MasterChef Recap – Roller Coasters and Buns: Season 6 Episode 3 “Cinnamon Roll-er Coaster”

MasterChef Recap - Roller Coasters and Buns: Season 6 Episode 3 "Cinnamon Roll-er Coaster"

Tonight on FOX Masterchef returns with an all new Wednesday June 3, Season 6 Episode 3 called, “Cinnamon Roll-er Coaster.” We have your weekly recap down below! On tonight’s episode the first team challenge for the Top 20 cooks takes place at an amusement park, where they must prepare burgers and fish-and-chips dishes for thousands of patrons. Later, the losing team make cinnamon rolls in a pressure test.

On the last episode, after the Battle for the Apron concluded, the Top 22 home cooks in America faced their first Mystery Box Challenge. Each contestant was given 20 staple ingredients that anyone could find in their home and tasked with preparing a dish for the judges — were the judges to show up at their homes for dinner. The winner of the Mystery Box Challenge received a significant advantage in the season’s first pressure test, during which contestants had to make their versions of an apple pie. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the FOX synopsis “after the apple pie elimination test, the remaining 20 home cooks will face their first team challenge of the season at an amusement park. Once teams are decided, each team will be tasked with creating its version of an amusement park burger and fish and chips dish for thousands of amusement park guests. The winning team will be safe from elimination, while the losing team will have to face the first pressure test of the season, during which the home cooks will make 12 cinnamon rolls. Find out which home cooks will continue to ride in the competition and who will leave the MASTERCHEF kitchen for good.”

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#MasterChef is at Knott’s Berry Farm for tonight’s episode. Graham says this was American’s first theme park. They have to feed all of the people that come into the theme park that day. They tell them to pick their own teams. Gordon then says they have chosen the team captains. The red team captain is Kerry. The blue team captain will be Darah who has worked 10 years in a theme park. They put on their aprons and get ready to get to work.

The teams are cooking fish and chips and a burger with onion rings and cole slaw. Gordon says the crowd will be the judges and they have to earn the most votes. The losers will face the first pressure test of the season. They get 90 minutes to prep. Kerry asks who is good where and assigns roles based on interests. On the blue team, Darah isn’t moving as fast. Derrick thinks she should be assigning instead of asking.

Darah tells them to focus on smiling and says that makes up for when food isn’t that great. Graham says this is the scariest challenge they’ve ever done. Gordon says this is all about preparation. The red team is tasting and cooking. The goal to make three sauces is messing up the red team’s prep. Derrick thinks Darah hasn’t organized or cooked anything and is just messing around. Christina comes over to yell to tell them to speed up.

Gordon tells Kerry he thinks three sauces is too ambitious then tells the team to do one stunning sauce and quit messing around with the idea of three. The red team scrambles to do what he said. Gordon says the red team is way behind. Gordon yells and says they have hundreds of people coming. Katrina drops a tray of fish. Gordon asks Darah if they should just cut straight to the pressure test since she’s going to lose.

Graham yells at them as they are down to the last 60 seconds before services. The red team did cajun fish and chips and a standard burger with special ketchup sauce. The blue team is doing a cheeseburger with beer battered rings. Their fish and chips are also beer battered. It’s time to start service. It’s an #MCRollerCoaster. The guests pour in and the teams are still running around. Graham says if it’s more than a 10 second wait, they will leave. Kerry says it’s the longest line he’s seen in his life. Claudia and Derrick are cranking on the blue team.

Darah says they’re doing well and are all working together. The red team is struggling. Kerry is running around trying to cook and lead. They get backed up on onion rings. Gordon yells at them. Kerry was supposed to be doing rings and organizing. He forgot them. Gordon says they’re losing customers. Nick steps up to cook them. Guests are voting by ringing a high striker that’s either red or blue. Christina asks about what people like.

Some like the cheese on the burger better while others like the beer batter on the other team. Blue team continues with service with a smile. Then Gordon stops Darah and says the fish is raw. They have to stop service and call Claudia up. A team meeting ensues and Gordon says it’s ice cold and raw and says to get their shit together because it’s dangerous. Gordon tells them he will shut it down if there’s one more raw fish brought up.

Gordon goes back to help Claudia who had to thin out the batter to let it cook thoroughly. They lose some votes because of the incident. The red team is back from the onion ring fiasco and are doing better. Nick is crushing the onion rings. The blue team finally gets fish up. Graham talks to people who got nothing from the red or the blue team. They are down to their last five customers. They serve their last customers and take a breath.

It’s time for the results. Gordon says they cooked for hundreds of guests who came to enjoy some food and it was a real roller coaster. A marching band comes to deliver the results with Graham as the grand marshall. Gordon takes the envelope and says the winning team had 59% of the votes. The winner was the red team. Kerry is thrilled and says he’s so glad they don’t have to go into the pressure test. Gordon sends the red team off to celebrate and tells the blue team to clean up the kitchens.

Back in the kitchen, the blue team streams in to face the #MCPressureTest. Christina says the red team are all safe for triumphing at the amusement park. Graham says their day in the park wasn’t great. Gordon says he was shocked at the disarray of the blue team. Darah says they started off strong. Christina says they lost and says they need to face what they did wrong and why they lost. Gordon asks what happened. Tommy says communication was an issue.

He says he couldn’t get Katrine to communicate. Katrina says he wouldn’t leave her alone. She’s upset and Gordon says the customers were more upset. Gordon says five of them have to face the test. He says Darah will decide which five stay and which five go upstairs. Darah chooses Ailsa to go upstairs. Gordon and Graham don’t get her logic of choosing her because she smiled. Darah also sends Caludia upstairs then Sara. Katrina says Darah is just saving her friends.

Darah has two saves left and sends Dan upstairs. Gordon tells Darah she can either save herself or someone else with her last vote. Derrick glares at her. Darah chooses Hetal who says no and that Derrick should have it instead. Gordon agrees and sends Derrick upstairs. Derrick says the only right thing Darah did was to keep herself in the pressure test. Christina says tonight they’re making cinnamon rolls. Tommy says baking is not his thing and he doesn’t even eat these.

He makes a crack that Katrina knows more about these (looks like a weight joke that was unkind). They each have a standard set of ingredient plus a limited pantry and have just 45 minutes to make 12 cinnamon rolls. Graham says Darah’s choices were strange and says Katrina should not be down there. Christina says she respects that Hetal didn’t take the easy way. Hetal makes a chai latte cinnamon bun and says she makes them for her husband every weekend.

Christina says the first 10 minutes are critical to have the dough ready because they need to cook 15 minutes then you need to frost them. Christina goes to talk to Katrina and asks if she’s surprised to be there. She says she’s making rosemary raisin rolls and usually doesn’t make them at home. Christina tells her to stay strong. They are down to 30 minutes left. Tommy says he wants that bitch Katrina out. Gordon tells Tommy if he doesn’t get his rolls in the oven, he’ll be going home.

Christina yells at them to get them into the oven. Graham talks to Darah who is making some complicated rolls and Graham says she has to get them in ASAP. The ones upstairs cheer Katrina. Christina says Tommy and Darah are behind because they’re not in the oven. Darah finally gets hers in and Christina says they’re too big and won’t bake. Tommy is freaking and hasn’t allowed enough time for his. They all lament that he won’t be done. Tommy says he’s a goner.

Tommy gets them in and Christina says his rolls are too big and they will not cook. Gordon says if they do cook, they can be stunning. Gordon says now you have to focus on your topping. Christina says it has to be something that won’t fall apart with the heat. Hetal pulls hers out and boxes hers. They are down to 60 seconds. The guys upstairs scream. They count down from 10 and it’s hands off. Gordon says that’s what he calls a pressure test. Now it’s time for the tasting.

Gordon calls Darah down first. She says she made anais rolls with lemon zest. Gordon pulls it apart and says the dough is raw. He finds a bit he can taste and says it doesn’t taste good and is over complicated. He says she has one foot out the door. Christina says these are not exciting and spits it out. She says the spices are overbearing. Next up is Hetal. She says she put her Indian culture into it. Gordon says she took a risk competing when she didn’t have to.

She says it’s chai latte with espresso icing. He says they’re dreary looking but says the fragrance is lovely. He tastes and says it’s cooked beautifully and says she has the potential to be a unique baker. Next up is Katrina. She made rosemary raisin rolls. Graham says they don’t look bad but it’s a shame she left the paper in the box. He cuts and says it looks good. He tastes and says it has a unique flavor and says he likes it and it was a great effort.

Christina calls up Olivia next. She made rum raisin cinnamon buns with orange glaze. Christina says her roll wasn’t tight enough but says the orange helps carry it and says it’s not a bad cinnamon roll. Tommy is up next and he’s dreading it. He says he made green tea filling with cinnamon and pistachio. Gordon asks what the f-k that is. The people upstairs cover their eyes it’s so bad. It looks horrifying. It’s green and looks kind of like vomit.

Gordon tastes and says parts of it taste decent but it’s visually shocking and says it should come with a health warning. Katrina laughs at him and he just glares when he walks by. Graham asks them all to come down front. Christina says that was a tough pressure test to do in 45 minutes. She says the best cinnamon rolls were Hetal’s and they send her up to safety. She’s glad she did the right thing by letting Derrick go upstairs in her place.

Graham then calls forward Katrina and Olivia. He says they both made crucial mistakes but are not the worst of the night. They are also safe. That leaves Darah and Tommy together with at least one going home. Gordon says they both made substandard efforts. He says Tommy was cocky and tried to be too clever. He says Darah’s were bland and undercooked. Gordon says the person that is safe is Tommy. Wow. Katrina isn’t happy that he’s safe. He says goodbye to Darah.

Gordon tells Darah her journey is over. He says her timing was just way off and says to leave her apron and go. The others applaud her as she goes. Darah says she will leave with a smile for the lessons she learned and the friends she made there. She says it has been a blessing and wishes the others well. A very classy exit.