Miranda Lambert Weight Gain Causing Blake Shelton Divorce?

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain Causing Blake Shelton Divorce?

Miranda Lambert has allegedly gained so much weight that her marriage to Blake Shelton is once again on the rocks and a divorce is in the offing. So what else is new in Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton land? According to a new report from the erstwhile National Enquirer, Miranda Lambert has gone backward in her weight loss and stopped dieting, which has once again caused Blake to develop a wandering eye.

In fact, the Enquirer’s source explains, “Miranda has thrown in the towel on dieting, and that has Blake feeling like she’s just letting herself go. He wants her slim and fit — not pudgy and porking out!”

Apparently, Miranda has started binge eating and not caring what anyone says or thinks, and it’s ‘horrified’ Blake Shelton to no end. I mean, it can’t be a coincidence that the divorce rumors died down just as Miranda lost all that weight, even though there were reports that the drastic weight loss was due to surgery. Even then, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert definitely seemed happier at that point, and they also seemed like they were actively working at their marriage. But alas, things have apparently changed for the worse [again], which means that the divorce rumors will start next.

Last year, the bulk of the divorce rumors centered around Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert fighting over Blake’s drinking, but it seems the 2015 trend will be centered around Miranda’s weight gain.

What do you guys think? Are Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert going to get a divorce over Miranda’s weight gain, or is Blake going to stick around despite the weight gain? Or is the whole thing far too insensitive, especially with Miranda’s past struggles with weight loss and weight gain? I mean, Blake Shelton might be a cheater, but I don’t think anyone thinks that he’s a horrible person.

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