Major Crimes Recap – Mariana Laid to Rest: Season 4 Episode 10 “Fifth Dynasty”

Major Crimes Recap - Mariana Laid to Rest: Season 4 Episode 10 "Fifth Dynasty"Tonight on TLC Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday August 10, season 4 episode 10 called “Fifth Dynasty.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the son of a tough judge is murdered. The Major Crimes staffers comb through the judge’s current caseload for clues.

On the last episode the division investigates an online video of a bloodied, half-naked man walking down a street with a gun. Meanwhile, Rusty at last finds Alice Herrera’s brother and reaches out to Sharon for help. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TLC synopsis “the son of a tough judge is murdered. The Major Crimes staffers comb through the judge’s current caseload for clues, leading them to a motorcycle gang that might be connected to the vanishing of a 13-year-old boy.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.

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#MajorCrimes begins at a crime scene. Provenza comes in and Tao sends for more SID guys. Provenza says backyards attract murders. Tao says Chandler Ryan bought the house two months ago and he was chased out of the house and pulled off the fence trying to flee. He’s the son of Judge Virginia Ryan, known as Fry-Em Ryan. He was hit with a shovel to the neck. Mike says it didn’t happen long ago.

Amy is there and says the neighbors called 911 when they heard breaking glass and yelling. The judge had her bedroom window shot out last month and some white supremacists were the suspects from Fifth Dynasty biker gang. Buzz says you can follow the paint to see how the fight went. Provenza asks if the two bikers are out on bail. Andy says Chandler was in the house painting before he got married.

Provenza wonders why he was painting the house himself since he was a lawyer and Andy says he was a community activist type guy. Provenza says they need to bring in all of the judge’s family. Amy watches a video of the Walter Redmond and Kenny Swills, two bikers and they are on trial for felony assault. They are looking at a third strike and Judge Ryan rejected a plea bargain.

The Judge is there and asks if there was another threat from those two maniacs. Sharon asks her to go into her office and says she’ll be right in. Sharon tells the others to bring in every known member of the gang down there with alibis for tonight. She also wants them to find Wally and Kenny. Ryan says they fired through her window and she got a protection detail the next day.

Sharon asks if they tied the bullet to the gang and she says they didn’t. Sharon asks Ginny if the gang has contacted any of her family members and she asks if they could have found out about Chandler’s new house. Ginny asks if something happened to her son. Sharon says his house was broken into and he was murdered. She asks how and Sharon says it was a fight that spilled over into the backyard.

Ginny says there was a mistake and she’s calling Chandler and says they talked four hours ago. She says he was painting and Sharon has made a mistake. She dials his phone and says he’s not picking up. She leaves a voice mail and asks her son to call him. She says the police are telling her – then she stammers – and then stops talking and starts bawling. Buzz gestures for Sharon to come out.

Sharon takes her phone and tells her that her brother’s family is coming down and asks if she has other family. Ginny says she can’t talk right now and Sharon says to stay in her office and leaves her there crying. Buzz says her family is coming up. Her brother David is pushy and they ask where his other child is and he says his 13 year old Henry was with Chandler helping him paint the house.

They pull them down the hall. Sharon calls Provenza and tells him about Henry and that he’s missing and it’s a critical missing. Gustavo asks Rusty why they won’t tell him where Paloma is and Provenza says he’s working on another case right now. He tells Rusty that his PO Cynthia is waiting for them in the conference room and says he has murder and kidnapping and neo-Nazis to deal with.

Andy says they found a girl named Paloma a year ago on a crime report with a different last name. He says it was not a huge deal – she was spotted shoplifting with others and they ran off and left her and she was placed in foster care and has been doing well. Cynthia says she has done four visits and it has gone well. Rusty says what the social worker sees is not always what goes on.

Cynthia says if Gustavo ID’s the girl, they have to find and notify his mother. Andy tells Gustavo it’s his move. He has to leave to work on the kidnapping. Cynthia says if he positively ID’s her, they will try and DNA match her to him then go looking for her biological parents. Cynthia asks if he wants to look and he says yes. Cynthia shows him the photo. He looks and takes the photo in his hand.

He looks closer and says it looks like Paloma but says he needs to see her in person to be sure. Cynthia says she has to talk to her foster family and see what they have to say. Provenza asks David when the last time was he saw Henry and he says last night. The other kids describe Henry’s clothes and David rants at them but Provenza tells them they’ve brought in almost all the gang members.

His mom says they could trace his cell phone but her stupid husband took it away. Ginny snaps and tells him that they are taking DNA and asking about clothes so they can identity his body if they find it. Provenza says if they wanted to kill Henry they would have done it when they killed Chandler. Ginny asks to speak to Chandler outside. She asks if there is more going on and Sharon says there is a huge conflict of interest.

Ginny says she will be removed from the case if the gang killed her son and kidnapped her nephew. She says her family needs her and Chandler needs Sharon on the case. Ginny glares at the bikers as they are brought into major crimes. Ginny says she’s glad that Sharon is handling this. Sharon asks Julio and he says no one has admitted to seeing the kid or the two missing defendants.

Julio says they need to move on to the back warmers, aka the GFs. He says they should talk to Louise Rogers, an ex who took out a restraining order but then paid their bail. Amy and Cooper sit outside Louise’s house on stake out. Amy says working together may not be a good option and Cooper reminds her that her boss is dating a coworker. They see a car pull up and a woman gets out.

She gets a couple of cases of drinks out of her car and Amy sees a shade move in a window by the door. They decie to go take a closer look. Amy goes to knock on the door. Louise answers and sees the badge. Amy introduces herself and Cooper and asks if she’s seen Henry or the two guys. They hear a thump and asks who else is there. Then they hear the bikes. One guy drives off and Cooper clotheslines a second.

Cooper tells him sorry mein fuhrer. The other biker stopped and stuck a road flare up their tail pipe and blew up their car. The other one they have in cuffs starts laughing maniacally. Sharon talks to Rusty about Paloma’s foster family and says they want to adopt her. He asks doesn’t Gus have rights to visit her. Sharon says DCFS will have to act if she identifies him.

Sharon says Gus doesn’t have a home or job to take care of her. She says maybe Mariana’s presence can get Gus to back off. Provenza says Kenny is demanding a lawyer and Sharon says too bad. Sharon tells Rusty not to worry about Gus. Julio explains to Kenny that his right to an attorney and right to remain silent do not apply because of the kidnapped child. Amy says if the kid dies, he’s up for death penalty.

Ginny comes in to watch the interview. Provenza asks her to go but Ginny insists and says she will not be on the case and asks them please to just let her sit in not as a judge. They let her stay. Julio says if they help them find Henry, they can make charges for resisting arrest and all the meth in the house go away.

Julio says that was the last time he rode his bike. Kenny asks Henry who and Amy says the nephew of Judge Ryan who they abducted after murdering her son Chandler. Kenny starts laughing and says it’s real sad that her son is sad and says he was with Walter and his GF and asks how it happened. He asks what use he has with a kid. He says he can’t control people’s reaction to that bitch.

He says black president and wetback cops. He says the aryan race will fight back. He says they don’t fight back by kidnapping little kids and says he’s not a degenerate. He says Chandler was a race traitor and was helping immigrants get into the country. Sharon is called out. Provenza says they’ve been monitoring the Farrell’s house phone and says there was an outgoing call.

They found Henry in the house watching TV. He was dropped off at the house by some men on motorcycles. Sharon asks him where has he been. She asks what the bikers says and he says the bikers said for him to tell his Aunt Ginny to back off. They ask if that’s when he called his brother Sean. He says he wanted Sean to know he was home safe. Sharon asks how many bikers. He says six.

She asks what they looked like and he says they blindfolded him with a bandanna. Sharon sends them to do a Lexus/Nexus search of Chandler’s work and to make sure Sean is comfortable. Then Provenza asks if the bandanna was over or under the helmet. Henry then starts fumbling. Sharon asks if he saw Chandler get killed and he says he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Andy asks Sean why he didn’t tell them Henry had called and he says he didn’t want him to be in trouble. Andy asks for what. Julio asks what he and his brother talked about and asks if he told him he killed Chandler. Sean says he didn’t kill Chandler and he says Sean ran away last night. Tao comes back and says there is a link between Chandler and his mother. Sharon and Provenza are shocked by the file.

Sharon talks to Ginny and says she has relevant legal work that Chandler was involved in and shows her the file. Ginny says this has nothing to do with her case. Sharon says there are NDAs involving Chandler in her court and they cannot be enforced since his death. Ginny says the Suarez family was trying to extort Chandler by accusing him of things. She says he was trying to help those people.

Sharon tells her to stop. She says the allegations made by Eva Suarez… Ginny stops her and says it was malicious blackmail and asks why she dug up these lies. Buzz plays her a recording of Sean. Sharon tells her to watch. Andy asks Sean when did Chandler first start molesting him. Ginny tells her to stop it and Sharon tells her to be quiet and watch. Andy says Henry told them.

Buzz then turns on the recording of Henry. Ginny says this is ridiculous. Ginny says Chandler was a success and Sean is a loser and flunked out of college and is living at home. Amy says are all those kids her son molested losers too. Provenza asks if she used her power to protect her son from charges of molesting children. Sharon says she had better not be actively involved in covering up her son’s sexual assaults.

Sean tells them he can’t talk about it. Julio says the truth will help them have mitigating circumstances. Julio asks if he wants Henry to feel responsible for what he did to Chandler. Sean says he doesn’t have to take the stand and Julio says Henry will and they tell him Henry will have to relive this in public. Sean starts crying and says he used to love Chandler and says it started happening and he couldn’t avoid him.

He says he didn’t think Aunt Ginny would believe him so he just shut down. He says he tried not to rock the boat then by his senior year of high school maybe he found someone else. He says he had a hard time holding it together at college then when he came back, Henry was different. Ginny asks them to turn it off. Sharon says she can listen now or in open court.

Sean says Henry didn’t want to go to Chandler’s to help him paint but his parents made him go just like they always made him go. Sean says Henry called him from Chandler’s crying and hurt. He says he went over to pick him up and he got mad. He says he was thinking about it and he smashed in the glass door to scare Chandler and says he wanted him to know he couldn’t do that to Henry.

Chandler told him that he liked it and he only did what he wanted him to do. Sean says he snapped when Chandler said he liked what he did to him. He hit him with the shovel and he tells the cops he didn’t like it. Chandler asks him to stop but he didn’t. Sean tells them he really didn’t like it. Ginny is crying as she watches. Provenza tells them that they know she doesn’t like deal making.

Ginny says no, no. Then she says may I have the opportunity to talk to her family before they call a lawyer for Sean. They tell her okay. Sean sits crying. Everyone shows up for Mariana’s funeral. Provenza tells Sharon that Judge Ryan spoke up for Sean in court but it will still be manslaughter. Sharon says it’s better than murder. Amy says Kenny and Walter did the shooting at the judge’s house and are going away.

They have the police serving as pall bearers. Gustavo and Rusty walk behind the coffin. They all pay their respects to the young girl who was killed. Gustavo cries as they bury his sister. Sharon asks Gus if he’s okay and he tells them he appreciates that he was able to lay Mariana to rest. He says he doesn’t think it’s fair that he can’t meet with Paloma until she’s 18. Andy says they made a deal.

Amy says he knows Paloma is safe and Tao says it’s the best outcome he can hope for in this situation. Rusty stands with him and Gus asks if leaving her with that family is what they want or what the state wants. Rusty says he thinks it’s what Mariana wants so Paloma can have a normal life. Provenza tells him that sometimes older brothers have to make sacrifices for their younger siblings. He’s thinking about what Sean did to save Henry. Sharon asks Rusty how he’s feeling.

He says he did everything he set out to do – he found Alice’s name and she had a proper burial. He says he can’t tell Mariana he found Paloma or that she’s all right or that Gus is there with her. He says he can’t even tell Alice because he’ll always think of her as Alice. He says he can’t tell Alice how much she meant to her. Sharon says he can tell other people and he can share the story with Paloma someday.

He says he wishes he could have helped her. Sharon says he did. Gus stands by her grace despondent. Andy comes over and puts his arm around Sharon. They walk off together. That’s it for the summer finale. Major Crimes is back in November.