Mob Wives Recap – Two Rats In A Cage: Season 5 Episode 5 “Digging Up Dirt”

Mob Wives Recap - Two Rats In A Cage: Season 5 Episode 5 "Digging Up Dirt"

Tonight on VH1 their docu-soap series Mob Wives continues with an all new Wednesday January 14, season 5 episode 5 called “Digging Up Dirt,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode a betrayal impacts Renee. Meanwhile, Philadelphian Nat D. is introduced to the Staten Island circle, and Ang receives shocking news.

On the last episode Natalie moved to New York and went deeper into the Staten Island circle. Meanwhile, Renee tried to rebuild her relationships with the crew, yet alliances may have been broken when Drita discovered information about Natalie. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Renee begins to spiral after hearing of her ex-husband’s betrayal; Drita introduces Nat D.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of VH1′s Mob Wives season 5 episode 5 at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of Mob Wives tonight.

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At Renee’s house, Karen shows up to see her. Renee is reading Google alerts and Karen brings her newspapers that Junior added people to the list of people to rat on. She says she’s sick that he’s ratting on more and more people. Karen agrees and says you either wind up in jail or dead with that lifestyle. Renee says her son lost out because of his rat f-ing father and doesn’t think they should have to pay for his sins. She talks about loyalty and says Adrian is her top priority.

She says Junior ruined her life and she’s tired of hearing it. She says he’s AJ’s father and that no one needs to say anything since everyone knows about it. Renee tears up the newspapers and says she doesn’t want to talk about Junior anymore. Big Ang is with Drita and they head to Natalie’s new apartment to confront her about being a cop caller. They knock on the door and Natalie greets them warmly and shows them her new place.

Ang isn’t really interested in the tour – she just wants the truth. Ang says a GF of hers wore a wire and put her away so she doesn’t want a rat around her. Drita tells her about a model at the shoot that talked about her. Natalie says she’s getting a bad vibe. Drita says she told her that she’s a rat and she says it’s just South Philly bullshit. Ang says she’s not with rats. Drita says she won’t ever defend a rat and will hurt them. Drita says she told her that she called the guy’s parole officer.

Natalie says she did call the cops but it goes deeper. She says she was in a toxic relationship and things got violent and she had to call the cops to protect herself. She says she doesn’t like to talk about it and is annoyed that she’s being interrogated. She says the other Natalie is a Philly bum, a dirty trash bag. Natalie says that’s personal and you don’t talk about it over dinner. Ang says if it’s true that she was protecting herself, that’s a different story.

Drita says that’s the only excuse to call 911. Drita says personally, she would shoot the guy and he would call 911 for help because he’s bleeding. Natalie says she’s going to find out who this is and talk to her to her face. Drita says this whole thing is getting on her f-ing nerves. Natalie says she’s going to investigate this bitch and take her down. Karen goes to meet Storm – she hasn’t talked to him since their blow up over him breaking the girl to their place.

She says she wants to hear what he has to say but is ready to walk away. He compliments her dress. She says she does miss him and she can tell that he really cares about her. He says he should have handled the situation differently and says he was a jerk that didn’t understand her position. He says she never has to worry about anything like that ever happening. She says she accepts his apology but trust is really important. He says there are always bumps in the road but she says it’s a f-ing pothole.

She says they have too much invested in their relationship to argue over some bum bitch. She says she’ll never know 100% what it was, but she’s going to let it go. She says if she catches him cheating, they’re done. He says he doesn’t want to argue with her because he can’t win. She says if she catches him with a woman again, she’s going Lorena Bobbit on his ass. Natalie DiDonata is the South Philly chick. She’s at the gym and talks about how tough South Philly is.

She talks about all the things she’s been accused of doing illegally. Ronnie, her BF shows up to the gym and asks why she’s not taking his call. She says they’re off and on but always have each others back. He tells her that Natalie called him – the other Natalie. He says she asked him to come to New York to do some work for him. Natalie D says Natalie has a reputation in Philly as a scumbag whore. Then he says she told him that she was telling everyone that she’s a rat.

Ronnie says Natalie asked him for dirt on her. Natalie D curses and says she’s sending her a 20 pound block of cheese for Xmas since she’s a rat. Natalie D says she’s putrid scum from under a dirty bitch’s toenail in the summer. She says she’s delusional and she’s going after her. Renee goes to see a doctor about her stress. She says Ang called her to tell her about all the Natalie rat drama. She tells her doctor she’s stressed and isn’t sleeping.

She says she has a lot of stressful people around her. She says she doesn’t want pills after her drug abuse issues. She says Junior is one of the main reasons she self-medicates and relapses. She says she wants to stay clean and sober but needs help. He says she needs some IV nutrition therapy and says it’s very relaxing. They set her up and tell her it will last for 30 minutes. She’s relaxing and then after 10 minutes she gets a text saying her son is in an accident and can’t move.

She says AJ is her whole world and asks them to take the IV out so she can go. She calls AJ’s phone and gets no answer. She finally gets Monica on the phone and she says he’s in pain, can’t walk and they called an ambulance. Renee is in full freak out mode. She gets John, AJ’s friend, on the phone and he says the ambulance is there. He says they’re at the basketball court. She makes it there and sees him on the stretcher. She runs over and says it’s a mother’s nightmare.

Drita heads to the market and talks about the BS with her husband expecting her to put dinner on the table. She calls Lee and he tells her to get everything. He complains they have nothing in the house and then rattles off a list. She says meatball and pasta is his happy place and hers is in Turks and Caicos with her feet up. Antoine calls Drita and says he’s trying to get through fashion week. He asks her to come to the party for the magazine when she worked at the photo shoot.

He tells her she can invite friends and says some of the models, including Natalie D, will be there. Drita says getting invited there is big for Lady Boss but she says she can’t invite Natalie because it will turn into a brawl. She tells Antoine she’ll be there. At Karen’s, she’s cleaning up when Ang shows up. She says she’s still decorating and Ang says it’s very nice. Karen says she invited she and Renee over to talk about AJ’s surgery since Renee is so stressed. Renee shows up.

Ang asks what happened to AJ. Renee says this is one more thing and she’s not dealing well. She tells them about the IV therapy then getting the text about AJ. She says he tore his Achilles tendon. Renee says she can’t take anymore and starts crying. She says she’s so stressed with the girls and everything. Renee tells Ang she loves her but says it hurts her when she defends someone that hurt her. Ang says she’s going straight from AJ to Natalie and asks what that has to do with anything.

Ang says what’s stressful for her is she has a relative facing life in prison because of Renee’s ex-husband. Ang is stressed about the sentencing and says it’s awkward that they’re in the middle of it. Karen says Renee could relapse and Natalie could be the cause. Renee tells Ang that when Natalie turns on her, she’s going to tell everyone her business. Renee says when Natalie told everyone she was doing drugs last year, she knew because Natalie was doing drugs with her.

Ang tells Renee this is her fight. Renee just wants to warn Ang. Karen tells Renee she needs to stop stressing and Ang tells her to focus on AJ. Renee says Natalie is evil and Ang better hope she has nothing on her.

In Queens, at Natalie’s place, she’s having a housewarming party. London gives her a big hug and she invited all the Philly people up to see it. She says she loves partying with all her Philly friends and says they get loud and she hopes the neighbors don’t call the cops. Elexis gives Natalie a folder with Natalie D’s criminal records. She says if someone f-s with you in South Philly, you go after them. Elexis shows her some stuff about all the people Natalie D had restraining orders put on.

Natalie says supposedly she’s a cop-caller when Natalie D is a stank bitch and says she’s ready to air her dirty laundry. They agree to look through it after the party. In Brooklyn, at the courthouse, Ang shows up for her cousin Ronnie’s sentencing over the fatal robbery. Junior is also on trial for this but he flipped and ratted on everyone. Ang says she hopes Ronnie doesn’t get a life sentence since he has a wife and a family. Renee goes to see her shrink to talk about all her stress.

She talks about Junior and his ratting. She then says AJ has been through enough trauma and says her ex put her father and uncle in jail and others too and that no one will talk to her. She wonders if Ang will stop talking to her if Ronnie is sent away for good. Renee says she’s been in the is lifestyle her whole life but hasn’t dealt with anything like this. She needs help coping and says she can’t trust anybody.

At the courthouse, Ang says she’s shocked with the sentence. She calls Drita and tells her it’s the worst thing ever and all because of Junior’s testimony. She says he got 38 years. He’s 46 now so he’ll die in prison. Drita says that’s a life sentence. She says she can’t believe Junior gets to walk and Ang says she wonders what Renee is going to say about this. Ang says she can’t talk about this because the whole thing is making her sick.

At Ang’s house, she’s getting ready for Drita’s party. She says she hopes Renee acts better tonight. She’s in the car with Drita and says she can’t wait to see her makeup job. She tells her Natalie D from Philly is going to be there. She says Renee is going to like this girl since they both hate Natalie. Drita says this party is about the success of Lady Boss, not everyone’s f-ing drama. They show up and greet Antoine. Drita says she hopes to get a lot more work out of this.

She points out Natalie D in one of the enlarged photos from the shoot. She says she’s proud to show the girls her work and what she does. Karen and Renee show up and Renee says she’s there to have fun and support Drita. Natalie D comes over and Drita introduces her to the girls. Karen makes a crack about how she got a bad taste in her mouth about Philly because Natalie wanted to call the cops on her. Natalie D says that’s what she’s known for. Renee is happy about this, Ang doesn’t like it.

Renee says she and Natalie used to get high together and then she told everyone about her drug problem once Renee tried to clean up. Renee says she has Natalie’s DNA is on the dollar bill. Ang asks if she’s an f-ing CSI. Renee wants to know if Ang is going to defend Rat-alie over her. Renee says she’s not telling cops about Natalie doing drugs and then goes off on Ang after she tells Renee she married an f-ing rat. Renee stands up and it gets cray.

Renee says it’s not fair she called her a rat over her ex-husband. They scream at each other and the girls try to get them apart. They are both ready to throw down. Karen says she’s never seen this side of Ang and says she’s turned into Godzilla.