Major Crimes Recap 7/27/15: Season 4 Episode 8 “Hostage of Fortune”

Major Crimes Recap 7/27/15: Season 4 Episode 8 "Hostage of Fortune"

Tonight on TLC Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday July 27, season 4 episode 8 called “Hostage of Fortune.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode an old kidnapping case is revisited when new information surfaces, pushing the division into a partnership with a possibly crooked FBI agent.

On the last episode after a shooting left two LA police officers dead, the Major Crimes unit had to work with the Deputy Chief of the LAPD Special Operations Bureau, Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney), to piece together a high stakes case involving a fugitive witness. Meanwhile, Rusty worked with the team on the case in order to secretly gather more background information to support his own, journalistic investigation into the life of the girl who called herself Alice Herrera. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TLC synopsis “an old kidnapping case is revisited when new information surfaces, pushing the division into a partnership with a possibly crooked FBI agent. Elsewhere, Rusty has a breakthrough in his Alice Herrera investigation, but he begins to question his friendship with T.J.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.



#MajorCrimes begins with Kevin Clark calling and begging his parents for help. He’s featured on a show called Open Investigations. They talk about Kevin never being returned to his parents George and Janice. A photo just showed up online of someone who looks like Kevin on the beach in Brazil. Fritz shows the episode to Sharon and then he and Chief Taylor tell her and Tao that the ransom money is being spent in Europe.

Sharon says they need to look at all of the FBI’s investigation including Agent Jerry Shea’s files. Fritz says he doesn’t trust Shea but the FBI is sending the guy over to consult even though the FBI doesn’t trust him either. They think Shea may have taken the ransom money. Shea comes in with Rusty and says he asked them to consult. Sharon asks about him talking to Rusty who says he was helping him. Shea laughs at Buzz’s name and he puts everyone off immediately with his attitude.

Fritz introduces him and Shea says he’s bad with names so don’t bother. He hands over some flash drives and Provenza asks what he’s supposed to do with that. He laughs when he sees himself on the suspect board then moves his photo and says the parents were involved and puts their photos up. He says he gave Janice instructions on how to hand off the money but she says she found a phone on the way and gave her more instructions.

Andy reads that the parents had money troubles but are now spending cash like crazy. Fritz says Kevin was taken from the most public place in LA – there are 18 videos of the kidnapping site. Then Tao mentions Badge of Justice and says he consults and Shea says he loves that show. Rusty looks up the restaurant where Kevin was kidnapped and takes his laptop and leaves. Buzz is going to organize the videos to build a clearer picture and the team splits up.

Tao comes to Badge of Justice to borrow their cameras. Someone runs up to Tao to ask a technical question and Sharon says he seems to rule the roost. Shea is there being an idiot. They set up the projectors and Sharon asks Tao about how to look at the videos. Buzz starts the videos. They see Kevin Clark sitting with Jamie Wade and Dan Morris. They ask Shea to narrate. He says they drove their together and they had coffee then a stolen gray sedan pulled up across the street.

Kevin notices the car and walks over to it. Shea says the plates were stolen as well. They can’t see the driver’s face. Kevin chats up the driver and a fire truck drives by then he gets into the car and it drives away. Jamie and Dan sit there texting Kevin then feed his meter. Then we see the guys walking and they come back to a shop nearby and go back to the restaurant where they text Kevin some more until they give up and text an Uber and head out.

Shea asks what they think. Sharon says she thinks the kidnapping was staged. Buzz wants to watch it again and they watch it at normal speed looking for details. Rusty is at the same cafe and stares at the security cameras. TJ meets him there and he says he was looking for a public place with a lot of activity then heard this place had a lot of cameras. He says he’s meeting Gustavo there tomorrow then asks him to come and just watch out. He thinks Gustavo might be Alice’s brother.

TJ gets upset that Rusty hasn’t texted or called him in days then says he thought Rusty asked him there to hang out or have coffee. He says he should have known better. TJ says he’ll show up tomorrow but after that, they’re done since Rusty doesn’t seem to want to be around him unless he needs something. He leaves. The cops bring in the two friends Jamie and Dan. Sharon asks why they didn’t look surprised that Kevin left.

She says they didn’t even glance up when the fire truck came by except for them. Shea says he never clocked that. Andy says they didn’t look at the car so they wouldn’t be asked to identify the car. Sharon says the ransom money is now being spent. Dan says this is not his concern and says he’s in law school and is not getting involved in this. He walks out. Jamie stays and Sharon asks what this is about and what Danny doesn’t want to be dragged into.

Jamie says Kevin was waiting for the guy in the car to buy a kilo of coke. He says Kevin told them not to look in case the guy came after them. Shea blows up and screams at Jamie demanding to know why he didn’t tell him this two years ago. Andy asks why Jamie didn’t tell Shea the truth. He says they were scared they would be arrested. He says the drug dealer was scary and saw them. He says Kevin told them that he had known the guy since he was a kid.

He says the dealer was somehow connected to Kevin’s family. Amy comes in and tells Buzz they’re ready. Buzz lets Sharon know they’re ready and she asks Andy to get Jamie to write up his statement. Amy says the money showed up in an account owned by a strip club near the airport. Provenza says the drug dealer is the more likely source. Julio says that much money might be noticed and Sharon insists Amy go along with him. Provenza tells them to take Shea’s photo too.

Shea is furious that the Clark parents are coming in and he says he worked hard to maintain a special relationship with them. Sharon says it’s her way or the highway and he can’t talk to them alone in their home as he wants to. Shea backs down and Sharon says to introduce the Clarks to Tao and she wants to see their reaction to the reopening of the case. Shea hugs Janice and introduces Tao as a famous Hollywood consultant.

Sharon says to keep Shea talking so he might reveal what he’s hiding. George is furious that the new story implied they stole the ransom. Tao says that Jamie and Dan gave them more information. Shea says he thought they held something back and today pried it out of them – he’s lying. Shea says they claimed they were there to pick up cocaine with Kevin. George says no and Janice says Kevin had been sober for months. Tao asks about a drug dealer Kevin may have known.

Then Shea asks about their traveling. George says the grief counselor recommended it. He asks where they went. They tell him some places in Europe and Brazil. Janice says they went there to see if Kevin was in Rio like the photo online indicated. Tao starts to ask about the strip club and Shea tries to stop him. Tao says some of the ransom money was spent there. Janice tells Shea she’s shocked that he’s letting them treat them this way. They storm out.

Sharon gets a call from Julio. She asks if the Sultry Dolls remember the house. They take off to an address. Julio says Michael Sparks brought some of the dolls there to party and the guy is also a known dealer. They rush the house. There is a stack of mail outside. They knock with the warrant then kick in the door. They move room to room clearing. The place is torn up and Tao points out a missing piece of wall that could be a stash spot.

Outside, Julio pokes around then Andy comes out back too. They found signs that the hot tub was moved and they dig up the concrete. They call them over and show they have a baseball cap – it’s Kevin’s and under it is his head. They mock Shea and ask if he still thinks the kid is surfing in Brazil. Provenza tells Tao not to let Shea get too far away since Sharon will want to talk to him some more about his new development.

Rusty takes off and Sharon asks if he’s seeing TJ. He says yea but for the last time. He says he may need to come by her office later and may need her. She says okay and Rusty says TJ is a nice guy, he’s the one who’s a jerk. He leaves. Morales tells them it’s a challenge to identify the guy and needs dental records. He says the hair color, clothes and decomposition are all consistent. He says the bullet is strange. Provenza says missing persons is looking for Michael Sparks.

Sharon says to hold off notifying the parents. She says they can’t rule out the parents and Provenza says the parents didn’t bury him in a drug dealer’s yard. Shea takes the bullet and walks out saying the FBI has jurisdiction. Fritz hands off Shea’s travel records including a $100k deposit into his bank account. Tao comes in and says they found Sparks. He was shot in the head last week and was in the morgue as a John Doe. The bullet that killed Kevin is odd.

The ammo is only fired from one Belgian gun called a Fabrique. Provenza asks if Shea returned the bullet but Tao says no, he looked at the bullet from the drug dealer’s head. Taylor says Shea has things to explain including why he stole the bullet. They wonder if Shea was leading the case astray or is incompetent. Taylor says they can’t arrest or detain him but need to question him. They call Shea back in and he says pulling his travel and financials is a violation of his privacy.

Fritz asks why he flew to Brazil and he says he followed the parents there to see what they were up to. Provenza asks about the $100k in his bank account. Shea says the money is from the sale of a novel about the kidnapping that he wrote under a pen name. Julio says the guy is crazy and a jerk. Sharon says maybe he’s crazy like a fox. Provenza says the missing drug dealer was in the morgue and asks Shea if he knows why. Shea mentions the Fabrique gun.

Shea says George Clark is a gun collector and owns a gun like that. Sharon says they have to pick up the Clarks before Shea can get to them. He walks out but the cops are out with lights and sirens. Rusty meets Gustavo at the cafe. TJ sits nearby not talking to Rusty. Gustavo sits and Rusty asks to record the conversation. He asks why and Rusty says he’s writing a story about his sisters. He says he wants to make sure Gustavo is who he says he is. He agrees and gives permission.

Rusty says he knows his sister as Alice Herrera then asks her real name. He says it’s Mariana Wallace. Rusty has her name! OMG! He asks how he lost touch with Mariana and Paloma. Gustavo says his father died when he was 15 and his mother started hanging out with a bad guy so he ran off and joined the Army. He says when he got back, everyone was gone – his mother, sisters and the BF. He says Mariana begged him to stay but he didn’t.

He says he just wants to see her and talk to her and explain things. Rusty says some of Mariana’s teeth were knocked out and there were burn marks on her shoulders. Rusty asks how he can know he didn’t do those things. Gustavo pulls his shirt aside and shows him similar scars. He says he had cause to leave. TJ gets up to leave. Gustavo asks if he’s satisfied and says he wants to see his sisters. Rusty looks nervous.

Sharon and Andy sit down with the Clarks. She says they’re searching their house now to look for the Fabrique 5-7. They ask George where the gun is and Sharon says they linked it to the disappearance of Kevin. Andy tells them that they identified remains that are their son Kevin. They tell him he died from a gunshot wound to the head from that weapon. They tell Sharon in her earpiece that the gun was not at the Clark house.

Janice says the gun has been gone since Kevin was kidnapped and they think Kevin had it. She says they knew that they thought Shea thought that Kevin planned his own kidnapping. They show them a photo of Sparks and George says he knew him since middle school and says Mike was closer to Jamie and Dan than he was to Kevin. Shea shows up and Sharon asks Shea to play fair but he says he won’t let them take credit for his arrest. They step aside and Shea and the FBI cronies arrest them.

Andy asks what’s going on and Sharon says they need to move on without him. They bring in Dan and Jamie and tell him that Kevin was found dead. They tell him about Mike too. Tao says Dan and Jamie are facing double homicide charges. Amy says Kevin’s body was buried in Spark’s backyard. They tell them they have checked out Jamie’s travels and Dan says it’s not a kidnapping and says they need to clear this up. He says this was Kevin’s idea and pulled him, Jamie and Mike in on it.

They tell them that Kevin’s parents reduced his allowance after he got out of rehab. He says Kevin changed the deal and Mike shot Kevin in the head. Provenza says Mike was calling the shots and he asks how Mike died and they found that his house was torn up and his stash place was torn apart. Then they tell them that Mike blew a bunch of money at a strip club. They found the gun at Dan’s place and Jamie calls him an idiot.

They start accusing each other of shooting Mike. Sharon says the FBI should prosecute this case and Taylor says he likes that. Fritz says Shea is about to hold a press conference to announce the arrest in the case. Sharon and Andy tell Taylor they need to speak to him for a moment. The young guys are both arrested. They watch Shea’s press conference on Taylor’s laptop. He says the evidence against the Clark’s is overwhelming then takes full credit for the arrest.

Taylor says that’s enough then asks about them dating. Sharon says they are dating in the old-fashioned sense of the word. She says it’s more than a friendship so as his supervisor, they have to notify him. Sharon says the relationship will not impact the department and Andy says worst case they can go back to being good friends. Rusty comes in with Gustavo. Taylor says it’s tough to work together while dating and offers some advice.

He says he’s going to call the FBI now and rain on their parade. He steps out of the office and Sharon tells Andy it was easy. He smiles and says the next hurdle is an issue – telling Rusty. She says he’ll come around. Rusty introduces Andy and Sharon to Gustavo Wallace. Amy says he’s Mariana Wallace’s brother who they’ve been calling Alice Herrera. Rusty says he needs more information about his sister. Sharon realizes he doesn’t know and takes Gustavo into her office to talk.

Tao says he did it and pats him on the back. Provenza says it was a hell of a job and Andy agrees. But Rusty looks far from proud. Sharon closes the blinds and starts the terrible conversation.