Nashville Recap – Deacon Finds a Donor: Season 3 Episode 12 “I’ve Got Reasons To Hate You”

Nashville Recap - Deacon Finds a Donor: Season 3 Episode 12 “I’ve Got Reasons To Hate You”

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday February 11, season 3 episode 12  called, “I’ve Got Reasons To Hate You,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Rayna [Connie Britton] returns to the stage on her own terms as rumors fly regarding her breakup with Luke [Will Chase].

On the last episode, now that Rayna had cancelled their wedding, Luke was not going quietly, and Rayna’s own daughters didn’t take the news well, either. Juliette and Avery adjusted to married life with a few bumps along the way, and Gunnar fights for custody of Micah. Sadie tries to take control of her own problems with her ex by buying a gun, and Deacon gets dire news about his medical condition. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Rayna returns to the stage on her own terms as rumors fly regarding her breakup with Luke. Meanwhile, Juliette’s pregnancy makes her restless; Gunnar tries to reconcile with his nephew; and Teddy runs into Jeff at Maddie and Daphne’s recording session.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Rayna sees Extra on TV. They talk about Luke’s latest impromptu show in the three weeks since they split. They speculate that Rayna may be off the grid with Deacon. However Deacon is at an AA meeting and reveals he has liver cancer and says he needs a new one but isn’t interested in any of theirs. He says he’s beating the drinking that caused it and says he’ll beat the cancer too. Gunnar calls for Micah but he doesn’t want to talk to Gunnar.

Linda says Micah has been out of control at school and has been fighting and disrespecting them. Gunnar says he’s going to come. Maddie gets a text from Deacon canceling their guitar lesson. She asks Rayna to call Deacon and ask what’s going on and asks why Rayna’s issues with her dad always affect her. Glenn finds Juliette trying to do yoga and he brings he sea salt caramels. He says professionally he has nothing new for her.

He says nothing much anyway and she asks what it is. He says she got an offer to endorse diapers. She rants and says she’s going to lose her mind. She says they need to get back into the studio to finish the album. She struggles to get up and Glenn laughs at her. Jeff rants at his secretary Angie for missing a call form his boss. She says Luke is pulling Good Woman from the album and Jeff says these cowboys are worse than teenage girls. He says they need a Taylor Swift and she reminds him they have Layla.

Rayna goes to see Bucky at Highway 65. He says there are rumors that she canceled her tour dates because she’s distraught and another says she’s in rehab. He says she needs to get out there and do something. He says Luke looks no worse for the wear and they don’t need it to look like she’s an emotional wreck. She says the Bluebird will be perfect and wants to do it unannounced. Scarlett is cleaning and Deacon asks what’s up with her.

He says she’s doing her nervous cleaning thing and tells her he’s going to be okay. There’s a knock at the door and he asks if she’s expecting someone. She says maybe. It’s Beverly, her mom. She hugs Deacon while he glares at his niece. Juliette is in the studio but is struggling and sweaty. Avery asks if she’s okay and she says she can’t catch her breath and says she has a baby elephant on her diaphragm. She says she needs to finish the album and Avery says there’s no rush.

He tells them to pack it up and she looks exhausted. Beverly says she was surprised to get the invite and Deacon says he’s surprised too. She sends her mom to get settled and avoids Deacon who wants to talk to her. Sadie comes to see Rayna and says the label offices are looking great. Sadie told her she had the flu and that’s why she hasn’t been around. Rayna says she’s playing the Bluebird tonight with Pam Tillis and Sadie jokes that she’s glad she’s not in a mental hospital or in Mexico with Deacon.

She asks how Sadie is and says her ex has been around and it’s complicated. Rayna asks her to come to her show tonight and go out for drinks. Deacon fusses at Scarlett and he says he won’t ask her to donate. He argues with her then he keeps repeating his words then his speech locks up. He can’t talk and Scarlett screams for her mother to get in there. Teddy shows up at Edgehill’s student recording studio where Maddie and Daphne are recording.

Teddy comes in and Jeff applauds them and says they’re great. Jeff offers some notes but Teddy says it was good the way it was. Teddy asks why Jeff is there and he says he just happened to be nearby but Teddy is skeptical. The girls head off to class and Jeff tells him they should talk. Gunnar shows up at Micah’s but gets a chilly reception. He says he came to see him. Micah says he got suspended from school. Gunnar says he flew 800 miles so he can at least tell him about the fight.

Micah tells him he’s not a good kid. He says his dad was bad and so is he. Scarlett calls the doctor and says that missing a dose could cause a small seizure. Beverly demands to know what’s going on and Deacon tells her about the liver cancer. She asks what he’s doing and Scarlett says he needs a transplant but she’s not a match. Beverly asks if he was hoping she would be a match and Deacon says he didn’t even know she was coming.

Beverly says Scarlett lied and lured her there. She says she should have known that Deacon and Scarlett don’t give a damn about her. She says the answer is no. Scarlett asks Beverly to please listen. She says she didn’t know how to tell her and really wants to fix this as a family. She says Deacon needs her. Scarlett tells her it’s her brother and Beverly asks what Deacon has done for her lately. Scarlett says she’s done for her mother her whole life and has never asked for anything.

She begs her mother to get the test to see if she’s a match. Jeff talks to Teddy and says Maddie is old enough to sign and says he can make her a star. Teddy says Rayna won’t sign off and Jeff says only one parent can agree. Teddy says they’re the Conrad Sisters but then Jeff turns down Daphne’s mic so Teddy can hear just Maddie. It’s beautiful. Gunnar asks Linda where Micah got the idea that his dad was bad and Linda says they told him the truth.

They tell him that Jason was a criminal but Gunnar says there was more to him than that. Scarlett sits with her mom waiting on the results. The doctor says they would take 2/3 of her liver but it would regenerate. He says they have to see if she’s a match and then they would test for her health. Scarlett thanks her. Rayna comes to the Bluebird to chat with Pam Tillis about their set. They ask Sadie to sit in but she says she’ll watch the masters work.

Pam goes to take a call and Sadie says this place has so much history. Rayna looks at a photo of she and Deacon on the wall and thinks about their relationship, their daughter and the night of the wreck. Sadie asks if she’s all right and she says she doesn’t thinks he can do this. Sadie sees the photo she was looking at as Rayna walks out.

Sadie follows Rayna out and gets in the car with her. Rayna is wiping her eyes and Sadie asks what’s going on. Rayna says there’s too much history in there. She says hers and Deacon’s lives are completely connected. She asks Sadie to cover for her with Pam and says she’s going home. Deacon brings Beverly some cocoa. She accepts it but is snippy with him. He sits beside her and she asks weren’t they friends once. He says they were. She says this could be a chance for them to have a fresh start.

He takes her hand and says he’d like that. She asks if he told Maddie yet and he says he was hoping to have good news. Teddy and Daphne come in after her game and Maddie is kind of glum. Teddy asks her if she likes the school recording program. She says it makes school worth going to. She says she just wants to make music but her mom doesn’t take her seriously, Deacon ditched her for guitar lessons and Daphne is too young.

Teddy says Rayna feels strongly that she should wait and he doesn’t quite agree but says he has to respect Rayna. Gunnar takes Micah out for a walk and tells him some good things about his dad. He says Jason taught him how to play guitar and that’s why he has a career now. Micah asks why his dad got into so much trouble and Gunnar says he didn’t have anyone looking out for him. Gunnar says he has him and his grandparents and Micah says he doesn’t have his mom.

Gunnar says it won’t always be that way. Micah says his grandparents want him to see a therapist. Gunnar says it’s a good idea. Rayna comes home and Maddie asks why she won’t tell her what’s wrong and says she’s not fine. Rayna says it’s been a really trying time but she’s not going to drag Maddie through it. Deacon plays guitar while Beverly cooks and they sing. Scarlett comes in and asks if that was their grandma’s song.

Scarlett sings it and asks if that’s right. Deacon plays and sings and then Beverly kicks in and sings too. Scarlett joins in and it’s lovely. Beverly’s cell phone rings and she goes to answer. She asks if they’re sure then ends the call. Scarlett asks if it was the lab. Beverly says she’s not a match and tells Deacon she’s sorry. Maddie tells Rayna she didn’t mean to make her cry. Rayna says it’s Deacon and Maddie says she’s really mad at Deacon and it’s like he just disappeared.

Rayna says Deacon is an alcoholic and they drink so they escape and then sometimes even when they’re not drinking, they need to escape. Maddie asks if he’s avoiding her because of Rayna and her mom says maybe. She asks Maddie to write a song with her. Angie comes to check on Jeff and she asks what he needs. He says he needs a bigger trash can and throws stacks of CDs in the trash. He says sales are down 70% and rants about Luke’s delay.

He says he needs a star ready to go by the time Henry Benton gets here. She says he’ll be there in a week. He says he knows and kicks the trash can and screams at her to get out. Avery wakes in the middle of the night and can’t find Juliette. She’s in the studio. Avery shows up. J curses and throws off her headphones. He asks what she’s doing and she says she has to finish this. He hugs her and asks what’s going on. She says she feels like nothing in her life is hers now.

Avery says having this baby will give her even more to say. He says the music will be there for her. He says the only things that won’t be there are her caramels. She says touch those and she’ll cut a bitch. She hugs him and asks him to take her home. Micah is getting ready for school and asks when he’ll see Gunnar again. He gives him an iPhone and says he can call when he wants. He hugs Gunnar and heads off to school with his grandpa.

Linda says she has something for him and hands him a box she found when cleaning out her daughter’s room. Rayna tells Maddie she’s come a long way with her music and Maddie reminds her how young Taylor Swift started out. Bucky shows up and asks what happened last night. Rayna says she wasn’t quite ready and needed to work on some new material. Scarlett confronts her mom about lying about being a match. Beverly says she just can’t do it.

Scarlett calls her mother a terrible person but Deacon says that’s enough and asks to talk to Beverly alone. Beverly says they only want her for her liver and Deacon asks if she’s afraid or just doesn’t want to do it for him. He says he would do this for her. She asks why she would quit her job and get all carved up for something he did to himself. She says it’s not fair that it’s up to her to save him. He says she’s right, it isn’t. She says she’s sorry she lied.

She says they were having a good time as a family and she wanted to keep it like that. Scarlett comes back in and tells her mother she’s losing light and should go. Beverly leaves. Sadie calls Bucky and says she can’t come to the show tonight. She says she’s under the weather still and he says it’s okay. He says it’s no problem and asks her to take care of herself. She says she always does. Rayna is at the Bluebird and says it’s a new beginning for her and was going to sing a new song.

She says she wrote it with her daughter Maddie. She asks Maddie and Daphne to come up and sing with her. Everyone applauds. Maddie puts on her guitar. Rayna says she feels blessed every day to have her girls. Deacon is at his AA meeting talking about how he doesn’t know if he can beat the cancer. He says at one time that wouldn’t have mattered, but it does now since he has a daughter and niece and a lot of people who care about him that he cares about too.

He says when he thinks about not being there for them, it makes him feel powerless at a level that damn near overwhelms him. He says he’s terrified. We see Scarlett sobbing on the sofa. Gunnar looks through the box and sees a photo of he and Jason. Sadie wipes off her makeup and we see the remnants of her black eye. The crowd at the Bluebird loves the new song. Teddy meets Jeff and asks if it’s about the contract he sent over.

Jeff asks Teddy what he thinks and he says it’s a great offer and Maddie would love it but he has to say no. Teddy says Rayna’s head would explode and Maddie needs another year. Jeff says his job is on the line and tells Teddy he will sign Maddie to his label or he will lose his daughters and office. He says the good people of Nashville won’t like the mayor’s salary being used to pay for sex. He offers him a pen and tells him to sign now. They have a glare off.