Mr. Robot Recap 8/5/15: Season 1 Episode 7 “v1ew-s0urce.flv”

Mr. Robot Recap 8/5/15: Season 1 Episode 7 "v1ew-s0urce.flv"

Mr. Robot returns to the USA network tonight with an all new Wednesday August 5, season 1 episode 7 called, “eps1.6_v1ew-s0urce.flv.” We’ve got your recap down below! On this evening’s episode, Elliott [Rami Malek] goes missing.

On the last episode, Elliot attempted to hack Vera out of jail in order to save someone he cared about; Tyrell’s “game” gets crazy; and Angela dug deeper into her mother’s death. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “Elliott goes missing; Mr. Robot tries to pull fsociety back together; Angela goes head-to-head with an old nemesis.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Mr. Robot” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for another episode of Mr. Robot tonight.

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#MrRobot starts with Elliot coming home to his apartment building. He sees someone is moving into the other apartment. He goes into his place and cuts up some morphine. He hears a girl cursing then she beats on his door and says she’s bleeding and saw him so she knows he’s there. He opens and finds a girl who asks for a glass of water. She has a betta fish that needed water and says her six year old niece gave it to her. She looks at his place and says he has a nice set up then sits down. She asks if he can help her move a dresser. Looks like it’s a flashback to when Shayla first moved in across the hall.

He says he would buy morphine from her if she can also get suboxone. She says her supplier doesn’t have subox. She talks about music and he says he hates concerts because of all the people. He says he doesn’t like most people. Shayla says if he liked one person it might be an aberration. He says he guesses so and she says challenge accepted. He says he wishes they already knew each other so this would be less awkward. She asks if it feels that way, he says yeah, she says she wishes that too.

She says she’s late and goes to leave but introduces herself as Shayla before she takes off. She says she knows of a guy who sells suboxone but he’s supposed to be a psychopath. She offers to call the guy and tells him to keep the fish. It’s a month after her death now and Elliotis at therapy. He looks at a cord plugged into an outlet as the therapist talks. He says he doesn’t like the idea of Shayla being a blip in his life who has gone and that she died because of him.

His therapist Krista has given him forms to sign to be released from his court ordered therapy. She says she worries and wants him to keep coming and says she thinks he could do this right. He thinks about how much time he has spent not listening to her. He signs the forms. On the way out, he says she should clean her sockets. Angela is with the lawyer Antara and is trying to get a meeting with Colby, her and Angela and says Angela has evidence that can help him.

The other lawyer, Seth, wants to know what she has and Antara tells Seth she knows him and has worked with her for 20 years and says she has the only glimmer of hope Colby has. Elliot comes to see his boss and says he appreciates his commitment to the job but says he thinks Elliot needs time off but he insists he’s good and then he tells Elliot that he’s sorry Shayla was taken away and says not to let her death close him off entirely and says to find someone he can be his honest self with.

Elliot talks about how he got into web design and would rip off sites he liked. He talks about hacking the code. He says what if we had view source for people then we see people around Allsafe with signs on them like I hate sex, I’m empty inside, I steal. He thinks he honesty thing is BS but tells his boss it’s good advice and thanks him. Mr Robot reads from a newspaper about how fSociety doesn’t have the resources to mount an attack. He tells Darlene she has to get the Dark Army back.

She says she’s been trying to hack Cisco and has been using his handle to try and make contact. Mr Robot says they need to talk to Whiterose directly. Darlene says if he does exist, he won’t meet face to face. She says the tape backups shipped so they still need a way around that. He says he has a plan in motion and she says god is laughing. Elliot saves his Shayla files to disc and labels them The Cure Disintegration. He takes apart his computer to wipe it again. He microwaves the RAM chips.

Tyrell is bored in a meeting while some other douche executives talk. Jeremy and Dwight start talking about how there are some gay executives and some execs are turning cock jockey. He abruptly fires Jeremy who just laughs and thinks he’s joking. Tyrell tells all three of them are fired and will get minimum severance packages. They ask Tyrell what they did wrong and he says nothing. Angela bursts into Antara’s office.

She tells Angela that Colby’s lawyers called and want a promise of immunity before the meeting which she just obtained. She says Colby agreed but Angela has to go in and talk to him alone. Antara says she made a ballsy move but says she’s in a dangerous situation and asks Angela if she’s sure she wants to do this. Mr Robot sits and smokes waiting for Romero who tells him he’s got too much going on to get back involved with him. He says their last project came to nothing.

Mr Robot says he’s pissing him off and Romero gets in his face. Mr Robot reminds him that he’s crazy and not the cute kind then he breaks some stuff and grabs Romero’s gun. He puts in his face and says he loves him and just wants him to come back to the arcade and change the world with him. He says bam and startles him. He breaks some more stuff and Romero calls him a lunatic. Mr Robot reminds him what he told him he would do to him if they didn’t finish this.

Angela goes to Colby’s house and he comes in and says let’s get started. He asks how much she wants and tells her to write a number. He says she can ask anything she wants but says money will be better than what she wants to know. She asks if he was at the 1993 executive board meetings. She asks if he was in the room when they made Washington Township decisions. She says she can help him if he answers her questions. He denies knowledge.

She says if he testifies against Evil Corp for the Township case, she will testify that she broke chain of custody with the dat file. He says he remembers her now. He says he’ll answer the question but says he’s going to pull down his pants and he wants her to swallow his big hairy balls. He says once they’re both in her mouth he wants her to repeat her question then he’ll answer. She doesn’t say anything. He pulls on his suit jacket and she says if he doesn’t take the deal, he’ll become like her.

She says maybe he’ll live in this house and have money but they will all still think he’s guilty. She sighs and says losing everyone’s respect, of people he knows and doesn’t know, is a shitty feeling. She says to trust her on that. She stands to leave. She leaves. Elliot takes Flipper to the vet and the vet asks if she’s microchipped. She says it’s all good then asks if the dog has eaten trash before. She says the piece should pass on its own but she may puke all over. She recommends crating the dog til it’s over.

Angela gets a call from Antara who says Colby’s lawyers called and he wants to talk. She tells her to go back to his house. Darlene finds Cisco in the park and he asks how long and she says a couple of weeks. He asks how she had the nerve to use his ID to ask for Whiterose. She asks if he responded. She says no one has to know. Cisco chews her out for using his handle and says they are so done and he doesn’t want to see her again. He says the meeting is on so she got what she wants.

Angela goes back to talk to Colby who tells her his lawyers are looking over the paperwork. He says he wants to make sure she can pull off her testimony. She says she won’t trip up. Colby asks what’s in this for her since she hates him. She says she asked about the meeting and he never answered. Colby says if he agrees to testify, he attended several meetings. She asks about them deciding to ignore the leak. She asks what that meeting was like.

He says he gets it and she wants to know did they laugh and smoke cigars. Colby says the world doesn’t work like that and she asks how it works. Colby says it was January 93 and his secretary was Elaine and they had shrimp cocktail in the meeting. Jim opened the bar and started drinking Scotch. He says it was raining that day. She says he was drunk, eating shrimp and it was raining when he decided her mother would die.

Colby kind of hangs his head and she says – that’s why, so people like him won’t keep sitting in rooms together. She asks if any of it ever gave him pause when he made these decisions. He says yeah but then you go home and have dinner and you wake up the next day. We see Scott getting his big intro as CTO. Tyrell glares and Joanna tells him to be steady. Sharon, Scott’s wife, approaches Tyrell at the bar and asks if he’s still mad and says she senses defeat.

She walks away and he follows. He says he considers himself reprimanded and she says she can’t believe he gave up and says he was nothing more than a bold entrance. He tells her to meet him tonight and then says come to his office now. She says fine and he says the roof and to take the back stairwell and says the cameras have been out since March. She walks away. Angela tells Gideon that she’s going to testify for Colby.

He says the company will go under and that she didn’t break chain of custody. He says if she does this, all these people will go down and their families that rely on their jobs from Allsafe. Tyrell is on the roof staring at the skyline. Sharon comes out and asks if this is where the rabbit hole leads and says she didn’t think he would show up. He says he expected her to be a tattle tale. She says she came to see if he’s that gullible. She says her husband is getting the job he wants and he’s being gullible.

Tyrell says she needs this and she’s dissatisfied, She says Scott will fire him and he’s desperate. He grabs her and kisses her roughly. He pushes her down and kisses her then chokes her. She struggles. They struggle. He keeps choking and she kicks her legs trying to get away. Then the struggle stops as she goes limp. He gets off of her and then covers his mouth with his hands. He starts freaking out. He gets his handkerchief out and wipes his DNA off her mouth. He leaves her there.

There is an Evil Corp commercial that Mr Robot interrupts and says people realize there is no freedom of choice with them in existence. He says to meet their demands or face destruction. Darlene tells Trenton the plan is back on and they’re meeting with Whiterose. Darlene says they need the group back together. Trenton asks which part of the scheme motivates her. She says Darlene just wants momentary anarchy. She says Romero wants fame. Trenton says those reasons depress her.

Darlene asks what she wants and Trenton says she doesn’t care then says her parents were born in Iran but came here for freedom. She says her parents slaved and her mom ran up loans to get an online degree. She says they will die in debt doing things they never wanted to do – being American. Darlene says they landed together out of billions of people on earth that they could never do alone. She says they have this for the taking and need each other to see it through.

Cisco approaches Ollie who says he’ll call the cops but Cisco says he needs him to do something for him. Ollie says to call Angela but Cisco threatens him and he shuts up and listens. Elliot waits at Krista’s office and says he’s there for his appointment. She’s surprised and says she can fit him in now. He sits and says she told him to tell the truth. He asks if everything he says will be protected and confidential. He says he’s been lying to her and says he doesn’t take his pills and she doesn’t either.

He says her Ativan refill frequency doesn’t match her dosage. He says this morning she bought a hazelnut latte then texted her sister. He says she’s not good with money and says she’s encouraging Marilyn, a patient, to leave her husband because she’s tired of being dumped. He says she likes anal porn and told her BF Jennifer she wishes her mom would die. He says he watches her crying on her web cam. He says he cries too and says she’s lonely. He says he hacks everyone.

He says friends, coworkers, everyone gets hacked by him. He says he’s also helped a lot of people and says he wants a way out of loneliness just like her. She sits in stunned silence. He asks if that’s what she wanted to hear. Krista just stares.