MasterChef Recap – MC 100th Anniversary and Cake: Season 6 Episode 7 “Happy Birthday MasterChef”

MasterChef Recap - MC 100th Anniversary and Cake: Season 6 Episode 7 "Happy Birthday MasterChef"

Tonight on FOX Masterchef returns with an all new Wednesday July 1, Season 6 Episode 7 called, “Happy Birthday MasterChef,”  and we have your weekly recap below.  On tonight’s episode a two-course menu is prepared to celebrate the show’s 100th episode as VIP guests feast on oyster and caviar appetizers, and a duck breast entrée, as well as a surprise dish by judge Christina Tosi. Later, the losing team bakes a three-layer birthday cake in a pressure test.

On the last episode, it was proven that Breakfast was indeed the most important meal of the day when the home cooks were each tasked to create an elevated breakfast dish in 45 minutes. Not only will the winner have immunity in the next mystery box challenge, but they were also receive two additional advantages. Later, in the mystery box challenge, contestants must create TV dinners. Find out who went home and who will bring it home Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis “in the next team challenge, the remaining home cooks will celebrate a MASTERCHEF milestone, the 100th episode! Each team will prepare a two-course menu for the 100th episode celebration, during which VIP guests will dine on oyster and caviar appetizers and a duck breast entrée, followed by a special surprise dish by judge Christina Tosi. The losing team will face the next pressure test, in which contestants must create a three-layer birthday cake”

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It’s the 100th episode of #MasterChef and there will be a team competition to celebrate. The teams head out to meet Gordon on site at an outdoor venue. Gordon says it’s #MC100 and they’re making all the food – he says it will be a lunch for 100 esteemed guests. Christina says they will be cooking for luminaries of the culinary world including some former contestants who have gone on to success. They will use caviar and oysters for the appetizer and duck breast for the entree.

Nick and Olivia are the team captains. Nick chooses Amanda and says she’s the hardest worker. Olivia chooses Derrick for showing a lot of technique. Derrick isn’t sure she’s a fit captain. Nick takes Stephen, Sara, Charlie, and Shelly. Olivia also takes Katrina, Chris, Hetal, and Kerry. That leaves Claudia and Tommy as last picks. Nick chooses Claudia leaving Tommy for Olivia. She thinks Tommy does stupid things under pressure and isn’t a great team player.

They get cracking on their one hour prep. Nick says oysters on pickled slaw. Stephen says it’s a good menu then Nick says Moroccan duck with candied carrots. The blue team has gone simple, upscale and gets to work. Olivia wants to smoke but Derrick says frying is faster. Derrick says it’s too many components. She wants duck with orange and ginger with toasted pistachios. They tell her it’s too complicated but she won’t listen.

The guests start showing up for the celebration. Gordon talks with Graham and Christina and says their reputation is on the line. Christina says they have beautiful ingredients and wonder if the teams will execute. The oyster smoking is not going well. Tommy tells them they are overcooking the oysters and says you don’t cook them, you just get the smoke smell in it. Gordon looks at the smoking and yells at Olivia that they’re all overcooked. He says you don’t throw them all in without testing.

Gordon says he has no more oysters. He tells them to sort this out. Olivia says they now have to cut back on how many oyster each diner will get. Gordon tells Graham and Christina they better step it up. The judges then go check on the red team again – the plate is tiny and there is no caviar on top of it. Tommy says he’s so embarrassed. Gordon says it’s not good enough and tells them to change it. Food critic Eddie Lin says he has high expectations. The red team is scrambling to pull out a miracle.

Nick is excited and says his team is right where they should be. The blue team has butter poached oysters and caviar vinaigrette. The red team is still trying to come up with a replacement appetizer. Derrick is annoyed that Olivia is scattered with her plating. He starts calling out orders and Tommy says he’s an alpha male and will push Olivia aside and take over like he always does. Each team serves 50 VIPs and will earn feedback to help the judges decide who wins.

The blue team’s oyster course gets high marks for plating and creativity. The red team feedback says not enough oysters and caviar on the plate. Gordon tells Olivia it was terrible and there is no organization. She says Derrick is a problem and Gordon tells her to put him in his place since it’s all on her. He says to call a meeting and make them do as she says. Olivia dries her tears and moves on. Gordon tells them all to get moving on entrees.

The blue team smells plastic burning and Gordon pulls out a tray of burned carrots. Charlie forgot to set the timer and now they have no veg. Gordon tells Charlie it’s a celebration not a cremation and Nick is annoyed since that was Charlie’s one job. Christina has made a celebration cake as the entrees are in service. The blue team made seared duck and fennel with rice. The red team has butter braised duck with cilantro oil. Olivia says she’s confident they turned it around.

Graham says the red team plates look beautiful. The blue team, timing is slowing service. Gordon yells because the duck is cold. Charlie throws Nick under the bus and it’s chaos. He says Charlie is cutting duck and leaving it to cool then Shelly ruins the sauce. Nick says he doesn’t understand what’s going on. Gordon yells at Charlie not to let it get cold. Charlie says he’s doing what Nick is telling him then Gordon says the duck is too raw. He calls everyone over and says they need to get it together.

Christina finds out the red team’s duck cook is off too – it’s overcooked. The losing team will face a pressure test. The blue team has pretty good feedback. They are all at their last table. Olivia says she doesn’t if they won or lost but says they did a good job. Nick isn’t confident with the entree like he was with the appetizer. He hopes the red team was struggling too. Christina’s cake is presented. Graham then brings the home cooks out to meet the diners.

Gordon thanks everyone for coming to the celebration and says both teams had their ups and downs. He then says the winning team will be announced back at the MasterChef kitchen. Back at the kitchen, the home cooks come in and Olivia says she’s been in every elimination and pressure test so far and hopes this time, she’s the winner. Gordon says the red team shocked them with their miniscule appetizer then bounced back.

Gordon says the blue team appetizer was impressive then they faltered with their entree. Gordon says the winning team is the red team. They all hug and Christina says they will all make it to episode 101. They head upstairs to relax. Nick is very disappointed and says this is a tough loss. Graham says six of the blue team will face the pressure test and says the blue team will have five minutes to come up with a unanimous decision of one name of who won’t have to cook. Gordon says if they fail to name someone, they will all be eliminated. Whoa!

They discuss it amongst themselves in the wine room. Nick says he thinks Stephen should be safe. Stephen says he’s fine to go into the pressure test. Shelly insists she should be safe and Nick thinks she’s crazy. They all come back out and Christina says the person who’s not facing the pressure test should step forward. Stephen steps forward. Nick says he deserved to be safe. Christina says yesterday she made her world famous birthday cake and says they each have to make a birthday cake.

Christina says there are two candles because two of them will be going home. She blows out the candles symbolically. She cuts the cake and says the cake should have a unique style. She says it can be any flavor as long it has three layers, great frosting and celebrate the 100th episode. Charlie says it’s the most important cake of his life. They all have ingredients and a limited pantry. They have 90 minutes to bake and decorate. They start cooking.

Christina says the sponge batter has to get going with butter, sugar then eggs one by one. Christina says they have to have it in the oven baking within 20 minutes. Charlie is doing a vanilla cake with sprinkles. Amanda is making a nutella and strawberry filling. Claudia tells Gordon she’s making tres leches with strawberries. They look at Charlie and wonder why he’s making more batter. Gordon says he has to get it in.

Christina says their cakes need to be out and cooling as Charlie pops another in. Gordon points out that Amanda’s cake is raw in the middle. Gordon goes to look at it and she starts crying. Graham says they’re going to lose one of their favorites. She tries to make the best of it, but it’s bad. Gordon says to treat it like plastic surgery and patch it up. They have less than 20 minutes. Christina checks with Charlie and says he’s cutting it too close. He says he’s making a mini birthday cake.

Christina goes to check Nick’s cake first. He made a sponge cake with marscapone and blood orange icing and toasted coconut. Christina says the knife sliced easily and pulls out some nice even layers. She tastes and says the frosting is sweet and says maybe some orange juice in the batter would have been good but she’s impressed. Graham comes to taste Amanda’s. She says it’s vanilla with nutella frosting. He cuts and says it’s clearly not done in the center. He then tastes.

Graham says it’s delicious and says the frosting is great and the strawberries are done perfectly. He says it’s a shame but the flavor is good. Shelly made a rum cake., Gordon cuts into it and says the sponge is undercooked as well. He tastes and says it needs more cooking and asks if it’s her best performance. Christina tastes Sarah’s – she made yellow sponge with raspberry sauce. Christina says it sliced well but the cream cheese is too sugary and the raspberry was smart.

Graham goes to Claudia who made tres leches cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. He cuts and the slices are nice and even. Christina says wow. He tastes and says it’s delicious and everything they’re looking for. Charlie is next and Gordon asks what he made. He says the cake looks like he frosted a lump of concrete. It looks like crap. Charlie says it’s good and Gordon says maybe if he was blind. He cuts in and pulls out a crazy slice then tastes and give Claudia a taste. She says it’s delicious.

Everyone laughs in surprise. Gordon says it’s the ugliest cake of the night not just there but all across America. Graham tells them all to come around front. Shelly says she’s disappointed. Graham says two of them will be going home and says one of them did a great job – Claudia. He sends her upstairs. Christina then tells Nick and Sarah to step forward. She says their cakes were not bad enough to go home but not good enough for a bakery. They head upstairs as well.

Gordon says Amanda had great intentions but you can’t recook a sponge. He tells Charlie put it together that looked like an accident not a layer cake. He tells Charlie to step forward and says his time is done in the MasterChef kitchen. Charlie is upset that he’s heading back to New Orleans. It’s now down to Amanda and Shelly. The three judges talk. Gordon tells Shelly to tell Amanda goodnight and says – head upstairs to the balcony. She’s stunned – she was already saying goodbye. Amanda is going home.