My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Recap 3/5/15: Season 4 Episode 2 “When Bridesmaids Go Bad”

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Recap 3/5/15: Season 4 Episode 2 "When Bridesmaids Go Bad"

Tonight on TLC My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding airs with an all new Thursday March 5 season 4 episode 2 called, “When Bridesmaids Go Bad,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Nettie’s son is getting married, but is wary of asking his sister Dallas to be in the wedding, since her wild behavior could ruin the occasion.

On the last episode, in the Season 4 premiere, a generational clash erupted at a sweet-16 party between and a girl and her grandmother; and a bride wanted to make a statement for the ages with an elaborate wedding dress. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TLC synopsis, “Nettie’s son is getting married, but is wary of asking his sister Dallas to be in the wedding, since her wild behavior could ruin the occasion. Meanwhile, a Romany teen hosts a family affair that could result in a marriage proposal.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be an interesting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of TLC′s My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding season 4 episode 2 at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season tonight.

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On #GypsyWedding, we see Nettie Stanley, gypsy matriarch, who is a mom of nine who is marrying odd her son. But a wild bridesmaid is causing problems. Then a teenage Roma gypsy gets a chance to prove she’s wife material. In West Virginia, we see Nettie talking about marrying off two of her nine kids already. Her eldest son married someone Nettie hates. Then her daughter’s new mother in law is also an issue for her. Now she hopes the third wedding will be the charm.

Nettie’s son Whitey is the groom and says his family is important so he hopes his wife to be Lottie will get along with them. She’s from a traditional family too. He says he loves Lottie and she says Whitey is loving and caring. They met five years ago when he came to work with her dad. He says it was fireworks from the start. Their wedding is in two weeks in a romantic outdoor ceremony at a lake. She is worried about her mom and his sister Dallas who wants to be a bridesmaid.

She asks him to talk to Dallas about making the wedding drama-free. Whitey goes to talk to Dallas and says he wants her in the wedding but no crazy that comes with her. He says Lottie is worried about her at the wedding. She says it’s not about her and that people need to stay out of her business. Dallas used to be a dutiful gypsy then she had two kids out of wedlock. She says her life was over. Then two months ago she left her kids with her mom and went off to party.

Her family wants Dallas back in the fold. She says she doesn’t think she needs to be a bridesmaid but Whitey insists. She agrees to come to the wedding. Dallas doesn’t really care at all what Lottie feels and says she’d rather avoid her family. Lottie calls up Sondra Celli about the sparkly dress she wants. She says she wants a water theme. Nettie is helping Lottie get organized for the wedding. She says she wants each bridesmaid to have their own dress. Nettie says Lottie is like a daughter to her.

They are annoyed that Dallas isn’t there for the planning. Instead, she’s drunk and partying. She says she has a life of her own. Nettie calls Dallas and she asks where the hell she is. Dallas says she’s out partying and hangs up on her mom. Lottie says that’s disrespectful. Lottie says it’s a risk having Dallas in her wedding but she wants to respect Whitey and Nettie’s wishes.

Next is group of Roma gypsies in Atlantic City – the Vlados. They now have a business empire. Gina Vlado never got to go to school but says she learned how to run a family. She’s worried because she’s 18 and not married and says people will think she’s “stuck home” and that no one wants to marry her. She says you only get out when it’s chaperoned. She says the elders get to decide if she marries and the elders decide them at a secret ritual.

Gina says she failed to get noticed at four declaration ceremonies and says she has to prove she’s wife material. Josh Vlado is becoming an elder and says it’s like becoming royalty. He wants to see his niece Gina married and says she’s organizing the party and that will show she can be a good gypsy wife. Or an unmarried gypsy, hosting this is a big deal. She has to prove her domestic skills. She’s worried about messing it up. She wants to impress the elders and another family to welcome her as a bride.

Lottie and the bridesmaids are headed to Boston for the dress fitting and bachelorette party but Dallas is a no show. Whitey and his guys go to look for outfits. Sondra has seashells all over the dress alons with crystals. She’s worried she put to many seashells on it. They pull off Lottie’s mask and she sees the dress and loves it. Looks like something Ariel would wear under the sea. Nettie is thrilled and the dress is short and blue underneath and shows off her legs. The train is huge and covered in shells.

She thanks Sondra. Dallas makes it on another flight to get there for the bachelorette party. The ladies head out to party in Boston before Dallas shows up. Dallas meets up with them as Nettie says she doesn’t want to hear about her. Lottie is shocked to see Dallas show up. Lottie says she missed her dress and says she almost ruined her bachelorette party. She tries to say her flight got canceled. Dallas starts dancing and acting really inappropriate. Lottie curses at her daughter and says she is a dumb bitch.

She says she doesn’t know how to be a mother or a proper Romni wife. Lottie is angry she’s ruining her trip. Nettie takes the girls out dancing. Dallas is totally drunk and is rubbing in herself and pulls her boobs out in display in a worse dress. She’s in a bikini top and Lottie thinks she’s being trashy. Nettie is horrified when men start throwing money at her. She says her kid is acting like a two dollar whore. She tries to put a shirt on Dallas who fights her.

Dallas is out of control and is twerking all over the place then falls on her face. Her boob is hanging out. Lottie worries that people will think this is how gypsies behave. Lottie says she loves Dallas but she can’t take much more of this. Dallas says she has to do this because she’s hot but Nettie says she shouldn’t be showing her body like that. Dallas runs off. Lottie tells Nettie she can’t have Dallas twerking down the aisle. She says Dallas ruined her party and hopes she doesn’t come to the wedding.

In Atlantic City, Gina is working on the party. She’s hoping she can impress the elders so she can get married. She has to dazzle the guests so Uncle Josh got her a Sondra Celli gown to help impress. Gina goes to meet Sondra and she pulls out a beautiful blue dress with lots of sparkle on it. Sondra says Romas like to be a little more demure and gave it a higher back. Gina cries and says it’s beautiful. Sondra is happy that she likes the dress.

It’s the day of the Vlado elder ceremony. Gina gets done up before the event and her Uncle Josh says this is her chance to prove she’ll be a good gypsy wife. Her dress is causing problems on the stairs. She goes to check on everyone and offers drinks. She says in the Roma culture they want the daughters to serve. She rushes to wait on all the men.

The dinner is done and Rob, the boss, says it’s time to announce the new boss. He introduces Josh as the new boss elder. Josh thanks Gina for throwing the party and Rob says she did a great job and hosted a beautiful party. Josh comes to tell Gina to come meet a family that’s interested in her.

Back in West Virginia, Lottie tells Whitey how awful his sister was in Boston. She says she wants their day to be perfect and is really worried about Dallas. Nettie tries to get Dallas under control. She says she’s tried talking to her and tried not talking to her. She says she remember what her grandmother told her years ago. Nettie gathered the family to do a divano intervention. She says it’s the last resort. Lottie says she’s never been to one and never thought she would have to.

They each have to write down reasons why Dallas needs to change. Lottie says she wants Dallas back as a sister in law. Dallas comes to meet Nettie but has no idea about the divano. Mae Mae says it’s time to start. Dallas asks what the f-kis going on. She’s pissed off. Whitey starts and says she needs to think about someone other than herself. Lottie says they used to be really close and she wants her back. Dallas says no one cared when she was there.

Mae Mae says this is from the heart. Nettie tells her to be a proper gypsy girl and be a mom to her kids. Dallas says she doesn’t care. Mae Mae asks if Dallas would come live with her and raise her kids there. Dallas says she wants to do what she wants and Nettie says she can’t come to the wedding. Dallas walks out and says she doesn’t want to ruin the wedding. Lottie tells Whitey she’s not talking to him anymore.

Two days before the wedding, Lottie goes to the rehearsal at the lake. They agree they have to decorate the gazebo. Nettie says she’s going to look like a beautiful water princess. It’s the wedding day at last and everyone is getting ready. Lottie says she’s nervous. Nettie shows up and says if Dallas shows up, there could be a lot of drama. Lottie says she needs the dress from Dallas for someone else to wear. They tell her that Dallas will show up for the reception.

The groom and his men are wearing suits with vests but not shirts. It’s very interesting. They get Lottie into her seashell dress. They lace her into it and she’s ready to walk down the aisle. Her train is huge and the others shout “bring the dress” to see it. The others love the dress and then pile into the limo to ride to the lake. It’s 100 degrees and he’s partying and a little drunk before the ceremony. He’s just in his vest.

They pull up and Lottie gets out. She walks across the bridge to Whitey. She’s so excited. Then Dallas shows up an disrupts the ceremony. Lottie says she can’t believe it. Nettie says if Dallas ruins it, she will kill her. Dallas decided she wanted to be there for Whitey. Nettie tries to bite her tongue. She then lights up a cigarette while standing with the bridesmaids. Nettie can’t believe this. The ceremony is over. Lottie says Whitey is her world.

Nettie has Dallas’ baby on her hip at the wedding and the reception. They have a giant castle cake and they cit into it. He says he likes that it’s a castle since she’s a princess and he’s damn near a prince. Dallas sits aside and says everyone is ignoring her. Then she goes in and grabs the microphone and says she just wants to tell everyone that this is her last goodbye and says she’s done with everybody. Nettie is horrified that she’s embarrassing her.

Nettie tells her she needs to take her kids. Dallas argues and says she wants her kids in a safe environment. Lottie says Dallas is an attention whore. Nettie tells Dallas she’s taking her kid with her. She tries to get her out of the car and says she’s taking her kid. Lottie is worried someone is going to get killed and they almost run over Nettie who throws a bottle against the car. She asks how Dallas can walk away from her baby like that. Dallas says she’s going to go roam the roads. Nettie says she’ll watch them and says Dallas will come back eventually.

The End