Major Crimes Recap 11/16/15: Season 4 Episode 13 “Reality Check”

Major Crimes Recap 11/16/15: Season 4 Episode 13 "Reality Check"

Tonight on TNT Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday November 16, season 4 episode 13 called “Reality Check,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode a murder during the taping of a reality show is investigated by the team in a case that personally impacts Sanchez. (Raymond Cruz)

On the last episode Jack Raydor (Tom Berenger) returned to defend a man trying to withdraw a confession in the slaying of his wife. A video soon emerged that may give the defendant an alibi while stirring up the possibility of a conspiracy. Also: Rusty interviewed Slider. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “a murder during the taping of a reality show is investigated by the team in a case that personally impacts Sanchez. Meanwhile, Rusty meets Slider’s lawyer.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the fourth season.

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#MajorCrimes starts with a look at American Scavenger Hunt, a reality competition show. We see a promo for the fake TV show and it’s down to two couples. Then we see Donna Cochran is dead and her husband Chip is injured but alive. They were one of the finalist couples. Amy explains the contestants are all dysfunctional married couples. They were in a car with two steering wheels that both spouses could control and it looks like they went off a curve from way above but no one saw the car go over.

The production crew left tailing the ambulance with the husband in it. Tao says something isn’t right and Buzz says he’ll check the camera feeds from inside the car. Provenza calls ranting because he’s at the wrong site. Julio explains they are 300 feet down where the car fell. He’s above them. Andy calls and Provenza says get Tao up there now. Provenza tells Andy he’d better be dying and says he’s watching him on the news. Sharon tells him to meet her at the hospital but Provenza hung up.

He begs Sharon to send him something to do but she says no work. Rusty says Slider’s lawyer is coming and he says he’ll keep an eye on Andy. Tao tells Provenza the skid marks tell a different story. He says the husband’s air bag never engaged and he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. He says the woman was wearing a red bandanna. There is one at the top. Sharon wonders if the husband jumped out just in time after he steered the car over the edge. The crew asks Sharon to step aside and she ignores him.

Colleen and her husband Les give an interview and talk about how safety is a top priority and he doesn’t know how it happened. Colleen fakes nice and says deep down Chip and Donna were people, not like us but human. Sharon stops the filming and says the police need the hallway clear. Julio threatens to arrest the producer and they move down to the waiting room. Sharon goes in to talk to Chip and says make an appointment with his publicist. They ask if the bandanna is and he asks where is his psycho wife. He says they were arguing and his wife accused him of cheating.

He says she yanked the wheel towards the cliff and he says he couldn’t get control of it. His sister Mitzi comes in and tells him that Donna is dead even though they were trying to hold that back from him. Mitzi tweets it and tells them they need family time and they need to go. Sharon agrees to give them some time. Chip looks distraught and Julio says they’ll be back to take him downtown in just a few minutes. The producer tells Sharon that network legal took all the video from him already.

The producer says Chip and Donna are the reason for ratings and we see clips of them being awful to other teams. Sharon says they seem disgusting and the producer says they’re pure gold. We see Chip running out of the hospital in a gown on crutches and his sister picks him up in her van. They wonder why he’s running and if he knows it’s game over or if he thinks he’s still racing. Rusty greets Bobby Monroe at the door (OMG it’s Greg Rikaart from Young and the Restless!!).

Rusty shushes him since Andy is seeping on the sofa. Rusty says he needs to make sure Andy isn’t dead then tells him Slider’s lawyer is here. Andy says hi and asks if Bobby is still in the dirt bag business. Andy shuffles out as Bobby says his whole practice is death penalty cases. Rusty says Slider can’t read and Bobby says that’s not unusual and Rusty says Slider seems to admire him and asks if he can show up to the next interview. Bobby says it can’t help his case then asks if Rusty is 14.

He says he’s trying to figure out of Slider was always this way or just took a turn. He tells Bobby he can look at his interview and just imagine how Slider will react under cross from Andrea and shows him some video of their last talk. He hands Bobby some earbuds and he watches the video. Julio picked up Mitzi at her place but Chip is in the wind. Mitzi is Chip’s publicist and he’s a stuntman when he’s not on the reality show. Sharon says that means that he knows how to fall out of a vehicle.

Tao says he can check the drive by war and says the car could have been driven remotely or tampered with. Mitzi comes in and says she’s tweeting this and Julio takes her phone. Sharon tells Tao to go deal with her and wishes him luck. Julio says they have video of her helping Chip escape. She calls them celebrity crazed cops and asks if they would treat Justin Bieber this way. Provenz says Justin who? Then they see Chip on TV with Mario Lopez on Extra.

Sharon says to call the producers and have them hold him until they get there. He says Donna would want him to continue on with the spin off and says the fans call them Cockroaches because they’re survivors. Mario says they have footage of the crash and Mitzi and the cops are stunned. Provenza asks how Mario Lopez beat them to the video. They watch and see Donna accuse him of sleeping with that bitch and telling him he’s going to kill them both.

He says karma is a bitch and jumps out of the car. Chip tells Provenza and Julio that they play villains for the cameras and says his wife was jealous all the time and the affair was made up. He talks about the spin off they were going to get and now he likely won’t get it since he’s only half a couple. Sharon sends Buzz on an errand. Tao and Amy show Sharon they can see that the first swerve and then another 10 seconds. Looks like they were not in control of the vehicle.

Tao says they should have a report on the car’s computer system soon. Sharon says they need to see who had access. Buzz goes to Sharon’s place and says he needs to watch all three seasons of American Scavenger Hunt and hands him a stack of DVDs.

Andy is full on yelling at the TV as he watches the show and Rusty apologizes but Bobby says he likes the show. Then he tells Rusty he can have him with the interview if Rusty does an interview with him for his vlog on the death penalty. Andy yells at the TV some more and Bobby asks if he’s representing Slider or his cause. He tells Rusty to wait for the interview and they shake on it. Andy gets on video chat with them and he’s now an expert on the show.

He says they all knew they would be competing against the cockroaches. Andy says Colleen is a snake and got her hooks into Dr Reggie Fluke and Chip Cochran. He says she was flirting with him on camera and Andy says it’s the best part of the show. Sharon asks how this affects the game. Andy says before you get the clue, each team must complete a challenge and Colleen got Chip so crazy that he told her he sabotaged Reggie so that team couldn’t catch up. Andy thinks it’s the Dickerhoof couple.

Sharon asks how they know if Colleen was really flirting or if it was for the show. Chip says it was real then admits he was attracted to her but says he and Donna were a team and have won two times running. He says he flirted with Colleen to make the audience think they might lose to them. He says Colleen is not lose a million dollars hot. Julio says they don’t suspect him and want to know who else might have wanted them dead.

Chip accuses them of good cop bad cop but Tao says they don’t think he killed her and Julio loses it and screams that he is no longer a suspect. Chip says boom, now you hate me, then explains why he’s so valuable to the audience. Sharon asks why Julio is so hot under the collar and Amy says he’s been like that since the crime scene. Chip says a guy on twitter called the Extermin8r has been threatening to him online. Chip says the guy does a lot of hate speech.

Tao asks about Reggie and he says he sabotaged Reggie at Colleen’s request. Amy wonders if Colleen made a move to get rid of Chip. Colleen claims all of this is in the script and says she doesn’t make it up on her won. She flirts with Provenza who flirts back. Les says they don’t have a choice but to do what the writers direct them to do in a scenario. Provenza says she was flirting with Chip because she was told to and Colleen calls Provenza a silver fox.

Les insists it’s all for the cameras then Colleen says she went after Reggie on her own and Chip sent them home. Sharon asks how Chip did it and Colleen says they had to start a fire and Reggie couldn’t get a spark since Chip peed on Reggie’s wood then brags about it. Buzz gets a text from SID and they find out that the car was hacked. Tao says it could be done remotely with the right computer program. Sharon says you would still need to know where the car would be.

Provenza asks if someone could hack his 99 Civic and Tao mocks him and says he’s safe. Then Sharon recalls that Reggie is a coder for video games. Buzz says the Extermin8r is also Reggie. Buzz shows Sharon some tweets that are anti cockroaches. Slider is in manacles and taken to a room to meet with Rusty. He’s in his suit dressed for court and he tells the guards to wait outside. One tells Rusty not to feed him or give him anything. Slider asks if his suit and haircut are cool.

Rusty says he just wants to ask about his life before he went to jail. Slider says he always wanted to be on TV. Rusty say he needs to aim the cameras properly then they start. Andy shows Sharon the footage of Reggie not being able to light the fire. He holds her hand then asks how Julio is doing and she says not well and asks why. He says that’s how his wife died. Sharon is stunned and Andy says she had a seizure then it happened. Sharon asks if that why he was upset then she feels awful.

She says they need to watch Reggie one more time and she’ll figure out how to deal with Julio later. They bring Reggie in and he has a lawyer with him. He says that show was edited to make him look unlikable and full of himself and the lawyer yammers about a civil suit. The lawyer is a notable ambulance chaser. Amy shows him the tweets and the lawyer says this is protected free speech. Tao says he hacked into their car and drove them over a cliff.

Tao says their IT specialists are looking into the hack right now and this is his last chance to present his side of the story. Andrea watches and says there is no offer on the table. The lawyer says his client will speak in a hypothetical. Reggie says it could have been hacked via Bluetooth but he was across town. Sharon is with Andrea and Provenza in the other room watching. There’s a knock and Julio comes in and says the network is working on a memorial episode.

Sharon says this may help and says reality doesn’t just happen and needs a script. Amy asks Reggie how he knows the program was run via Bluetooth. Andrea says they can offer a plea of vehicular manslaughter and the name of the person running the program they can talk. Les and Colleen are on camera and the producer is there. Colleen asks Nate the producer why Reggie is there and says she thought they run. Sharon tells Nate that Reggie was involved in planning yesterday’s not-accident.

Provenza says the camera man can stay while they talk as long as they sign releases. Provenza says he’s signing too and Mirandizes them. Julio gathers the forms. Provenza says Reggie told them the show hired him to develop a Bluetooth program. Sharon says the person who approached Reggie to hack the car was Nate, the producer. He says he was in the follow car and Sharon says the person had to be within 100 yards. Nate insists they turn off the camera but Buzz turns it back in.

Julio says Nate paid Reggie to program the car to drive off the cliff. Nate says the Dickerhoofs did it and Sharon says they couldn’t have since you need a cell phone to run it and contestants couldn’t have funs. Nate says those cockroaches took over his show and turned it into the Texas chainsaw massacre and says he only makes $25k and episode and says he has a six year contract and can’t get out of it. He says he sold a script about an autistic child who solves murders but the network wouldn’t let him out to do it

Nate calls Colleen and Les attention seeking money grubbing pigs. Provenza congratulates Nate and says he’s out of his network contract and cuffs him. Nate says the real irony is that his killing Donna will make the network a hit. Nate tells the camera that he’s sorry he also didn’t get her horrible husband too. Sharon says cut and print. Sharon tells Andy that Nate was offered second degree murder but turned it down and says he thinks the jury will acquit it.

Sharon says she spoke to Julio and Provenza is checking in on him. We see Julio going through the death process of Donna with Chip. He says it’s good news that her neck broke right away and says she never felt it when her skull was fractured. Julio says it’s all in the report and tells him to let them know if he has any questions. Chip says he was lucky and Julio says if he was lucky, his wife would have gotten out instead of him so he wouldn’t spend the rest of his life wondering what he could have done to save her.

Rusty tells Sharon that Slider’s attitude changed once he knew the cameras were on him and then Provenza finds Julio and asks if he can help with paperwork. Julio says he’s distracted but at least he knows why so it’s better. Provenza agrees that it is and puts his arm around his shoulders.