Masterchef Junior Recap 11/20/15 Season 4 Episode 3 “One Small Step”

Masterchef Junior Recap 11/20/15 Season 4 Episode 3 "One Small Step"

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef Junior continues with an all new Friday November 20, season 4 episode 3 called “One Small Step,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson is a guest for a mystery-box challenge, which is followed by an elimination challenge involving a seafood dish.

On the last episode, Season Two winner Logan returned to the MASTERCHEF JUNIOR kitchen and offered some advice to the remaining contestants. The top three contestants from the previous elimination challenge competed in a cupcake-frosting contest, during which only the winner could keep the judges safe from a sticky situation. Then, in the next challenge, the contestants were tasked with making a scallop dish in order to move onto the next round in the competition. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Fox synopsis, “The Top 20 junior home cooks face an out-of-this-world Mystery Box challenge with special guest astronaut Tracy Dyson, during which they must prepare a unique dish that highlights a stellar ingredient. The one who rockets to the top will have a significant advantage in the elimination challenge, when the contestants will be tasked with creating a stunning and delicious fish dish in order to move onto the next round”

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On tonight’s episode of “MasterChef Junior” the contestants received an out of this world mystery box challenge.

Astronaut Tracy Dyson was the special guest star this week and so she answered a couple of questions about space. Like no she did see any aliens but she did live on a station with boys so she had felt she had gotten close enough. And Tracy also told the kids about the many interesting things that she and fellow astronauts did while they were up there.

Apparently it’s impossible to cook fresh food in space so what the astronauts do is rehydrate their precooked and packaged meals. Which to be fair didn’t all that appealing at first glance. Though Tracy swore it tasted a lost better than it looked.

And after Tracy left, it was time to get down to the actual mystery box. See the kids had known it would be space related beforehand but they had no idea that their mystery box challenge would be for them to use various types of cheeses. For as it turns out, the moon really is made out of cheese.

So the contestants had to cook a MasterChef quality cheese dish in under sixty minutes. And though some rose to the occasion, they were a few kids in over their heads. Like Derek for instance. Derek tried to use all these new maneuvers in the kitchen hoping to impress the judges but his end result looked like a burnt up crepe. Which it was.

Therefore Derek wasn’t one of the top three that were chosen to present their dish. Yet he was glad to see his friend JJ had impressed the judges with a Cheese Enchilada. And sharing the limelight with JJ was both Addison and Kaitlyn.

Addison had made her own Stuffed Cheese and Pesto Pasta from scratch and Kaitlyn Lemon had gone out of the box to make a Lemon and Ricotta macaroon.

However there could only be one winner in the mystery box challenge so the judges ultimately decided to go with Kaitlyn. She still needed to work on mixing her sugar properly so that her dish was smoother and less grainy but otherwise Graham loved her dish. And was left truly inspired by it.

So Kaitlyn didn’t have to cook for the final challenge of the night and as an added reward she got to choose someone else to be free from elimination as well. And she went with Addison because she liked that Addison always tries to do something new.

Although funnily enough there was just one more thing Kaitlyn had to do before she could sit down with Addison. It seems she had to act as a fish monger to the rest of the contestants. For there were going to be filleting their own fish this week.

Luckily Graham had taken pity on them and had showed kids how easy it was to fillet a fish by demonstrating with the Moon Fish which weighs 115 pounds. He said if he could do the job on something like that then seize shouldn’t really matter to them. Fish is fish. And what the kids had to remember was to essentially cut along the bone.

And yet, despite what they heard, there were later several incidents in the kitchen. Skin was unintentionally still attached and a common kitchen mistake was that some of them focused so much on the fillet part that they forgot everything else. Including seasoning the fish.

Ian forget it, Kyndall forget it, and Jaeclyn forgot it. But unfortunately that was one of the things that the judges were looking out for.

The kids had been given a fish dish kind of challenge and therefore the fish had to be the crowning glory of the plate. So the winner of tonight’s second challenge had to be Nate with Asian Fusion dish. And the two kids go home tonight were sadly Kyndall and Vivian.

They liked the sauce that Vivian had put on the plate but her fish and her side weren’t up to her usual par.