Miranda Lambert, Sam Hunt Date Secretly Two Months After Blake Shelton Divorce Scandal – New Country Music Power Couple?

Miranda Lambert, Sam Hunt Date Secretly Just Two Months After Blake Shelton Divorce Scandal - New Country Music Power Couple?

Miranda Lambert’s divorce from Blake Shelton was barely two months ago, but the country singer has no qualms about moving on from her former husband – and there is already a new man in her life. Miranda has been spending a ton of time with another country singer, Sam Hunt! Sam and Miranda have been working together planning their 2016 tour, and insiders say it is obvious that they are much more than just friends.

This week’s edition of OK! Magazine reveals that there have been some serious sparks flying between Sam and Miranda. An insider dished to OK! Magazine that “Miranda and Sam can’t help but flirt. Spending time with Sam has been a huge lift for Miranda. They are getting very close, he makes her feel sexy and that is exactly what Miranda needs right now.” But don’t expect the country music singers to be going public with their blossoming new relationship anytime soon. The source added that they are “trying to keep things quiet for now.”

It looks like there might be a new country music power couple in the works. Cheating allegations were flying left and right during Blake and Miranda’s messy high-profile divorce. At this point, it is anyone’s guess which one of the singers was actually unfaithful – general consensus among fans is that both Miranda and Blake had affairs at one point or another throughout their marriage. Regardless, it doesn’t look like they will be reuniting any time soon. But, maybe once Blake gets wind of Miranda’s new fling with Sam Hunt – it will inspire him to try to patch things up with his ex.

Do you guys think that Miranda and Sam Hunt make a cute couple? Or is he just a rebound? How will Miranda’s new fling effect Blake Shelton, or could he care less? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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10 responses to “Miranda Lambert, Sam Hunt Date Secretly Two Months After Blake Shelton Divorce Scandal – New Country Music Power Couple?”

  1. […] Celeb Dirty Laundry, citing OK! magazine, claims Miranda Lambert and Sam Hunt are dating. According to a source, “Spending time with Sam has been a huge lift for Miranda. He makes her feel sexy.” […]

  2. Jay says:

    Yeah, this is about as true as $40 bill. Hell, that’s why none of the other garbage tabloids are reporting this. That didn’t stop Wendy Williams from putting it on her hot topics though. How are they spending any time together when the two of them are on tour?

  3. […] the most eligible bachelors in country music. Celeb Dirty Laundry is sharing that the sources say Miranda is now dating Sam Hunt and the two have been an item for a couple of months. Sam and Miranda are working together a lot […]

  4. Lula Fortune says:

    What are you babbling about? They’re both doing the jamboree with Kenny Chesney how is that rumour?

  5. Beverly Parrott says:

    Well considering hes seeing gwen staging however she spells her name on voice both got a divorce. Each to his own. Fair game not married anymore to each other.

    • P-Applecakes says:

      Yes, he is seeing Gwen…. at work! I wish people would understand that just because the trash
      rags print it, doesn’t make it true. Most stories
      have even been proven false down the road.
      I do agree with you, as in, not married anymore!

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  7. mlynn says:

    Juanita Walker, why so defensive over a rumor? Just because Miranda got divorced, she is a psycho? Have you ever listen to people who hang out with her (both male and females)? Miranda is a very down to earth, very kind person. All the guys that went on tour with her have nothing to say but respect. Please, if you can’t differentiate what’s real and what’s rumor and can’t handle your temper over rumors, don’t show your real self in writing, not all readers are dumb like yourself.

  8. […] official a few months – but Miranda is not losing any sleep over her ex-husband and is dating Sam Hunt according to reports. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite – Lambert seems to be doing better than ever. […]

  9. […] thing is for sure, Miranda is not going to have any trouble securing a good rebound. Juggling this many guys isn’t exactly helping Miranda’s case and convincing the world that she […]