Major Crimes Recap – Sanchez Comes Clean: Season 4 Episode 2 “Sorry I Missed You”

Major Crimes Recap - Sanchez Comes Clean: Season 4 Episode 2 "Sorry I Missed You"

Tonight on TLC Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday June 15, season 4 episode 2 called “Sorry I Missed You.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode a dead body pops out of a trunk at the end of a car chase, leading the team to investigate tangled connections involving a celebrity chef, a pediatric psychiatrist and his wife, and a bankruptcy lawyer.

On the last episode the squad investigated a double homicide related to an ongoing string of home invasions in the Hollywood Hills. Meanwhile, Sanchez attempted to reintegrate himself in the division after his suspension over a questionable use of force, while Captain Raydor made a fateful choice in the life of her adopted son, Rusty. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the TLC synopsis “a dead body pops out of a trunk at the end of a car chase, leading the team to investigate tangled connections involving a celebrity chef, a pediatric psychiatrist and his wife, and a bankruptcy lawyer. Meanwhile, Rusty tries to identify a murder victim.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.



On #MajorCrimes, there’s a police chase that the cops are watching on the monitors. They wonder who the guy is and Sykes says it’s Justin Henson, a psychiatrist. Provenza says it’s Long Beach’s problem. Sanchez pulls out all the Alice stuff for Rusty who says he hates she’s referred to as Jane Doe. Flynn asks if he cleaned out the files for something that Rusty isn’t supposed to see. Sanchez gets snippy. Buzz tells them the doctor is getting onto the highway.

Rusty asks what will happen to Alice’s body and Sanchez says once a year they cremate all the unknown bodies in the morgue. Sykes says the guy is getting off the 110. He’s headed their way. Provenza tells the TV for Dr Dumbass to stay out of his town. The doctor skids towards a construction site and they see a body came flying out of the trunk. That means they have to head out. Provenxa and the gang show up to the crash site.

Flynn says the guy in the trunk was the shrink and he was shot three times in the back. Provenza asks who’s the genius behind the wheel. The driver has no ID on him and the prints didn’t show up a match. There’s also not a lot of face left because he went through the windshield. Tao says the doctor was shot as he sat behind the wheel and the shooter was behind him in the car. Provenza says that’s odd for a carjacker to shoot up the car.

Provenza asks how the pursuit started and Sgt Mills speaks up and says he started the pursuit. He says the driver was talking on a cell phone and he signalled him to pull over but the man refused to comply. They ask if he saw the cell phone. He says the driver also wasn’t wearing a seat belt. They wonder if the driver tossed the cell phone. Provenza tells Mills to keep the killer in his own city next time. Flynn wonders what clues can identify the shooter. Tao finds a bag of clothes and a list of errands.

Sharon is at the ME’s office with the two dead bodies. Sharon wonders if the killer was going to dump the body and change his clothes. They’re not who the list belongs to. Snachez says maybe the shrink had a patient with a screw loose and Sharon says to get a warrant for the doctor’s finances and phone records. The ME says the killer’s wedding ring had the name Janice on it and there was a paper in the killer’s stomach that he likely swallowed just before he died.

Sykes says the note had Henson’s address on it and the doc only worked with adolescent patients. Tao says the note in the stomach didn’t match the writing on the to do list. They wonder why he was on the phone with a body in the trunk. They says the doc’s wife is Courtney Henson and it’s a younger second wife. Provenza thinks the wife did it. Sanchez says the judge is slow on the warrant because it might give away patient information.

Andy says maybe the wife will sign off on consent to search. Sharon says to hold off and see how the wife reacts when her husband doesn’t come home tonight. Rusty looks through the evidence files on Alice. He sees a sketch of a board. Sharon comes in and asks how he’s sorting through it. He says he called the lady who hired Alice to clean her house and says she wasn’t nice. Sharon asks if he called the shelter in Vegas where Alice came from.

Sharon asks about his suspicions and he says the thinks it was family gone bad that called about her. Sharon asks what he knows about Alice so far and Rusty says she was smart, smart enough to find a job and save money. He says he got out and she died. He says one car ride with the wrong guy and he wouldn’t be there and says it seems so random. He says you drop two eggs and one cracks and one doesn’t then asks if that’s all there is to it.

Sharon says luck plays a part in everyone’s lives. She asks if he’s going to watch the tapes of Alice’s murderer. Rusty thanks her and then thanks her for making him luckier than Alice. He says it’s good to know someone would call missing persons if he disappeared. Sharon says that’s a good idea and calls missing persons to talk to Detective Robby. She says she has something for him to do for her. Sykes is with Courtney the wife who is talking about her dead husband.

Provenza asks if one of her hubby’s patient’s parents would be upset enough to kill him and she says she wouldn’t know. Courtney says he worked with troubled teens and the parents did get frustrated. Courtney says asking if her husband has enemies sounds medievil then she sort of laughs. Provenza asks her to fill out a form to search their house and financial records. She says what happened to her husband happened in the car not the house.

Provenza threatens to get a warrant and she signs the form. Buzz is still searching for the phone on the footage and he gets annoyed with them pressuring him. Courtney gives them security codes and other info. Provenza asks how she met her husband and she says she was Hinson’s patient when she was 12. She says they’ve been married eight years. She says his ex Evelyn lives in Milan. They show her the photo of the driver and asks why the man is driving their car.

Oderno tells Sharon that he checked missing persons reports and found two that match the killer. He says Janice Ward reported him missing and Oderno says it’s probably Randall Ward whose car was ticketed and left near the Farmer’s Market. He says the guy owns a restaurant and has no history of violence. Sharon thanks him. He says Janice is a superstar chef. Sykes says she’s been there and it’s $35 entries.

Tao says he pulled credit on Ward and says his credit is horrible. Buzz shows them footage of the cell phone being thrown out and Sharon asks Sanchez to go with Andy and go search for it. She sends Provenza and Amy to go serve the warrant. Provenza reminds her the chief wanted Julio on desk duty but Sharon says it was a recommendation. Provenza yells at Buzz to get his camera and come on. Provenza, Buzz and Amy go to Ward’s house and she asks if they found her husband.

Provenza introduces the team then ask if she has a minute. She sends the kids to their room and introduces them to Owen Holland, her lawyer. She says Randall had an appointment with Randall. Owen says Randall told them he found an investor for their new location. Sykes asks to hear the voice mail. She plays it and he says he met with a big money guy and it went well. Then he says he has to go and abruptly ends the call. She says the number was blocked so she didn’t answer.

She says she tried his cell and it rang in the house. Tao asks whose phone he might have been using. She demands to know why they’re not out looking for him. Tao says they need to start the search for her husband in the house and shows her the warrant. They give Janice the warrant and Owen says to let them. They start with her car and find a bag of cash. She says she’s never seen that money and Sykes says she needs to come with them.

Buzz asks about the kids and Provenza says Owen can call someone. Provenza curses Long Beach. Provenza tries to talk to Sanchez who ignores him. Andy says he won’t talk to him either but at least they found the phone. Andy says Sharon asked her to encourage Sanchez then says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Provenza snipes at him – no one is happy. Sanchez asks Buzz to help crack the password on the killer’s phone and he tells him to sit with Rusty.
[8:21:23 PM] Rachel Rowan: Sanchez complains to Rusty about how much everyone likes Oderno. He asks about Alice’s killer and he shows him where he is on the interview tape. Sharon asks him about Alice in Vegas. He says he wishes he never met the bitch and she thought she was better than everyone and now she’s trash. Sanchez asks him to listen on headphones and says he doesn’t want to hear it. Then he tells Rusty he’s not sure he’s staying in Major Crimes.

Andy tells the team that Courtney may be having an affair or is a call girl. They show receipts from the Taft Hotel for many days. Tao says there are also three phone calls from the killer’s call of interest. He says one call was to Janice. Then Buzz says the moment of silence on the voice mail was when the cop flagged him to pull over. He called Owen to set a meeting. Randall also called Courtney and they talked for four minutes a few days prior.

They wonder about Janice with the $20k in cash and a lawyer on hand and not wanting them to search the house. Sharon says to give Janice the ring. Sanchez is with Andrea the DA and they give Janice his ring and tell him that her husband was in a car accident. Owen asks why the DA and Andrea says Randall committed a murder for hire. Sanchez tells her about the man he killed and then Andrea says they’re going broke but Janice says they’re successful.

Owen has to tell her the truth and says he didn’t know that Randall hadn’t told her. He says the couldn’t have opened another location and says the one they had was already struggling. Andres says they think the cash in her car is payment for the killing. Andrea says they need Janice to tell them about the cash. Courtney says the cash isn’t hers and she wouldn’t kill Justin. They ask her about the Taft Hotel and her affair. Provenza says he usually lets the DA figure out the rest but they can let her cooperate.

Courtney sighs and says Justin was worried that a patient would call or had called or might call. She says he was all about the patients and would drift away from her. She says he never thought about her. She says they did couples counseling and that helped a little but he never stopped drifting from her. She says she ended it with him. She says she quit trying to fix the marriage and found someone else. They ask if she was seeing Randall. She says she doesn’t know that man.

Sykes asks why that man called her. Courtney says last Thursday must have been the office number forwarding to her. She says kids have the number in case of emergencies and says a man called asking for an appointment for his son. She says he asked for an appointment first thing Monday and she said that slot was filled. Tao finds that call on the to do list. Courtney says it can’t get out but says Dr Don Nickell, their couples counselor, is the guy she was sleeping with.

Andy comes in and says he found a link between them. Sharon says to pull Andrea out of the room now. She says they could be handing the lawyer the perfect defense. Rusty goes to visit Alice’s killer at the jail. He introduces himself and says he’s doing a story on Alice Herrera. He asks if it’s for kindergarten and Rusty says it’s for an online vlog called Identity and says if he got his show there, he’d know better. Rusty says he lived on the streets for two years.

He says he got his condoms at the free clinic on Bronson. That establishes his street cred and Rusty asks if he knows Alice’s real name or cell phone number. The guy says they think he killed her and says he had a drug problem and the cops screwed him over. Rusty says he’s not writing about him but the guy says he wants him to tell his side of the story. He says he better keep his word. He tells Rusty he’s 10 months clean and wants his side to be heard.

Rusty says he will let him tell his story and if he tells him anything helpful about Alice, he’ll promote it. Sanchez comes in and reads a Miranda rights. Sharon says when a person is about to be arrested for murder, they need to hear the rights. Andy says they have proof of murder for hire and bank withdrawals. They tell Janice that there are two murders since her husband died too. Owen says he can’t represent her since his practice is civil.

Sharon says he should look at their most important piece of evidence before he recuses himself. Sharon tells Owen that Randall swallowed a note. Owen says that’s privileged information and they look at his handwriting. They tell Owen he’s the suspect not Janice. They tell him they need to discuss some other transactions. They tell him that Hinson charged his Visa a couple of times a week and know about his daughter Stephanie’s death.

Sanchez says they are sorry to hear about her suicide while under Hinson’s care. Sanchez says when doctors make mistakes, it’s hard to get over. He says he probably consulted a malpractice lawyer who told him that he had no recourse and to accept it and move on. Sanchez asks how do you move on when she’s dead and the doctor is still out there. Andrea and Provenza note this seems to be near to Sanchez’s concerns.

Owen says his daughter had study group each week and says she used the pool house. He says he and his wife came home, made dinner and then he went to get a pill and says all the pills were gone, prescriptions and OTC. He says she took all the pills while they were having dinner. He says she had her phone like she used to hold her stuffed animals. He says he noticed she had a voice mail from Hinson saying he’s sorry he missed her call. He says he noticed she called him five times.

Owen says she took the pills after the last call. He says the medication Hinson gave her made her suicidal then didn’t take her call even though he promised he would. He says Randall was a friend and Andrea says the murder for hire gives her what she needs. Owen says Stephanie’s best friend is a mess into sex and drugs and says something happened that day but Hinson wouldn’t answer his phone. He asks why he wouldn’t answer. Owen starts crying.

Sharon says you drop and egg and sometimes it breaks and sometimes it doesn’t. She asks him to write it all down so they can see what they can do for him. Sanchez clears the murder board as Sykes says she needs to leave early. She tells him good job today and he says he relates to people who hate doctors. Provenza says what Sanchez is going must be tough. He says it’s not that and then says his wife had a seizure disorder a while ago.

He says her doctor told her it was okay to go off her meds. He says she was five months pregnant and says he still has the car seat they bought for the baby, a little girl. He says she would have been Stephanie’s age this year. He says his wife had a seizure driving to the store and the car spun out of control. He starts crying and says it took her four days to die. The whole team is in shock. Sanchez says he can’t stop being mad about it. Tao says it’s good to talk about it and Sanchez says he hears that.

Julio says he can’t figure out how to let go if it. Andy says maybe he’ll find an answer at his old desk and Sanchez says he knows Andy doesn’t want him that close but he says to settle back in. Sanchez goes to his old desk and Sykes says it’s great to have him back. They all joke around a bit with him and even Provenza cracks a smile. Sharon checks on Rusty and he says he’s fine. She asks if he learned anything knew watching the Slider interview. He says Slider is not a reliable source.

Sharon asks if this is opening old wounds. He says it is but then says Alice is important to him. She says not to exhaust himself and he says he has to finish a post by tomorrow. He listens to the Slider interview and asks him about the bird drawing. He says she says it reminded her of her sister.