Major Crimes Premiere Recap Sanchez is Back: Season 4 Episode 1 “A Rose Is a Rose”

Major Crimes Premiere Recap Sanchez is Back: Season 4 Episode 1 "A Rose Is a Rose"

Tonight on TLC Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday June 8, season 4 premiere episode called “A Rose Is a Rose.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode season 4 opens with the squad investigating a double homicide related to a series of home invasions in the Hollywood Hills. Elsewhere, Sanchez [Raymond Cruz] tries to rejoin the team after his suspension, and Raydor [Mary McDonnell] makes a fateful decision regarding Rusty.

On the last episode the LAPD found itself in a precarious situation during an investigation into the disappearances of a string of young girls from a popular nightclub, leading to a turf battle between The Major Crimes division and the Special Operations Bureau. Fritz Howard remained on the mend from poor health, while Rusty’s mom continued to struggle with the law and her sobriety. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the TLC synopsis “the squad investigates a double homicide related to an ongoing string of home invasions in the Hollywood Hills. Meanwhile, Sanchez attempts to reintegrate himself in the division after his suspension over a questionable use of force, while Captain Raydor makes a fateful choice in the life of her adopted son, Rusty.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.

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#MajorCrimes begins with a barking dog running loose and Andy chasing it. Sykes greets a grumpy Provenza and they wonder why they’re even there. He says he wants Oderno gone before Sanchez comes back. Andy comes up with Nacho the dog and says dispatch got a call from Lynn Reed, a neighbor who spotted the dog then came over and looked in the window.

Provenza tells him to unload Nacho so they can work the case. They head inside and find Oderno looking over the body. He says it’s Gary Erwin, a retired accountant who was a widower. He was about to go to Italy. OMG – Oderno is Brandon Barash formerly of General Hospital! Love! Erwin was shot three times and Provenza says this doesn’t match the other home invasions.

Tao says there are no flowers which was the MO to get into the house. Also, all Erwin’s stuff is still there plus a wallet full of cash. Also, he was not tased. Provenza says their work is done. He says if it’s not related to the other home invasions, it’s not for major crimes. They hear someone screaming. A girl named Ashley runs out of her house screaming to help her mother.

They run inside and find the tell tale flowers on their doorstep. Oderno and Tao clear the place hastily then Tao creeps upstairs. He goes room to room and finds her jewelry box ransacked and then Oderno calls it’s clear downstairs. The woman is dead in her closer near an open safe. Oderno steps closer just as Provenza comes upstairs. He says okay, now it’s a major crime. Lisa Lewis, is the second victim who was tased then shot in the head.

She was dead two hours when Ashley, her daughter, found her. They fill Sharon in then Provenza asks if there’s an update on Stroh. She says there were sightings in Greece and that’s it. None of the neighbors heard anything and Buzz says no security cameras either. Sharon asks about Ashley and they tell her that her dad is dead too and her grandmother is on a river cruise. There’s a brother too.

Sharon asks how to handle the brother and Andy says they’re just going to tell him about the dead neighbor. Andy proposes holding off bringing Sanchez back and Sharon says Oderno should stay for the case. Tao says the LAPD may have someone under surveillance during the murders. Sharon says she wants a briefing from Chief Taylor. Rusty shows up and says he can wait.

Andy and Sharon go talk to Ashley. Provenza chews out Andy who says he doesn’t want to worry about Sanchez exploding. Rusty asks who the girl is and Provenza says her mother was shot. He says his journalism professor rejected his story and he needs a new story. Provenza says he can’t write about anything he hears there. He chews him out and walks off.

Sharon asks Ashley about her morning and if she saw her brother Peter. She says he was gone when she got up but she saw her mom and says she made her oatmeal. She says she works from home doing word processing for legal firms. They bring in Peter, the son and they tell him about Mr Erwin’s murder only. Provenza says they need his help and ask if he’s seen anyone new around the neighborhood.

They ask Ashley what her mom kept in the safe and she says jewelry, money, documents and a gun. Ashley says the gun was her dad’s and his wedding ring was there. Sanchez shows up just as Ashley runs out crying and he asks what’s the matter. She says their mom is dad and someone shot her. She runs off the other way. Peter asks why they didn’t tell him.

Sharon says she was shot during a robbery. Oderna says they were trying to find the right way to tell him. Peter says it’s bullsh*t and goes after his sister. Provenza tells Julio – welcome back! Chief Taylor tells Rusty he can follow the investigation but can only talk about the family. Taylor tells Sharon he just credentialed Rusty who asks to speak to her for a moment. They step outside.

He says to promise she won’t freak out then says he thinks someone is following him around campus. She asks to describe him and he says he took a photo. He hands it over and says he’s noticed him several times. Sharon asks him to email her the photo and says she’ll ID his possible stalker. Rusty asks if that’s it and she says no protective custody yet.

Taylor says Stroh is gone and is never coming back then calls Sharon back in. He tells Sharon they got a lead on Jim Norton who was fencing some of the goods from the home robberies and works in Hollywood as neighborhood security. Taylor says they had an undercover detail on the guy so they could trace the rest of the gang since no one had died yet. Taylor says he took a chance.

He says Sharon took a chance with sticking with Sanchez. She says he’s done everything he was supposed to do. Sharon says she wants to put the Lewis kids up in a hotel for the night. Taylor says Sanchez will do desk duty for two weeks. Sharon says she wants to know how surveillance on Norton failed. Chuck Cooper tells them about the surveillance. Provenza thinks they made them.

Chuck says his people are invisible. Tao says it’s a male and female who usually do the robberies and he doesn’t seem to communicate with them via cell phone or email. Andy asks why he didn’t arrest Norton when they saw him loading a van full of computers. Cooper says the pattern is every two weeks and Sharon says murder isn’t part of the pattern. Tao says neither is killing a neighbor.

Tao wonders if they will pull another robbery soon. Chuck gets a text and says Norton just bought two dozen roses. They move to set up at the house they observed Norton casing. Sykes will play homeowner and she’s ready to get tased. Buzz asks Oderno to confirm the photo on the camera and they’re good. Chuck is in his van with Sharon and he says Norton is about two miles away.

Sharon says they’re not invisible and she shows him the guy Rusty spotted – it was a tail Sharon put on Rusty that he spotted. She says she feels bad about having him followed but would feel worse sitting at his funeral. Buzz joins them in the van and Sharon calls for radio discipline. Buzz asks Sharon if something is wrong and Sharon says she wonders why they never saw the roses get handed off.

Tao, Andy, Oderno and Provenza are in the house. The doorbell rings and Sykes goes to answer it. They all get ready. She opens the door and a woman says she has flowers for her. She goes to sign for them and the woman tases her then a man runs inside. They shut the blinds and drag her out of sight. The guy pulls a gun on Provenza and he shoots him in the gut. They take down the woman too in cuffs.

Provenza says the suspects are alive – he shot the perp with a beanbag gun. Sharon says good job to them all. She tells Chuck to have his guys pick up Norton. Provenza reads rights to the perps and Chuck says he’ll get another team to follow Rusty on campus. Sharon says she’s sorry for being short but says she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in months.

Back at the unit, Rusty snaps photos of the crime board and Provenza yells at him but he says he had permission. Peter comes out and asks if they caught his mom’s killer. Sanchez says they’re missing a little bit of evidence to tie them to his family’s robbery. Rusty asks why they released it to the press. Taylor chews out Rusty and says he told them to work the family.

Rusty asks Provenza how to talk to someone the day after his mother was murdered. He suggests lying but says he’s a cop. Sharon talks to Norton about the robberies. He says that proves why they need security. Tao shows him the roses used and they have video of him purchasing flowers. Sharon asks who he bought the flowers for and he says he has a right to privacy in his personal life.

Norton says he was pre-law in college. Taylor asks if they have other complications. Provenza says the guy had a shotgun and not a handgun. Norton says the roses were for a sick friend. Sharon says Claudia used the roses to gain entry to the homes and she drove the car after him. Earl Davis also works for the security firm. Norton says he may need an attorney. Sharon says Claudia and Earl asked for that too.

Tao says if they cut a deal, it will be at Norton’s expense and Sharon tells him to think about that for a moment. Rusty goes to talk to Peter who is with Sanchez. He says he’s the son of the police captain. He says he thought that some publicity might help solve the case. He sits to talk to him and says he knows this isn’t easy but says talking about his mother will humanize the crime.

Sanchez listens but says nothing. Peter says his mom lost her mind after their dad lost his mind. He says she quit talking to him after he dropped out of school. He says it’s crazy. He says his mother would never answer the door in her robe and says no one but him sent her roses and he only did it on Mother’s Day and it didn’t happen this year. Sanchez walks out. Peter cries and says now it will never happen.

Norton says if they get him an attorney and promise him grand theft in county, he’ll talk. Sharon says they don’t plead double homicide down to grand theft. They show him the photos of Mr Erwin and Ms Lewis. Norton says they didn’t do this. He says they don’t rob two days in a row and says it’s too fast. Tao says they found roses and missing jewelery. He says she’s not handcuffed or gagged then says it’s not the vase he buys.

Sanchez says Norton’s team buys hybrid tea roses but the others were old garden roses. Plus the Lewis house had all the blinds open. Sanchez says it was all in the news from the roses to the stun guns. Oderno says Peter bought a stun gun six weeks ago. Andy says good work. Andrea says the defense rests. Provenza says someone framed them. Sanchez says Rusty is with Peter.

Sharon says there is nowhere safe and she rushes off. Rusty and Peter chat about moms and Sharon says to get out now. She says she’s taking his phone that was recording. Sanchez reads him his rights and Rusty is stunned then Sharon kicks her son out. Sharon asks why he bought a stun gun. He says his sister’s ex was stalking her. He says Raul took the stun gun from her and says it’s Raul Diaz.

He gives them the address when they ask. Chuck approaches Raul who pulls a gun and shoots at him then takes off running. Ashley gets out of the car begging for help. Andy runs up and finds her on the ground cuffed. She says he killed her mother and threatened to kill her brother. They take her away as they hear gunshots. Andy drives her off. Tao finds the stun gun.

Provenza calls Sharon and says they can wrap this one up. Rusty is with Sanchez and he laments that he didn’t get to write a word if it. He says he’s way past deadline so he can’t get a shot at the paper this quarter. Buzz says there’s a great story that Rusty didn’t notice. He says he can be part of the media without the college letting him and says he just needs to look for a different way to think about things.

Provenza says Raul confessed to both murders and kidnapping Ashley. The gun was Mr Lewis’ and they found the missing things in his bedroom. Sykes said it was all about the mom being an obstacle to Ashley loving him. He says he shot Erwin because the guy waved at him. Sharon says she’s calling Andrea and asks who Raul knew the combination to the safe and how there was a gun inside.

Sharon tells Taylor to let her do her job. Sanchez sits in with Andy and Peter and Ashley. Sanchez says Raul was shot to death while fleeing. Andrea asks what’s going on and Ashley says she got it wrong. Sanchez says Raul can never hurt her again. She says he called and said he knew who killed her mom and she just needed to meet with him. She says she came downstairs and he talked her into the car.

She says she had no idea. Peter asks if they have to put her through this. Peter says Sanchez lied to them and acted like he was involved. Peter says he doesn’t know if they’re stupid or shot Raul on purpose. He says none of them jack and they’re done there. Sanchez stands to face the kid and says he’s been read his rights. He asks if Peter wants an attorney or says they can arrest him for obstruction.

Andy says he can sit down and let Ashley help them figure out why Raul killed his mother. Andy asks if Peter is afraid of something. He says to get it over with and sits. Ashley says Raul told her that he killed her mother and had money and jewelry so they could live on it on the run. She says he told her that he would kill Peter unless she slept with him and ran away with him.

She cries and says he was such a freak. Raul is there and Sharon asks if he’s a freak. They show him the interview. He says he thought Ashley loved him and Sharon says he’s going down for murder and kidnapping. He says Ashley called him to pick up half of the cash. He says he got the cuffs to put on her mom to make it look real. Andrea says they need more proof. Raul insists it was Ashley’s idea.

He says her mother was on top of her constantly and Ashley said they could only be together one way. Tao says he’s going to jail and Ashley will have a great life. Sharon says that’s what’s happening unless he can prove that Ashley was involved. Sharon asks if she loaded the gun or touched the tape. He says Ashley bought the roses. He says he was supposed to but he didn’t have enough cash.

He says Ashley talked her mom out of the money and bought the roses at a florist in Crescent Heights. Buzz and Sykes take off. He says if Ms Lewis just let Ashley live her life, none of this would have happened. Sharon watches Raul’s interview and then looks at a photo of Stroh while she thinks about what he said about her mom being on top of Ashely.

Chuck calls and Sharon says to end the undercover team on Rusty. She thanks him. Sharon puts away Stroh’s file and looks out the window at Rusty in the squad room. He asks Provenza about the girl in the trash Alice Herrera. He asks if they found out her name and he asks who was Alice really. He says maybe they’ll find out someday. Rusty asks if he can copy the photo and Provenza says okay.

Sykes comes back with Buzz who smiles at Rusty. Sykes arrests Ashley who cries and asks her brother to help her. Peter rushes into Sharon’s office and says she’s making another mistake. Sharon says his sister had Raul kill her mother and their neighbor. She tells him his sister is dangerous. He storms out. Andy knocks on her door and asks if they can talk. He closes the door.

Andy says he was just looking after her best interests with the Sanchez thing. Sharon says she can look after her own best interests. He says he gets that but then stops and asks what she needs him for. She asks him to close the door so they can talk. Woo hoo. Is Sharon going to tell Andy she’s into him or call it quits?