Major Crimes Recap 11/23/15: Season 4 Episode 14 “Taking the Fall”

Major Crimes Recap 11/23/15: Season 4 Episode 14 "Taking the Fall"

Tonight on TNT Major Crimes airs with an all new Monday November 23, season 4 episode 14 called “Taking the Fall,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode a road rage incident unfolds, as a fuming driver in a pickup truck preys on a business executive and his wife.

On the last episode a murder during the taping of a reality show was investigated by the team in a case that personally impacted Sanchez. Meanwhile, Rusty met Slider’s lawyer. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “a road rage incident unfolds, as a fuming driver in a pickup truck preys on a business executive and his wife. Meanwhile, Flynn suffers a setback in his recovery as Thanksgiving draws near, and Rusty at last lands an interview with Slider.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the fourth season.

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#MajorCrimes begins with a car and blood outside an open trunk. Thomas Palmer is a stockbroker and a neighbor notices the open trunk. Looks like blunt force trauma at the back of the skull that killed him. He had briefcase and coffee but was leaving at 4:30 am. Buzz says stockbrokers go to work very early. They wonder why it’s major crimes. Julio says Palmer and is wife had been attacked a few days earlier.

Tao says a man yanked him out of his car and beat it up but it may have been road rage. The wife came out to break it up and her arm ended up broken. The attacked was in a truck. Provenza tells them to look into the victim while he goes to see the wife. Mrs Palmer is inside with Amy. He asks Julio and Buzz to come with him. They see a table set for Thanksgiving inside.

The wife is in the kitchen cooking. Amy says she’s in shock but signed the consent form to search the house. Amy tries to get her attention then Julio says he knows this is difficult and she says Tom’s boss and some others are coming tomorrow. She offers them coffee. Provenza asks her to go with Amy and she asks about her dinner. Amy says they’ve got it.

Provenza tells Buzz to shoot it all and sends Julio to the morgue with the body. Provenza sniffs and says pumpkin soup is not something he gets. He calls Sharon and says she needs to come to the morgue. Morales shows Sharon a wound to the head and says there were iron filings in the scalp then says there’s a broken knee and he was likely hit from behind.

He had no defensive wounds from today’s assault but had some from the other attack. Morales says he was beat up on Monday and murdered on Wednesday. Sharon says the wife likely saw the attacker as well. She asks his wife about the fight on Monday. She says she was making Thomas a grilled cheese sandwich then heard the argument. She says a man was yelling about traffic.

She says she tried to get him away from Tom and he grabbed her and threw her to the ground then started kicking her. She says Tom tried to stop him. She says Tom took her to the hospital then they called the police. Sharon asks her to describe him. She says white, tall, brown hair. She says he was so angry and didn’t know where it was coming from. They ask about the pickup.

Sharon asks if Tom knew the man. She says he would get calls from upset clients who blamed the broker for their bad investments. She says he was under a lot of stress before the promotion. She cries and asks how she tells his parents. Tao is going through their email accounts. Buzz checks their texts and traffic apps. Provenza says he needs to go pick up his ham.

Julio says the HR at the brokerage says Thomas had two complaints filed against him – one for making inappropriate sexual jokes. The second was filed a month ago by FINRA and Amy says it’s a financial industry regulatory authority. Julio says Jordan Garcia filed it and said Tom was stealing his clients. Tao finds an email from JG114 threatening him.

Provenza leaves to get his ham and they bring in Jordan. Rusty watches his interview with Slider who talks about how all his money went to meth. Andy watches it too. Andy asks to see the rest of it and goes to put up his toothbrush. There’s a thump and Rusty finds him collapsed on the floor and blood. He calls 911 and says he’s bleeding from his head a lot.

Provenza comes back excited about his ham. They have Jordan in interrogation – he’s shocked Jordan is a woman. Jordan says Tommy is a bully, coward and asshole. She says she’s not the only one that hates him and says he came to work with his face kicked in. Provenza gets a call from Andy’s phone, but it’s Rusty telling him what happened.

Sharon asks Jordan if Tom told her how his face got bruised. Provenza gets the info and says go to St Leo’s with Flynn and keep his phone. Provenza tells Julio to get Sharon out of there. Sharon asks about men in her life. Jordan says no ring. Provenza hands Sharon her jacket and says get to St Leo’s. Tao is there and Provenza says Rusty is with Andy and call if it’s serious. She takes off.

Rusty is in the waiting room. She hugs him and he says he went to brush his teeth then he just fell. He says the nurse told him it’s not a stroke. He says they’re doing an MRI then he’s going to be admitted. She says she has to call his doctor and says she needs to call his ex-wife and son. She asks Rusty to update Provenza. He sends a text.

The team worries about the blood clot moving into Andy’s brain. Julio says none of Jordan’s family is in town. Amy says she found joint accounts and has a fiancé who is a landscape designer. He fits the description of the attacker and has a dark grey truck. They bring the guy in and see he’s got bruised knuckles. They take his print and show him a photo of Thomas.

Julio asks why his truck was in his driveway then ask about the bruises on his hands. He says he slipped. Tao checks his print. They trick him into admitting he knows him. He says he never met him – he’s only heard stories from Jordan about the guy. Tao says he’s a match and it’s on the car door handle. Amy asks why his fingerprint was on Tom’s BMW.

They push him as Provenza gets another update. Tao says go to St Leo’s while they put the guy in a lineup and see if the wife can ID him. Provenza says Buzz may have to bring him his ham. Tao arrests Sam. Tao tells Buzz no more updates yet. Amy comes in and says the lineup is ready to go. Corbett, Sam’s lawyer, says the lineup all has to have gloves on so the bruises don’t count against him.

He asks why Major Crimes is handling the assault and Tao lies and says they’re covering for other divisions for the holiday. They show the wife the men in the lineup. She asks them to hold on Sam and she thinks back. Then she says go on. She writes down a number. Andy is conscious and says he dropped his toothbrush and bent down to pick it up.

The doctor says he lost consciousness because of blood thinners. Sharon asks if he’s been busy. He says he just stands up slowly. The doctor says the blood clot is now in a worse position because of the fall. She says they need to operate but has to let the blood thinners get out of his system. She keeps talking really loud to Andy like he’s hard of hearing.

Sharon gives him a look and he says they should go work the case. He says he can’t eat any Thanksgiving stuff anyway. Provenza says Tao texted him the photo of what she wrote. She wrote #4 then scribbled it out and wrote I’m sorry. Andrea shows up to ask about the case. Tao says the guy’s prints are on the vehicle. Sharon says it’s less road rage and more follow home.

They wonder if he was after something in the trunk. Andrea says they can arrest him for aggravated assault. Chief says they need to go since they’re almost at double time pay. Sharon won’t leave. They bring Jordan in and ask her why she lied. Sharon says she’s playing with words then tell her Tom is dead. She says he’s at work. Sharon shows her the death photo.

Sharon says she sent her BF to beat Tommy up and she says he did it on his own. Jordan says Sam punched him a few times then left him there. Jordan says she left for work at 4 and Sam was still asleep. She says this is out of control. She says Sam and Tom just had a fist fight. She says talk to someone else and she’s invoking her rights.

They go back to Sam and say they have someone who can place him there and say Jordan is their witness. The lawyer asks why major crimes is handling this and where is the victim. Amy says he’s in autopsy. Sam is stunned. He says this didn’t happen and the lawyer says shut up. Andrea says Jordan is small but could have struck him with a tire iron.

They wonder why the wife failed to identify him. Sharon says look at the victim’s finances. Provenza lays in the other hospital bed and reads off surgery stuff and says they’ll do a DNR. Andy asks Rusty to watch the rest of the interview with Slider. Andy asks why he’s filling out the form. He asks how long Andy wants to be on a ventilator. He says not at all. Provenza says five days.

Andy says he’s not dying. Provenza threatens to write DNR one everything. Rusty gets a call from the LA county jail. Andy says it must be Slider. Andy tells Provenza if he dies in surgery, he needs him to do something for him. He asks what. Andy says he’s been nervous to say “it” to her but says he really cares about Sharon. Provenza asks if he dies does he want him to tell Sharon he loved her.

Andy says yes. Provenza says write down the confession and he’ll see what he can do. Andy is annoyed Provenza says write it down and hope I give it you when you survive. Andrea says Sam confessed to get simple assault. He says the wife was never there at the attack. Sharon says Jordan is who she needs to talk to and Andrea says she invoked.

Amy says she found some things in the credit cards. Sharon tells Jordan that her fiancé signed a plea agreement and she needs to corroborate. She asks if the brokerage offers health insurance. She says she has good insurance. She asks how much the bonus was worth and Jordan says almost $2 million. Sharon walks back out.

Amy brings in the wife and asks about credit card charges. She says her husband took care of the money. Sharon says there’s a charge for urgent care for $1500. They ask why he paid it instead of putting it on their insurance. They ask what the emergency was. Then they ask her about another urgent care four months ago. The wife plays dumb.

Sharon says that’s on the credit cards too instead of the insurance. Amy asks about West Covena Medical in July. Sharon says please sign this consent form to get her medical records. She says no. Amy reads her Miranda rights. Andrea says she’s an abused wife. Looks like Tom bullied a woman at work and at home. Amy asks if her husband was assaulting her.

She asks why any of it matters now and they tell her the man who assaulted him said she was not at the fight. The wife says the fight started when she was at home. She says car doors were slamming and she saw Tom fighting with the guy. She says he left in a pickup. She says he was hurt and she offered to take him to the hospital and he broke her wrist and kicked her.

She says her injuries are about average but the kicking was extreme. She says her husband has been doing this for years and Sharon asks if he tried to do it again this morning and the wife says maybe she could stop it for good. She says he was taking boxes to the car and she knew his back would be turned. Sharon says she beat him to death and the wife says with a crowbar.

She says she may have hit him more than necessary but needed to be sure. She says she brought the boxes back in and put the crowbar in the dishwasher then went back to bed. She says her neighbor woke her up. Sharon thanks her and says please write this down please. Sharon sighs. Andrea says it’s not manslaughter because she did it on purpose and it’s not self-defense.

Sharon asks why she didn’t report her husband to the police and go to a shelter. The wife says he was the monster not her. Amy asks if she was hoping they would arrest the wrong person then Sharon asks if she waited until he got his stock options. The wife says if she reported him before the promotion, there would have been no money.

Andrea says it’s premeditated murder for financial gain. Andrea says she needs a lawyer and they’ll deal with this after Thanksgiving. Sharon comes to the hospital and the gang is all there with Thanksgiving – even Morales is there. They wheel in the meal on hospital trays. They have boring food that he can eat. And says they wouldn’t let him have breakfast and the Chief makes him a plate.

Morales asks were the clot is then says good luck. Awkward. The doctor comes in yelling and says he can’t eat and he’s going into surgery. She kicks them all out. Provenza tells him to keep calm and says it’s a good thing. Sharon says she’ll be waiting and the doc kicks her out too. Rusty asks if she’s okay and she says she has faith this will all work out.

Andrea is there and says she talked to Lily Palmer’s lawyer and he offered manslaughter but she can’t take it. Sharon looks at Andy being wheeled away and says she didn’t say what she needed to say in time. Andrea takes his hand. Andy looks back at Sharon as he’s wheeled into surgery.