Major Crimes Recap 8/3/15: Season 4 Episode 9 “Wish You Were Here”

Major Crimes Recap 8/3/15: Season 4 Episode 9 "Wish You Were Here"

Tonight on TLC Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday August 3, season 4 episode 9 called “Wish You Were Here.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the division investigates an online video of a bloodied, half-naked man walking down a street with a gun.

On the last episode an old kidnapping case was revisited when new information surfaced, pushing the division into a partnership with a possibly crooked FBI agent. Elsewhere, Rusty had a breakthrough in his Alice Herrera investigation, but he began to question his friendship with T.J. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TLC synopsis “the division investigates an online video of a bloodied, half-naked man walking down a street with a gun. Meanwhile, Rusty at last finds Alice Herrera’s brother and reaches out to Sharon for help.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.

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#MajorCrimes starts with Rusty and Sharon staring into a morgue window. The body of Alice is wheeled out for Gustavo to see. He confirms it’s Mariana Wallace and says she’s older, but it’s her. He’s visibly shaken and starts crying. He answers questions for Morales about Mariana then asks to be alone with his sister but Morales says no and he will have to do that at a funeral home. He kisses his sister’s forehead then cries.

Sharon gets a call and steps out to take it. It’s Provenza and he says Tao sent her a video that has “goen virus” of a guy dying. He says Chief Taylor wants them to run with it. Sharon watches the video and sees a guy staggering in his underwear down the street. He has a guna nd the police tell him to drop it. He stops and says “my wife, I love my wife” and then collapses. They call for paramedics and see blood on the back of his neck.

On scene, Amy says they have 20 witness with the same story. She says he was bleeding from the neck and Buzz is outraged that commenters on the video are upset at the cops over this. Tao says this is a high crime area. He was shot with a 22 and Tao says he has a record of petty crimes. The victim is John Price from Beverly Hills. Julio finds the victim’s shirt and then Andy says the Seagull Motel is the next place to start. Amy says the hotel manager didn’t recognize John.

Julio says he checked out vehicles and found a spare one – a plumber’s truck. They head into room 110 with guns drawn. They found some blood and signs of a party. Julio finds blood on the bedspread. Provenza says maybe he was lying down when he was shot then undressed as he walked down the street. They wonder where the plumber is and Provenza tells Amy to stake out his house. Tao finds an empty bag for new sheets. They turn down the bed then pull them off and find a large blood stain.

They call in SID for DNA on the mess. Sharon watches Buzz’s video of this and she notices there are two separate blood stains. She asks about Max the plumber. Julio says they didn’t find anything in his truck. Andy says Price lived in Bev Hills but has no vehicle. They wonder if he was in Max’s truck. Julio says it looked like a party and Buzz says Price’s last words were about loving his wife. Sharon wonders how he got the gun.

Morales tells them that Price died from the brain swelling and says there is no bullet wound. He says he was stabbed by a Philips head screwdriver. Sure enough, there’s an x on his neck. Rusty talks to Sharon about Gus and she says they’ll call him for the murder trial to identify her. Oderno comes in and says that Gus says he tried to file missing persons reports twice on his sisters but was told he had no standing. Andrea says she won’t look for Paloma Wallace until Gus talks to them.

Andrea says Gus wants them to pay for Mariana’s funeral. Andy says he’ll take Gus home with him and says he’ll feed the guy and give him a peaceful place to sleep. Andy tells Rusty to keep Gus company and has Oderno find a way for Gus to file a missing person’s report on the other sister. Provenza says Max Riley is still their top suspect but the wife is home. The plumber is MIA. Sharon asks about Price’s history. Tao says he’s single but has an ex named Gretchen.

His address shows he lives at her house and he drives another ex’s car, a Chevy Tahoe. Sharon wonders if Gretchen has money – she inherited $30 million. Andrea asks if Price owned the gun and Provenza says Eric Shuman is the owner of the gun and Julio says the guy has been missing for nine months. They start with the wife and ask her why Max would have been at a motel – she says likely a job and they ask when he’ll be home. She says he left his cell phone in the bathroom.

She says if he checks in, she can leave a message. They leave her a card and go. Tao gestures to Amy to stay put. They bring in Gretchen and ask her about Price. She says she gave him the Tahoe and he never changed the registration or his license address. Andy asks where she sends the alimony and she says it’s direct deposit but it ended two months ago. Andy asks why she married Price and she says he was young, good looking and lied to her.

The wife goes to leave and Tao tells Amy to stay on her. She moves out with Tao and Julio backing her up. Sharon asks if Price would see prostitutes. She says it was a compulsion of his and says it was a question of why he wanted to marry her, aside from her money. She asks why they need to know and if something happened to John. Sharon says he was murdered this morning. They show her a photo of Max as Gretchen starts crying. She says she doesn’t know him.

She asks why and how Price died. Andy says they can’t tell her that now and Sharon says his last words were – I love my wife. Gretchen says son of a bitch then says he lied about everything. Amy follows the plumber’s wife with Tao and Julio close behind. Amy says the wife is texting and searching for something. She approaches a car and it’s John Price’s car. She beats on the car and says – you said never again. She goes to break the window out with a rock then Julio and Tao are there.

They tell her it’s not her husband’s car and then they find Max in a body bag in the back. Amy asks how she knew he was there but the wife won’t talk. Tao calls Sharon and says the plumber is a second victim. Rusty asks Sharon what will happen if Gus can’t afford a funeral and she says she’ll be cremated. Rusty is upset that she won’t have a proper burial then asks about finding Paloma. Sharon tells Rusty to come show Gus all the research he’s done and maybe get him to talk.

Max’s wife says her husband had an affair last year and Amy asks if he knew that she had a locator on his keychain. She says she just wanted to catch Max in the act. Julio calms her down with some anger management techniques. They tell Provenza it’s a blue tooth crowd source tracker, not GPS. Buzz gives up on the explanation when Provenza doesn’t get it. They show the wife a photo of Price and asks if she knows him. They tell her they think Max may have met Price at the hotel.

She asks if they mean for sex then says Max wasn’t gay and he loved women, just not her. Tao tells Sharon they found the bloody hotel sheets and says there are also screwdrivers and a card with some sort of access code and Amy says maybe it’s a garage code. Provenza says it looks like he works in a repair shop. Tao also has fast food bags and 125 receipts. He says 87 of the receipts are for lunch from the same food truck.

Tao marks the food truck’s route. Amy, Julio and Buzz go to follow the route. Morales is there and says Max Riley was also killed by the screwdriver. He says it was a very precise spot and it should paralyze the victim. Price was left because they thought he couldn’t move. Julio says Pedro recognizes Price but that’s it. Buzz wonders what if it was scrap metal and shows them a keypad gate. They try the gate and the door opens.

But that wasn’t the only thing on Brandon’s mind after his interview. Because as it turns out he asked the social worker about his parents’ foster license and she was the one that told him they were good for two years. And that’s when he realized his mothers had been lying to him.

Stef and Lena had originally said they couldn’t watch AJ with their license soon to be expiring. And now that Brandon knows that isn’t the case – he then figured out the truth. He knew his mothers were trying to keep Callie and AJ apart. So he lashed out at them and a part of it could be jealousy.

Brandon asked them why they never asked when they brought new kids home and why AJ gets a slap on the wrist meanwhile Stef had taken out a restraining order against him.

Though, while he was venting, Brandon probably never meant for Jude to hear him. Nor for his elder brother to refer to him as a “stray”. Something like that could affect their relationship.

Plus Jude heard Brandon say their parents were in couples’ therapy. Adding that maybe they should split up if they can’t stand to be alone with each other. And, well, Jude is a kid. He just didn’t know how to handle everything he heard.

Thus he too had a moment where he simply said “screw it all”.

Thankfully, Jude did eventually calm down but he later asked Callie when she was going to stop. She can’t keep ruining the good thing they have going for them.

And no one can tell her that better than Rita. Rita came to work for Girls United after she ran into problems with her own daughter. Chloe you see is bipolar. So at first Rita tried to help her adjust but as time went on – Chloe began ignoring her medication whenever she felt like it.

It made her feel better and it was also easier for Chloe to blame her mom for her dad committing suicide if she wasn’t thinking rationally. So those later had their own confrontation. And Rita ended up hitting her daughter.

Rita said she didn’t mean to but afterwards when she was accused of hitting one of the girls at the group home – she sadly had something of a history.