Major Crimes Recap 11/30/15: Season 4 Episode 15 “The Jumping Off Point”

Major Crimes Recap 11/30/15: Season 4 Episode 15 "The Jumping Off Point"

Tonight on TNT Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday November 30, season 4 episode 15 called “The Jumping Off Point,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode a young man is pushed off the top of a parking structure.

On the last episode a road rage incident unfolded, as a fuming driver in a pickup truck preyed on a business executive and his wife. Meanwhile, Flynn suffered a setback in his recovery as Thanksgiving drew near, and Rusty at last landed an interview with Slider. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “a young man is pushed off the top of a parking structure. Mysteries deepen when it’s discovered the victim lived in a luxury apartment without any visible means of support. Meanwhile, Flynn tangles with an overly cheery physical therapist.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 4 episode 15 and what your thoughts are on the current season so far.

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#MajorCrimes begins with Andy at the hospital doing respiratory therapy. Sharon encourages him. She says she’s bringing him home with her but he says he doesn’t want to be a patient at her house. The male nurse is all cute with him. Andy says a month ago he was at the gym four times a week.

Then he gets wobbly and Sharon grabs him. She says if he falls he’ll be there longer and he takes the wheelchair unhappily. Tao and the gang are at a crime scene covering a suicide since another division is at their Christmas party.

Kyle Gillan is the suicide victim and he’s far from home. Amy says she’s not so sure he jumped since it looks like he was hanging onto the railing. Provenza wants to leave for dinner. Julio says they found the guy’s car.

Kendall says there is only one contact in his eye and Amy radios to alert the others. Andy finds it and Julio says the guy had yoga gear in his car. Buzz finds scratch marks on the car hood. They also find blood and wonder if Kyle fought back.

Provenza unhappily agrees it could be a murder. He sends Buzz to find security footage then tells Amy she ruined a good suicide. Buzz shows Sharon security feeds showing lots of cars leaving. There’s a club across the street that uses the garage.

Buzz says there is a Porsche with no plates that’s of interest. Morales says the guy landed feet first and the bones jutted up into his abdomen and that damage killed him. He shows her unusual cracking on his nails that signals a struggle.

The blood was not Kyle’s and could be the killer’s. Kyle’s mom Carrie says she hasn’t heard from her son and neither has the dad. Don says Kyle stole from him and calls him a burnout. Don says they couldn’t manage him anymore.

Provenza asks the parents about a Porsche and they ask what their son has done. Provenza says Kyle fell off a parking garage and died from the fall. His mom starts crying and asks if he jumped and why he fell. Carrie says she can’t be with Don and rants at him and walks out.

Sharon asks if Kyle had any enemies and his dad says he was his own worst enemy. Tao finds that Kyle was living at an expensive apartment but had no job they knew of – they get a warrant for the apartment.

The manager Meyer says that Kyle rented an apartment and a parking space from them in the garage down the street. Meyer lets them into the apartment then takes a call from his boss. They look around the expensive apartment.

Tao calls Buzz into an empty room and it looks like an office. There are boxes of electronics and cards with checks inside from his mother for thousands of dollars. His mom lied about not knowing where her son lived.

Rusty goes to see Slider at the jail and he asks if people watched the interview online. He asks if he came off good and he tells Rusty to call him Greg then says Slider is his street name. He asks if Rusty will come to the trial and says no one else is coming.

Rusty says he’ll be there. He asks if Rusty will wave back at him if he waves to him. Greg says cool then says it means a lot that he cares. Rusty is stunned by this. Andy calls Provenza and wants him to come to the hospital but he says no.

Provenza says Patrice is stopping by and says don’t irritate her then tells him tonight’s the night. Provenza tells Sharon that Andy is doing better and she hopes Patrice will get through to him. They have Kyle’s laptop and he’s a top seller on eBay.

There are $4k a week deposits from a Slovenian bank. Looks like Kyle was a webcam performer. Sharon says to turn off the mic and Rusty says check for a profile video. They are stunned but do as he says. WildKyle95 says he’s an average all-American boy.

He unzips his jacket and says he’ll do anything they want within reason and they can send him gifts if they don’t want a charge from the website on their credit card. Rusty tells Sharon what he needed can wait and he leaves.

Tao will look into the website and Sharon says they’ll also contact PayPal. They show her the checks they found she sent to his apartment. She asks why they’re talking about this and they tell her Kyle was pushed off the garage and murdered.

She’s clearly stunned. Carrie says she was cleaning his room last year and he left his laptop left and she saw Craigslist alerts. She cries and says he was advertising himself as a masseur for older men. Carrie says she didn’t know how to stop him.

She says she told her husband and he overreacted so Kyle left home. Carrie says she was worried after he left so she contacted WildKyle95 and made an appointment with him. She says she rented a hotel room so he would show up.

She says he was so mad but he stayed to talk. She says she begged him to come home but he said it would be like prison. She says he told her he was getting rich and he hugged her. She says that was her last hug.

She says she followed him after he left so she could know where he lived. She says she sent the money to show him she could take care of him. Carrie says he would not give her a phone number and says she didn’t tell Don any of this.

Julio says he got a list of Kyle’s fan and there were 100 worldwide but only one lives in LA and it’s a Porsche. It’s a rapper named Grey who’s on the rise. There’s lots of Instagram pics of Grey with ladies and Amy says he was on the down low.

They wonder if Kyle was blackmailing the hip hop singer. Grey comes in with his lawyer Peaches Williams. He flirts with Amy then says he has work and they ask to talk to him alone but Peaches says no. They ask him about Kyle.

Grey tells Peaches to go have lunch and tells her to leave please. He kicks his entourage out. Andy talks to Patrice about his symptoms and she tells him to stop diagnosing himself online and she made him a smoothie to help his soft tissue.

He likes it and she gets his chart. She says the clot is gone then asks who filled out his DNR forms and he says Provenza. He asks how she put up with him and she says her late husband was also a cop and says Louie makes her laugh.

Patrice says he’s getting better and can go home tomorrow. He says he can’t go to Sharon’s and have her see him like an invalid. She says if he doesn’t go home with Sharon, he’ll go to a convalescent center. He says no wonder Provenza wants to marry you.

Patrice is stunned and he says he doesn’t know and says he’s just guessing. He asks what’s in the drink. He calls Provenza who yells at him. He says he would prefer to propose for himself and hangs up on him angrily.

They bring Grey into a room and Provenza says call Andrea, it’s always the rapper. Julio says it’s hip hop and Amy says it’s different but he insists it’s not. Grey says he was meeting Kyle to hang but Kyle never showed.

He admits he met Kyle online and says he did give him some gifts. Then Grey says do more research and says he’s been open about the fluid nature of his sexuality. He says his fans can’t know he’s about to settle down and just want to know he’s available.

He says Kyle texted him to meet him at 10:30 and he parked next to his car and went down but he never showed up. He says he doesn’t like to be there when his roommate is around. They didn’t know about Jason the roommate.

He asks if Kyle is in trouble and says he’s not hustling anymore. Sharon says Kyle didn’t show up last night because he was murdered. Tao says someone shoved him over the railing of the garage. Sharon says he was there about the time he died.

Grey says Kyle is my… then he stops and asks who killed him and why and asks who would hurt him. Tao asks for a DNA sample. He gives the sample and then Sharon asks about Kyle’s cell phone. He won’t sign the consent form and asks for Peaches.

They tell him they’ll get a warrant since he was at the crime scene. They check Grey’s phone and find affectionate texts between Grey and Kyle and it looks like they were in love. They find out the apartment was rented by Samir, another hustler.

That guy is in county for solicitation. He knows who Jason is and says his last name is Harper. He says he’s a pharmaceutical rep. They ask if he was Samir’s roommate and he looks away. The cops look up Jason on LinkedIn.

Samir says Jason was his boyfriend and he met him on Craigslist giving massages. He says he slept with him and then Jason told him he wanted to take care of him and got him the apartment, bought him a gym membership and a phone.

He says he lived there three months. Amy asks why he left Jason’s apartment and says the guy is really scary. Amy asks why he’s scary and he says there’s a club called Twist near the apartment. He says Jason is older and jealous.

He says he pulled a gun on him and told him he would killed him if he stepped out on him again. Samir says then he made me have sex with him. Amy asks if he raped him and Samir asks is that rape? He says if you do it to someone like me?

Amy says if sex is forced on you without your consent, it’s rape. Samir starts crying and says he didn’t even think he counted like that. Provenza says he hates this Jason character. Samir says he raped him that night and he snuck out after Jason fell asleep.

He begs Amy to help him. She asks him to write it all down and says the rape part is very important. Sharon says they want the history of the apartment for the last several years. Provenza says it looks like he has to cancel his dinner.

Sharon and Rusty go see Andy at the hospital. He spins in a circle and the male nurse says get back in bed. Andy asks how his life became this. Rusty says they’re just all happy that he’s better. Tao tells Sharon later they only have tenant names and Jason is the cosigner.

Amy says the real Jason Harper’s name was used but his credit cards haven’t been abused so it’s identity borrowing not theft. They bring in the building manager and Julio say they have evidence about a guy driving a Porsche.

He says they have to read him his rights before he can see the evidence. Then they take off his coat and roll up his sleeves. Meyer says they lied to him and he struggles and threatens to sue. He says he’s married and has a child.

Andrea is there and she introduces herself and says if he writes out his statement about pushing his boyfriend to death for taking a lover, she will offer him a deal for second degree murder. Sharon offers to let him talk to Samir who will identify him as a rapist.

Andrea says that he will face sexual assault charges as well. Sharon asks if Leland Branch, the missing former tenant. Meyer then says Kyle tried to throw him off the roof. Provenza says bullsh*t and says they have proof that he dragged Kyle off his car and threw him over.

They tell him second-degree murder or life for all of the charges and tell him his sentences will run consecutively and he’ll never get out. He insists Leland is fine and in another apartment near San Clemente.

Sharon tells Andy about the case while Rusty packs him to come home. Sharon says she wants Andy to come home with them until he’s ready to take care of himself. Sharon says she hates they aren’t going after Meyer for Samir’s rape.

Rusty watches Andy and Sharon flirt and is grossed out. Patrice comes to see Provenza at work and says she made new dinner reservations for them and came by to pick him up. He says he has a lot of work to do and she asks if Andy told him what he said.

She asks if that’s why he’s been blowing her off. Patrice says she brought his meds and his little menu light and says she’s looking forward to last night’s dinner and she made sure they have a table with a view of the city on the terrace.

She says that’s in case the meal turns out to be memorable in some way. Provenza asks if she’s ready for this dinner and she says she definitely is if he still wants to go. She asks if he still wants to go and he says “I do.”