says Howard Prager said Noah’s name so he shot him when he was just planning on robbing and not killing. She says Rusty is at the judge’s office making his case. The judge says three conditions – he informs him before and after interviews and he gets to review before he posts. Second is that he can expunge parts of the interviews. Rusty says that’s censorship. He tells Rusty he needs to also apply for a transfer to UCLA and says his wife already arranged it. He says his wife if a professor there and is a fan.

Rusty asks if Sharon put him up to this and the judge says he asks the questions then says he should consider law school since he likes to argue about everything. The judge shakes his hand and tells him not to blow this opportunity. He thanks him and the judge says go and shut the door behind him. The judge gives a little smile after Rusty leaves.