My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Recap 3/12/15: Season 4 Episode 3 “From Jail to Wedding Veil”

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Recap 3/12/15: Season 4 Episode 3 "From Jail to Wedding Veil"

Tonight on TLC My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding airs with an all new Thursday, February March 12 season 4 episode 3 called, “From Jail to Wedding Veil,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a mother lays down the law by arranging a marriage to tame her 16-year-old daughter’s wild ways; a family’s traditions are tested by the birth of a Romanichal baby.

On the last episode, Nettie’s son was getting married, but was wary of asking his sister Dallas to be in the wedding, since her wild behavior could ruin the occasion. Meanwhile, a Romany teen hosted a family affair that could result in a marriage proposal. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the TLC synopsis “a strict Gypsy mom lays down the law by arranging a marriage in an attempt to tame her 16 year-old daughter’s wild ways. Later the arrival of a Romanichal baby sparks a family war over ancient gypsy traditions.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be an interesting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of TLC′s My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Season 4 episode 3  at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season tonight.

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On #GypsyWedding, in Louisville, KY, 22 year old Romanichal gypsy Kayla is about to have her first child – a girl named Harmony. Nine months ago she married her non-gypsy husband Evan in a double wedding with her sister. He’s a Gorger and the family is compromising on values and using some ways from each culture. She’s planning a huge gypsy baptism. Sondra Celli is tasked with making Harmony’s baptism dress and wants it to be a mini version of her wedding gown.

Sondra says gypsy baptisms usually have really big dresses. They are blinging out a dress and even the pacifier. Kayla says they’re naming their daughter Harmony to try and encourage peace. Her mom Sandy was angry that she married a Gorger. Sandy has since accepted the marriage but is now pushing on her to bring up her daughter in a traditional gypsy way while Kayla wants to raise her according to modern customs.

Sandy is pushing this on Kayla and says she’s bringing hay into the hospital to lay the baby on it. Kayla says that’s not happening. Traditionally women gave birth on hay instead of in gypsy caravans for luck. Kayla says you can’t bring that into a hospital because it’s not sanitary. Sandy cries and says she’s worried her gypsy ways will be lost.

Over in Maryland, there’s another strict gypsy mom Crystal. She says her kids are the best things in her life and she would die for them. She says the boys can go do whatever but the girls are strictly controlled. Her eldest daughter Chelsey likes to break the rules. She’s 16 and Romanichal. She says her mom is trying to force her to get married to get her under control.

In Maryland, you can marry legally at 16 with parental consent. Crystal says her parents lined up a husband and you have babies and that’s it. She says Chelsey is going to get married and settle her ass down. She tells Chelsey to get dressed to meet her suitor. Crystal says she’s found a 3rd cousin for her to marry. The says the Romany cousin is the best option because they know and trust them.

Chelsey says gypsies shouldn’t marry cousins even though that’s the culture. Her intended is her 3rd cousin Tony who is 23. He says he’s honored that Crystal asked him and says the arranged marriage is a centuries old tradition that’s important to keep alive. Crystal tells Chelsey to come on so they can go meet Tony. She hasn’t seen her cousin in years. She is taking them on a date to meet each other.

Chelsey is nervous and a little angry at her mom. She says she should get to settle down with who she wants to. Tony is nervous too as he waits for them. They show up and he greets them. Chelsey looks at her phone. Crystal says she thinks they’re a perfect match. She says getting married will settle Chelsey down and thinks Tony is perfect for that. He likes that she’s wild and says he’s level headed.

Tony starts talking wedding venues. He asks about a hotel ballroom. She’s not even talking. Chelsey says she will make things hard and isn’t planning on making them easy. Crystal offers to leave them alone to talk but she says no. The wedding is planned for two weeks away and she won’t see Tony again until then.

Kayla is getting ready for labor and is packing her bag. She says she’s also concerned with her mother who keeps pushing things on her from the Romanichal culture. Sandy goes to buy a bale of hay anyway. Kayla’s water just broke and says she’s hurting. She and Evan leave to go to the hospital. She’s crying and says it hurts and is worried about her mom showing up with hay.

Crystal says Chelsey is not feeling the wedding buzz but she says that’s how it’s going to be. Now Crystal has to order an amazing dress and calls Sondra Celli about the dress. She says she needs something really big and red. She says gypsies loved red. Sondra asks if Chelsey knows anything about this and Crystal says she’s planning everything.

Sondra says Crystal is a helicopter mom and a real gypsy matriarch. She’s worried that Chelsey won’t like the red and says they’ve never made a red wedding dress. Tony is excited and goes to get a zoot suit for his wedding. He says she’s the perfect mix of awesome and crazy and says they’ll fall in love later. Mike, his brother is with him to pick out a suit.

Chelsey is still protesting the marriage and tells Crystal she’s not ready to get married and wants to go out and have fun. Crystal says he will take care of her and says she can’t just go do what she wants. Chelsey says it will be a lot of fun and will have a nice dress. Crystal says she called Sondra Celli to get her dress made.

Chelsey is annoyed that her mom picked her husband and dress. She stomps out of the house and says there will be no wedding. Crystal calls in help to track down Chelsey. Crystal says she’s scared because she can’t find her then she gets new from the cops. Chelsey got arrested and already has a record with the law. Crystal goes to see what’s going on with the police.

A street fight got out of control, the cops were called and Chelsey was arrested. She’s worried that Chelsey is going to go to jail or end up dead and that’s why she wants her married. Chelsey is taken for a night behind bars. Tony goes to get a new haircut before the wedding. He says Chelsey will fall in love with him as soon as she gets to know him.

Crystal waits for Chelsey to be released from jail. Chelsey finally comes home and Crystal asks what happened. Crystal says she doesn’t want this life for her. Chelsey says she can’t handle her mom making all these decisions for her. Crystal says she should have had some say in the dress but only wants the best for her. Crystal says she needs to settle down and get married so she doesn’t ruin her life.

Crystal says once she’s married she’ll respect her as a woman and a life. Chelsey says maybe the marriage could help settle her down and change her. Crystal asks if she’ll go with her tomorrow to see the dress. Chelsey agrees.

In Louisville, Kayla is in labor and says it hurts so bad. Sandy shows up with her hay and her other daughter Kandace says they’re not going to let her bring it inside. They argue and Kandace says she’s going to piss Kayla off. Sandy says the baby will live the Romanichal way. Kayla has her last push and out comes baby Harmony. Kayla says she’s her perfect little gypsy girl. Evan says Harmony is an angel.

Crystal and Chelsea are ready to go see the dress that Sondra is making. She says she hopes Chelsey is excited. Sondra puts a blindfold on her and brings her in. Chelsey says the dress is the most important part. They take off the blindfold and show her the dress. Crystal is thrilled. Chelsey says she almost cried because she just loved it. She says it’s the best wedding dress she’s ever seen.

Sondra says it’s one of the best dresses they’ve ever made. Chelsey tries it on and says her mom and Sondra did a good job. She says the wedding might not be so bad with this dress on. The veil is red too. Sondra says Crystal and Chelsey both seem happy so she’s happy about it.

Kayla and Harmony are home and she’s snapping photos of her daughter on her wedding dress. Tomorrow is her baptism and she’ll get her first gypsy gown. Sandy is upset that Kayla won’t let her see the baby. She goes to Kayla’s and pounds on the window and says she wants to see the baby and then demands to come to the baptism. Kayla says she won’t ever see her baby ever. Kayla says the whole hay thing has pissed her off so she’s banned her. Sandy says she won’t have her raised a Gorger.

Kayla gets the delivery of Harmony’s Sondra Celli dress. She’s over the moon and says it looks just like her wedding dress. There are also little blingy shoes, a baby bottle, passy and a headpiece. They load the baby into the huge gown. Kayla says it will be the best gypsy baptism ever. They climb into a carriage and she says this is true Romanichal style as they ride to the church.

Kayla says baptizing her so early was a nod to her mom but she’s still mad at her mom and doesn’t want a repeat of the hospital. Only a handful of friends are invited to the event. Then Sandy shows up and says to hold up. She says she wanted to make sure the gypsy culture lives on. She asks if it’s the gypsy way and Kayla asks doesn’t it look like it.

Sandy looks and is satisfied. She says seeing Harmony for the first time gave her cold chills. She says it was amazing and she couldn’t have asked for something better. Kayla tells her to sit down and be normal and she can stay. The minister baptizes the baby and tells them go in peace. Sandy applauds and says she’s a little Romanichal girl. Sandy says she can die in peace knowing her daughter will carry on.

Chelsey is getting dressed for her wedding. She says some people make thing arranged marriages are crazy but that’s their culture. Crystal is thrilled and says Chelsey is just her little gypsy baby girl. Tony is getting ready to say I do. Mike asks how he is and Tony says he’s cool. He and Mike get dressed and he say she hopes Chelsey is ready to be his wife.

Now they squeeze Chelsey into her wedding dress and it’s a struggle. They’re trying not to mess up her hair and makeup. Everyone says she looks amazing. The family waits outside chanting her name. They struggle to shove Chelsey up inside the car in that dress and they head for the venue. Chelsey is really nervous and worries she’ll see Tony and have a change in heart.

Tony is waiting at the altar for his 3rd cousin bride to show up. He says he’s a little worried that she won’t show up. The car pulls up and he says his heart started pounding when she stepped out of the car in the amazing dress. The minister asks Tony if he takes her as his wife. She says I do. Then it’s Chelsey’s turn. She has butterflies but decides to say I do. Everyone is relieved.

Chelsey says as soon as she said I do it felt so right. They are pronounced man and wife and he goes to kiss her but she hugs him. Crystal is happy they’re married. Chelsey says it will only get better from here. The party now starts and Chelsey slips into something more comfortable and dances with her new hubby. They cut the cake then the cake smashing starts.

The cake brawl is messy and wild. Chelsey goes wild and starts throwing soda. Crystal doesn’t like her daughter’s behavior. Chelsey says her mom is still trying to control her. They end up arguing. Crystal is disappointed the day ended in a brawl but Tony says it’s the gypsy way. Crystal leaves. Tony says it wasn’t a fairy tale wedding but a gypsy wedding. Chelsey is hurt when her mom leaves.

Tony tells Chelsey she was worrying him but says it’s all good and she says she’ll try. She says she got him and he got her. Tony says they’ll be great for each other. The next day, Crystal asks Chelsey to come over. They swap hugs and Crystal says in the gypsy world you have a fist fight then it’s okay the next day. Chelsey tells her she may have been right about this marriage.