Major Crimes Recap 7/20/15: Season 4 Episode 7 “Targets of Opportunity”

Major Crimes Recap 7/20/15: Season 4 Episode 7 "Targets of Opportunity"

Tonight on TLC Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday July 20, season 4 episode 7 called “Targets of Opportunity.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode two officers are killed in a shooting, putting the unit together with deputy chief Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney) to find the sole witness and crack the case. Meanwhile, Rusty [Graham Patrick Martin] secretly gathers information to support his Alice investigation.

On the last episode the squad attempted to identify a possible male murder victim from his skeletal remains, only to find he may have had a serious criminal past of his own. Rusty continued his investigation of the Alice case with the help of a new friend while Provenza paid him to help him with a major move. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TLC synopsis “after a shooting leaves two LA police officers dead, the Major Crimes unit must work with the Deputy Chief of the LAPD Special Operations Bureau, Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney), to piece together a high stakes case involving a fugitive witness. Meanwhile, Rusty works with the team on the case in order to secretly gather more background information to support his own, journalistic investigation into the life of the girl who called herself Alice Herrera.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.

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#MajorCrimes begins with Sharon at a crime scene with Provenza. Chief Howard says they have to set up a safe zone and Sharon asks Taylor why. He says law enforcement is vulnerable in masses like this. They talk about police departments being less popular and they already have dead cops and he doesn’t want more. The bodies are revealed – one male and one female victim. The bodies are taken and draped with flags and the scores of cops there move closer and close ranks.

Provenza pins an American flag pin to the sheet drape – other officers follow. Soon there are dozens on each body as they are taken towards the vehicles to be taken away. The detail comes to attention and they salute as the officers’ bodies are loaded up to be taken away. Now the team has to get to work. Amy says James Leary and Leigh Ann Tracy had stopped a Honda but their camera was off. They were told the license number was fake. We see the officers with a guy named Prescott in the car.

Tracy speaks to him but he will only speak Spanish. James and Tracy talk about date locations for his new date. Tracy tells him he’s going to be in hot water because of the fake documents he has on him. They stop when they see a cop car with another car stopped strangely. Leary tells her to stay put and he goes to check. He’s gunned down and Tracy tells the guy in the car to get down. He does. The cop shot both Tracy and Leary.

The guy then comes to look into the car. Amy says that Tracy got to return fire but was then shot execution style when she went down and her service weapon is missing. The guy in the back of the car sees the cops shoot someone in the other stopped car then peel away. He’s the only survivor. Sharon says she needs the guy that Tracy and Leary arrested – he’s their only witness.

We see Prescott kick out the back window of the cop car, get the cuff keys from Tracy’s body, take his documents and leave. But Julio finds a couple that were left in the floor of the car. Andy tells Sharon the other car looks like it was pulled over by the PD. His name was Gordon Peppars. They also found an ATM receipt from 90 minutes ago for $300 but no cash found on him.

Provenza has a white board and maps it out. He says there is a fresh skid mark that indicates another vehicle was there that left the scene. Sharon asks if they noticed an altercation between two drivers or was it someone robbing Peppars. Tao says Paco Lopez is the guy from a license and Fritz says it’s Enrico Fornes that’s really Prescott. Julio says Fornes is related to a big gang guy.

Julio says maybe the gang took the cops out. Provenza comes up with a scenario. Sharon asks why Enrico had to kick out the window to get away. She wonders if he’s a suspect or the only witness and says they have to find him. We see guy fleeing from the scene after the shooting. Chief Taylor makes a press statement about the fallen officers who gave their lives serving. Rusty watches and then turns it down to work on the Alice identification case. TC says maybe Gustavo is a human trafficker who could hurt Rusty when they meet.

He tells Rusty he knows they’ve been friends for just a month but Rusty is overconfident and needs to know more before he meets up with the guy. Rusty says maybe they can get a police report on the guy. He says his mom looks busy. Fritz and the others talk about the MS13 gang and whether they would kill to get Enrico out of the cop car. His uncle Diego runs the southern half of the gang.

Fritz says they need the guy who can give them insights into MS13. The chief says he wants to know about the cop shootings first. Taylor says he wants every cop and news show looking for Enrico. Sharon says right now, Enrico doesn’t know they know who he is. Taylor orders them to release Enrico’s ID with the caveat armed and dangerous.

Sharon tells Taylor she needs to talk to him about a personnel issue but says it can wait. The news breaks the story of a man hunt for Enrico. The LAPD are at the door and he goes to hide while his pregnant GF goes to answer. He pulls on some jeans as she opens the door. It’s the same two dirty cops who shot the guy in the Honda and the other cops.

They push their way inside and ask if she knows that guy and tell her he’s a cop killer. Enrico has the gun and is in the bathroom. The one cop tells the other she knows more than she’s saying and he says he wants to work her over. The guy says not to forget what Jorge told them. He says they can’t piss off MS13 and they’re in enough trouble.

The one guy points out the bedroom door and then pushes it open but Enrico is outside and on the run. They tell her to call if the Enrico shows up and she gets $10k for her baby. It looks like maybe they fakes the flyer. Calls are coming in to the tip line as Rusty shows up to the cop shop. Sharon says she’s too busy to talk now. He offers to help and Buzz hands him a task to help with.

He says the names have to run criminal background checks on the names who are giving tips. Tao tells Sharon that there were two police cars at the shooting, but the tipster is a drunk. Amy comes over and says Paco Lopez knows nothing about the fake passport with his pic on it. Rusty joins the team and he has a blank clue sheet he can use to find out about the Alice guy.

Paco tells Julio that there’s no reason for his face to be on a document. Sharon comes in and asks about Enrico and Diego Fornes. Sharon says he has three problems. Julio says he violated parole by buying the fake card, then getting the fake ID cards is an act of terrorism then Julio asks about Enrico or he will go from state prison to federal prison. Paco says Enrico is just an errand boy.

He says he’s an American citizen and Julio says that won’t stop him from going to jail as a terrorist. Sharon says he can go finish out his sentence that he was paroled for and Julio says it’s tell them what they know or life in prison. He says Enrico works for Echo and that’s the only name he knows. They bring in Echo who is a white guy who looks clueless. Amy brings in his 3D printer.

Echo says he’s an artist and makes collages. He says he makes copies of art pieces. Amy shows off some of the impressive fake IDs he’s made and Provenza asks how much those art projects go for. He says he doesn’t know anything about it. Andy cracks open the printer and starts pulling pieces off of it. Provenza asks about Enrico and he says he does but doing delivery only.

Echo says Enrico’s uncle is nearby. He says he has the address and gave him a ride home once. They had to Enrico’s place and find the preggers GF packing clothes. Julio translates and she speaks English and says she wouldn’t tell them even if she knew where he was.

Rusty sneaks out his phone and fills in the info on Wallace on the clue sheet. Sharon thanks him for helping out and says he’s really a cop family member now. She says they have a woman in custody that may be able to help. Sharon says to keep up the good work. Rusty sits and thinks about what he’s doing. Tao and Sharon come to talk to Emmy, the pregnant GF.

Sharon shows her all the people looking for Enrico. She says she knows Enrico was at her place after the shooting and says Emmy is now criminally liable for the cards and for harboring a criminal. Emmy says he’s paying his uncle back for helping him get across the border. Sharon says he stole a gun from a dead police officer. Tao asks where he’s hiding.

Emmy says she doesn’t want the reward they’re offering. Sharon says there’s no reward and she says the other cops said they offered a reward. Andy says maybe she’s confused with something on TV. Enrico shows up to get his car from the repair shop and one of the fake cop flyers is there. The mechanic goes and makes a call out of sight. Emmy says the car is in the shop.

Sharon says to tell them about the garage or her baby will grow up without a father. She cries. The dirty cops head to the shop. Enrico sees them and takes off at a run. The dirty cops have to pull away when they see a police helicopter above. Fritz is in it and spots Enrico moving. He talks to ground units as they pursue. A cop car has him in their sights and Julio has him. Amy arrests him and reads his rights.

Rusty gets the background report on Wallace and snaps a pic of it as they come in with Enrico in cuffs. Provenza asks him why did MS13 kill two men to get him back. Sharon sighs as he speaks Spanish. Provenza doesn’t fall for it and Enrico says he saw nothing. He says he had nothing to do with the officers getting killed. Sharon shows him photos of them and tells him about their family.

He says he didn’t want to get reported to El Salvador. He says he spent his whole life here and doesn’t want to go back. Enrico says the gang wasn’t there. He says they really don’t know. He says it was cops killing cops. Fritz and Taylor are shocked but Tao says there was a tip that confirms it and someone offered a reward to Emmy and it wasn’t their cops.

Provenza asks about the other officers. He says there were in a black Charger and came for him at the apartment and garage. Taylor wonders if it was cops. Enrico asks why they’re not hunting them. Provenza says maybe they’re fake cops then asks if Enrico can identify them. He says yes. Sharon says if it’s true, and he’s a material witness and they can help.

Buzz says Peppars was at an ATM and Andy says this can’t be a $300 shake down. Enrico says how did they find him twice if they’re not really cops. Provenza says his name and photo was all over TV and Sharon reminds him his uncle is a notorious gangster. He says they offered his GF a reward to turn him in. They have Emmy call the number on the flyer. She asks about the reward.

She says he’s trying to get out of the country and is going to see a priest who offered him help. She says it’s Father Provenza who helps people get back to Mexico. The bad cops see Enrico go into the church and they pull up a block away. One tells the other to stay in the car and try not to kill anyone. The other one heads into the church. He sees a guy mopping the floor.

There are a couple of parishioners. He asks for Father Provenza and they move in and take him down. Enrico says that’s him. He says it’s one of them. The other guy waits in the car. Sharon knocks on the window and asks if he can help her. He rolls down the window and she puts a gun in his face. They have them both and arrest them for murder.

They’ve got the dirtbags but are they real cops? Rusty and TJ look at Gustavo’s background check. TJ looks up his crimes and finds assault. Provenza says to come hear his blessing and Rusty congratulates him on catching the killers. Provenza says they were just a couple of ex-cons playing dress up and shaking down old people for money. Provenza says it was great that Rusty helped out.

He says he thinks his good example wasn’t wasted on him. Rusty asks doesn’t he need to go bless the flock. He shakes TJ’s hand and tells Rusty the two of them should come have dinner with he and TJ. Rusty tells him he feels awful about what he did – pretending to help when he should have been there to help. Rusty says the guy knew Alice and her sister so he has to meet him no matter what.

TJ says now he knows to take precautions and take him along. Chief Taylor tells Enrico he has to testify in court and Sharon says he and Emmy will be in witness protection and they can hopefully get him back in college. Fritz says they have to offer some insights into his uncle’s gang operations. Sharon says it’s the best they could do. He says he’s spent his whole life pledging to the US flag.

Then he says at 19 he got deported to a country he didn’t know and was in danger every day. Then he says it’s all okay because he saw a murder. He asks how this is right. Taylor says they don’t have an issue. Sharon says murder isn’t a political issue but a betrayal of human rights. She says he can sign and get some justice for he and his family. He’s upset but signs.