Mob Wives Recap – “The Anti-Social Network” Season 5 Episode 7

Mob Wives Recap - "The Anti-Social Network" Season 5 Episode 7

Tonight on VH1 their docu-soap series Mob Wives continues with an all new Wednesday January 28, season 5 episode 7 called “The Anti-Social Network,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode a social-media war rages as two women’s hatred toward Natalie continues to grow.

On the last episode Karen tried to mediate between Renee and Ang after their brawl at Drita’s party. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “a social-media war rages as two women’s hatred toward Natalie continues to grow. Meanwhile, tensions reach the breaking point when Ang arranges a meeting with everyone.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of VH1′s Mob Wives season 5 episode 7 at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of Mob Wives tonight.

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At Lady Boss, Drita is packing for a calendar shoot she’s doing. She says it will help expand her business. She says all the stuff she sells will be part of it. Karen comes in and she tells her that she’s doing a Lady Boss calendar and it’s Old Hollywood meets the mob. They start talking about playing poker with Karen’s grandma and her robbing them. Karen tells Drita she’s going to hold a poker night and include Natalie D in the group.

Drita says Karen likes Natalie D since they hate Natalie. Big Ang is out walking her dogs and meets the other Natalie. She says she met with Renee on the boat and worked things out. She says after all this Karen comes bugging out about what she did on social media and tweeting about Karen’s daughter and what kind of mother she is. Natalie says f- her and says Karen hacked her mom’s Facebook page and stole a picture of her as a kid and posted it saying she was bullied for being ugly as a kid.

Then Natalie says she posted that Karen was a terrible mother for doing that. Natalie says Karen just won’t stop her shit and then cries like a little bitch. Ang says families are off limits but Natalie says f- Karen. Ang comes home and says her home doesn’t look like it’s ready. Neil, her husband, says the inside is fine. She says she won’t ever do this again and he says it’s the sixth time she said that.

She says it’s a dump but he says it’s liveable. She says they need it finished. She says she left her other house and says her husband is a procrastinating lazy bastard. She says AJ is home from Rikers and she wants the house ready. She says she doesn’t want AJ living street life anymore. Neil says he’s a fool if he f-s up again.

She says all the money she spent on the house will be worth if they’re all together again. She tells him to stay and fix the house and says she’s going back to her sister’s. Natalie is out with London and they’re buying booze for their relaxing day. He asks if she likes living with him in Queens. She says she says all the back and forth is killing her. She says it’s hard with Nunzio and wants him comfortable.

He says maybe next year they can bring Nunzio to New York but Natalie says the schools aren’t good and they don’t have the money for private school. She says he has no kids so he can’t wrap his mind around the responsibilities. She says she met with Ang and that Karen was talking about the social media stuff. Natalie says Karen has nothing going on her little life and that’s her problem.

Natalie says Karen is the one that started with her and told Ang to bring her to Karen. London says it’s a good idea. London says if Renee would apologize, would she accept it and move on. Natalie says she would. She says Karen is a rat and there’s no reasoning with a rat. London asks her to just talk it out and put an end to this.

At Karen’s house, it’s poker night. Renee is there, then Drita. Karen says she grew up in a gambling house where they gambled to see who did chores. Karen talks about her dad’s club Tally’s. Ang shows up looking sassy. Natalie D shows up to play cards too. Ang says she used to make a lot of money playing card games back in the days.

Ang says she doesn’t know Nat D that well but likes her better now that she’s winning all her money. Drita asks if Ang will help her pick some models for the calendar. She asks for June and Drita agrees to make her Miss June. Karen starts up again about Natalie and the social media. Renee calls Ang over and says they’re talking about Ratalie.

Ang says according to Natalie, Karen hacked Natalie’s mom’s Facebook page and took a photo of her as a child and was making ugly comments with it. Nat D says she provided the photo and it was from their yearbook. Renee says Ang must be stupid to believe Natalie. Karen says she was calling her a deadbeat mom and her daughter even tweeted her back telling her to leave them out of her mouth.

Drita is shooting her Lady Boss calendar and is excited. She says it’s going to be fun. Big Ang shows up to the shoot. She asks if she’s excited to model and she says she wants her to be Casino Sharon Stone. She comes out and looks great. She’s in a low cut black number wit her great boobs out and a pink fur coat. Drita says Ang looked amazing and then Ang says Natalie has a real issue on her hands.

Drita says Natalie will rip on anything. Ang says if Natalie would stay off social media, everything would calm down. At Karen’s, she’s getting ready for her big sit down with Natalie. She says by the end of the day, Natalie will either respect or fear her. Ang says the two of them need to calm down and listen to each other. Natalie says what she said about Karen was what everyone else is too scared to say.

She says Karen is a wannabe gangster. She wants to see if Karen will say to her face what she’s saying on social media. Renee says Natalie always brings the drama. She says they need to deal with it head on. Drita says she hates fighting on the computer and says she doesn’t get that. She says fights are supposed to be face to face.

Ang and Renee are there and Renee says she thinks it’s pointless like it was between her and Natalie. Ang asks if she thinks they can resolve it and Renee says that would be remarkable unless Renee comes humble. Drita says they’re going to see who can really fight in person instead of on social media. She shows up and Ang says Natalie went too far and it’s affecting all of them now.

Drita says Natalie should not have talked about Karen that way and says that’s why violence is the answer for someone who won’t shut the f- up. Drita says she thinks this is going to get ugly and says maybe Natalie wants to fight Karen and that’s why she’s calling her out. Renee says no good can come from this. Ang says maybe if the social media would stop, it’d be okay but Renee says no.

Karen says if Natalie doesn’t stop disrespecting her family, she’s going to learn better. Karen asks where she is. Natalie is on the way. Renee says Ang asks if this can be fixed. Karen says she has nothing for her. Renee says Natalie is cancer stage four and they need to cut the bitch out. Karen says she’s on social media calling her ex a husband a rat and a killer so her daughter can see her talking about her dad.

Natalie gets there. She says she’s only there for Drita and Ang and expects nothing from this rat bitch. She sits and takes off her coat and she’s in a dress that’s almost tits out. Renee says she looks like a hooker when they’re coming for a sit down. Ang says they’re talking about all the attacks on social media. Karen asks who she is to call her a deadbeat mother.

Natalie says Karen is tweeting all the time and talking shit. She says Karen tweeted a childhood photo she got from her mom’s page. Drita says the photo came from Nat D. Karen says Natalie came at her first and says she’s always calling her Miss Piggy and fat. Natalie says she’s attacked her and came at her. Drita asks how this ends. She tells Natalie she goes below the belt and Karen hasn’t been on there.

Karen asks again about her saying she was a deadbeat mom. Natalie says lines got crossed because boyfriends got involved. Karen says nothing is getting through to her. Karen snaps and Natalie tells her to come at her. She does and it’s a hair pulling brawl. You have to wonder if Natalie has taped her boobs into that dress. If not, it may turn into a peep show. Somebody’s weave is going to get yanked out!

Renee tells Natalie she’s out of control. Those two are hair pulling. Karen flipped the table, she launches herself at her and Karen says she’s going to bald this bitch. Producers jump in and try to break it up. Drita is in it too and they get her out of it. Karen won’t let go of her hair. Renee thinks security saved Natalie. They’re holding Karen down til she calms down.

They finally let her up and she and Natalie both look rough. Natalie goes for a glass and they carry her off. Drita says she doesn’t think Karen was prepared for Natalie. Karen says she wants to rip her apart. Karen is trying to get to her and tells the producers and security they have to let her fight. Drita says fights end when someone is too jacked up to fight. Natalie says Karen picked the wrong person because she’s the kind that won’t stop fighting.